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Similar to cannibalism, vore is the fetish of some type of creature devouring women or other female types of creatures. Very often vore involves furries and/or giants.
Muki's Kitchen!
Pay: AWESOME new cannibal/WE photoshoot site, VERY high quality productions. Muki's kitchen celebrates cannibalism as an erotic fantasy: good old-fashioned woman-eating, femme-feasting, girl-gobbling, fun!
"REPTISAURUS" TRAILER!!! - CHRIS RAY - FRED OLEN RAYVID: YouTube - Trailer for a fun B-Movie about a voracious, flying reptile.
A New Year of VoreVID: YouTube - A pretty girl is swallowed by a furniture monster.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
AhBleach Vore on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Good 2D, anime style vore art.
Akira 666Deviantart: Artwork of furries (mostly cats) in kinky situations including bondage, femdom, wearing rubber/latex and some vore.
Alexias on DeviantartDeviantart: Furries with huge, extended bellies who have swallowed their prey.
Alien Monster Woman Totally Eats A GuyVID: YouTube - I happened to see the remake of My Favorite Martian a few years ago for some reason, and was largely uninterested most of the time.
All barbftr vore attacks and monsters VID: YouTube - The video first shows a quick picture of each monster, then details the 'gameplay' as poor barb get's eaten repeatedly. The game itself is easily found, but there are some different versions floating around the internet.
ALoves Vore on YouTubeYouTube: Channel - a Channel of giantess vore videos.
Alt.Fan.VoreGoogle: Archive of the usenet group.
Alucard's Spirit on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D/3D art with subjects including cannibals, vore, monster lust, growth/shrinking, bondage, growth/shrinking, huge breasts.
An Acquired TasteFree: Furry Vore Artwork & Story Website by Vorpine.
Angel Girl vs DemonetteVID: Shockflix - A mystical martial arts movie where a demon girl fights an angel girl with a weird, violent death scene.
Angspid monster attacks and vore on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: Beautiful 3D art of girls attacked and sometimes eaten by monsters.
Anima the Panther's Digital DenFree: erotic fiction and fetish-oriented artwork including furries, furry sex or "yiffing," soft vore aka vorarephilia, unbirth, weight-gain, furry hermaphrodites, plushies, hyperfurs, 'taurs, balloon vixens, or predator prey relationships.
Anime 160Deviantart: A 2D artist into vore, blueberry inflation, transformation, inflation/expansion and weight gain.
Anime Giantess VoreVID: YouTube - A cartoon animation of a giantess eating a girl with a twist ending.
Anne2Snakie BlogspotFree: Anne's personal blogspot about snakes devouring young women.
Anniversary T-Rex death with WetsuitVID: YouTube - Uploaded by request of someone who wanted to see Lara being chewed up in her wetsuit ;-)
Antatheka World of POVUpdate: Giantess, vore and crush videos.
Anton de VoraEka's Portal: 2D line art of girls devoured mostly by reptiles.
Aquatica's Vore ChatsFree: This page will have several chats, each one a different enviroment.
Armorine on VCLVCL: Art of wolves, dragons etc eating other predators.
ArousedErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of girls experiencing a wide range of horrors including medieval torture, hungry beasts, horny sci-fi horrors and more.
Arson's GalleryEka's Portal: Some very nice, cartoon art of furries swallowing other furries. Macros, huge bellies, same-size swallowing.
Artdude 41 on Sexyamazons.comSexyamazons: Extremely talented 3D artist. Pics include amazons, nazis, gunplay, swordplay, superheroines, vore.
Artdude 41 on
Sexyamazons: Extremely talented 3D artist. Pics include amazons, nazis, gunplay, swordplay, superheroines, vore.
Artdude41's deviantART galleryDeviantart: Exceptionally high quality 3D art of beautiful women, amazons, superheroines, nazis in combat, in peril or devoured by monsters.
Artist Collection - Cruel Size Fetish/Giantess imagesG.e-hentai: Good, 2D anime of giantesses devouring men.
ATM's RevengeVID: YouTube - An ATM machine swallows a woman whole.
Azure Loom on Eka's PortalEkas Portal: Good 2D art of vore, stuffed bellies and even an anime girl swallowing a shrunken man.
Barefoot Bondage Vore!VID: YouTube - Oh no save me! Im being eaten by my bed but my feet are tied up, I cant escape!
BatGirl VoreVID: YouTube - A 3D movie where batgirl is devoured by a snake.
Bayonetta VoreVID: YouTube - Video game. Bayonetta is swallowed by a giant worm with a human face.
Bear gulps down a Fox. - Vore AnimationVID: YouTube - After i take 18k hit with bear+fawn vore clip i think its the time to upload a new bear movie here..
Bear swallows Fawn - Vore AnimationVID: YouTube - Vore animation by drakhean.
Beauty of the BellyMySpace: A vore, stuffer, inflation, preg-belly fan.
Bed SnakeVID: YouTube - A slideshow of a very well drawn 2D comic showing a snake swallowing a woman.
Bella2VoreImageShack: An ImageShack account with a lot of good vore pics.
Belly StuffedFree: Excellent 2D furry and human comics about girls fillng their bellies. Includes regular vore, breast vore, huge bellies, snake vore etc.
BHM Monster LabJP: Mostly monster attacks.
Big GulpFree: A morphing animation of stuff swallowing other stuff.
Bikini Beach Monster on DailyMotionVID: DailyMotion - A paper cutout animation of an extremely busty naked girl getting spitted, cooked and eaten by a monster.
Black Tiger VoreYah: A couple vore videos as of this post.
Blackhawk on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Excellent 3D art of girls getting eaten by snakes, sharks, cats, cannibals and even just drowned.
Blackhawk: AryionFree: High quality 3D vore artwork.
BlackrainEka's Portal: 2D B&W art of large breasted girls being eaten by a variety of creatures.

Blood SurfVID: YouTube - Clip from the movie "Blood Surf": a nice blonde girl kick the big alligator, thinking he's dead. He wakes up and eat her feet-first.
Bluebeard VoreVID: YouTube - Porky pig vore.
Body Count for 2 Headed Shark Attack VID: YouTube - Body Count for the syfy movie Two Headed Shark where every kill is shown.
Bond Piranha SceneVID: Video trailer showing Helga getting devoured by piranhas in 'You Only Live Twice'.
Boone's CartoonsAVS: Cyberage. No holds barred X Toons! Giants/Giantesses (devouring and not), hungry mutant monsters, HUUUGGE tits, superheroines and a whole host of other beautiful cartoons. The most FORBIDDEN cartoon site in the GALAXY!
Buncha VoreVID: YouTube - A collection of some very quick vore scenes mostly from "Dragon Quest".
California CarnivoresCat: A website selling carnivorous plants. Good fodder for vore imagination.
Canadian GiantessPay: Beautiful Canadian giantesses taunting, crushing and eating smaller people. People eaten look like Gummi Bears.
CanimeDeviantart: Anime style artwork with subjects including vore, cannibal, furries, overstuffed bellies and hybrid girls.
Canime on Eva's PortalEva's Portal: Good 2D art of cannibalism, vore and girls as monsters.
Carey Queen - Underwater Terrror - Queen of EscapologyG.E-Hentai: Excellent 3D art of a girl escaping drowning and getting eaten by a sea monster. Alt Ending at pg 44 sees her drown and pg 50 she's eaten by sea dragon.
Carmen's Smoke HousePay: An up and coming femcan who is not araid to take initiative
Carnivore CafeErotic Illusions Paysite: PD's high quality 2D vore art involving monsters eating and sometimes molesting women!
