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Alright - this is the first and most popular page. Here I list sites in the order I find them. These sites may or may not actually be NEW but they ARE new to the list!
Fri August 18, 2017

Please check out and bookmark my blog: Darksites' Tumblr for updates on my sites and to check the status of any server outages.


WARNING: Email viruses have at one time or another used all of my sites as email return addresses. NEVER open an attachment or provide information to an email that claims to be from one of my sites..

British Citizens: Many Death Fetish webmasters are blocking British traffic because of the violent porn law. You'll be redirected to Google or something equally inoffensive. We're sorry.

Discontinuing Updates on Non-Death Fetish Sites Due to lack of interest none of the following categories will be updated: Forced Sex, Monster Sex, Anime-Asian-Ryona. Only death fetish sites and sleepy sites will be updated.

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Mini Updates This is a group of links to random pics, gifs and videos. The first group which ends at the first gif includes the subjects: Monster Sex, Forced Sex, Sleepy and Ryona. The second group ending at the last gif are all links to death fetish pics and videos. The pics only last 7-10 days so save them while you have a chance. The GIFs last a month and the video links last as long as the video is available.

Current Updates Fetishes are updated in the following order with a 'mini update' between each fetish update. Tentacles/Monster Sex, Strangling/Choking, Sleepy/Necro, Slasher/Blades/Guns, Forced/Bondage Sex, Execution/Hanging/Beheading, Asian/Ryona/Anime, Amazon Combat.

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PKF DEATHCUT Latest UPDATES!!!23696753JohnM
Deadclips Recent Updates 2017362370Admin
This weeks updates at AnnesDreams! (August 18th)010bigjohn
Updates from DIRTY DEEDS!!!338110232JohnM
Olaf's Agent Talanis039uncle_buck
This weeks updates at AnnesDreams! (August 11th)3201bigjohn
Olaf's "Servant of Fire"060uncle_buck
Olive--Emma and New Girls!1147JohnM
Sorority Slaughterhouse Comic NOW 2000 x 2400 resolution!0131Admin
Olaf's "Heartless Amazons 1"089uncle_buck
This weeks updates at AnnesDreams! (August 4th)3224bigjohn
Buck's "Amazon Guardians"0144uncle_buck
Olaf's Agent Talanis088uncle_buck
The Tortured Soul, home of the extreme!!!!0235Vex Malleus
Lots of New Clips at Horror Central0214detmags2
This weeks updates at AnnesDreams! (July 28th)3203bigjohn

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Surprise Attack color 2D strangling comic on Beautiful 2D comic about a pretty, nude getting strangled from beind.
Shitnoahsays Yeah channel - videos of strangled or throat liftedgirlsVID: YouTube - Videos of gils being throat lifted and/or strangled.
Dissa Allen channel. Video clips of girls strangled, stabbed, shot, hanged etcVID: Many, many videos of girls shot, stabbed, strangled, hanged, neck broken etc.
Karinj0601 3D Female Fire Fight on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: Good 3D art of girls shooting each other with automatic weapons.
Trash Manga: Cowgirl Arc - A great arc from chapter 17 to 24 with a lot of badgirl deathsTrash: Awesome Manga that includes a lot of badgirls getting killed between chapters 17 and 24.
ACB - cunt busting amazon artworkPIXIV: 2D artwork of girls defeated by blows to the pussy.
TC Killer PIXIV - Amazon, death fetish artistPIXIV: 2D and 3D art of amazon girls in peril.
Undertow club forum including Ryona, Zako, Guro and SuperheroinesForum: An aweomse forum! Check under Kinks and Fetishes for Ryona (Girls defeated usually in anime or games), Guro (brutal, bloody violence), Zako (Female ememies) and Superheroines!
Evil Babes in Distress GIF collectionGIPHY: A collection of evil babe GIFs on GIPHY.
VK Villainesses group - a group about villainesses fighting and dyingVK: A group including pics and videos about female villains scheming, killing and dying.
My Sexy Cowgirls - Videos of cowgirls fighting and dyingYouTube: A channel about cowgirls shooting, getting shot or just posing.
Killer Femmes women fighting and dying videosYouTube: A channel about women fighting each other and often dying.
Impaled girl model on HobbystockWeb: A resin kit? of a naked woman impaled from underneath and out her mouth apparently from Cannibal Holocaust.
