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Very quickly, this is the fantasy... FANTASY... of a woman getting shot or stabbed. It sounds so awful, so terribly evil that even other forms of porn openly discriminate against it but this fetish is actually one of the lightest fetishes around. You are certainly more likely to find a girl getting shot in a TV show than anal sex. In movies created to satisfy this fetish you will find girls playfully firing plastic guns at each other. You may see a scene from Friday the 13th or Amazon Queen or Kill Bill re-enacted with scantily clad girls. No one is really hurt and the atmosphere is light and kind of comedic. These movies have much more in common with horror/b-movies than porn and in-fact many of the actresses who work in these movies would NEVER work in porn.
Anne's Dreams
Pay: Violent, erotic horror with atypically gorgeous models like hot, fit blonde; Petra Morgan! Check out fantasy executions, shootings, stabbings, assassinations, amazon combat, death duels and crime dramas.
Deadclips. Videos of girls getting strangled, decapitated, shot and more
Pay per view site where you can buy clips of girls getting decapitated, shot, hanged, strangled, necroed etc.
Anime girl pierced with spikes
Two hot anime girls in skimpy clothes fight and one ends up getting pierced with spikes.
Dead Rising 2 : Bailey Twins FightVID: YouTube - Two really hot girls in club dresses and high heels fight a man. One dies and the other commits seppeku.
19 KomaJP: beautiful fighting villainesses dying at the hands of the Japanese version of the Power Rangers.
A Pirates Life for MeVID: YouTube - A stage show between a pirate girl and pirate guy.
Acapulco H.E.A.T. 02x22 Juice 5.aviVID: YouTube - Two bikini-clad badgirls fight the main characters and end up dead after falling two floors.
ACB - cunt busting amazon artworkPIXIV: 2D artwork of girls defeated by blows to the pussy.
ACB on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 2D sketchwork of girls getting stabbed in the puss during amazon combat.
Achievement Hunter: Mortal Kombat 9 - Skarlet Fatalities (New DLC VID: YouTube - Jack and Geoff take a look at Skarlet, the newest member of the Mortal Kombat line up. Join them as they look at her X-ray, Fatalities, Babality and Stage Fatality. So bloody!
Acran - good, 2D, mostly color art of anime girls getting slashed up on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 2D anime art of girls getting torn up with blades.
Acrans 2D anime art of girls slaughtered in battle
SexyAmazons: 2D sketches of anime girls pierced and mangled in battle.
Addiction - New Sexy Vigilante Action Movie - Violent Shootout Crime Film TrailerVID: YouTube - Keep It Reel's film "Addiction" is a vigilante, femme fatale film that incorporates a bloody opera of violence and revenge. It is a film that has complex characters, a thought provoking story, Hong Kong, "John Woo"
Adventure Art on DeviantArtDeviantArt: 2D art of fencers, amazons and cannibals. Some stabs and a beheading.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
Agent X3VID: YouTube - A mysterious female assassin tries to comandeer a space ship. A quick Sci Fi action movie put together using The Movies PC Game.
Agents of SCUBAVID: YouTube - A girl fights evil girls underwater.
Aishado on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D amazon artwork. Elves, orcs, amazons...
Aishado on ImageshackImageshack: Aishado is an excellent 2D amazon artist - if you poke around in the folder long enough you'll find some of his amazon work.
Aishado on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: Really nice 2D art of amazons getting killed. Swords and arrows mostly.
Aishado's Doomed Heroines on TumblrTumblr: Aishado's 2D artwork of beautiful, often fatally wounded amazons.
AjummatrixVID: YouTube - Two women dueling to the "death". Filmed on location, with two blackbelts in Gumdo (Korean martial art of the sword), in South Korea.
Akanetenshi on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: What a find! Great 2D anime art of fighting girls killed in combat! Very bloody!
AkujoloveJP: A Japanese blog about anime girls getting killed, usually in combat.
AlfhJP: Really vicious anime art including guttings, hangings, beheadings, amputations, girls killing girls, monster sex, cannibalism etc.
Allirea 19 on YouTubeYouTube: A nice selection of videos including several fatal female fights.
Alter Ego SwordfightVID: YouTube - Two Power Ranger looking girls fight each other to the death with metal swords.
AlvMar0122 on DeviantArtDeviantart: Good 2D art of Mortal Kombat characters. Plenty of female characters getting killed.
Amazingly Magical AdventureVID: YouTube - An amateur video where some people play swordfight.
Amazon Battlegrounds on
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D art of female armies in constant battle.
Amazon Fight Mix on ImagefapImagefap: Pics of Amazon women in combat.
Amazon Gabriela
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of girls getting killed just as they are about to administer the final blow. Stretching, visible ribs, torso stabs.
Amazon RisingVID: YouTube - With her sister's life in jeopardy, a courageous young adventurer must risk life and limb to defeat the evils of the Amazon.
Amazon Warriors Trailer 2011 VID: DailyMotion - Sexy amazon combat trailer from Fantasy Warriors!
Amazon-WarriorsFree: Photostories (some free, some PPV) of pretty fighting women in bloody combat. Knives, swords and bows!
Amazon-WarriorsPay: Amazon warriors in bloody hand to hand combat.
Amazon-Warriors on TumblrTumblr: Olafs Amazon Warriors site releasing photos on Tumblr.
Amazon-Warriors Trailer 2013VID: Darilymotion - Amazon-Warriors 2013 trailer.
AMAZON-WARRIORS Trailer_2012 VID: YouTube - Official 2012 trailer for Amazon-Warriors.
Amazonfan on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: High quality, prize winning 3D art - mostly of amazon combat.
AmazoniaErotic Illusions Paysite: By Mike A. Terrific 3D pics of bad babes, ninja chicks, gun molls and gladiatrixes locked in mortal combat. Ferocious warriors and grisly, gratuitous death and destruction!
AmazoniaWebArchive: Mike A's place for tough, gun-toting, sword wielding amazons killing each other with savage abandon.
Amazonia VidclipsYah: Videoclips of anime girls fighting each other including a gun battle.
Amazons and GladiatorsVID: YouTube - 2 amazons fight to the death!
Amazons, the Game Mod
Article: Peter releases an amazon game mod for Mount and Blade!
Amazons: Beautiful And DangerousFree: Naked female warriors - free photo and art galleries
Amy Mills - Video clips of girls shot and stabbedYouTube: Girls shot or stabbed in videos.
Angel Girl vs DemonetteVID: Shockflix - A mystical martial arts movie where a demon girl fights an angel girl with a weird, violent death scene.
Anime Human Chess 2012: 01 - Yu Kanda vs ShenhuaVID: Vimeo - Shenhua in her long, slit gown ends up belly slashed and then stabbed sideways through her chest.

Anime Human Chess 2012: 04 - Seth vs B.OrchidVID: Vimeo - Furious fight after which Seth slashes B. Orchid's throat and lays her out on the floor.
Anime Human Chess 2012: 16 - Axe-Hand Morgan vs Seth and the MeleeVID: Vimeo - The pretty Seth fights Axe Hand ends up dying (somehow) in his arms.
Annabelle on Dead Sexy ClipsPPV: DeadSexyClips - Annabelle's sexy video clips on Deadsexyclips .com. Includes stabbings, shootings, hangings, stranglings, suffocations and more.
Anon on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: A talented and popular 3D amazon artist who has added a few pics to SexyAmazons.
Arena 2001VID: YouTube - A couple girls swordfight to the death.
Aria Angels violent 3D art of strong girls beatenDeviantArt: Good 3D art of girls getting beaten in unarmed fights.
Art of DarknessFree: A messageboard for artists working on the dark side of erotica. You'll find Herionymous, Nemesis and Apostle1946 producing some cutting edge 3D art that you will find nowhere else.
Artdude 41 on Sexyamazons.comSexyamazons: Extremely talented 3D artist. Pics include amazons, nazis, gunplay, swordplay, superheroines, vore.
Artdude 41 on
Sexyamazons: Extremely talented 3D artist. Pics include amazons, nazis, gunplay, swordplay, superheroines, vore.
Artdude41's deviantART galleryDeviantart: Exceptionally high quality 3D art of beautiful women, amazons, superheroines, nazis in combat, in peril or devoured by monsters.
AryikiFree: Aryiki is a fantasy miniature wargame where players command armies of female warriors, mythic and fantasy beasts. With Heroines, Princesses, Damsels, Fair Maidens, black Witches, Enchantresses and Sorceresses leading their warriors into battle.
Assassin Part 4 of 6VID: YouTube - Two female killers clash and one gets poisoned knives in her torso!
Atsuji-YaJP: Hot anime chicks with guns and swords. Some bondage, monster sex and even a couple killings.
Bad Chicks with big SwordsVID: YouTube - Two girls duel with one getting skewered.
Bad girl shot by good girl before killing hero in black and white
A black and white video where the bad girl has the drop on the hero but is shot before she can pull the trigger. From: William Payne
Badgirl Dies in BattleVID: ShockFlix - Busty, Asian badgirl dies in battle. Not sure how.
Badhand on DeviantartDeviantArt: The highly skilled Badhand on Amazons, giantesses, vampires, secret agents. Powerful, fantasy girls killing and dying in spectacular combat.
BadTiger on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Excellent 3D artist whose subjects include Luftwaffe girls, Nazi girls in the future and even Hookers in combat.
Bang Bang BabesPPV: Toy gun videos featuring beautiful girls toting machine guns. Watch as they execute, ambush, and blast each other.
Barbarian - Keela tastes cold steel, extended edition VID: YouTube - From a recent videogame. A beautiful gladiatrix is killed over and over.
Barbarian BabesPay: Illustrated stories of hot, amazonian combat. Mostly unarmed, f/f and mixed combat.
Baruma Army on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: An artist specializing in huge pitched combat between armies of women.
Battle At MarathonVID: YouTube - A World Studies extra credit video. An amateur production where a bunch of girls fight each other with swords and axes.
Battle in Cocktail Dresses and High BootsVID: YouTube - A battle between young women, all wearing cocktail dresses and over-the-knee boots.
Battle of Hastings starring Sandra & Jenny.aviVID: YouTube - Amateur movie where 2 girls playfully stab each other and pretend to die.
Battle of the AmazonsVid: YouTube - A trailer including a lot of amazon combat.
Battle of the Amazons」(空手アマゾネス)DVD CUT SCENEVID: YouTube - A masked amazon attempts to assassinate a man but is killed before she can finish the job.
Battle RoyaleVID: YouTube - NOT the famous 'Battle Royale'. This is a clip from a Mexican movie where a bunch of Latina hotties in little outfits shoot each other.
Battlefan on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 2D art of Anna, a milf amazon who is often killed during combat with the evil blondes.
Beancooler009 - 2D female startroopers
SexyAmazons: 2D, hand drawn art of beautiful space troopers get shot or dissolved.
Bear ClawPixiv: Really good 2D artwork that ranges from bloody battle to knockouts.
Beershot 2007 shot11VID: YouTube - Beershot 2007. Pretty girl shot in the forehead during a shootout.
Beetle on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 2D, color art of girls in pantyhose getting shot and arrow'd.
Bernie's Wounded AmazonsFree: Nice art of amazon girls losing in hand to hand combat.
Best Girl Sword Fight Ever DoA HDVID: YouTube - Great swordfight from the Dead Or Alive movie. Includes some women fighting
BhaelPay/Free: Professional 3D artist with a propensity towards armed women killing and dying.
Bitty38 on DeviantartDeviantArt: 3D art of fantasy, fighting girls usually getting knocked out. amazon girls on vk.comVK: A social network page with pics of amazon girls.
Blade Against KunoichiJP: A blog about executing female ninjas.
Blade series - Catfight scene VID: YouTube - Vampire girl stabs another vampire girl fatally.
Bloody Babes IIYah: Girls beaten bloody, some winners, some losers - all bloodied. Some slasher/snuff.
Bloody Babes IIIYah: Girls beaten bloody, some winners, some losers - all bloodied.
Bloody Battle to the End: Massive ShootoutVID: YouTube - 4 hot chicks in skimpy attire pull machineguns on a bunch of cops, only to die one at a time.
Bloody CherubDeviantart: Photos and photomanips of girls dead, stabbed, bisected or dying.
Bloody D/F Art on MediafireMediafire: An excellent collection of death fetish art posted in order of artist on Mediafire.
Blue Murder TV on GenreVideos.comPPV: GenreVideos - High quality, mystery action style videos of girls getting stabbed, strangled, shot or killed in some other way.
Bonnart - videos of villainesses in movies often ending in their demisesYouTube Channel: Videos of beautiful villainesses doing what villainesses do, often ending in her death.
Bookre BlogBlog: Mostly links to Niko Videos where girls get beaten up in combat.
BorbaDeviantart: Extremely high-quality artwork mostly of amazonian women.
BrianSlaughter on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 3D art of girls killing each other.