Carnivore Chair - Bottom FirstFree: Ariel Black is eaten by a chair, bottoms first.
Carnivore Chair - Front FirstVID: Ariel Black is eaten by a chair, head first.
Cellar Dweller MovieVID: YouTube - Movie trailer for the horror film about one or more human-eating monsters.
Chabteri on Img.lyImg.Ly: Some normal anime art and some pretty violent stuff too.
Cheerleader eating Raptor VID: YouTube - Watch out!There's a cheerleader eating Raptor on the loose!The Toronto Raptor eats a U.B. cheerleader at a U.B Bulls game against UNC Asheville.U.B.won!:P
Cheerleader gets eaten by bearVID: YouTube - So i was at a basket ball game it was half time cheerleaders danced and bears ate the blond.
Cheese 01Deviantart: Good 3D dragon and giantess vore.
Chimera SynxEka's Portal: Really high quality vore art of mythological or fictional creatures eating animals, humans or other fictional creatures.
Chimera-SynxVCL: Beautiful 2D art of monsters, furries and animals swallowing each other.
Chloe CreationsPay: Site owned and operated by mistress Chloe. Photoshoots involving femdom, giantess and bug crushing and swallowing.
Chocolate Trap VoreVID: YouTube - A giantess eats people who have jumped into a giant, chocolate candy.
ChrisisEka's Portal: High quality 2D art of vore type beings with enormous, stuffed bellies.
Cloud-OortDeviantart: Weight gain and vore scenes with humans and hybrids like mermaids.
Clutch eats another cheerleader!Houston Rockets mascot Airhead Clutch gobbles a tasty treat until the rest of the Power Dancers gang up on him!
Colossal Giantess TributeVID: YouTube - A music video featuring a whole lot of cuts of giantess videos - some vore.
Consumed by a SnakeVID: YouTube - Girl in pantyhose devoured by a snake.
Cool 3d - Spider Vore - Sexy Spider Demon TransformsVID: YouTube - From A sexy spider demon transforms after eating her latest meal...
Cool 3d - Spider Vore - Spider Demon Wraps PreyVID: YouTube - From A sexy maiden is wrapped and prepared for dinner...
Cool Animations - Spider Vore - Fantasy Art - AnimationVID: YouTube - A mutant spider captures and wraps it's next meal Animation Vore.
Cosmic Dragon's GalleryEka's Portal: Various anthromorphs with huge, distended bellies apparently full of someone.
CownuggetEka's Portal: Good 2D, anime-style vore art including huge, bulging bellies.
Cownugget's GalleryDeviantart: Very good 2D art of furries eating each other.
Crazy Fantasies about Sexual Blonde on Clips4Sale
PPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful blonde with some interesting and unusual fantasies with a lot of vore.
Crocodile VoreVID: YouTube - A vidclip from a movie of a man being swallowed by an alligator.
CybroticaFree: Erotic art, erotic literature, artists Supplies, free downloads and erotic art galleries. Topics include bondage, monsters, cannibals, femdom, amazons and virtually everything else on this list.
Damsels in DistressFree: Excellent artwork of beautiful comicbook girls getting attacked by snakes.
Dangerbabe CentralPay: Photostories, 3D Pics and art of gorgeous amazons, girls with guns and superheroines getting defeated. Also, some chloroform, knock-outs, monster sex and vore.
Dangerous Sisters Kuijin-juG.E-Hentai: Anime pics of girls eaten or raped by monsters.
Dangerous Waters - Vore AnimationVID: YouTube - 3D art of a hippo eating a jaguar.
Danza on FuraffinityFuraffinity: Furry dragon art including quite a bit of vore.
Dark Mark's Gallery of Vore and StuffEka's Portal:
Dark WolfieEka's Portal: A few very nice pieces of 2D artwork with creatures (usually giant snakes) devouring male and female furries.
DarkArtist: Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Good 2D art including vore and furries; many times with huge, expanding bellies.
Darkraptor1's BlogFree: Online weblog of vore photo manipulator and writer Darkraptor1.
DarthWooDeviantart: Really good 2D art of bondage, slavery, vore and hangings.
Darthwoo: Hentai-FoundryHentai Foundry: High quality 2D color art of vore, executions, hanging, bondage and slavery.
de-VoreFree: A Portugese cannibal/vore fetish site.

Dead On CollectionFlickr: About people and/or animals posing dead either for survival, sport, or because they have nothing else better to do. Several vore pics.
Deaths of Lara CroftVID: YouTube - Lara Croft drowns, is mauled by beasts and falls to her death.
DeathtrapErotic Illusions Paysite: Girls menaced, molested and masticated by all forms of menace, both organic and technological.
Devil Clown ProductinosPPV: Clips4Sale - Girls swallowed by giant, muppet looking monsters.
Devious Queen on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - An evil femdom whose videos include domination, hypnosis, giantess vore, dangling, orgasm control etc
Diablo the RexFurAffinity: Good 2D art of dino-vore - usually T-Rex vore.
Digested for an A+ Giantess Vore FX VID: YouTube - A inside mouth deep throat shrunken man Vore FX video starring Brianna!
Dinner Wdc interactive story focusing on the main character being prepared for dinner in various ways.
Dino Crisis Death Scene No Redout: Raptor 1VID: YouTube - I believe I have most of the T-rex death scenes recorded... the only two left should be on the Heliport .
Dino Time VoreVID: YouTube - Funny vore commercial for Dairylea Dunkers where a woman is eaten by a stop-motion dinosaur.
Dinocroc vs Supergator - Hot Tub HorrorVID: YouTube - Dinocroc sneaks up on and eats 2 bikini-clad hotties and a douchebag.
Disaygo on DeviantartDeviantart: 2D art - women with huge bellies and some vore.
Doktor 101 on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Good 2D art involving cartoon, comic book and video game characters involved in vore or cannibalism.
DolcettishFree: IlPollaio's erotic horror community including the works of several well known artist like nDolfine, Le Chat, Sax, Blade Grinder and Drawing Blood! Expect execution, torture, debreasting, hanging, strangling, beheading and virtually anything!
Down the HatchFree: An interactive story containing a lot of vore.
Drac's RL Vore and MoreFree: Mostly photos of animals eating other animals.
DragesFuraffinity: 3D art and animation of animals or mythological creatures eating other creatures.
Drages on FuraffinityFuraffinity: A very talented 3D artist with a focus on vore.
Dragon LoverYah: A gathering place for Furries and Vorarephiles to RP and Express themselves.
Dragon SpotFree: Drawings and stories of Sexy Dragon and other characters devouring furries.
Dragonspot ForumsFree: Talk over the act of eating and being eaten.
Dragony N WolfyEka's Portal: A few 2D art pieces of dragons and large predators eating stuff.
Dragovian 15Deviantart: Some furry art and a vore pic.
Dream Hunter Rem Vore 2VID: YouTube - A pretty anime girls gets swallowed by a monster.
Dream VoreVID: YouTube - From Kaibutsu Oujo 26, a cute, tummy baring anime girl is swallowed by a giant shark - revealed to be only an illusion.
Dregoth's Domain 1Free: Girls devoured by big animals.
Druuna - Death ScenesVID: YouTube - A compilation of death scenes from the game Druuna - Morbus Gravis. Druuna is a very busty, scantily-clad heroine who gets shot, monster sex'd, eaten, drowned and killed in other ways.