Beheading tag on Riwas Library. Erotic stories about girls beheadedStories: Erotic stories where a girl ends up beheaded.
Kubsime88 - Twitter feed including Gifs of Asian girls strangled or hangedTwitter: Gifs of Asian girls strangled or hanged
Hanged-Stranglng - Asian twitter feed with tons of hanging and strangling gifsTwitter: Gifs of Asian girls hanged and strangled.
Pretty and Dead - art of women killed and used in every imaginable wayTumblr: Art and comics of girls executed, cannibalized, butchered, impaled, strangled, gutted, dismembered etc.
NSFW XXX Porn Ecchi And Hentai Page - mostly huge tits but deeper you will find cannibal and other death contentTumblr: Although the blog claims to be Ecchi and Hentai, I could find no anime style content. Lots of 2D art and photos of breast expansions and huge breasted girls. Later pages have cannibalism and death fetish content.
Nitori ga Tsuchigumo ni Juurin Sareru Hon - 2D anime comic ending with a girl hanged by the villainessE-Hentai: A good, black and white, 2D comic that ends with the villainess suspending a girl by her throat with her strands, strangling her to death.
LV BU Beheading - 14 3D pics of a samurai killing some girlsE-Hentai: Very gory pics of a samurai killing some girls including a couple beheadings.
Dr Dismember videos including beheading, throat cutting and legsYouTube: A channel mostly about beheading but also including a couple throat cutting videos and some videos focuse on girls legs.
Themis Collection on YouTube - Videos of girls executed by hanging, beheading and burning at the stakeYouTube: Videos of beautiful women being executed in a variety of ways including hanging, beheading and burning at the stake.
Leather Boots Shrike 3D action art of girls in leather getting shot or stabbed
Sexyamazons: 3D art of leather girls in combat!
Rogue Ripper - Zaco, female enemies, girls shot and stabbed action art
Sexyamazons: A very good 2D artist creating action scenes about girls shot, stabbed, killed in some way.
Female Zaco. Enemy Women Japanese Wiki - Huge resource on badgirls and how they die, with picsWiki: Awesome Wiki with hundreds of badgirls catalogued along with descriptions of their evil deeds and eventual justice - mostly death.
Evil Babes Wikia - A guide to lives and deaths of villainesses in fictionWeb: A wikia detailing the lives and deaths of beautiful, evil women in comics, movies, anime, games etc.
Soniya Khanna Fan Club - Videos of Indian girls shot or stabbed in the bellyFacebook: A page about girls, mostly from Indian movies who get shot or stabbed in the belly.
Navel Stab 1 - A bound girl in a bikini is belly stabbed by a nazi girlVID: A nazi looking girl teases a girl who looks like shes been tied down for a sacrifice. It ends with an under-the-armpit style stabbing, as she supposedly stabs the girl in the navel.
Cowgirl vs Indian Navel Play video - Bikini clad cowgirl and indian both get navel stabbedVid: Kind of a playful video where a hot, bikini-clad cowgirl and indian trash talk and both get stabbed in their navels with a plastic, retractable knife.
Cowgirl and Indian Belly Buttons video - The navel of a scantily clad cowgirl is fingered, licked, stabbed and shotVID: A cowgirl in denim short shorts, high heels and a crop top has taken a leather bikini-clad squaw prisoner. The cowgirl forces the indian to kiss, lick and finger her navel. During this, she grabs her knife and plunges it into her belly button.
Dark Shell - Color 2D anime comic about snipers with lots of military 2D anime comic where snipers and military are killing and raping civilians.
Bravido 4 - Italian comic about men killing and butchering people for A 2D Italian comic about men who kill and butcher people, especially beautiful women, for food.
Cowgirlsrgr8 channel about cowgirls shooting and gettng shotYouTube: A YouTube channel dedicated to cowgirls shooting and getting shot.
Stol60002000 video channel of girls getting shotYouTube Channel: A small collection of videos of girls getting shot.
Playing Dead: Guns, Knifes and Arrows - Pics and videos of girls playing deadMotherless: A group featuring girls playing dead due to guns, knives and arrows.
Girls playing dead found by Alfa ImgAlfa Img: A small smattering of girls playing dead pics.
Dapos2000 Photos of girls playing unconscious and often carriedDeviantart: A bunch of photos of girls playing dead or unconscious.
Game Over Girls on Deviantart - Photos of girls playing unconscious or deadDeviantart: Tons of photos of girls, usually young, playing dead or unconscious.
