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One of my personal addictions, Poser! I bring you the websites that I find invaluable!.
3D Arena Free and for-sale models and textures. Also, news, articles, galleries and reviews .
3D Cafe Terrific site! Tons of free props.
3D Commune Really big and professional site with messageboards and chat. You can find nice props, textures and poses for sale at between $5-$20 each.
BBay A large variety of Poser 3D models, textures, props etc produced by a wide variety of artists. Mostly high-end products at between $20-$40.
Curious Labs The current manufacturer of Poser.
Daz 3D The company responsible for Victoria 3. Lots of quality models, poses and textures for sale.
Hometown 3D A 3D storefront with a free downloads section.
Morphworld 3D Extensive tutorials and lots of free downloads - mostly morphs.
Poser Pros Terrific online Poser resource; includes a forum, gallery, EXTENSIVE store and chat.
Poser Style Online magazine providing textures, models, props, poses etc for Poser at a low 1/2 yearly price. Seems to focus on Michael and sci-fi/historical costumes.
Poserworld Online magazine providing textures, models, props, poses etc for Poser at a low 1/4 or 1/2 yearly price.
Props Guild 100s of props, poses and textures at a low 1/4 or 1/2 or full yearly price.
Renderosity Huge 3D/2D marketplace with a WIDE variety of low to high end product for sale.
Renderosity Webring Webring about all things 3D.
Renderotica Huge website demonstrating 3D art and techniques as well as a well stocked marketplace. PLENTY of BDSM/Snuff sort of stuff under R-Rated/Horro.
Render Planet A European Poser/3D store with some free downloads.
Rendervisions The NEW Poserosity is chock full of tutorials, pics and some nice, free downloads.
Rendez-vous 3D Well stocked French poser store.
Runtime DNA Another nice online Poser resource including a huge store, forums and free downloads.

POSER: Independent sites
3D Link Resources 3D Links, tutorials, images, gallery and textures.
3D Menagerie A collection of fine creatures for Poser. Tons of free and for-sale props, poses, models (especially creatures), clothes and textures.
3D Model Forge Site that develops 3D sci-fi military models for sale.
3D Modelz Gorgeous variety of weapons, furniture, buildings, etc!.
3D Universe Creators of a variety of characters, hair and clothing for Poser. Includes free downloads, tutorials and a forum!
3D Textures, forums and a HUGE 3D Model library ranging from free to $600.
Alex Nesterenko 1 Creator of the model "Nadya" and a variety of supporting accessories.
Alex Nesterenko 2 Creator of the model "Nadya" and a variety of supporting accessories.
AniMotions Lots of Poser characters and props based around anime, comic book characters and sci-fi/fantasy.
Avalon Tree Terrific, highly recommended Russian site including all sorts of free downloadable props, poses and backgrounds!.
Awful Soul Gorgeous, fantasy-female resource with plenty of free downloads, a gallery and links to their stores.
BAT Laboratory Creator of some TERRIFIC fetishwear available for sale at Renderosity. Includes a gallery and a Japanese tutorial.
Baumgarten Enterprises Galleries, tutorials and all sorts of useful downloadable props! Also a CD for sale with tons of props and buildings.
Bea's Poser Textures Poser textures for female clothing.
Cake One Some free jewelry and poses for Vicki; a tutorial and some news.
CG-Fantasy Galleries, wallpapers and some nice downloadable amazon props.
Cloudland Castle Tutorials, Gallery, Downloadable models, props, poses and textures.
Coleus' 3D Stuff Large, professional site with free and for-sale models, textures, poses, lights, wallpapers and tools.
Dark Sensei 2k2 Ridiculously over protected website with some bondage prop downloads.
Dark-Toys Hardcore poser products at their best. Iron maiden, The Rack, The Wheel.
Darren Bryce Alive Images and some free Poser downloads including a Gypsy Wagon and a punch of Borg props. BDSM Poser props site with plenty of free downloads.
Dieterz Tex Bank Yahoo Group with a wealth of textures, bump maps and transparencies.
Digital Babes Terrific free transmapped 3D hair creations.
Digital Love Dolls Gorgeous gallery of female figures as well as some free downloads of the female characters; Yumi, Reika and Satsuki.
Digital Renderings A couple for-sale models and three pages of free textures.
Fantasy Free characters, props and tips including a dragon and a carnivorous plant!
Free the Models Textures and models for poser - especially Greek hoplite related.