Duamutef: Eka's PortalEka's Portal: A gallery of good quality, color vore. Lots of X-Rays.
Duamutel's Pit of IniquityFree: Vore Art, Retouches, Stories and video games.
E-jin's IndexJP: A wide variety of art under headings Level 1 through Level 9. Includes BDSM, Insertions, Gang Bangs, Shemales, Hybrids, Monster Sex and even a couple vore pics.
E4t3rFuraffinity: Good 2D art of animals eating other animals, especially animals eating foxes.
Eaten Alive 3VID: YouTube - 3D animation of a playboy bunny getting swallowed by a snake.
Eaten by a FlowerVID: YouTube - A drunk girl swallowed by a flower.
Blog: A blog about women being devoured by monsters.
Eka's PortalFree: Huge resource for vore fetishists including chat, blog, gallery and links.
Elephant swallows Jaguar - Vore AnimationVID: YouTube - An animation of an elephant swallowing a jaguar.
Emi's Vore ForumFree: Russian language Vore site.
EmpusaeYah: A group dedicated to cannibalistic female monsters.
English Master
SexyAmazons: Nice 3D art of a girl getting beheaded and monsters eating girls.
Episode 117: Inside the Big DragonVID: YouTube - Despite losing Leila, we pick up some nice items in Leviathan's belly.
Escape from Vore IslandFree: An interactive vore storywith multiple ends.
Eskaria 145Aryion: Good 2D art of hard vore, non-vore and monter impregnation.
Evil Alex's EroticPeril.comFree: Erotic Peril Art, Damsels In Distress, Cannibal Art, Dolcett Art, Vore Art, Fantasy Art, Torture Art,and BDSM.
Evil Alien StoriesYah: Erotic stories about human and alien, monster, vampire, or Gor encounters. Good luck getting in.
FaithJP: Very nice anime art. 1 gallery of medieval men and women bearing melee weapons. 1 gallery of tentacle attacks. 1 gallery of armored women ripped apart by monsters. 1 gallery of random (mostly b&w) art including knight sex and monster attacks.
Faith's Bloody Online CompleteG-E-Hentai: Anime girls violently and brutally torn apart and eaten by monsters.
Fallyn AngelEka's Portal: 2D, anime-style art usually focused on vore.
Fanatasy Vore 2VID: YouTube - A cute vore slideshow.
Fantasy VoreVID:YouTube - A vore comic based on Appleseed anime.
Fatal Fetish SketchingGoogle: Dedicated to providing a spot where artists and non-artists alike can sketch (10 min or less) renditions of a variety of fetishes and fantasies on the "death" theme. Vore, Cannibalim, Crushing, Quicksand, Electrocution, etc...

Feed ME!VID: YouTube - A small theater troupe recreating a swallow scene from "Little Shop of Horrors."
FelaryaVID: YouTube - Anime slideshow of a beautiful, giant Lamia (half snake/half girl) that enjoys chowing down on anime girls.
Felarya on TumblrTumblr: Excellent 2D Anime/Furry art of giant, cute giantesses often devouring normal sized beings.
Females ThroatYah: For people who enjoy the view of females' throat.
Fenris' Art Gallery
Free: Fenris is a poser artist with a penchant for well proportioned, mature women meeting an untimely end including stabbings and vore.
Fenris565 on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: The 3D art of Fenris! Stabbings, monsters, executions - all sorts of evil!
Fern Gully Vore SongVID: YouTube - Very vore themed song in a scene from the movie Fern Gully. Vore StoriesFree: Stories on ficlets tagged with "vore".
Ficly Vore StoriesFicly: Stories tagged Vore on
Fips on
SexyAmazons: Good 3D artist whose work includes dead women, women as monsters, monsters eating women and some amazon combat, Vore TagFlickr: Photos with vore tags on
Flintstones VoreVID: YouTube - Quick clip from an old episode of The Flintstones. A pre-historic zoo keeper gets eaten by a large dinosaur.
Fluffy's Gallery on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Very nice 2D furry/vore art.
Forces Werwolf on FurAffinityFurAffinity: Good 2D, furry vore art.
G-ForkJP: Japanese giantess site - does she eat those little guys?
Galaxy of TerrorFree: Big vidclips site of women being eaten or molested by monsters and other stuff.
Gali the alligatorVID: YouTube - A puppet alligator playing around with woodland critters
Game Over GoreDeviantart: Group - A group devoted to artwork no matter what type thats about deaths, violent deaths, ryona, ryona comics or death comics.
Gamera 1985Deviantart: Really good 2D art of anime girls as hybrids, limbless, vore, conjoined, mermaids - quite a variety!
Gay Snuff And Vore ForumFree: A forum for lovers of gay snuff, vore, cannibalism, pain, torture and death of all kinds.
Giant Fish VoreVID: YouTube - From Futurama. A giant fish swallows Fry a he escapes Atlantis.
Giantess Amy RoseYah: A place where you can see Amy and other "Sonic the Hedgehog" girls as giants.
Giantess DeeanePPV: Clips4Sale - Giantess Deeane's videos where she often eats tiny men.
Giantess Eats Tiny SalesmanVID: YouTube - Gorgeous, amber-eyed girl talks about eating a salesman as she pops him in her mouth.
Giantess Group on DeviantartDeviantart: GiantessGroup is primarily for hosting and bringing together all drawings of girl of great size. Definitely some vore and femdom abuse.
Giantess Lunchbreak Vore VID: YouTube - An anime slideshow of a giantess voring guys.
Giantess Magic IncFree: Stories about big, beefy giantesses - many of whom devour pathetic men.
Giantess Pizza PartyVID: YouTube - An animation of a giantess female devouring her schoolmates.
Giantess PrincessCat: Blog, store PPV including subjects like giantess, vore, foot worship, shrinking men, POV, crushing, trampling etc
Giantess VorePPV: Clips4Sale - Tiny men usually eaten, sometimes transformed into food, used as a sex toy, licked, inserted etc.
Giantess VoreFacebook: A facebook site dedicated to giantess vore.
Giantess Vore!VID: YouTube - Don't be fooled by her age and cute looks; Wendy is mean when she's hungry.
Giantess, facestuffing and jeans fetish storePPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of girls in jeans, overstuffing themselves, sitting on dolls, stepping on dolls, eating gummi bears etc.
GiantessesYah: The home of giantess, Jessica. Women who dominate, eat, crush or toy with men.
Ginarys Ginatesses Adventures
PPV: Clips4Sale - Ginary and her Ginantess friends have insatiable appetites!
Girl eaten by a sharkVID: YouTube - A girl soaking her feet in the water is suddenly pulled in and eaten by a shark.
Girl Killed by Giant Bird or DragonVid: ShockFlix - Pretty blonde crushed and then torn to pierces by a dragon or giant bird.
Girls Eaten AliveYouTube Group: Clips of girls and women eaten alive by animals, monsters, zombies... from movies or amateur made clips.
Glidingmark on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Good 2D art of rampaging giantesses. Some vore.
Gloom WolfEka's Portal: Good 2D furry art, mostly of a giant snake eating a furry-style female wolf.
Goblin's HoleErotic Illusions Paysite: High quality photomanips and 3D graphics of gorgeous women cooked and eaten by Goblins.
Gookangohan on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D anime art of tiny girls, shrunken girls and some vore.
GraboidVID: YouTube - Someone getting eaten by something in the game "Second Life".
Gragor's LairFree: A flying wolf is the symbol for this vore story and art site.
Greeb on FuraffinityFurAffinity: 2D art of furry foot fetish and furry vore.