Broadsword Fight!VID: YouTube - An amateur, acted swordfight between two girls ending in a stabbing.
Bruce 710 on DeviantartDeviantart: Painted photomanips of girls in combat.
Btcmoe AmazonsJP: A blog for what looks like a Japanese MMORPG. The bottom 3 pics show combat with scantily-clad, leather amazons and a nice bodypile.
Bustline Combat - Ink art of Huge breasted soldier girls capturing, fighting, torturing G.E-Hentai: Beautiful insanely busty soldier girls usually getting captured, tortured or fighting other soldier girls. A couple deaths at the end.
Busty Betty is messily knocked out in a boxing matchG.E-Hentai: A 3D comic where two beautiful, busty, topless girls pound on each other until one is messily knocked-out.
Busty Blonde Fighter Belly Punched!
VID: BondAnime - Busty blonde hentai fighting a guy but gets belly punched.
Cannibal God - 3D art of huge breasted girls getting killed by huge breasted cannibals
Sexyamazons: Imhoteps 2nd account on sexyamazons. Cannibal girls with enormous breasts killing regular girls with enormous breasts. Some shemales.
Capricorn on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: Amazing 2D artist with his own, unique style. His favorite creations are scenarios involving massive female, military combat.
Catfight In Dance Class - Hd DownloadVid: file factory - (music video) a cursed cd casts a spell on a class of sexy ballet dancers, causing an all-out brawl ensues including a knifing, and a few stranglings. ends with the entire class left unconscious, convulsing or writhing in agony.
Catharsis Erotica on Genre Videos
PPV: GenreVideos - Clips of girls asphyxiated, stabbed, shot, carried, ko'd , chloro'd or necro'd.
Catnap69Deviantart: Good 2D art of female warriors / amazons dead, in combat or taken captive.
Cavalier on
Sexyamazons: Excellent 3D art of girls in combat, usually in an urban environment.
Celtic ArcheressVID: YouTube - From ArrowAgony. Animated warfare duel where a mature celtic archer shoots and kills a Greek female soldier with her lethal bow and arrow.
Charliezer 0SixImageshack: Currently only has the comic, "Fall of Lady Shimizu", a great story with a lot of female deaths.
Chinese Dead Girls GalleryFree: Over 800 pics of girls-getting-killed art. Waraji's art among others.
Cleaner 82Imageshack: Beautiful 2D and some 3D art of spygirls and ninja girls in action! Shootings, stabbings, stranglings, catfights, dead girls.
Clips from Sedira's Fallout 3 tinkering/cheatingFree: Some clips of fighting girls getting killed in the videogame "Fallout 3". Posted by Sedira on
CloaknDagger on
SexyAmazons: Good 2D art of amazons in combat.
CNB Videos on ShockFlix
ShockFlix: Cuddly Necrobabes' videos on Shockflix. Just type in
Cobra - Seamen.flvVID: YouTube - Anime. Hot blonde agent gets shot in the chest with a harpoon.
Code Jin YouTube Channel includes girls shot, stabbed, strangled, neck snapped etcYouTube Channel: A small, nice selection of videos including girls dying a wide vareity of ways.
Conquest of Agent X3VID: YouTube - The continuing adventures of Agent X3 as she battles the Monarchy Empire. I made this with "The Movies" pc game.
Cowgirl and Indian Belly Buttons video - The navel of a scantily clad cowgirl is fingered, licked, stabbed and shotVID: A cowgirl in denim short shorts, high heels and a crop top has taken a leather bikini-clad squaw prisoner. The cowgirl forces the indian to kiss, lick and finger her navel. During this, she grabs her knife and plunges it into her belly button.
Cowgirl fightVID: YouTube - A quick video of two cowgirls with swords.
Cowgirl vs Alien DominatrixVID: Shockflix - Beautiful cowgirl is defeated and then stabbed in the belly by an evil, alien dominatrix.
Cowgirl vs Indian Navel Play video - Bikini clad cowgirl and indian both get navel stabbedVid: Kind of a playful video where a hot, bikini-clad cowgirl and indian trash talk and both get stabbed in their navels with a plastic, retractable knife.
Cowgirls for Justice Part 1VID: YouTube - Classic cowgirl clips and some fun footage courtesy of, combined and replotted into an alternate universe girl-powered, popcorn western.
Cowgirls for Justice Part 2VID: YouTube - Part 2 of 3. In the B-Western tradition of recycling footage for alternate plots and purposes. Cowgirls for Justice is a Saturday Matinee popcorn Western that never was.
Cowgirls for Justice Part 3VID: YouTube - Cowgirls ride to town for a wild west showdown finale with outlaws. [Continues]
Cowgirls Short 2.aviVID: YouTube - Three hot, cowgirls in abbreviated clothes finish a Mexican stand off.
Cowgirlsrgr8 channel about cowgirls shooting and gettng shotYouTube: A YouTube channel dedicated to cowgirls shooting and getting shot.
Cpt Crunch gallery on Sexyamazons
Sexyamazons: 3D art of gorgeous girls locked in hand to hand combat! Swords, arrows and even guns.
Crista Action 1VID: YouTube - From a Telenovela, Cristi kills a variety of people - many girls.
Crossfire Cosplay
From: Cosplay-Pk/Yog-SothothThree girls are transported into a video game environment dressed in very sexy, skimpy red, white and black costumes. They fire at each other with auto weapons and all end up dead.
Cyber Death Match Facebook Group - girls fight to the deathFB: A closed group about girls fighting to the death.
CybroticaFree: Erotic art, erotic literature, artists Supplies, free downloads and erotic art galleries. Topics include bondage, monsters, cannibals, femdom, amazons and virtually everything else on this list.
D's at OnceJP: A Japanese blog by a good 2D anime artist who draws warrior women with eeeenormous breasts!! A male warrior kills two of them.
Dagger on 3D artist focused mainly on girl/girl sword duels.
DaleCar on DeviantartDeviantart: The talented DaleCar's 3D amazon art on deviantart.
DaleCar on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Prolific and talented 3D artist whose subjects include amazons, spies, mercenaries, elves and sci-fi girls!
Dalila's Chateau NoirPPV: A place to purchase the awesome femme fatale's noir-style death videos. Expect stranglings, shootings, stabbings and lots of guttings!
SexyAmazons: Good 3D artist with a penchant for amazons.
Darian on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Poser art of girls, usually fighting girls getting shot, stabbed and blasted.
Dark Fantasies: PrePaidClipsPPV: PrePaidClips - Shelby's videos of beautiful girls in combat, getting strangled, stabbed, shot, sacrificed and their bodies handled.
Darksites Messageboard
Forum: Upgraded and unlocked the darksites messageboard mirrors its posts to
Darnarr's BlogJP: A blog with good 2D anime art including bondage, insertions, amazons, monster sex, superheroines, girls killed in combat, girls killed by alien penetration, belly punching.
Darou Neko - Captured female spy tortured and executed by a womanG.E-Hentai: A beautiful, female spy in a skin tight, brief catsuit is tortured and then executed by a blonde woman. Includes injections and a back break.
David's Amazon Art GalleryFree: Some very well designed Amazon poser pics by David!
Dead Sexy ClipsWeb: A place to buy clips from places like AnnesDreams, Agasversus, SGA, Sophie, Bagged Babes and more using Bitcoins and Kinky Cash.
Deadclips on Twitter: Pics and GIFs from the PPV death fetish vid sitetwitter: GIFs and pics from, death fetish PPV video site.