George 279 Specializing in Civil War historical buildings and props.
GG's Poser Junction Poser and Bryce resource including galleries, links and downloads - props, hair, clothes and more.
Ghastley Poser Page Tutorials and some clothing/prop/models downloads.
Grafx Creations Mostly galleries created with Bryce and Poser - some free textures and props.
Greylight A huge amount of Poser downloads under 'Poser Archives'.
Hypervision BVH files Some free motion files you can use on Poser.
Iron Clad Studios Poser figures, characters, props, morphs, textures etc with a distinct amazon theme - VERY NICE.
ISOP Small Japanese site with a few downloads. No V3.
JS Poser Nice variety of characters, hair and hair textures.
Japanese Prop Downloads A nice variety of downloable props including vehicles, guns, furniture, tanks and more.
JCH Digital Designs Tutorials with some free textures, props and poses.
Jelisa's Place Free and Retail textures for Poser; especially V3 Bikini!
Joe's Art Gallery Terrific site! Includes free Sci-Fi and Temple locations as well as textures and more!
Keyhole Kreations Some clothes and mats for poser females.
KTN 3D A few textures and 3DS models.
Kyrline webgraphics Designer of characters for V3 and a couple of tattoo freebies.
Lady Annica Designs Designer of Melody and Mel for V3 and a couple of bikini texture freebies.
Megaionstorms Free poses and backgrounds.
Nerd 3D Impractical, erotic armor and other garb for Poser.
Other Worlds Free site including some free models, materials and scenes.
PhilC Designs Ltd Poser models and poses for sale including the terrific V3 Lingerie.
Polycount 3D Free and 'for sale' Poser models with a kind of goth/sci-fi feel.
Poser ++ Japanese poser website with free props and characters. Nice characters and intricate jewelry.
Poser City Poser news, downloads (textures, props, poses, more) and chat - very nice, professional resource.
Poser Factory Japanese poser website with free props and characters. Nene, Linlin, Mimi.
Poser Fashion Mostly downloads of period female clothing for Poser.
Poser Forum Mostly a forum for the Poser Community but also some downloads, tutorials and links.
Poser Heaven German. Various texture downloads, galleries and tutorials.
Poser Intl Model Agency P4/Vic 1 level models available for sale.
Poser Man Some free background pics for poser.
Poser Nightmare Japanese site with some free downloads.
Poser Props Terrific mobile, posable props; mostly antique. Some free and three CDs with 100s of posable props for sale.
Poser Superheroine and Monster Factory Textures and models of Ultrawoman and the monsters she is forced to face.
Poser Town A couple free downloads, gallery and a fully stocked store for Poser. Definitely a penchant for birds.
Posing is an Art Schlabber's terrific site - mostly free, downloadable poses but also tutorials, props and textures.
Posette Forever Downloads, forum and gallery all involving the posette model.
Primary Rhyme Japanese site with a few free Poser model downloads HERE.
Real Life 3D For-sale textures and rendering competitions judged by the webmasters.
The Rendering Some free and 'for sale' clothes textures and props - especially for V1, V2 and V3.
Ron Knights A lot of nice Poser tutorials.
Rubio's Room Japanese poser resource with free characters and clothing.
Sam's 3D A terrific 3D model resource with tons of free and for-sale models.
Sandy Lodge Site with tutorials, utilities and even some free 3D Props.
Sharkey's Gate Creator of a variety of fantasy clothing and characters available on Runtime DNA. A lot of free downloads - mostly for older models.
Sky Pilot's 3D A few props and textures for Poser, Vue and Bryce.
Stock Moves Creator of BVH motion files that can be used on Poser - lots of free motion downloads.
Studio Harpoonvolt Japanese site with forum, downloads and gallery.
Studio Maya 17 or so terrific free hairstyles for Poser.
SturkWurk Tutorials and artwork as well as several for-sale models and textures. Bondage and execution gear for Poser.
Toshi's Page Japanese Poser resource - no thumbs but a lot of free characters, props, hair, morphs, textures and tips.
Trekkie Grrrl Some nice, free downloads including well designed, Star Trek uniforms.
Tutorial Hunt All kinds of tutorials available for a wide variety of programs including Poser, 3DS, Rhino and more.
Witches and Wyrms Manufacturer of alternate deformations for Vicky and Stephanie. Voluptuous Vicki. Stephanie Staxx. Gorgeous work!
Yoana's Poser Junk Textures for Koshini's jersey.