Grey Yap on PixivPixiv: Good 2D art of girls stabbed, ripped apart by zombies, chomped on by fish etc.
Gronc on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: 2D line art of beautiful girls in severe bondage including large insertions, severe poses and some vore.
GTBaitDeviantart: Mostly reptilian/amphibian furry art including vore and a lot of close-ups of the insides of mouths.
Gulp StoriesFree: Where the lucky hero always gets swallowed... ALIVE!
Guppi Get's GulpedVID: YouTube - A new quick game sprite Euvoria, of an old favourite vore scenario: a surfer girl swallowed up by a giant shark. I think the shark's a Pokemon called Shapedo and the girl is Guppi from some GB game...

HammerheadVID: YouTube - Young woman is grabbed by vines and eaten by mutant land shark.
Hannah Being EatenVID: YouTube - Quick video of a giant girl eating another girl's head.
Happy Tree Friends - A Hard Act To SwallowVID: YouTube - Find out the fastest way to an anteater's stomach! Episodes.
Hard Vore CafeFree: A forum for all those who love to see Giantesses eating, biting and chewing tiny men.
Harmony2DiscordEka's Portal: Pics of girls and monsters with huge, distended bellies - sometimes with x-ray views of the people or monsters digested inside.
Hell GateFree: Vore, digestion and stuffing author.
Hip HuggerEka's Portal: Good (mostly anime) 2D art including distended bellies, huge hair, furry females swallowing men, hybrids, tiny men and even hair vore.
Hodný kluk Pokemon VoreVID: YouTube - Pokemon Vore.
Horse Vore 3VID: YouTube - Animation of a prone horse with its belly moving.
Hot Model chick gets eaten by SabaruVID: YouTube - This is one of the funniest short movies I have ever seen. This hot model gets sucked in by this Sabaru Sti once he revs up the engine. - Adult Sexual Roleplay [18+ Only]Forum: is an active sexual play-by-post roleplaying forum on the internet. its primary purpose is to provide roleplay with a minimum of limits on erotic, sexual, and mature content.
Humbug on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Good 2D furry, vore art.
Humida's Gallery on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D anime art with recurring WOW imagery including enslavement, group bukkake, undead girls, monster sex, forced sex.
IGA on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Furry type creatures and humans swallowing humans and other creatures showing huge, distended bellies.
Ikazayim AkodonEka's Portal: Anime girls with huge, distended bellies with bumps that show struggling "food".
Il Pollaio!Pay: High quality Slasher/Snuff, Cannibal, Execution/Torture art by MA, Dolcett, Fumetti and more!
Isabelle Shy's Clips on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - A clip about Isabelle turning her boyfriend into a gummi bear and eating him. Also a clip of her eating a whole bunch of garbage.
Jabba and the SpyVID: YouTube - The fate of those who serve the enemies of the great and powerful Jabba The Hutt. A hot slavegirl gets swallowed by Jabba.
JackFree: An online furry comic where a reaper sucks people into his cloak and then delivers them to hell where they are often devoured by evil things. Thanks Bright.
Jill's Fetish FantasyPPV: Clips4Sale - Pantyhose encasement, stuck and puppet vore.
JohnJohnWDeviantart: Interesting photomanips, 3D art, 2D art and photos of things eating beautiful women.
Jonah's VoreFree: Stories, pics and movies mostly dealing with vore. Mostly reptiles devouring stuff.
Jumbo Giantess VoreVID: YouTube - Titania licks a tiny human and puts him in her mouth.
Kaa Fans on DeviantartDeviantart: Group - Kaa wrapping up girls in his coils ready to devour them.
Kaa the SnakeFree: Galleries and stories of furry vore. The galleries that work often have lion cubs with huge erections eaten by snakes.
Kalamu's GalleryEka's Portal: Superlative 2D, vore artist specializing in hard or messy vore.
Kami-Nitro on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D anime and furry art including a lot of vore, also merging, liquid women, shemales (futa) and lots of weird stuff.
KarboDeviantart: Really nice 2D anime art - mostly of giant, predatory, hybrid girls eating people.
Kazaana BlueEka's Portal: Really high quality 2D art of regular vore and vacuum vore art.
Kee Fox's GalleryEka's Portal: Good 2D art of a fox or other furry (scaly) swallowing other furries.
Killrez on VCLVCL: Very good 2D furry/vore art from Killrez. Also known as Wolfencognito on Furaffinity.
King Kong Lives VoreVID: YouTube - Nice vore scene from the 1986 movie King Kong Lives (the sequel to the first American remake).
King Kong Vespa VoreVID: YouTube - Good ol' vore commercial for the Vespa, shows a young woman chewed up by a giant gorilla.
Kingdom Hearts Vore/BE/TFYah: One of the first groups with Kingdom Hearts Vore Breast Expansion and Tf Stories and Art.
Kiyoa on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Good anime-style, 2D artwork of girls and girl-creatures being swallowed resulting in huge bellies. Lots of transparent bellies.
Kodisoa's Vore SiteFree: Vore video clips, vidcaps and stories.
Kolt's KorralFree: Primarily a site with macrofurries but there is some 'crunch and munch'.
Komodo Eats WomanVID: YouTube - Gorgeous blonde in white tank gets eaten by a Komodo - quick scene!
LA Blue Girl VoreVID: YouTube - 4 secs of an anime girl swallowed by a monster.
Laguna on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Sketches and colored artwork of furries, monsters and humans with distended bellies, having just devoured someone or something.
Lake Placid: The Final Chapter Movie DeathsVID: YouTube - Movie deaths from Lake Placid
Laras VS Worm & Duchess on G.E-Hentai.orgG.E-Hentai: One Lara is devoured by a worm and another by 'The Duchess'.
Large Rarge: DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D, furry art. Females with huge, distended bellies - either pregnant or huge from vore. Huge breasts, werecreatures and general furry stuff.
Le Chat's placeFree: Snuff art site including cannibalism, hangings, beheadings, crucifixions, piercings, stranglings and more.
Legend of Mana Vore 1VID: YouTube - From the PS1 game Legend of Mana. At the Junkyard area fighting a wild (green) Lizardon, also known as Pakkun Lizard and Biting Lizard in previous games.
Legend of Mana Vore 2VID: YouTube - From the PS1 game Legend of Mana. At The Flames, fighting a dragon boss.
Legend snake death with bikiniVID: YouTube - A giant snake devours Lara Croft while in her bikini.
Leo the Hungry Lion's LairFree: Massive hungry beasts devouring all sorts of things.
Les Serpensts a LoloFree: Pretty complete French Boa and Python site - includes some vore.
Let's Play | TLoZ OoT | 19 - The Legend of VOREVID: YouTube - First episode in a series of 3 dealing with Jabu-Jabu's Vore fetishes!

Lilleoproductions on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Some girls pretending to be giantesses with some vore.
Littlest Pet Shop Vore DelihaVID: YouTube - Cartoon of a lizard eating a cute, girl furry.
Livin Lovin Dude FurAffinity: Good 2D furry/scaly art with a decent amount of vore content.
LJ Furry Vore Community's JournalFree: A cute furry /vore blog by LJ Furry Vore.
Lucky Fetish on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Videoclips of giantesses, vore, smoking, wedgies, balloon popping and bondage.
Lupin VoreVID: YouTube - Good Vore from [Adult Swim] Serpent swallows girl.
LynxanEka's Portal: Good 2D furry, vore art.
Macro paw play and voreVID: YouTube - Slideshow of some pics of awesome vore and pawplay.
