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Sites dealing with beautiful women peeing and/or pooping. Oftentimes this will be in public and it is a popular theme with Japanese anime sites.
Aya Really severe anime, pics, and 3D including tentacle attacks, girls sewn up, poop, piss, gynecological examinations, impregnations, bondage, insertions and force fantasies.
CAO 29280 A variety of cute anime art including bondage, blowjobs and bowel movements.
Bonten Anime and western art of sex, forced sex, blow-jobs, monster sex, peeing/pooping and a whole section of angels getting molested by monsters.
Chapio Anime chicks peeing, in bondage and molested by various creatures.
Chienne Mary Model with big breasts into fetish, piercing, tattoos, dildos, fistings, scat, peeing, enemas, bondage etc.
Cyclone-D Anime girls in bondage, peeing, masturbating etc.
Daemon Clip Paysite: Extreme, cruel, transgendered, scatology, watersport, gay bdsm, foot fetish, femdom etc.
Paysite: Another extreme website from the people who brought you "Brutal Violence" and "Brutal Catfights". Simon Thaur brings you some of the most extreme and bizarre photography found on the net. Poop, pee, forced sex, extreme bondage, torture, insertions, piercings, wet, messy and repulsive.
Farting Sexy Paysite: Girls who want to fart on your face.
Females For Male Pee A World Group site about men peeing on women.
Firing Squad and Hanging Videos Messageboard about people that fantasize about meeting their end by firing squad or the gallows and wetting themselves either first or during the execution.
Gaogaiga Anime girls getting molested by spirits and monsters. Includes bondage, humiliation, peeing, scat and upskirt.
Higasiyama Honpo Nice anime art including girls in latex, lactation, bondage, huge breasts, peeing.
Hightide Video Productions Videos for sale or download involving scat or pee.
Hut of the Haze Bondage, torture as well as massive female transformations and deformations including penises for nipples, girls as urinals, pooping, extreme piercings, shemales.
Katsuo Anime girls in lycra/spandex, taking insertions, drowning - lots underwater, molested by sea creatures, hard bondage, forced sex, enormous hooters, some lactation, some poop, some femdom and tentacle attacks.
Kuppuku Anime chicks in bondage, molested by monsters, taking insertions, pooping, .
Links to Free Watersports A huge list of free peeing galleries.
Mad Brains Pics of anime girls in bondage, peeing, getting whipped, giving blowjobs, taking insertions, doing hardcore, getting spanked etc.
Marchen Tons of anime pics - the top gallery is all pee and poop. 2nd gallery is chicks with dicks and a variety at the very bottom including a few bondage pics.
Nisukom 25 Anime chicks getting assaulted by evil tentacle creatures or just pooping.
Ohio River of Gold Ohio based, Pee fetish MSN Group.
Otoya Girls with or without penises in bondage, peeing, cumming, taking insertions etc.
Outdoor Piss Paysite: Babes bathe in a rain of piss! Outdoor girls pissing and getting pissed on. A wet surprise is waiting for girls who enjoy the sweet aroma of piss.
Pee Mania
The Ultimate Pissfest! Thousands and thousands of high quality, hardcore photos. Pissing teens, guys peeing on girls, girls peeing on guys, girls peeing on girls, pissdrinking, public pissing and much more!
Petite Teens Peeing in Public AVS - Free Net pass. Pics of petite teens peeing.
Phyllis Joy Paysite: Submissive into bondage, spanking, wax, needle-play, cutting, golden showers, enemas, scatplay and vomit-games.
Piss Bitches AVS - Adult Check: Pics of girls who get off on peeing.
Piss Girls AVS - ProAdult. Movies of girls peeing.
Pissing-Shitting-Girls Avs - Netverifier: Pretty girls pooping in public and outdoors.
PSH Anime girls in supertight spacesuits in bondage, molested by tentacles, explosive decompression, drowning, alien attacks, insertions, peeing.
Punch Drunker A few anime pics - usually pooping.
Pussing Website dedicated to Pussing, the act of watching a woman urinate in a public restroom.
Radio Hybrids, shemales, ENORMOUS schlongs and lots of poop!
River of Gold Pee fetish MSN Group.
Rubber Clinic
Paysite: Latex water-sports, catheter insertion, enema fun, double penetration, strap-on fucking, heavy piss play and drinking all with the best medical heavy rubber and latex outfits on the net! If you like what you see and hear explore the site and see what Matron has in store for her rubber patients....
Scat Girls rolling around in poop.
Scatqueens Berlin Paysite: German scat site.
Shota's Rest Room Truly extreme anime site including sketches of bondage, big bellies, forced sex, amputation, vivisection, insertions and peeing.
Soma Nice Anime site including insertions, spandex, forced peeing and bondage.
Studio Ishizue Some fairly average looking anime girls with a gallery of peeing and bondage.
Sushi A couple bondage, torture, peeing pics.
Teeny Blonde Hundreds of pics and tons of videos of that infamous blonde, scatbabe, Skye.
Toilet Femdom Female toilet domination including watersports (golden showers), brown showers and all other kinds of toilet servitude.
Urarara Sohko Click on button on the far bottom left. Pencil sketches and color pics of anime girls in bondage, masturbating, peeing, ravished etc.
Veronica Moser Model who specializes in scat fetish.
Wasurena Japanese anime women loving enormous cocks (sometimes their own) includes LOTS of poop, women laying eggs, massively messed up anatomies and bellies (filled with poop!).
Waterworld An article on urination as a fetish.
X-Beat Japanese martial arts girls peeing, pooping and enjoying insertions.
Yomotuhirasaka Anime site with shemales, poop, pee, bondage and some tentacle rape.

Al69er_99's Briefcase Pee, dildo and cartoon pics in a yahoo briefcase.
Golden Paradise I believe this is a pee-fetish group with a cover story.
The Pissin' 80s 80's pissing girls talking about the scene and problems in life.
Pissing Senza Limiti Italian, gay pee group.
Piss On Me Group primarily focused on women peeing.
Piss on Pics Members only MSN group about peeing.
The Urineist Society URINE MAGICK / a.k.a. URINE THERAPY: This unconventional and controversial practice, which involves the use of one's own urine for health benefits.