Intersect Disconnect - Bizarre and strange with a few dead girls getting fuckedTumblr: Lots of strange and sexy pics and gifs including a few dead girls getting fucked.
Floppy Limp Girls in video games on Tumblr
Watashi Tobu made Okasarechau - 2D anime-style comic. Guy takes advantage of sleeping A 2D anime-style comic where a boy takes advantage of a busty, sleeping anime girl.
Otoko o Shitta Sensha Musume Ni - Comic of a drugged anime schoolgirl ravished by a A 2D anime-style comic where an older soldier drugs a busty schoolgirl and has his way with her.
Necrobabes Redux - An attempt to restore the necro/snuff NecroBabes site.Web: Photostories and regular stories of girls getting shot, stabbed, strangled etc. Necrobabes was started by a famous necro enthusiast around twenty years ago.
TiPs HeArT - videos of girls getting chloroformedYouTube Channel: A fairly nice selection of chloroform videos with regular girls and superheroines.
Coe80 - channel of girls getting knocked out like with a punch or a frying panYouTube Channel: Girls getting knicked out accidentally or on purpose including punches, frying pan, tent pole, door, cabinet
Estinba - video clips of girls shot, stabbed, strangled etc on YoutubeYouTube Channel: A fairly good selection of girls getting killed in a variety of ways.
Anonymous Dude channel of girls getting shot, stabbed, strangled or killed in other waysYouTube Channel: A large selection of good videos featuring girls dying by a variety of causes.
AAASick Pic - 3D pics of girls stabbed, shot, beheaded on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Very nice 3D art of girls shot, stabbed or losing their heads on
Jimpet - Girls shot or stabbed in elaborate comics on
SexyAmazons: Elaborate comics that do include female deaths. Shootings.
Sophie Sanchez - Belly stabbing fan on VK.COMVK: The profile for a girl who enjoys belly stabbing on VK.COM.
Bellystab group on VK.comVK: A bellystab group on the social network,
Pioneers 2 - Italian, inked 2D comic set in the old west. Alien and robot ravishing and a topless native American girl shot on Strange alien creatures and a robot have their way with a pretty blonde and a beautiful, topless Native American girl gets shot a few times with her coprse prominently displayed later.
Pioneers - Italian, inked 2D comic where Pioneer girls are arrowed, stabbed, stripped and ravished by native Americans on 100+ page black and white Italian comic which features a small group of pioneers, including women attacked by American Indians where they are arrowed, stabbed, stripped and ravished.
Hematofilia - Gore, blood, guro channel with all sorts of bloody, violent, gruesome picsHematofilia: Very gory, guro level violent imagery where very often a girl is just entrails and pieces.
Veronica Ferrari - A facebook account into belly stabbingFacebook: A girl who seems to like the idea of belly stabbing.
Lexi Combat Kriss - Facebook account into bellies, belly punching, belly shooting and belly stabbing.Facebook: A Facebook page about bellies, belly punching, belly shooting and belly stabbing.
Arkham Sanitarium - Tumblr focused on dead or dying girl picsTumblr: Pics of girls stabbed, torn up, arrowed, throats cut.
Silk Stabs YouTube Channel about girls getting belly stabbedTUBE: Channel - Nice collection of belly stabbing videos.
Code Jin YouTube Channel includes girls shot, stabbed, strangled, neck snapped etcYouTube Channel: A small, nice selection of videos including girls dying a wide vareity of ways.
video on ShockFlix
video on ShockFlix
Thena zapped, stripped, strangled and handled on Deadclips.comThenas boyfriend zaps her unconscious. He strips and strokes her body until she wakes up. He then strangles her to death and poses her body.
Pretty, slender corpse found and handled on picture
Sexy Altsiren is discovered strangled to death by her friend. In her grief Ammalia holds, handles, moves, rolls and even kisses her dead friend.
Bikini clad babe is hot to be beheaded so her head is chopped off on picture
Hannah sits headless before her executioner who strips her, fondles her legs and poses her in such a way as to give him a foot job.
Meatlover excellent 3D art of scantily clad girls fighting and dying on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Really beautiful 3D art of girls getting killed, ususally in combat.
Caprice in Repose - Naked beauty who looks unconscious or dead most pics - examined by other girl Naked beauty who looks unconscious or dead most pics - examined by other girl
Sleeppeeps sleeping, unconscious, chloroformed girls on TwitterTwitter: The Twitter account for the sleeppeeps social network - mostly pics of sleeping, unconscious, lifeless girls.