MamablissFree: Archive of cannibal, furry, vore, overstuffed stories and art.
MansquitoVID: YouTube - Woman penetrated and her blood sucked by giant mutant mosquito.
MantaWolfe on Eka's PortalEka: Pics of furry characters with huge, distended bellies.
Maura Monti gets eaten by a plant VID: YouTube - Carlos East leaves villainess Maura Monti to become plant mulch in the film CAZADORES DE ESPIAS
Metalforever on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D art of girls with enormous bellies for all sorts of reasons including vore, fat or pregnant.
Mindless ConsumptionFree: Very professional, hig quality site dealing with Vore, Swallowing, Unbirthing.
Mirth on FuraffilnityFuraffinity: Good 2D vore/furry/scaly art.
Mistress TaylorPPV: Clips4Sale - Growth, clothes ripping, smothering, foot fetish, femdom, handjobs, ruined orgasms, spitting, cbt, smoking, vore, trampling, lift and carry!
MistressKatie Vore GTS Burp PlaygroundKinkBomb: A PPV site for giantess vore videos
Mitchkenzo on FurAffinityFurAffinity: Stories with furries, vore, and navel torture in them.
Moening's BlogJP: Some extreme and sexy 2D hentai art, vore, death, forced sex.
Monstar VoreVID: YouTube - From an Asian horror movie. A monster eats two men whole.
Monstar Vore 2VID: YouTube - From an Asian horror movie. A monstar spits out bones and swallows a man whole.
Monster and Vore GaloreGoogle: Aliens ripping off the clothes of beautiful women and then devouring them. Vore fantasies, manipulations, photo-stories.
Monster and Vore GaloreGoogle: Aliens ripping off the clothes of beautiful women and then devouring them. Vore fantasies, manipulations, photo-stories.
Monster VoreVID: Very beautiful girl gets eaten enjoy!!!
Moogleofages on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D anime/furry art including some vore.
More Anime VoreVID: YouTube - Parts of a bizarre anime movie including some vore.
more vore!!!!!!!VID: YouTube - good vore =)
Movie Vore 2VID: YouTube - A compilation of Vore scenes from science fiction/fantasy movies.
Mr VoreloverFurAffinity: A vore enthusiast with most uploads and favorites oriented towards vore.
Mr Yum's Poser AnimationsFree: Girls eaten by animals, monsters and even a giant man.
Ms Pac-man ChompedYah: Here you will find fan-art of ms pac-man being chased, caught, & chomped on by the ghost-monsters that hunt her! free to join but you must be 18 or older.
MuhnyDeviantart: Good 2D anime art, mostly about vore. Subjects often include monster girls, usually giant monsters.
Muki's Kitchen
Pay: AWESOME new cannibal/WE photoshoot site, VERY high quality productions. Muki's kitchen celebrates cannibalism as an erotic fantasy: good old-fashioned woman-eating, femme-feasting, girl-gobbling, fun!
Muzzle VoreVID: YouTube - Another Muzzle vore! From episode 2, from the Road Rovers. Muzzle is an uncontrollable force of nature!
Mythbusters Shark VoreVID: YouTube - RoboShark vore from an episode of Mythbusters where Tory is thrashed by an animatronic shark.
Naga vore 1VID: YouTube - Does somebody know the name this cartoon?? which episode???
Nahceid's GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D art usually dealing with vore. Includes blueberries, hybrids, furries, big bellies, preggers and stomach x-ray of digesting prey.
Naugahyde Academy 4 BoysYah: Boys' school run by a 75 foot tall cannibalistic ogress.
Naughty Vore GirlsVid: A slideshow of pictures created by vore artist, and perhaps the inspiration for Euvoria itself, Brain3Times3.
NaughtyBiNatureYah: Furry, Lesbian, Dom/sub/Yiffy Roleplay including Dolcett style.
Neceros on FilefapFilefap: Good 2D art of girls in peril including suspension, bondage, upskirt, snakes, drowned, forced, shot, killed by monsters.
Nejlepší přítel Pokemon Vore 8VID: YouTube - Pokemon Vore 8.
Neo Black Hole SquadGoogle: A group based on anal vore.
Nice girl giantess voreVID: YouTube - A hot, blonde giantess swallows superman.
Nikki Inc on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - As of 1/12 I saw one movie that seems to imply that a girl will be swallowed by a monster.
Nitrade's Vore ArtFree: FTP site with art and comics depicting humans devoured by animals.
Nothing Left Behind - Snake eats Girl ( Anaconda ) Vore Animation HD-SoundVID: YouTube - A girl is swallowed by a snake.
Ocean DeathVID: ShockFlix - Beautiful, topless blonde is impaled through the chest by an underwater monster.
Omega the White StagFree: Lots of color and b&w art - including a lot of vore and post vore art.
Pamela Anderson VoreVID: Pamela Anderson devours the band Lit.

Pd's The Carnivore CafeErotic Illusions Paysite: Original vore artwork following an alien theme.
Pearl GatesFree: Angelissa, the angel's home on cyberspace. Art and stories with a focus on vore.
Pearl Gates, TheFree: Pics and stories mostly of angels (some mermaids). Includes angels kissing, having sex, getting eaten by monsters, swallowing people leaving enormous bellies, unbirthing, holding swords.
Pelikanfood Doggy - Pelikan Vore AnimationVID: YouTube - A Pelican eats a doggy.
Peril Pam in the Cave of the CyclopsVID: DailyMotion - Set in ancient Arabia, it features daring corsair. Cyclops eats 3 hotties. Sahaana (Pam) and her mutli-ethnic all female crew who explore a remote island in search of supplies, only to get captured by the ferocious Cyclops.
Peril ProductionsFree: A production company specializing in Vore.
PerilArt on FlickrFlickr: Sample vore art from
Perilcomics.comPPV: Pay per issue site. no memberships! quality comics! freebies! vore! slasher! necro!
Piranha FuryPiranha website including some images of piranhas feeding on other animals.
Piranhaconda Movie with Christina DeRosa VERSION Taste Like Chicken or Jerky MPEG-2VID: YouTube - The beautiful Christina De Rosa is eaten by the Pihranaconda.
Piranhaconda Red Band (Fun) Fan Trailer 4 VID:YouTube - A Piranhaconda trailer that shows most or all of the deaths.
Erotic Illusions Paysite: Excellent 3D art of girls getting eaten by monsters or screwed by aliens. There are some headless and asphyxiation themed pics with a science fiction theme.
PlantVID: YouTube - 3D animation. Secretly raising a giant carnivorous plant can be difficult even if you have a limitless supply of Arts Majors to feed it with.
Poison Pen's Deadly Ink BlotsFree: Poison pen writes stories of sexual depravity sometimes including giants, shrunken women and cannibalism.
Pomo PornoErotic Illusions paysite: 3D graphics and artwork involving vore, shrinking, torture, giantesses and more.
Preykill's GalleryEva's Portal: Good 2D hard vore art, usually featuring the prey being disemboweled alive.
Project 50K VORE VID: YouTube - A nice slideshow of pretty anime girls getting vore'd or voring others.
Pulptoon on DeviantartDeviantart: Cannibal/Vore artwork from some of the best cannibal artists around.
Purest Vore on Deviant ArtDeviantArt: A group for true vore users who do not cater to big bellies, unbirthing, antro/furries
Python Swallows Deer (All Internal Shots)VID: YouTube - The old Discovery Channel clip of a python swallowing its prey, this time edited to show only the internal camera shots. It's juicy in there, isn't it?