Deadclips. Videos of girls getting strangled, decapitated, shot and more
Pay per view site where you can buy clips of girls getting decapitated, shot, hanged, strangled, necroed etc.
Deadly International Assassins rough cut Amy vs. Anna Camera 1 VID: YouTube - Two beautiful assassins fight with the blonde slashing the brunette's throat.
Deadly WomenYah: 3D pics of girls in mortal, amazon combat. Girls with swords. Girls with guns.
Death Fight on FPZ3DFPZ3D: Mirta vs Ava in a death fight that Ava loses very bloodily.
Deathstroke Uncensored Fatality 720p HDVID: YouTube - Deathstroke's uncensored Fatality from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe in Widescreen HD. This was taken from the UK copy of the game running on a US PS3.
Demon of Gensokyu on G.E.Hentai - 2D action cartoon including a lot of fatal female fightsG.E-Hentai: A 2D action cartoon which includes a lot of girls dying in battle.
Dick Hertz on MediafireMediafire: Photomanips of both men and women being killed in various ways. Amazons, spies, mercenaries and private eyes in combat.
Dingil ryona anime art on PixivPixiv: Good ryona artist including a good stabbing and a lot of punching.
Doc Brown - 3D art of fighting girls killed
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of girls destroyed in combat
Doid 12 on DeviantArtDeviantArt: 2D art of beautiful warrior-type or fantasy girls. Also beheading and hanging.
Doomed Angels on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: High Quality 3D art of girls shot or stabbed usually by other girls.
Dragon SquadVID: YouTube - A trio of ex-female soldiers take down a girl street gang thats terrorizing their city. 3D Movie made with the PC game - "The Movies".
Drawing Planet
Pay: The internet's most unique, bizarre and extreme comics. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of drawings!! Sex, romance, bondage, alien encounters, extreme bdsm, vampirism, blood and domination in spades!
Drawing Planet

Dummy on
SexyAmazons: 3D art focused on fighting women with enormous breasts.
DXC's Gallery on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of amazons dead or dying in combat!
Elimination of the Sisters of the DarkVID: YouTube - The Sisters of the Dark (Legend of the Seeker) are beautiful, powerful, deadly women who wear red gowns and veils. They fight valiantly, but are cut down without mercy. The final battle where their Order is finally extinguished is included.
Emergency 3D peril, vampire, female fighting art on PixivPixiv: Good 3D art of girls getting staked or stabbed on Pixiv
Escape - 3D art of naked girls shot or stabbed in the belly
SexyAmazons: 3D art of naked girls getting shot or stabbed in the belly often with wildly exaggerated poses.
Eternal Champions - ShadowVID: Mediafire - Originally from s8bv3rsiv3. Ninja takes a shuriken to the head from the game Eternal Champions.
Evil Babes in Distress GIF collectionGIPHY: A collection of evil babe GIFs on GIPHY.
Evil Babes Wikia - A guide to lives and deaths of villainesses in fictionWeb: A wikia detailing the lives and deaths of beautiful, evil women in comics, movies, anime, games etc.
Evil Femme FatalesVideo clips of deadly women killing women and men. catagorized and thmbnailed, over 500 clips with weekly updates.
Evil Ninja Girl - Knife in BackVID: ShockFlix - Evil ninja girl gets a knife in her back.
Evil Ninja Girls 4VID: ShockFlix - Evil Nina Girls 4
Evil Unicorn
Sexyamazons: Really superlative 3D graphic artist! Her renders commonly include amazon girls and some cuntbusting. Winner of the 1st Sexyamazons art contest!
Extreme Ninja (Kunoichi) CatfightingVID: YouTube - Simple intra-female drama taken to the next level with firearms, ninja weapons, martial arts, and unique individual outfits - ends in a stabbing?
Extremely Hot Swimming Pool Girl Fight - Martial Arts VID: YouTube - The gorgeous Victoria Vives is attacked by a bikini-clad hitwoman at a pool resulting in a drowning.
Eyeteeth on DeviantartDeviantart: Beautiful, violent art from Eyeteeth including fighting women, shooting, stabbing, monsters.
Eyeteeth on
Sexyamazons: Beautiful 3D work of girls in hand to hand combat or in terrible peril!
Eyeteeth Excellent 3D artwork of beautiful women in distress or in combat. Pirate girls and girls in video games are common topics.
Eyeteeth's Doomed heroines on TumblrTumblr: A gallery of Eyeteeth's phenomenal 3D artwork.
Fantasy BabesPay: A paysite about beautiful amazon women in combat.
Fantasy Babes Trailer 2010VID: YouTube - A trailer from a producer who does amazon girls in combat!
Fantasy Women BattlesWeb: Watch fantasy women fight to the death!
Fasteddied on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: 2D art of female stormtroopers, nurse zombies and a couple amazons.
FBI shoots two girls video on ShockFlix
What looks like FBI agents break into a house and shoot two girls in casual clothes.
Fearsome Threesome "Dear Sister"VID: Remake of SNL's "Dear Sister". A bunch of girls shoot each other in a room.
Female 26VID: YouTube - Cutey Honey swordfights a female adversary ending in a stabbing.
Female agent shot by other female agent
An unattractive female agent is shot in the chest by another female agent. The pistol must be shooting cannon shells since the holes are about three inches in diameter. From: ywzgbd666
Female and MachetteVID: ShockFlix - Hot blonde fights a hot Asian girl to the death.
Female Combatants on Zen. Beautiful, uniformed Japanese combatants fighting each other.Cat: Place to buy videos about uniformed female combatants fighting each other.
Female Enemies!JP: Really awesome Japanese blog about villainous female enemies who usually end up dead.
Female fight fantasies forum including stories that often ending in deathForum: Stories involving fantasy fights that usually end in death. Also, excellent art that sometimes, but rarely ends in death.
Female Guard NeutralizedVID: Shockflix - A beautiful female guard tries to protect her employer but gets a sword in her chest.
Female Killer is DhammaShockFlix: Evil hitwoman is killed in a fight with a man.
Female Ninjas Die!VID: ShockFlix - A single warrior fights a team of female ninjas!
Female Shinobu Hunting - female samurai fight and dieG.E-Hentai: A cadre of female samurai fight and die against a male hero.
Female Sleeperholds and Rear Naked Chokes fanatics on FacebookFacebook: A group about sleeperholds, choking, breathplay mostly in wrestling.
Female Sword FightVID: YouTube - On stage sword fight ending in a stab to the belly.
Female Villain 1 vs 2VID: ShockFlix - Pretty brunette's neck is snapped in a villainess fight.

Female Villains Killer 4VID: ShockFlix - Vllainess is killed in a fight with a blow to the belly!
Female-Fighting.netPPV: Boxing, catfight, belly punching, wrestling, kicking, gunfighting, smothering, limp play, CB, domination, arm wrestling, hand cuffing.
Femme AffectVID: YouTube - 4 girls, 5 guns and some shooting. An action scene with all female characters.
Femme FatalatiesPay: A "movie review" site where members can view video clips from movies (horror, mainstream, original) of women killed in a variety of ways.
Femme Fatalities ForumFree: A death fetish forum featuring Bluestone and G-Man.
Femme WarsYah: Drawings, photos and videos of female warriors engaged in battle in all genres and venues from military to crime scenarios.
Femmes DiaboliqueFree: A messageboard featuring clips about vicious femmes fatales killing men and other women in a variety of ways.
Fetish Pleasure Blog
Blog: The blog for including some great preview pics.
FFF 3D art of beautiful girls, often sentries, killedPIXIV: Excellent 3D art of girls, often sentries, killed.
Fight to the DeathVID: YouTube - 2 teenage girls play fight with swords.
Fighting Girl Dies in BattleVID: ShockFlix - Pretty Asian girl fights two men and is killed, maybe stabbed in the back.
Figure of the Swordswomen Fans 2Yah: A Hong Kong yahoo group focused on amazon combat.
Final Detention gripping climax VID: YouTube - The climax of Thai women-in-prison movie 'Final Detention'.
Fips on
SexyAmazons: Good 3D artist whose work includes dead women, women as monsters, monsters eating women and some amazon combat,
Fist DrawVID: YouTube - A short film produced at the New York Film Academy. Written and Directed by: Paul Csige. Starring: Chevy, Jessica Knight and Michele Nicolet.
Foliemeurtriere on
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of girls shot, hanged, stabbed, arrowed or in amazon combat.
Forbidden Frontiers 1-11 - muscular goblin girls die after page 100G.E-Hentai: Impossibly muscular goblin girls, like beyond The Hulk are killed in a blade fight.
FPZ3D Animations sample pics of strong, busty girls fighting on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Good 3D art of girls beating each other to a bloody pulp.
Francesca's Fantasies
Webcam: Muscular Latina model with massive 32H breasts and big brown nipples, long black hair and big round ass with a gun fetish. Highly erotic episodes leading to intense masturbation and torture followed by her suicide using one of her many handguns!
Freezing amazon combat videos on AnimeEggGorgeous deathfight, amazon combat anime series.
Frodo's Original ArtworkMediafire: Original 2D artwork by Frodo including girls shot up or arrowed and an amazon combat pic.
Gabrielle Union vs Kelly Hu VID: YouTube - Kelly Hu gets a belly full of lead during a catfight with Gabrielle Union.
Game Over GoreDeviantart: Group - A group devoted to artwork no matter what type thats about deaths, violent deaths, ryona, ryona comics or death comics.
Gekokujyo XstasyVID: YouTube - 3D movie of a female superspy fighting an entire compound of evil female soldiers.
Gender Games drowning competition comicG.E.Hentai: A 2D comic where men and women compete over who drowns the most from the other team.
Gerardesca on
SexyAmazons: Good 2D art of naked amazon combat and sometimes huge, naked amazon armies!
GGMPJP: Another site hosting "Gore, Gore Masks" includes ninja girls in skin-tight shiny catsuits getting torn to shreds in a variety of ways.
Gimpelo's BlogBlog: Photo manips of fighting girls in extremely skimpy outfits killing and getting killed.
Girl Sword Fight RehearsalVID: YouTube - Sword fight rehearsal for the Sac-Anime. Two pretty girls swordfight ending in one fake-killing the other.
Girl/Girl Combat on SankakuSankaku: Tags to find the 2D anime art for violent, female combat.
Girls, Guns and Swords on DeviantartDeviantart: Group about girls with guns, swords, explosives etc. Some fatal girl fights.
GladiatrixVID: YouTube - Book trailer for the gladiatrix novel - includes many gladiatrix battles.
Gladiatrix Catfight VID: YouTube - From's hit new game Spartika, this demo features a fight from Chapter 2, Spartika vs. Perakae! The gameplay involves watching your opponent's body language and moving the mouse to parry accordingly!
Gladiatrix fightVID: YouTube - Gladiatrix fight today (aug 8) in the Roman arena.
Gladiatrix Fiona by Juliana PostataVID: DailyMotion - 2D animated Gladiator cartoon.
Gladiatrix ForumFree: Discussion, 2D and 3D art, short stories and links dealing with female gladiators!
Gladiatrix Killed AnimationVID: SWFChan - An animation by Julian Apostata of a gladiatrix getting killed.
Gladiatrix Miniatures on Fluerbaixtoysoldi8ers.comFree: Some pics of fully painted gladiator and gladiatrix miniatures.
Gladiatrix.infoFree: A page made by the creator of 'Amazon Warriors' with a sexy photo story.
Gladius - girls bleed and fall VID: YouTube - Some of the best falling animations I've seen in a strategy RPG on display as barbarian princess Ursula and archer Eiji get just a bit too injured to stay on their feet.
Gloves Comix on 5mpFree: Glove comix posts some of his art and photos involving women with opera gloves.
Gluttun ryona, video game and movie scenes where girls usually dieYouTube Channel: Ryona and death fetish videos, mostly video games. Girls getting beaten, blown up, shot, stabbed.
Gold HeistVID: YouTube - A woman bounty hunter is called in to catch a gang of female bank robbers. A movie I made with The Movies Game on my PC. Some KOs and killings.
Golden Axe Manga on g.e-hentai.g.e-hentai: Excellent 2D Manga comic by Yuriai Kojinshi Kai. A scantily-clad female warrior runs into some trouble and gets cut up pretty bad.
Gordie's 2D Amazon ArtMediafire: Good 2D comic about girls getting stabbed by a native.
Graphic Designer Comics
SexyAmazons: Amazingly talented artist specializing in vintage hotties in opera gloves getting shot or run-through. French Revolution girl armies. 20's style gangster girls. Wild West shoot outs! Truly an amazing talent!
Graphic Designer's TumblrTumblr: The Tumblr for the talented Graphic Designer. 2D art of renaissance girls fighting each other with swords and guns.
Great WukongDeviantart: Photos of beautiful amazons often in combat.
Grl8753 violent 3D death fetish art on
Sexyamazons: Beautiful 3D death fetish artwork including amazons, assassins, vampires and other fantasy girls.
Gun and Guro on Rule34 female fighters shot with guns and more Anime art of female fighters killed with guns along with other bloody images.