Meatluvr excellent 3D art of girls shot, stabbed, executed, cannibalized, corpses - lots of fun on TumblrTumblr: Beautiful JPGs of girls dead or getting killed in a wide variety of ways.
Kitori Biyori hardcore hentai comic including a sleepy sex scene on G.E-Hentai.orgG.E-Hentai: 2D black and white art including a scene where a young naked girl finds another young naked girl sleeping and starts to get down with her.
Javier of ROR - Favorite death images on DeviantartDeviantart: A nice selection of dead girl pics on Deviantart.
Sleepy Gimp excellent 2D art of girl on girl sleepy, ko, humiliation and punishment on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: An excellent 2D color sleepy artist whose work includes girl on girl sleepy, injection, chloroform, smothering, punishment and humiliation.
Viper Qurol chloroform, pantyhose, wonder woman, stewardess fetish channel on YouTubeYouTube Channel: Some nice chloro, pantyhose and other random interests.
Chloroform femmes et filles - Chloroform fetish channel on YouTubeYouTube Channel: A good selection of chloroform videos.
Andy Schrotter independent videos including crime scenes and strangling on YouTubeYouTube Channel: Independent film maker who creates some beautiful crime scenes, stranglings and dead girl montages.
Paul McNamara on YouTubeYouTube Channel: A few nice Maggie Marvel videos where girls are strangled, choloroformed in life or death fight scenes.
TRYING TO FIX VIDEO SITESI've been busy fixing and which can no longer upload videos. Since I can't upload videos I'll post video accounts instead of videos.
Hot blonde blackmails guard before getting guillotined on Deadclips picture
Ashleigh is going to the guillotine and predicts that her executioner will have sex with her corpse afterwards. He definitely will. She makes him promise to worship her feet and then strips and masturbates until the blade comes down.
Hot Mexican girl shoot out video on ShockFlix
A truly glorious scene where several hot Mexican girls shoot each other in combat.
Female agent shot by other female agent
An unattractive female agent is shot in the chest by another female agent. The pistol must be shooting cannon shells since the holes are about three inches in diameter. From: ywzgbd666
Two hot girls in lingerie strangled to death on Deadclips picture
Alexia and Lavinia lay dead on a bed; they have been strangled by a jealous ex boyfriend. While the camera pans around the bodies, flashbacks of the happenings which lead to their demise are shown.
H20 Aquarium - anime girls kept underwater until they pass outG.E-Hentai: Nice, color 2D art of anime girls enduring breath play water torture where they are kept underwater until they pass out.
Gender Games drowning competition comicG.E.Hentai: A 2D comic where men and women compete over who drowns the most from the other team.
Daddy Husher bondage, domination, asphyxiation gifs and pics on TumblrTumblr: Gifs and pics of women bound, dominated, tortured and asphyxiated.
Strokvesta - Girls in neckties, the ultimate fetishTumblr: Girls wearing neckties, tied up with neckties and occasionally strangled with neckties.
Strangle City - throat lift and strangling girls videosYouTube Channel: A few videos, mostly throatlift and a strangling.
Still repairing siteSorry, a few important files didn't survive restore and I'm restoring them as quickly as I can. I have not abandoned this site.
Nicole Strangler - strangled girls channel on YoutubeYouTube Channel: A small YouTube channel about girls getting strangled.
Execution of Angels - Girls drowned or butchered and eatenG.E-Hentai: A comic series of three naked girls slowly drowned in a pool of water and then a purple girl taken apart and eaten.
Rickmacn amazon combat and peril 2D art
SexyAmazons: Good 2D art of amazon combat and peril.
Female fight fantasies forum including stories that often ending in deathForum: Stories involving fantasy fights that usually end in death. Also, excellent art that sometimes, but rarely ends in death.
Temptress Moon - 3D art of fighting girls arrowed, stabbed, strangled etcPixiv: Awesome 3D art stories of fighting girls defeated - strangled, hanged, arrowed, stabbed, mostly by men. Most thumbs are for full stories, not inidividual pics.
Bonnart - videos of villainesses in movies often ending in their demisesYouTube Channel: Videos of beautiful villainesses doing what villainesses do, often ending in her death.