Random Acts of VoreVID: A bunch of random vore pics.
Random Plant VoreVID: YouTube - A plant devours a helpless girl.
Rena Ayama's GalleryEka's Portal: Furries with big bellies along with a balloon showing another furry inside the belly.
Renaissance of ChaosDeviantart: Good 2D anime and furry art with a special focus on snakes wrapped around girls - hypnosis, tentacle attacks, implied vore, hybrids.
Rhino/Wallaby VoreVID: YouTube - From Rocko's Modern Life. Rocko works on a tattoo on the inside of a Rhino's mouth.
Rip Kackel's Vore ArtVCL: Really high quality 2D, furry vore art.
Rita vore PinkyVID: YouTube - Rita from Pinky And The Brain gulps down Pinky.
RJLbwbDeviantart: 3D and 2D pics of amazons posing, in bondage, getting devoured by monsters and killing each other. Also, several hybrids!
RogueFree: Rogue - a 90 foot tall wolf that eats men. Lots of pics from guest artists.
Rotor 157's WE Monster SiteFree: Women devoured by creatures.
Rubber Vore on TumblrTumblr: A blog following the vore theme.
Ryona BlogJP: Some nice pics and screen caps of girls losing in battle or getting eaten by giant monsters. Lots of vag-busting.
Ryona2JP: A BBS with art of anime girls getting killed, stabbed, slashed, chomped by monsters, strangled etc.
Ryonage289JP: Fairly vicious anime art including bondage, stabbing, amazons, torture, decapitation, crushing, cannibalism, vore inside stomach, amputation and monster attacks.
Sadistic Toons.comAVS: AE-King. 6 seperate 3D pic sites all accessible through the same AVS: Robot Porn, Dickgirl Porn, Frankenstein Porn, Ponygirl Porn, Sado Toons and Tentacle Porn.
SadisticaErotic Illusions Paysite: Mantis' site with artwork showing women being swallowed, bound and tortured.
Saiai on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: 2D Vore art - often M/M, soft, oral.
Sakuya Izayoi is shrink in shoe crush【十六夜咲夜のおしおき】VID: YouTube - Animated 3D movie including crush and vore.
SalamanderFree: Salamander addresses a wide variety of topics in his art like furries, zoophile, vore, sex, digimon and more.
Same Size Swallowing 2Yah: A group for those who like pics and stories of same-size swallowing.
Sara playing with crocodiles and alligatorsVID: YouTube - A former olympic female athlete's secret fantasies.
Saudi Mistress POV on Clips4Sale
PPV: Clips4Sale - Brutal femdom BDSM, forced orgasms, forced blowjobs, cannibalism, giantess fantasies and vore.
Savagely EatenYah: This group contains stories and images of beautiful women who either consensually or nonconsensually are slowly and savagely eaten alive.
Scarlet Croft and Kaa snake vore VID: YouTube - Made by swiftbladez. A slideshow where Lara Croft is swallowed by snake.
Schlechter DracheDeviantart: Good 2D art of stuff (mostly reptiles) eating other stuff.
Seductress FetishYouTube: A group for erotic female fetishes. Cigarette smoking (no cigars); lesbian; legs, nylons and heels; vore; bondage, strangling, chloroform, etc. fetishes are all fair game so long as they are quality videos that showcase a genuine female.
See? Painless(arbok vore)VID: YouTube - A slideshow of a rather feminine Lopunny getting swallowed by an Arbok (cobra backwards).
Serpent's Lair (Wayback Machine)Free: The site for snake (and other reptilian/tentacle) vore stories.
SeruOmen: Hentai FoundryHentai Foundry: A few pieces of color art with girls eaten by stuff.
Sexy Animation - Plant Vore - Fantasy ArtVID: YouTube - From Voreville. Our sexy hero's demise falls into the leaves of a carnivorous plant...

Sexy Animation - Snake Vore - Snakes on a JaneVid: YouTube - From 3D animation of a snake swallowing a girl.
Sexy Animations - Worm Vore - MK - Fantasy ArtVID: YouTube - From Voreville. "Our version of Kitana and a mortal kombat fatality."
Sexy Spacegirl Eaten by Killer PumpkinVid: Really gorgeous chick attacked and eaten by a space pumpkin.
SexyDragon's DragonspotFree: A site dedicated to stories of dragon vore.
Shadoan Dragon Vore 2VID: YouTube - A Red Dragon eats the hero when he performs an incorrect move in Shadoan.
Shadowstalker on VCLVCL: Good 2D furry and furry/vore artwork by ShadowStalker.
Shark Eats Girl - FunnyVID: YouTube - From A girl is swallowed by a shark as she jumps off a boat.
Sharktopus Bad acting and beach carnage VID: YouTube - Several girls and guys eaten. Even one girl is stabbed in her navel!
Sharue Silvermoon's Vore GalleryVCL: Really good 2D art gallery of furries in vore situations.
Sharue's Aryion GalleryAryion: Good 2D vore art.
ShoePlayer Vore and More
PPV: Clips4Sale - Characters; AMY Vore Worm, Max Gorilla, Bad , Big Bird, Frog, The Slug, Jason, Unseen Force and others. In each case, our beautiful model is savagely attacked with a struggling scene to follow, with the model losing one or both shoes.
Shrek VoreVID: YouTube - Dragon eats the king from the first Shrek movie. Includes an extra bit at the end from the music video.
Shrink U DownPPV: Clips4Sale - Shrunken men chased, crushed and consumed by sexy women.
Skyline Vore MovieVID: YouTube - Trailer from the first vore only movie with Skyline ("Unaware Survival"), soon on and
Snake And SirenVID: YouTube - A Euvoria quickie based on the Soild Snake trick in Brawl. Snake meets E.S. and learns the hard way she's more than she looks.
Snake Crushes Hottie!VID: ShockFlix - Gorgeous mercenary girl is crushed by a giant snake.
Snake Eats
Free: From the makers of, a blog on snakes eating women.
Snake Women 2Yah: Women attacked by or wrapped up by snakes.
Snickers Vore CommercialVID: YouTube - Snickers chocolate bar commercial, edited to seem more voracious than the original actually is. See a bus driver eaten by a giant lizard.
Sofia Stone - Vore on Clips4SaleClips4Sale: A beautiful, busty brunette devours men, eats them as a giantess. (Click on VORE Category.)
Some New Vore Sites2 New Videos and 2 New Sites dealing with vore!
Sonic girls voreVID: YouTube - Pics of sonic girls with huge, distended bellies.
Sonic Vore VideoVID: YouTube - Sonic has a huge belly from devouring someone and is then swallowed by Amy who in turn has a huge belly.
Southern Giantess on Clips4SaleClips4Sale: Giantesses accidentally devouring men
SpaceBabes on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Excellent 3D art of monsters, hangings and girls in skintight spacesuits.
Sparky the Chu on PixivPixiv: Good 2D anime art mostly of furries and vore.
Spiders Eat Pretty GirlVID: ShockFlix - A pretty girl is swarmed and netted by spiders!
SqualoFree: 3D graphics and others of beautiful girls in bikinis eaten by sharks!
Squeeze GirlYah: Photomanips and art of girls constricted and swallowed by snakes. Includes vore with crocs, squids and lizards as well as an album of tiny people held in fists.
Squeeze Girl 2Yah: Girls attacked and eaten by snakes and other reptiles!
Starburst Fiesta VoreVID: YouTube - Vorish commercial for Baja flavored Starburst.