Gun Fun 11VID: YouTube - A group of beautiful girls play cowgirls, shooting each other for awhile.
Gun Fun 9VID: YouTube - Two groups of scantily-clad cowgirls open up on each other with toy guns.
Gundruna58 on
SexyAmazons: Hot 3D art of girls in lingerie shooting and getting shot or hanged.
GuromangaJP: Lots and lots of anime guro, gore, horror comics. Violence, evil and death.
Harm: Sexyamazons
Sexyamazons: 2D art of really buff, muscled up amazons in mortal combat!
HarukiPixiv: Anime girls defeated in combat. Deaths, knock outs, injuries and bruises. Video game girls are common.
Headless Fetish on DeviantArtDeviantart: 2D art, mostly of girls missing their heads. Also hybrids, furries, combat and magical seperation.
Helleborenoires Girl on Dead Girl death fetish 3D art on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: 3D art of a girl either killing another girl, usually a sentry, or happening upon a dead girl and then getting necro with her. Lots of impaling.
Hercules:LJ "Not Fade Away" Enforcer I vs Enforcer IIVID: YouTube - Enforcer I(Karen Sheperd;Water)vs Enforcer II(Cynthia Rothrock;Fire) .
Hitman: Absolution : Attack of the Saints Trailer + Analysis [HD]VID: YouTube -
Hitomi on MNLJP: Pretty anime girls and hybrids as fighting girls that often die.
Hoodrats3VID: YouTube - A rumble between girl gangs ending in some deaths.
Hornet 900f on
SexyAmazons: Gorgeous 3D art of girls in hand to hand combat!
hot black thong suitVID: YouTube - thong leotard. Two hot super chicks fight.
Hot Brunette Swordfighter Shot with ArrowVID: Shockflix - A beautiful brunette fantasizes about fighting ninjas and ends up taking an arrow in the breast!
HOT Female Sword Duel KFF VID: YouTube - The beautiful Victoria Vives vs the hot as heck Natasha Cordova! One gets a sword in the torso!
hot girls in spandex fight to the deathVID: YouTube - A pretty girl is electrocuted in a tanning machine.
Hot Mexican girl shoot out video on ShockFlix
A truly glorious scene where several hot Mexican girls shoot each other in combat.
Huge breasted anime spy beats up a busty blonde on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Evil huge breasted spy beats up a busty blonde and is then captured and beaten up by another girl
HUMAN REVOLUTION - DEUS EX - SHORT FILMVID: YouTube - A pretty girl in white is shot by a girl in black.
Hunt for Agent X3VID: YouTbeVID: YouTube - Created by lionhead films using "The Movies". A beautiful blonde agent terminates a squad of scantily-clad, female troops.
I-media-mostFree: Sex monstromi, strangulation girls, girls death. has some good downloads, but advise caution. There are several embedded attack sites on their download page. Don't get click-happy. Wait for the 'download' box.
Il PollaioFree: Terrific Death Fetish messageboard including 3D, Photomanips and original art of strangling, hanging, stabbings, shootings, decapitation, humiliation, amazon combat, torture and real death photos.
imhotep on
SexyAmazons: A 3D artist specializing in amazon combat.
Inshōdesu VS. Mineruba in Smile on NicoVideoVID: Nikovideo - Anime. Beautiful warrior fights busty girl with living, tentacle-like hair.
Inshōdesu VS. Mineruba in Smile on NicoVideo

Jaaiden's Gallery on
Sexyamazons: 2D anime artist whose main claim to fame are incredibly good digital animations.
Jals Action Comics
Blog: Jay's action comics of fanciful, beautiful, muscular women fighting each other to dominance or survival!
Janet K Brown on
Sexyamazons: A very talented and prolific poser artist who has created hundreds of amazon pics. Tragically the vast majority were placed on imagehost style sites so they are lost. There are a few here just so we can mourn the art that was lost.
Japanese masked superheroine #1VID: YouTube - A masked superheroine fights an evil lizard and ends up hacked and stabbed (the spear emerges from her back at 2:27) but seems to survive.
Jason on Beautiful 3D art by Jason usually denoting fighting women getting shot.
Jerrie's VOE on
DeadlyAmazons: Beautiful 3D art of femal vampires, witches and human girls fighting, wrestling and sometimes dying! Large butts, breasts and thighs collide with thin, long-legged beauties in battles to the death!
SexyAmazons: Skilled 2D artist focused on muscular women and fighting to the death.
Jerries Amazon/Catfight blog on Tumblr
Tumblr: Excellent 2D and 3D artwork featuring buff and beautiful girls catfighting to the death!
Jetzig's AmazonsFree: Good 2D art of amazon women in combat.
JGN on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Excellent 3D artist specializing in fighting women with a penchant for leather-clad gunchicks from the future. Some executions. Some ancient amazons.
JGreat on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Beautiful, dark 3D art of amazons and death.
Jolly Rogers on
SexyAmazons: Gorgeous 3D art of scantily-clad warrior girls getting killed. Lots of sentries being silenced! Stabbings, shootings, neck breaks, garrotings - even some stormtrooper chicks!
Juicy Love - 3D art of beautiful, busty girls shot or stabbed.
Sexyamazons: Very well done 3D art of hot, busty girls getting shot or stabbed.
Juliana Postata on DeviantartDeviantart: Gorgeous 2D Gladiatrix art from the highly talented Juliana Postata.
Juliana Postata on
Sexyamazons: Gorgeous 2D gladiatrix artwork done in a kind of modern cartoon style.
Juliana Postatas Channel on DailyMotionDailyMotion - A channel of amazon fight videos from Juliana Postata.
Jungle HeatVid: YouTube - 3D story created with "The Movies". Two female government agents are called in to take down the leader of a Central American female militia.
K.R.C. StudioPixiv: Good 3D art of girls in combat, in peril, posing and getting ravished.
Kabuto ep09 dvdrip+vhs spanish by JC.avi_clip0.aviVID: YouTube - Hot, scantily-clad, green-haired badgirl bested by a blonde fighter.
Kamen Rider girls die in battleG.E-Hentai: Girls from the Kamen Rider anime fight and die in combat with a young hero.
Kanji Ryona Tag on NiconicoNiconico: Videos with ryona (women in peril) content.
Karinj0601 3D Female Fire Fight on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: Good 3D art of girls shooting each other with automatic weapons.
Keeper, incredible 3D death fetish artist on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D artist with beautiful pics of girls dying in various ways.
Ken on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: Kens 2D art of beautiful women fighting.
KFL's Gallery on Sexyamazons
Sexyamazons: Gorgeous, easily-commercial quality 2D art of women getting shot, stabbed, decapitated or ripped to shreds. Truly amazing artwork!