Steve O RenoDeviantart: Really hot 2D art of girls (sometimes superheroines) in bondage, in peril, eaten by monsters (vore) or molested by tentacles.
Stonegate's Deviantart GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D art of anthropomorphs, vore, transformation, big (mostly monster) bellies.
Stratorunner 1's pics on AfterDarkFantasiesAfterDarkFantasies: Photo manips of beautiful women getting devoured by monsters, dinosaurs and animals.
Studio ADYah: Gorgeous poser pics including a female escape artist, bondage, peril, vore, amazons, superheroines.
Studio ADYah: Gorgeous 3D pics including a female escape artist, magic, bondage, peril, vore, amazons, superheroines.
Studio AD
SexyAmazons: Really incredible 3D renders of beautiful amazon women in combat - some vore content.
Super's ArtYah: Artwork of superheroines in bondage, dominated, monster sex, tortured and even getting killed.
Swallowed by Vanessa
PPV: Clips4Sale - A pretty girl who sometimes has vampire fangs, eats candy/rubber versions of animals and wants to eat you.
Swiftbladez on DeviantartDeviantart: Really good 3D art of girls being swallowed by snakes.
T-Rex swallows a school girl in a dark forest at night. - 3D Vore AnimationVID: YouTube - Many ppl wanted an animation with human so i put an old work here. I updated it much much more but they are naked versions so i cant put it here and i stoped the project for some reasons
T-Rex vs Furry - Vore Adventure Animation 3DVID: YouTube - A big T-Rex is following a brave wolf furry... after some run he catches and crushes her the chews and swallows..
TagahaVCL: Anime art portraying women being eaten or molested by horrifying creatures or women themselves as horrifying creatures.
Tamerlanelcruel´s Damsels In Distress
Blog: cannibal drawings (and other cruel fetishes)
Tentacle VoreVID: YouTube - From A sexy maiden is about to be eaten by a huge worm.
The Big Squeeze (Wayback Machine)Free: Women and Giant Snakes - sometimes being eaten!
The Blob (remake) Death Scene (HIGH QUALITY)VID: YouTube - What happens when an ailen lifeform from outer space kills a watress? This video.
The Digestive TractFree: A technical, detailed overview of the digestive system in humans and animals - very vore.
The Final Day (Giantess Vore) VID: YouTube - Collected from
The Happiest MonsterVID: YouTube - My first year film at Calarts, the story of a lucky girl who chances upon a visit by a monster and experiences the change of her life!

The Lost Treasure Of LagoVID: YouTube - "A self-playing comic made from a strip by S. Sakurai I came across on Eka's Portal. Myria D'Lemlat is in search of the lost city of Lago and it's treasure. But so far all she's found is more rabbit... "
The Master of ArtDeviantart: Mostly good quality anime style vore art.
The Mushroom VoreVID: YouTube - Everyone, show I made animation pretty mushroom vore and she time ate them. Enjoy..
The RoopVCL - Furry art including some vore.
The Vore Buffet Is Served VID: YouTube - Girls swallowing girls and guys. Lots of huge, bulging stomachs
The VorumFree: A messageboard started Sep 2nd 2008 dealing with vore.
The Woman Was Eaten by FridgeVID: YouTube - Video about human-eating fridge.
Throat Wolf Vore StoriesFree: Some vore stories by Throat Wolf.
Throats LoversYah: Close-up pics of girl's tongues.
Tomb Raider Legend Giant Snake DeathVID: YouTube - Lara Croft gets eaten by a giant snake.
Toyota Echo - Venus Fly Trap VoreVID: YouTube - Commercial for the Toyota Echo, made by the same people who did the Vios Loch Ness ad, shows a chubby teen grocery boy getting eaten by a giant venus fly trap!
Transformation Vore GiantessPPV: Clips4Sale - Videoclips of giant girls eating (fake) tiny people.
Trowelhands on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Sonic and other video game / cartoon characters involved in vore.
Twisted DesiresErotic Illusions Paysite: From Rampant Demons to Horny Robots, from Animal Desires to Fairy Tale Fucking, from Alien Lust to Undead Hunger. This website has it all!
Twp headed shark attack - Topless Bikini Babes ChompedVID: ShockFlix - A two headed shark tears apart a couple gorgeous, topless girls.
U.D. on PixivPixiv: Good 2D anime art mostly of monster sex, some vore and lots of bondage.
Ultimate Giantess Community on FacebookFacebook: A community for Giantess afficianado. Some good vore pics too.
Ultra Sci-Fi HorrorWebArchive: Sci-Fi poser art from a variety of poser artists. Girls in severe peril including bondage, monster sex, vore, strap-ons, tentacle attacks, torture.
Urban Hermit on VCLVCL: Urban Hermit's 2D gay furry and snakes swallowing mammals art.
Urban Hermit's Vore ArtFree: Some good 2D art of snakes swallowing mammals.
Ursala gets eaten by a Giant Venus Fly TrapVID: YouTube - From the new "George of the Jungle" cartoon. Ursala is swallowed by a giant plant.
Uvula Home Page (Wayback Machine)Free: Fantasy of being swallowed by a giantess.
V-O-R-E-Art-Master's Favorites on DeviantartDeviantArt: Huge number of art favorites focused on vore.
Valtiel on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Really excellent 3D artwork including monsters/aliens/animals killing girls, torture, murder, superheroines, aliens, crucifixion, dead amazons, horror, corpses strewn about.
Valtiel's Favorites on DeviantartDeviantArt: A nice collection of dead/unconscious girls plus vore, monsters, asphyxiation, stabbing etc.
Very old 3D poser vore conglommeration 2VID: YouTube - Like the first video, this more or less highlights the frustrations with working with a poor quality tool like Poser.
Vesperia Vengeance Sofia punished in a wide variety of violent, vicious waysG.E-Hentai: Art from various artists on how Sofia should be punished. Includes monster attacks, forced sex, belly stabs, amputation,
Villi-Chat Table Links PageFree: A single page from which various chat rooms and messageboards can be accessed.
Voodoo VoreVID: YouTube - Man eating plants: Guy almost eaten, little girl definitely eaten.
Vorality!! Mortal KombatG, Mileena devours Kitana in a bizarre finishing move!
Voraphilm Studio: ForumForum: Chat about vore.
Vore Animations - Feeding The MAW BEAST TESTVID: YouTube - A giant, many-toothed mouth swallows a girl.
Vore ArtistsMySpace: A place where vore artists on myspace can get together in a semi open forum.
Vore at Movies - Dinocroc vs SupergatorVID: YouTube - All the people who get eaten in the movie Dinocroc vs Supergator. Many bikini-clad hotties.
Vore at Movies - Komodo vs CobraVID: YouTube - Several scenes of big monsters eating people - including hot girls.
Vore Buffet 9: The Last Service VID: YouTube - Is the very last Vore Buffet installment. Slideshow of pregnant or maybe pudgy girls with words added making it look like they've been eating people.
Vore Clip from an Animation Called AmbrosiaVID: YouTube - A 3D animation where a dinosaur devours a naked girl.
Vore ClubFree: Not much info - as far as I can tell, this is a vore add-on to a popular, furry-based mmorpg.
Vore ClubDeviantart: Group -This club features artwork and literature dealing in vore, a fascination with the process of eating or being eaten. Some of the more common examples include consumption by a giant snake or plant, or by some ferocious large cat.
Vore Contest on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Popular SexyAmazons contest entered by SpaceBabes, DewX, Aemi, ArtDude41 and Guido.