Kill Bill - GogoVID: YouTube - The fight between Gogo and the Bride.
Kill Bill: VengeanceFlickr: Some attractive models portraying the "Kill Bill" characters.
Kill Nina Vol. 1Vid: YouTube - A fatal, "Kill Bill" style fight between two hot chicks. Well acted and choreographed! Ends in a stabbing.
Killer DildosVID: YouTube - Well done B-Movie schlock involving killer dildos. Ends in a dildo swordfight between 2 girls.
Killer Femmes women fighting and dying videosYouTube: A channel about women fighting each other and often dying.
Kisirian on MediafireMediafire: A lot of art from the creator of 'Gore, Gore Masks".
Kolberg on
SexyAmazons: A small gallery of a hot blonde losing a gun battle.
KRC Stuodios - 3D girls getting fucked, choked and killed on PixivPixiv: 3D pics of a couple assassin girls getting fucked, strangled, speared, KOd etc
Kumite Girls - A Fight to the DeathTwitter: Twitter account for a novel about girls fighting to the death.
Kung Fu Femmes - fatal female fighters on YouTubeYouTube: Well produced, excellently choreographed fights of women in hand to hand combat.
KUNG FU FEMMES - The Final Lesson VID: YouTube - The beautiful Victoria Vives sword fights and stabs another beautiful woman.
KUNG FU FEMMES 25 - Catwoman Batgirl FightVID: YouTube - Catfight between Batgirl and Catwoman ending in a strangling death.
KUNG FU FEMMES 27 - India Sais FightVID: YouTube - Honoring MR. SUJIT KAYAL for making possible our first show in India, May 2009.
Kung Fu Femmes 5Vid: Staff fight ends in strangulation.
Las Duelistas - Short Film VID: YouTube - Violent, short film about a female duel.
Laser ShootVID: YouTube - A girl with a laser gun is shot a couple times in the back and falls down.
Last Aki-22's Mediafire AccountMediafire: Some video clips of anime girls getting shot or strangled.
Last Rider - Female ninjas shot, stabbed, hacked and impaled throught the coochPIXIV: Scantily-clad, busty female ninjas hacked, shot, stabbed and impaled through the cooch!
Latina Battle RoyaleVID: YouTube - A Latina shoot out.
Lawson at on
Sexyamazons: Really amazing, high quality amazon artwork by one of the artists from
Leather Boots Shrike 3D action art of girls in leather getting shot or stabbed
Sexyamazons: 3D art of leather girls in combat!
Leia Gets Beaten down by FPZ3D on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Good 3D art of Leia and Oola fighting naked over Luke!
Lesbian AssassinsForum:(No updates for a long time) Vader's messageboard about evil female assassins usually receiving as well as they give.
Lessonone on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: Really good 3D art of girls in hand to hand combat!
Lesther 2014 sentry girls killed and handled
SexyAmazons: Really good 2D art of sentry girls getting strangled, stabbed, shot and then handled.
Lethal Blond Hit LadyVID: YouTube - Lethallipstick. A beautiful blonde hitwoman wins a shootout with a woman in an asian dress.
Lexi Combat Kriss - Facebook account into bellies, belly punching, belly shooting and belly stabbing.Facebook: A Facebook page about bellies, belly punching, belly shooting and belly stabbing.
Lia BowwomanVID: YouTube - A female archer kills two amazon warriors.
Lock and LoadVID: YouTube - From Vikings2win247. A gang of girls shoot up a town and a bunch of FBI agents but are finally stopped by a badass female agent.
Lock Two Female SoldiersVID: ShockFlix - Two sexy soldiers in skintight, black catsuits are defeated and strangled.
Love Gun Shoot OutVID: YouTube - An artsy shoot out with scantily clad girls and guys shooting and pretending to be shot.
Lovis on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Really superhot brunette with enormous, basketball-sized breasts! Incredible artwork of amazons and evil things!
M/P on
SexyAmazons: Very well done 3D artist with a focus on violent, bloody death.
Madb1812 on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: Extremely talented 2D artist who focuses on amazon combat.
Magic Dragon on PixivPixiv: Anime wrestling girls with many choke outs, monster sex etc.
Main story of ultra-girl Sophie two anime girls fight to the death!G.E-Hentai Two cute anime girls fight to the death. Final death is implied but someone loses an arm before she's killed.
Making Of Comando Foxxy: The Warehouse (El Almacen)VID: YouTube - The making of an action movie starring all beautiful women.
Marta Model on DeviantArtDeviantArt: The beautiful Marta has some photo samples of her fatal and not-so-fatal catfights.
Martha's Fighting BlogBlog: Gorgeous, scantily-clad fighting girls with copious knock outs. Martha does death videos so there may be some here.
Marybeth and Jessica Combat SceneVid: 2 stomach baring girls fight with swords until the very end where one has her throat cut!
Matt Maguire.comFree: Gorgeous, professional art including robot girls, spider girls, bondage, monster attacks, amazons, a girl getting speared and lots of lesbo/strap-on stuff.
Mattmk on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Photos of scanitly-clad female minions with weapons. HOT!
MBen Cunt and Titbusting drawn fightsG.E-Hentai: 2D art of girls mostly getting slammed, shot or stabbed in the cooch.
Meatlover excellent 3D art of scantily clad girls fighting and dying on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Really beautiful 3D art of girls getting killed, ususally in combat.
Meatluvr excellent 3D art of girls shot, stabbed, executed, cannibalized, corpses - lots of fun on TumblrTumblr: Beautiful JPGs of girls dead or getting killed in a wide variety of ways.
Merlin's KingdomPay: 3D art of mixed and f/f catfighting girls with categories including WCF, Fight Night, Amazon Tales, Muscle Goddesses, Pain and Punishment and Weird Worlds. I believe some endings are fatal.
mg two guns VID: YouTube - A hot, scantily-clad redhead with a great butt get shot up in a firefight.
MG WallVID: YouTube - Two hot chicks in skimpy clothing shooting at each other. One takes some rounds, hits the wall and slides down.
Midnight Crimson Act IDeviantart: Amazing little movie composed entirely of sprites. A revenge-seeking female ninja slaughters a house of female swordswomen.
Midnight LadiesJP: Anime art. Click on 18 then the 3rd, 4th, 5th and last menu items. Includes ninja girls, amazons, vampiresses (few), superheroines stabbed, shot or knocked-out, Also bondage, bodypiles, latex.

Midnight Ladies ArchiveJP: Awesome anime artwork of girls (usually dying) in battle.
MikeA's Gallery on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: Gorgeous, 3D amazon imagery from the owner of "Amazonia"!
Miss Taylor on Clips4Sale
PPV: Clips4Sale - Clips include POV toy gun shooting videos. Put 'battles' or 'shoot' into 'keyword search'.
MK Armageddon Ryona - ShishkabobVID: YouTube - From the video game - Mortal Kombat Armageddon. All the female characters in MK Armageddon getting run through something extra.
MKA Mileena Ultimate Fatal4VID: YouTube - Mileena literally tears Kitana apart!
MKA Tanya Extreme Fatality 4VID: YouTube - A Mortal Kombat fatality where the scantily clad Tanya gets stabbed and her arms ripped off.
MKDA RyonaVID: YouTube - Kitana gets beaten up by a number of different.
Monika shot on AnnesDreams!Update: AnnesDreams - Crista and Monica are removed from their holding area. Crista is forced to remove her blouse and is shot in the nipple and belly. Finally, poor Monica faces the merciless duo and is given 2 slugs in the lower belly.
Monika shot on AnnesDreams!

Monocerotis on
SexyAmazons: High quality 2D art usually of amazon combat.
Monsant's ArtYah: Gorgeous 2D sketches of amazon women and girls with guns.
Moon Lee vs Yukari Oshima Most Brutal girl-on-girl Fight Ever (Iron Angel) VID: YouTube - Climactic fight between Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima.
More Gorgeous Girls on
Update: THATS MY BRUSH: Chrissy-Bikini Navel shot, Christine-topless breast shot. CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Adrienne-topless breast shot, Gabriella-bikini hanged. SLEEPING WITH SUBORDINATE: Susanne-bikini guillotined, Gabriella shot.
More Gorgeous Girls on

More Sensual Fun with Knives Part TwoPPV: Clips4Sale - Sensual fun with Knives on Sexy Fem Wrestling.
Mortal Kombat 9 Ryona Kung Lao Razor's Edge fatality Jade Sindel Skarlet Mileena Sonya Blade VID: YouTube - A ryona video showing Kung Lao use his 2nd fatality called razors edge on the women of Mortal Kombat excluding sheeva. Women included are Jade Sindel Skarlet Mileena Sonya Blade Kitana
Mortal Kombat 9 Ryona Quan Chi on your knees Jade Sindel Skarlet Mileena Sonya BladeVID: YouTUbe - Quan Chi decapitates the girls from Mortal Kombat.
Mortal Kombat 9 Ryona Rain does it sting fatality Jade Sindel Skarlet Mileena Sonya Blade KitanaVID: YouTube - Rain decapitates the girls of Mortal Kombat!
Mortal Kombat 9 Ryona Sub Zero classic head rip Jade Sindel Skarlet Mileena Sonya Blade Kitana VID: YouTube - SubZero rips the heads off of several Mortal Kombat females.
Mortal Kombat ::: Female Ninjas ::: B.B.E.F.F. series VID: YouTube - B.B.E.F.F. stands for the playable characters bio, babality, ending , fatality 1 and fatality 2 that are available in the new Mortal Kombat game. In this clip we highlight the female ninjas known as Jade, Mileena and Kitana.
Mortal Kombat Conquest Ep 20 - Balance of Power - 3 of 4VID: YouTube - Mortal Kombat Conquest Episode 20 - Balance of Power - Part 3 of 4. Hot chick defeated in combat and then stabbed in back.
Mortal Kombat Conquest Episode 22 - Vengeance - Part 2 of 4VID: YouTube - Mortal Kombat Conquest Episode 22 - Vengeance - Part 2 of 4. Two hot female fighters implied kills. Girls head found later.
Mortal Kombat Deception: All Fatalities On Alt. Tanya Part 1 HQVID: YouTube - Tanya is torn to pieces in a variety of gruesome fatalities from Mortal Kombat Deception.
Mortal Kombat Deception: All Fatalities On Alt. Tanya Part 2 HQVID: YouTube - All Fatalities from Mortal Kombat: Deception performed on Tanya's alt uniform. Part 2. Check out the HQ option.
Mortal Kombat Vs DC Ryona: Fatalities/Brutalities on Sonya Pt 2VID: YouTube - Second half of the characters Fatalities/Brutalities on Sonya.
Mr Hyde beautiful girls getting killed 3D art on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: Excellent 3D art of pretty girls shot, stabbed, arrowed, strangled etc
Mr Julius on Sexyamazons
Sexyamazons: Extreme femdoom 2D artwork where beautiful women are beaten and sometimes killed by other women.
Mr X on
SexyAmazons: Talented 2D artist with a penchant for nubile henchwomen getting killed. Usually with some handling.
Mucha Sangre, Zombie Island Massacre and more from FrodoMediafire: Movie vidclips of sa head shot, machete, asphyxia, hanging, hammer kill, knife cuts, burning knife in the breast, throat cut, pushed out of window etc.
Mugen GuroJP: Interesting blog about guro in SNK.
My Sexy Cowgirls - Videos of cowgirls fighting and dyingYouTube: A channel about cowgirls shooting, getting shot or just posing.
Naruto Guro - three Naruto girls killed violently on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Great 2D anime comic where three pretty Naruto girls killed bloodily.
Necrobabes Redux - An attempt to restore the necro/snuff NecroBabes site.Web: Photostories and regular stories of girls getting shot, stabbed, strangled etc. Necrobabes was started by a famous necro enthusiast around twenty years ago.
Necrofetish BlogBlog: Glove Comix' fetish comics of beautiful, period girls getting shot and stabbed in elaborate, renaissance outfits.
Necromunda on
SexyAmazons: Gorgeous 2D pencil art of amazons, amazon combat and girls with guns!
Ninja Girl Failed Back StabVID: Shockflix - A ninja girl tries to stab a sorcerer in the back but only gets a sword thrown through her chest.
Ninja Women - Crosseyed ClipVID: YouTube - A detective shoots three, scantily-clad ninja girls.
NiteSprite 2 2D art of girls killed or just defeated in fightsG.E-Hentai: 2D, colored pencil? art of girls fighting, sometimes dying and sometimes just defeated.
No More Heroes PS3 ALL BOSSES DEATH SCENES Uncensored VID: YouTube - Video showing all the death scenes for the bosses Travis fights in No More Heroes for PS3. Watch in 720p.
Noloty Tatakau Shisho ryona VID: YouTube - The beautiful and awesome Noloty is tragically beaten then killed.
Nombe ZuluBlog: 2D amazon artist, Nombe Zulu's blog.
Nombe Zulu on
SexyAmazons: Good 2D art of amazons often getting shot up with arrows, floating in water or being executed.
Novax on
SexyAmazons: Popular 3D artist who has won a few SexyAmazons contests.
Olaf Winter on Daily MotionDailyMotion: A channel for Amazon Warrior combat by producer Olaf Winter.
Olaf Winters videos on Daily MotionDailyMotion: The channel for Amazon-Warriors producer Olaf Winter with a lot of video samples showing amazons killing each other.
Omar Ricardo Amazon Combat playlist on A playlist of amazon combat videos on GIF is from
SexyAmazons: A talented and once prolific artist whose beautiful, busty, female subjects are often killed in combat.
Oni on
SexyAmazons: 2D art with a common, recurring theme of scuba girls shooting each other in the navel and crotch.
Oni's ComicsFree: Pencil, pen and color art of beautiful women meeting their ends. Common themes include scuba/spearguns, navel torture, arrows and spears.
Onna Shikikan Zankoku Ryoujoku 2D comic of ninja girls torn to shredsG.E-Hentai: 42 page black and white comic of beautiful ninja girls getting torn up.
Origin of Agent X3VID: YouTube - Vikings2win247. 3D animation using "The Movies" game system. The origin of agent X3 where scantily-clad female agents of the Monarchy are shot, stabbed, strangled and have their necks broken.
Paul McNamara on YouTubeYouTube Channel: A few nice Maggie Marvel videos where girls are strangled, choloroformed in life or death fight scenes.

Pelias the Sorcerer: DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D anime art. Lots of dead girls, some amazons, some bondage, some necro.
Penetration tag on Pixiv.netPixiv: Pics tagged with 'penetration' on including monster attacks, swords, spears etc. is sort of a Japanese Deviantart gallery that requires you to register to see mature content. Click DETAILS for instructions on how to r
PepePixiv: 3D anime art of uniformed and armed henchwomen with just one death.
Peril Carey Queen of Escapology 38 perfect 3D peril artG.E-Hentai: Perfect 3D art including strangling and girls fighting.
Phoenix the Warrior vs MohawkVID: YouTube - Phoenix (Kathleen Kinmont) is forced into gladiatorial combat against Mohawk - to the death!
Photos tagged with gladiatrix on FlickriverFlickriver: Photos of females fighting other females in medieval combat.
Picturenoir art posted by LucigenMediafire: High quality manips of girls clad usually in latex wielding weapons. Several girls dead by the hands of female assassins.
Pistaccio large scale 3D amazon combat art on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: 3D amazon artwork dealing on large battle scale.
Pistols at DawnYah: 18th Century and Modern babes with guns and swords. Some guys are killed by evil, arrogant girls - usually in capes.
Pluto Poser artworkFree: Pluto's amazing amazon poserwork including a chessboard and archer animation as well as kinky robots vs armed amazons.
Ponitar on
Sexyamazons: Extremely talented 3D artist whose pics usually depict large, nubile bodypiles and fatal amazon combat.
Pouget on DeviantArtDeviantArt: 3D art and silhouettes of amazons killed in combat.
Pro-Style Wrestling & Catfight BoardFree: Lethal and regular catfight story, information and message board.
Prohibition on PixivPixiv: Anime art with a kind of smeary, watercolor effect. Lots of blood, violence and amazons.
Q film 04 - Western Shout OutVID: YouTube - A western style shoot out that students have made where a girl shoots another girl.
Queen of Sparta from Barbarian Babes!Free: For a limited time Barbarian Babes is allowing people to try out this awesome FLASH game where you play a Spartan girl fighting female Persians. Great graphics and game play!
Rage of Agent X3VID: YouTube - The continuing Sci Fi adventures of Agent X3 as she battles her nemesis the Monarchy Empire. Set in a future civilization after the Widow Virus has eliminated the male population.
Raindz86 3D art of fighting, muscular women on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: 3D art of near naked, muscular girls fighting
Rampage of Agent X3VID: YouTube - 3D art using "The Movies" Game. X3 continues her battle against the scantily clad soldiers of the Monarchy.
Random on
SexyAmazons: Popular 3D artist who has won a few SexyAmazons contests.
Rangerette's ArtFree: Poser work showing rangerettes and baton twirling color guard getting killed.
Rattlefinger on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: Superlative amazon combat scenes including huge amazon battles.
Raven (Fight Scene)VID: YouTube - A "Carrie" like action scene where a group of schoolgirls bully a goth girl who transforms and slaughters them all.
Raze the Movie - girl girl fight to the death movie page on FacebookFacebook: A movie about girls abducted and then fighting each other to the death.
Real men love sexy kill page - death fetish photos and videos on FacebookFacebook: A Facebook page about villainesses and other women meeting their demise.
Redeemer's Art
Sexyamazons: Professional quality original artwork of women getting stabbed and shot - sometimes in amazon combat.
ReichCorp Counter-AttacksMediafire: A PDF comic by Mr. X and Joseph about villainous fighting girls getting killed by a superspy.
Ric del Campo - Animated fighting, dying movies and some cam sessionsYouTube Channel: Animated movies using a PC game as well as some private, death fetish, cam sessions with hot cam girls.
Rick Posario on
SexyAmazons: Nice 3D art of a couple topless girls getting shot!
Rickmacn amazon combat and peril 2D art
SexyAmazons: Good 2D art of amazon combat and peril.
Risque ReneePPV: Clips4sale - Renee shows off some of her popular videos. Most are standard erotica but you'll also find hanging, shooting, caning, strangling, giantess, sleepy, forced sex, necrophilia, drowning, enema, knifing, navel fetish, whipping, femdom.
Riss V AdrianVID: YouTube - Adrian is run through in a sword fight.
RJL's Galleries on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: RJL's excellent 3D amazon artwork - sometimes with monsters.
RJLbwbDeviantart: 3D and 2D pics of amazons posing, in bondage, getting devoured by monsters and killing each other. Also, several hybrids!
Robin Hood: Rescuing RobinVID: YouTube - Female warriors attack Robin when he tries to rescue Prince Bishmala.
Roboman28 on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 3D art of mostly amazons, usually reclining.
Rogue Ripper - Zaco, female enemies, girls shot and stabbed action art
Sexyamazons: A very good 2D artist creating action scenes about girls shot, stabbed, killed in some way.
Roh MatchVID: YouTube - Two fish-netted, asian swordswomen fight ending in a way low stab!
Rumble Roses XX Flatliner CollectionVID: YouTube - Really hot little Rumble Roses video game montage where Nurse Anesthesia does a back breaker to each of the girls and then flatlines them with a defibrillator. Hot scenes!
Ryona BlogJP: Some nice pics and screen caps of girls losing in battle or getting eaten by giant monsters. Lots of vag-busting.
Ryona Game Knight - girl destruction in games Japanese blogJP: A Japanese blog with links to ryona Youtube videos and such.
Ryona Knights One Drive ryona videosOneDrive: RyoKnights One Drive containing videos of girls beaten in video games. Usually dropped on their heads with their legs split upwards.
Ryona Video CollectionJP: Links to Ryona videos found on places like YouTube or NicoVideo (requires registration). Includes killings, beatings, successful attacks.
Ryona-like on PixivPixiv: 2D anime art mostly of girls getting punched in the belly.
Ryona2JP: A BBS with art of anime girls getting killed, stabbed, slashed, chomped by monsters, strangled etc.
Ryonadarkroom on BlogspotBlogspot: Valtiel's excellent 3D art of girls in peril.
Ryonage289JP: Fairly vicious anime art including bondage, stabbing, amazons, torture, decapitation, crushing, cannibalism, vore inside stomach, amputation and monster attacks.
Sacrifice of Agent X3VID: YouTube - From Lionhead Movies. The further adventures of Agent X3 as she battles the Monarchy Empire. Done using "The Movies" for the PC.
Samurai Girl Loses BattleVID: ShockFlix - A pretty swordgirl fights a long duel with a man and ends up with her belly getting slashed.
Samurai: Throwing knife deathShockFlix: Evil Asian amazons. One takes a throwing knife to the chest.