Vore Fan 9000Yah: Everything related to vore, headfirst stucks, wrestling piledrivers and WWE.
Vore FantasyMetacafe: Group - Several videos with a vore theme.
Vore film VID: YouTube - A photo slideshow where a girl begins by eating her boyfriend and then eating a ton of other people - mostly pregnant girls.
Vore FilmsYouTube Group: Group dedicated to making videos where people are stalked, captured, and devoured alive and whole by hungry creatures/monsters. Discussion of commercial films featuring vore, filming techniques, equipment and props are encouraged.
Vore GIFs on TumblrTumblr: GIFs of vore-related activity on Tumblr.
Vore HeavenGoogle: Your host Laguna is here to bring you the best in Vore Artwork. Furry,Scaley,Human vore welcome here.
Vore High SchoolFacebook: Eat anyone you want its just like high school but you learn to vore all kinds of vore. when you eat some one they will reform when digested in they're dorms.
Vore Jet-GirlVID: A girl is eaten by a giantess after crashing her jet.
Vore MagazineFree: A vore resource seemingly concerned with teen girls eating brownies and bunnies and stuff.
Vore MeMySpace: An 18 year old vore fetishist.

Vore on Rule 34Rule34: Vore on the anime/hentai pic site - Rule34.
Vore on TumblrTumblr: Pictures tagged with 'vore' on Tumblr.
Vore Pictures from Laptop123VID: YouTube - A slideshow of very good 2D art of girls getting eaten by monsters.
Vore PlayFree: An archive of stories and pics from the old Voreplay yahoo board. Ed: All the art I saw was gay.
Vore PollsYah: Vore group for statistics and newbies.
Vore Preview 3 (Above you!) VID: YouTube - Uh Oh! Our poor victim heard something coming from their bathroom, and foolishly decided to check it out for themselves! "Hey, What's that up th-mmmMMMMPH!".
Vore RPGFlickr: Group - A vore RPG on Flickr.
Vore tag on Giantessbooru.comGiantessbooru: Pics of beautiful giantesses eating people.
Vore TalkVID: YouTube - Two people are talking about vore.
Vore VeteransDeviantart: Group - we are the vore veterans, we like anything vore related. if you have anything to the topic. please post...
Vore VidVID: YouTube - A vid showing several still, vore cartoons.
Vore Vids ClipstorePPV: Clips4Sale - Live action vore store with video clips that look like girls being swallowed by giant worms.
Vore WorldErotic Illusions Paysite: Photomanips of girls being consensually swallowed by giant animals - usually snakes.
Vore-Club on FanpopFanpop: A Fanpop club for fans of vore.
Vore-Gulp-Swallow - GirlsFlickr: Group - This group is for people, who like to looking how girls swallowing random objects, Female/? vore fans, neckfetish fans & other like that...
Vore-StoriesDeviantart: Snowe's account whose goal is to bring every good Vore story together into one gallery.
Vore.Server7.deFree: German vore site with 3D rendered dragons and links!
Vorecentral on DeviantartDeviantart: A vore art club on Deviantart.
VorefilmErotic Illusions Paysite: Real photos of people getting devoured by what look like upholstery monsters.
Voregotten RealmFree: A vore themed Multi-User Chat Kingdom or MUCK.
Vorelord on FurAffinityFurAffinity: High quality 2D furry / scaly vore art.
VoremaniaErotic Illusions Paysite: of beautiful women getting devoured by large creatures.
Vorephilles group on DeviantartDeviantart: A vore Deviantart group started by vorelova97.
VoreVideos 2Yah: Videos of stuff eating other stuff - 2.
VoreVideos 3Yah: Videos of stuff eating other stuff - 3.
VorevillePay: Sexy, fantasy realistic fetish vore of ALL kinds. Super sexy fetish vore at Voreville.
Voreville BlogFree: Blog about vore topics including Vore Art, Vore, Vore Pics, Vore Stories, Eaten Alive, Damsels In Distress.
Voreville on AfterDarkFantasiesAfterDarkFantasies: 3D vore art from Voreville
Voreville's Visitor's Free Erotic Art GalleryFree: Free erotic art and porn! A multitude of erotic fetishes all in one place!
Voreville's Vore Erotic Art ForumFree: Voreville's artist vore resource forum.
VorewolfieDeviantart: 2D art of horses and wolves swallowing tiny prey.
VorificGoogle: Adult vore pictures. women only. manipulations and cartoons welcome.
VRPG Discussion GroupYah: Yahoo Group dedicated to Vore Role Playing.
We Love Vore 666Deviantart: A group that discusses vore and best predators and prey. We like to have fun and welcome all who like vore. Any type of vore is allowed, and anyone is allowed to join.
WE StoriesYah: A compilation of Woman Eating stories.
WildPegasus on Deviantart Vore ArtDeviantart: Wild Pegasus creates a lot of very well drawn 2D art including superheroines, cheeerleaders, girls with guns and a lot of upskirt. This will take you directly to his vore work.
Wintermute Adult SectionJP: Links to three galleries including bondage, torture, vore, monster sex etc.
Wolf vore yu gi ohVID: YouTube - A wolf swallows a magician in a Yugioh cartoon.
Wolfden ProductionsFree: An artist concentrating on wolf and werewolf art - especially vore.
WolfencognitoFurAffinity: Very good 2D vore and furry artwork.
Wolfencognito on FurAffinityFurAffinity: Vore and other furry artwork.
Woman Devoured by GoblinsVid: Youtube - From a weird Mexican movie, a hot brunette is eaten by Goblins.
Woman Eaten By a Shark on Scarface: The World Is Yours. VID: YouTube - There is a woman that can also be eaten by a shark in Scarface, instead of you.
Woman Gets Eaten By a Shark VID: YouTube - Woman gets eaten by a shark.
Woman Meat and Monster VoreGoogle: Japanese vore group.
Women Eaten in Film MixVID: YouTube - Edited video with clips from movies with girls eaten alive.
Wonder Woman Vore JusticeVID: YouTube - By request by user Lordmandis. Wonder Woman's on a mission to locate her old rival Cheetah in the jungle.
Wood Elf VoreVID: YouTube - 3D graphic of a wood elf eating a tiny man.
World of DemisEFree: Good 3D art of girls sinking to their deaths, eaten by monsters, hanged, decapitated, bound, impaled etc.
Worm VoreVID: YouTube - From a sci-fi movie; a worm swallows a man alive.

Wrapped UpYah: Women stuck or coccooned in giant spider webs.
XalynneFree: 3D graphics of a full-figured amazon involved in slavery, bondage, masturbation, birthing, forced sex, monster sex, pregnancy, urination, interracial, scat, humiliation, orcs, gynophagia, egg-laying and vore!
Xat XXX The Banquet Hall XXXFree: Cannibalism, WE, Dolcett, FemCann, Vore discussion and/or role play.
Xat XXXTheBanguetHallXXXFree: A chatroom for Cannibalism, WE, Dolcett, Femcann, Vore discussion and role play.
Xerovoe's Gallery: DeviantartDeviantart: Women and furries with huge bellies. Lots of vore, swallowing and even X-Rays showing digestion.
Xylona/Lethal Lady's Little PlaceFree: Really good photomanips of girls being abducted, molested by monsters, eaten by creatures, shot by bullets and arrows.
Zam on PixivPixiv: Good 2D anime art of anime/furry girls getting vore'd.
Zune VoreVID: YouTube - Commercial advertising the Microsoft Zune's ability to share songs between users. Shows two giants sharing some tasty humans.