Sandstrahlen female combatant art on
Sexyamazons: Great 3D art of combat girls like Su Maru dying in battle.
sats-Vanbrand excellent fighting ryona art on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Really good 2D art of girls defeated in fights including at least one slashing.
SC3 ryona 2VID: YouTube - Soul Calibur 3's Sophitia is attacked again and again in the groin by a sword-wielding naked man.
SC4 Ryona Part 2VID: YouTube - From Soul Calibur 4. A pretty girl in a sailor-schoolgirl outfit is stabbed by another girl with naginata over and over again.
Scarlet's Amazon MessageboardForum: Small, unmoderated messageboard for amazon fans.
SCIV Sofiitia RyonaVID: YouTube - Sofitia gets beaten up.
Scorpion kills Sonja in a Mortal Kombat inspired comicG.E-Hentai: Scorpion fights the beautiful Sonja in mortal combat. She is speared and then flamed to death.
Scout and the SorcererVID: YouTube - A duel between a scout and a sorceress ends with a spear in the gut.
Scuba BabesFree: A gallery with tons of scuba girls pics. Wetsuits, bikinis, octopus attacks, diving, some underwater combat, guns, knives and harpoon guns. (Death fetish content is scarce but worth finding.)
Seaquester on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 3D art of fighting women in combat and in peril.
SeaQuester321's Gallery on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of hot, scantily-clad women getting shot and stabbed - usually in combat.
Secret Agent Part 2 of 2VID: YouTube - Two women are shot by women.
Seesaawiki Ryona GamesJP: A list of ryona game websites. Look under years like 2013/2012 etc.
Sendai Oni - Nikudan Omon, 119 page 2D comic including female death fightsG.E-Hentai: 119 page 2D, black and white female fight comic including a fatal tit smother, claws attack and a sword kills.
Sengoku Otome Zan - Hot anime girls beheadedG.E-Hentai: Beautiful anime girl waariors getting beheaded and then their heads used sexually.
Sexiest Death ScenesFree: An article compiling a list of what the author thought were the sexiest death scenes in Hollywood.
Sexy blonde teens playing gun fightVID: YouTube - A couple hot, teenage girls in bikinis pretend to shoot each other with arcade pistols.
Sexy cowgirl shot black.avi VID: YouTube - A pretty cowgirl in black is shot in the belly by another cowgirl.
Sexy cowgirl shot duel VID: YouTube - A cowgirl bandit is shot by a sheriff. 2 special effects shots.
Sexy Girl Taking a Sword of RevengeVID: YouTube - 3D animated movie - the bulk of which is 2 chicks fighting each other with swords - no deaths.
Sexy Killing PartyVID: YouTube - A couple girls dance and pretend to kill each other.
Sexy Latin Amazon - TrailerVID: YouTube - Beautiful, scantily-clad amazon girls fighting and killing each other.
Sexy Latin Amazon Warriors - AdvanceVID: YouTube - Slideshow of beautiful amazon women in combat or dead.
Sexy Latin Amazons on FacebookFB: Facebook page for the producers of Sexy Latin Amazons, girls in hand to hand combat.
Sexy Spy GirlsPay: A membersite featuring photosets of two beautiful, female spies killing each other.
Sexy Spy Girls ForumForum: A free messageboard about spy girls and other, related topics.
Sexy Spy Girls Killing each other on DeviantartDeviantart: Photos of two beautiful girls killing each other.
Sexy Warrior Women Slay An Army Of Males VID: YouTube - Taken from the movie "Burial Of The Rats". I have edited the way I wanted it. Only sword fights....Women vs. Men.
Sexy Xena Warrior Princess Performance!!!! HOT YouTube: A stage performance of Xena Warrior Princess where Callista dies.
SexyLatinAmazon.comFree: Currently the site is under construction with a couple sample amazon videos onsite.
SGA Fantasy Art FanYah: Fan group for the girls from Susyfight, Annabelle, Gabrielle's Fighting Girls etc. Amazons, spies, executions.
Shabazik good 2d art of evil female minions on DeviantartDeviantart: Really nice 2D art and comics about female minions, many defeated.
Shaman Amazons fightingVID: YouTube - An anime movie involving a lot of amazon combat!
shaun vs. jessieVID: YouTube - A hot chick with killer abs and a guy in video-game looking gear get into a beat-em-up style martial arts match.
Sheryye on
Sexyamazons: Really good 3D art about amazons including a short amazon combat scene.
ShinSaikan YouTube Ryona female video game charactersYouTube: Various video game girls defeated in video games.
Sijex Ryona MessageboardJP: Quite a lot of great Ryona anime! Girls stabbed, shot, torn apart or just punched deeply in the stomach!
Silk Stabs YouTube Channel about girls getting belly stabbedTUBE: Channel - Nice collection of belly stabbing videos.
Simulated Snuff on MotherlessMotherless: Simulated snuff pics/vids only. No real gore. Any video where at least one death is not present will be removed.
Sisters of the Dark Slaughtered 2 VID: YouTube - A group of evil fighting girls die in combat. From Legend of the Seeker.
Slaughter of the White-robed PriestessesVID: YouTube - Beautiful, flowing-robed priestesses get slaughtered.
Slaughter Ring anime belly punching match ending in koG.E-Hentai: Good color 2D anime art of a girl getting belly punched in a boxer ring until shes limp and motionless.
Sleeperkid on DeviantArt - Photos of hot girls, ususally sentries in bikinis, strangled, choked, neck snapped, defeatedDeviantart: Girls killed or ko-d usually in combat or sentries getting silenced. Strangling, neck pinches, neck snaps, head hit etc
Sleeperkid Youtube playlist of knocked out and one dead girlYouTube: Playlist of awesome videos usually involving fighting women. All end in at least one of the combatants rendered motionless.
Slepe2 - Sleepy girls photos on DeviantartDeviantart: Sleepy girls photos, mostly from girl fights.
Sniper girl shot in chest on ShockFlix
VID: Shockflix - A video of a pretty sniper girl in white taking several shots in the chest.
Snow Sultan on DeviantartDeviantArt: A truly talented 3D artist with copious post work. The art concentrates on somewhat fleshy demongirls that are often defeated by a female warrior. There is a lot of attention to their curvy bellies.
Sophie's Fetish Workshop on GenreVideos.comPPV: GenreVideos - Clips of girls stabbed, shot, strangled, executed.
Soul Calibur 4 RyonaVID: YouTube - From the Soul Calibur 4 video game. Green priestess gets knocked down and stabbed by Barmaid.
Soul Calibur 4 RyonaVID: YouTube - From SoulCaliber video game. Barefoot barmaid in spandex getting killed over and over by Yun Seong.

Soul Calibur4 Woman Critical finish VID: YouTube - All the female critical finishes in Soul Calibur 4, most against other females.
Spartacus- All women deadVID: YouTube - Video in honor of: Lucretia, Mira, Gaia, Melitta, Ilithiya, Sura and Seppia. Some pretty graphic deaths.
SSSEntertainment choreographed fighting videos including girl vs girl on YouTubeYouTube: Well choreographed fighting videos including cosplay, girl vs girl and swords.
Stabbed girls. Photomanips and photos of girls stabbed on imagefapImagefap: Small number of galleries of grils getting stabbed.
Stage CombatVID: YouTube - A couple girls pretend to be fighting. They begin with slapping then swordplay then run each other through.
Stiletto Fight SceneVID: YouTube - Two girls fight and one is stabbed in the throat.
Stolen Nukes on G.E-Hentai.orgG.E-Hentai: A good, violent 3D comic where underwater scuba girls fight each other for nukes.
Street Bout (FPZ3D) on G.E-Hentai.orgG.e-hentai: 3D comic of two busty, muscular girls in a brutal, to-the-death catfight!
Street Bout (FPZ3D) on GEHentaiG.E-Hentai: 3D art of two muscular girls pounding each other to the death.
Studio AD
SexyAmazons: Really incredible 3D renders of beautiful amazon women in combat - some vore content.
Succubusgirls amazon fighting drawings on DeviantartDeviantart: 2D art of girls in deadly combat.
Suleyman on
SexyAmazons: Excellent 3D art of beautiful women often getting shot up or machinegunned. Lots of cowgirls and inidans too.
Sword FightVID: YouTube - A small class project where a girl and guy duel with swords.
Swordgirls Stabbed on ShockFlixVID: ShockFlix - Two swordgirls are run through with swords. One is stabbed from behind and the other walks into a blade... suicide by samurai or something.
Sylar86 on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 3D art of mostly female/female combat. Mostly swords and garrotes. Silencing sentries is a popular topic.
Syncret on
SexyAmazons: Very talented 3D artist specializing in girl/girl combat.
Ta Morta FDPVID: YouTube - Two hot, Brazilian girls shoot each other with finger guns.
tash V adrian VID: YouTube - Sword fight where a girl gets skewered twice.
Taylor Gunfight SamplerVID: Mediafire - From Daphne's Fetish Quest. A sample video where a girl machineguns another girl with a toy uzi.
TC Killer PIXIV - Amazon, death fetish artistPIXIV: 2D and 3D art of amazon girls in peril.
Templar's Action Comics
Pay: Beautiful women killing and dying in the comics of bizarre, psycho-artist Templar. In Templar's tidy, short little stories women are the predator and the prey. They are 60s style seductive spies or 90s style gun-toting mercs.
Templar's Action Comics - Fraulein Fatale Page 1!Pay: The first page of Fraulein Fatale on "Templar's Action Comics!" Check out the new high end 3D art from Templar!
Temptress Moon - 3D art of fighting girls arrowed, stabbed, strangled etcPixiv: Awesome 3D art stories of fighting girls defeated - strangled, hanged, arrowed, stabbed, mostly by men. Most thumbs are for full stories, not inidividual pics.
Tenjou Tenge fighting anime including female fightsAnimegg: A gorgeous anime series focusing on martial art fights, including fights between beautiful women. One death at 23. Fights in 5, 6 7, 10. KOs at 13, 21, 24
The Arena, 1973VID: YouTube - Pam Grier as a trident wielding gladiatrix fights a woman with a sword.
The Femcop2 - Female cops and security defeated, captured and sometimes killed YouTube ChannelYouTube: Channel - Pretty female cops getting captured, disarmed, defeated and sometimes killed.
The Good, The Bad and the UglinessVID: YouTube - The REAL story of why Texas A&M left the Big 12 conference for the SEC! Who's fault was it? Clearly it was the University of Texas' desire to rule the world via the Longhorn network. Gig'em!!
The HeirVID: A 3D fantasy film about two female warriors and their fight for the future throne. There can only be one Heir to the throne. A 3D animated fantasy film by Guy Galer and Very Very Small Studios, LLC. (more)
The Insane Dark One on DeviantArtDeviantart: Good 2D art of various subjects. The Mortal Kombat pics with girls being torn to pieces are especially good.
The Show DownVID: YouTube - A short film produced at the New York Film Academy Written and Directed by: Miguel Cruz Starring: Jessica Knight, Michele Nicolet and Chevy.
Three-D StuffYah: High quality 3D action pics of mercenary girls with guns in deadly combat with each other!
Three-DWFWYah: 3D Poser women fight women. Mostly 3D art of women fighting women!
Timothy Paradox
SexyAmazons: Very capable 3D artist whose subjects include amazon combat, necro and even giantesses.
TMZF red girl gruesomely kills girl in blue uniform on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Short comic of a girl in red cutting to pieces a girl in blue. Standard Samurai action where they fight, end up behind each other and one girl falls in pieces to the floor.
Tobias Squibs - Video clips of girls shot with squib effectsYouTube: A YouTube channel all about girls shot with squib effects in movies and TV.
Toitoi's Art GalleryFree: Toitoi's terrific art of amazon combat, bellypunching and disemboweling.
Trash Manga Badgirls 2: A few schoolgirls killed by an avenging superheroineMangaReader: A short arc where a group of schoolgirls dis for their crimes.
Trash Manga: Cowgirl Arc - A great arc from chapter 17 to 24 with a lot of badgirl deathsTrash: Awesome Manga that includes a lot of badgirls getting killed between chapters 17 and 24.
Truendy's ArtworkMediafire: A collection of high quality, 2D shooting art from the artist Truendy.
Tsung9000 extreme combat, death, ravishing ryona on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art of girls in extreme ryona situations.
Tucson Halloween PartyPicasaWeb: Casual photos of a halloween party. Several pics of a hot blonde in a gladiator outfit, 3 photos of her losing swordfights.
Twilight Times BlogJP: A wordy Japanese blog with some cool ryona pics if you look for them.
Two Female Fighters Vs. One Male FighterVID: YouTube - Terry Taneie and Kei Kosugi, produced & choreographed this amazing video featuring Kei Kosugi, Jessie Graff and myself ( Victoria Vives ).
Two Hentai Girls Duel - MUST SEE!VID: BondAnime - Two anime girls fight over the butterfly women and end up with swords thrust through each other's bellies.
Two-Chan Guro BoardJP: Gory, guro 2chan board. Includes cannibalism, slashing, impaling, combat.
Uncle Buck's Blog
Free: Photo stories using images from and of amazon_warriors
Undertow club forum including Ryona, Zako, Guro and SuperheroinesForum: An aweomse forum! Check under Kinks and Fetishes for Ryona (Girls defeated usually in anime or games), Guro (brutal, bloody violence), Zako (Female ememies) and Superheroines!
Uniform's Gallery on Sexyamazons
Sexyamazons: Really good 2D art of uniformed soldier women attacked by bow and spear wielding amazons.
V05 - Beautiful Blonde Shoots DominatrixBeautiful blonde in white, bikini lingerie shoots a dominatrix.
V06 - Beautiful Blonde shoots pretty brunetteVID: ShockFlix - Beautiful blonde in a white lingerie bikini shoots a pretty brunette.

V07 - Beautiful blonde in bikini llingerie shoots hot blonde with gunVID: ShockFlix - Hot blonde in white, bikini lingerie shoots a brunette holding a gun.
Vacheron Crossgun TumblrTumblr: Scenes from Skyrim - maybe other games. Includes sexy, fun and very, very violent.
Valkyrie Slaughter
SexyAmazons: Professional 2D line art of girls in very bloody hand to hand combat!
Valtiel on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Really excellent 3D artwork including monsters/aliens/animals killing girls, torture, murder, superheroines, aliens, crucifixion, dead amazons, horror, corpses strewn about.
Vampire CutieVID: ShockFlix - Beautiful vampire girl fights vampire killers to the death.
Vampire part2VID: YouTube - Two hot vampire girls fight a feline, female superheroine to the death!
Vampire WarriorsShockflix: 2 Hot vampire girls fight a vampire slayer to the death!
VendettaVID: YouTube - A woman kills a girl who was responsible for killng her sister. Knocks her head against the wall.
Vermillion Pleasure Night Quick Girl Part 1VID: YouTube - A gameshow that begins with 2 female assassins killing men and ending with a girl getting her throat slashed by another assassin.
Vermillion Pleasure Night Quick Girl part 2VID: YouTube - A game show where beautiful female assassins kill each other until there is one left.
Victoria Vives spectacular stunt fighting videos on YouTubeYouTube: The spectacularly beautiful and mult-talented Victoria Vives arranges and stars in many stunt fights, sometimes ending in female fighter deaths.
video on ShockFlix
Video RhoVID: YouTube - Cool clip where a beautiful swordgirl in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit fights a hot femme fatale with a driller bra. Fight ends in a beheading.
Videogame Babes SufferYah: Videogame babes and other anime getting punched in the stomach or even killed.
VillainPixiv: 2D, anime art of heavily defined girls often getting killed.
Violent GirlsVID: YouTube - Victorious girl sits atop her vanquished, female opponent wielding a knife.
VK Villainesses group - a group about villainesses fighting and dyingVK: A group including pics and videos about female villains scheming, killing and dying.
Voluptuous Warriors on DeviantArt
DeviantArt: Anything involving voluptuous warrior women in modern, ancient, and futuristic scenarios. Fights to the death are encouraged, but not required.
Vorality!! Mortal KombatG, Mileena devours Kitana in a bizarre finishing move!
Waffen55 on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: As of this writing, four 3D pics of on agent besting another agent with a sleeper hold.
Waraji on i-bbsFree: Waraji's fantastic, 3D, amazon art on i-bbs.
Waraji on PixivPixiv: The amazing Waraji's beautiful 3D art of female henchmen getting killed.
Waraji on RenderoticaRenderotica: Just a few amazon combat pics from amazon combat master; Waraji!
Waraji on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: The main artist from drops some gorgeous 3D art at Beautiful, busty henchbabes and amazons in combat!
Waraji Pics on I-BoardFree: Pics drawn or submitted by Japanese, amazon combat master; Waraji.
Warajiya's BlogJP: A blog featuring Warajiya's excellent 3D art of evil, hot, scantily-clad henchwomen!
WarbabesJP: 3D Pics - usually of latex, bikini, catsuited type girls taking the place of baddies in games. Lots of amazons and girls with guns, stabbing, shooting and getting it back at them.
Warlordsun on
SexyAmazons: 3D art of amazon girls including seppeku and female armies.
Warriror Showdown Channel - Live action fantsy character fights on YouTubeYouTube: The Youtube channel for Warrior Showdown which includes live action fights from fantasy characters and live action fights from fight games.
Werewolfking's HowlFree: A blog about amazons, warrior maidens including art, photostories and video clips. Note: Werewolfking thinks that X-Rated means nudity (it doesn't. it means hardcore sexual content) just a warning before you send in a submission.
Whatup6 - Hot wrestling girls choked out, smothered and sometimss neck snappedDeviantart: Photos of girls KOd or killed with strangling, smothering and neck snap.
When Amazons AttackYah: Photomanips of beautiful women getting shot, arrowed and stabbed.
White Robes vs Black RobesVID: ShockFlix - A group of white robed warriors fight a black armored warrior. A white robed girl is killed.
WOA.TV: Mythology IndexFree: Women of Action is a wealth of information on the topic of women combatants. This link takes you directly to mythology, where you can see some great art and read some great stories especially about amazons.
WolfenstuffFree: Config scripts, mods and skins for single player "Return of Castle Wolfenstein". A real focus on the Wolfenbabes.
Woman kills a Woman 3 (final of a bad girl)VID: YouTube - From Virkunen. From russian film ''Piranha'',2006 year.The gangsters hobby is hunting for people.The scene where main female hero fighting with bad girl.
Woman slashedVID: YouTube - From Mindziuk17. A beautiful warrior priestess is stabbed in battle.
Wonder Woman - Amazon PrincessVID: YouTube - A really good, and fairly violent cartoon of Wonder Woman on the island of amazons.
Wrath of Agent X3VID: YouTube - X3 continues to kill scantily-clad agents of "The Monarchy". Includes neck snap, machinegunning, grenading, stabbing, strangling and punching.
X on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: Poser graphics of powerful women including an amazon combat series.
X's Amazon Art GalleryFree: X's Poser pics of hot, fighting girls in combat!
XR-43 on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Really nice 2D art of gorgeous spies, mercenaries, private-eyes and pirates getting killed.
Y-The Last Man, Complete EspanolFree: Found by Frodo. A comic about an earth where all the men have died out but one. Lots of female deaths.
Y-The Last Man, EnglishFree: Found by Frodo. A comic about an earth where all the men have died out but one. Lots of female deaths.
Y-The Last Man, Female deaths on MediafireMediafire: Created by Frodo. A comic about an earth where all the men have died out but one. Lots of female deaths.
Y-The Last Man, Female deaths on Mediafire 2Mediafire: Created by Frodo. A comic about an earth where all the men have died out but one. Lots of female deaths.
Yacermino on DeviantArtDeviantart: Yacermino's excellent 2D pics of vampire queens in capes and gloves, monsters and battling women.
Yacermino on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: High quality, professional 2D art of swashbuckling women usually with capes and swords. Villainesses, vampiresses and henchwomen.
Yoda vs Mavra-Mika ~ Critical Finisher RyonaVID: YouTube - Yoda finishes the scantily-clad Mavra-Mika with a light saber buried in her stomach.
Yona vs Furea in Smile on NicoVideoJP: Nicovideo - Anime. A busty, bikini clad hottie is beaten either into unconsciousness or death.
Yona vs Furea in Smile on NicoVideo

You Called Me on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Basic 3D art of girls in combat or shot by arrows.
Yuri Ai's Death and Destruction 4 (Cutey Honey) EnglishG-E-Hentai: A comic about a very busty anime character getting tortured even with a sword stabbed through her. She breaks out and turns the tables on her torturer.
Zan Battle from SolsticeVID: ShockFlix - Sexy, bikini-clad amazons slaughtered in a full attack.