Ric del Campo - Animated fighting, dying movies and some cam sessionsYouTube Channel: Animated movies using a PC game as well as some private, death fetish, cam sessions with hot cam girls.
Onna Shikikan Zankoku Ryoujoku 2D comic of ninja girls torn to shredsG.E-Hentai: 42 page black and white comic of beautiful ninja girls getting torn up.
Sendai Oni - Nikudan Omon, 119 page 2D comic including female death fightsG.E-Hentai: 119 page 2D, black and white female fight comic including a fatal tit smother, claws attack and a sword kills.
Bad girl shot by good girl before killing hero in black and white
A black and white video where the bad girl has the drop on the hero but is shot before she can pull the trigger. From: William Payne
A beautiful, nude waif puts her head in a guillotine before masturbating - then chop on Deadclips picture
A naked waif puts her head through the hole of a guillotine and masterbates
A beautiful, nude waif puts her head in a guillotine before masturbating - then chop on Deadclips picture
A naked waif puts her head through the hole of a guillotine and masterbates
Pretty brunette is beheaded while fucked on Deadclips picture
A cute, pretty brunette in a dress and thigh high boots gives her executioner a blow job and lets him fuck her while he slips her head into the guillotine. He screws her throat afterwards.
C Mike Hunt execution, beheading, execution, hanging, firing squad art on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of girls executed by firing squad, hanging, beheading etc.
Impiccato Hanged - hanged girls on TumblrTumblr: GIFS and pics of beautiful women getting hanged.
Beheading group on MotherlessMotherless: Pics and videos of girls beheaded.
Twin Sisters 3D hanging art on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: A couple pages of 3D nude, female hanging art.
Goumon Shokei Zukai 2D art of girls executed or torturedG.E-Hentai: 2D anime art of girls executed or tortured.
Illustrated execution stories in Danish and EnglishGirl on girl executions blog. Execution of criminals, agents executing agents, assassins executing their targets, here you will find many illustrated stories covering these scenarios. Most stories are in Danish, but there is also an English section.
DaJudge626 execution, firing squad, hanging videos on YouTubeYouTube Channel: A small YouTube channel about girls getting executed.
Dark Desires hangings, shootings, stabbings and asphyxiationYouTube Channel: Beautiful women, shot, hanged, killed in various ways.
Pretty brunette is beheaded while fucked on Deadclips picture
A cute, pretty brunette in a dress and thigh high boots gives her executioner a blow job and lets him fuck her while he slips her head into the guillotine. He screws her throat afterwards.
Acran - good, 2D, mostly color art of anime girls getting slashed up on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 2D anime art of girls getting torn up with blades.
Iratus Faux - 3D art of girls slaughtered and butchered on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: Good but gruesome 3D art of girls murdered and butchered for their meat.
Gluttun ryona, video game and movie scenes where girls usually dieYouTube Channel: Ryona and death fetish videos, mostly video games. Girls getting beaten, blown up, shot, stabbed.
Sir Bruce producer of slasher snuff videos often with belly stabbing on FacebookFacebook: Slasher, bloody death fetish videos often with navel stabbings by producer Sir Bruce.
Real men love sexy kill page - death fetish photos and videos on FacebookFacebook: A Facebook page about villainesses and other women meeting their demise.
Crrimson Red Squad - spider machines rape and kill sexy soldier girls in combat on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Beautiful, dominatrix looking soldkier girls fight but get raped and killed by giant spider machines.
Tsurugi 9000 violent death and monster rape art on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art of girls in horrible situations. Lots of tentacle rape and bloody death.
ThePeriliciousify death fetish afficiando channel on YouTubeYouTube: A few videos and a lot of favorites from a YouTube user.
Tsurugis Shadowreaper comic - famous superheroines raped and killedG.E-Hentai: Well drawn and colored comic where an evil supermonster tentacle rapes and kills four superheriones in horrible, guro level violence.
Pretty brunette is beheaded while fucked on Deadclips picture
A cute, pretty brunette in a dress and thigh high boots gives her executioner a blow job and lets him fuck her while he slips her head into the guillotine. He screws her throat afterwards.
Beancooler009 - 2D female startroopers
SexyAmazons: 2D, hand drawn art of beautiful space troopers get shot or dissolved.
Pistaccio large scale 3D amazon combat art on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: 3D amazon artwork dealing on large battle scale.
Tenjou Tenge fighting anime including female fightsAnimegg: A gorgeous anime series focusing on martial art fights, including fights between beautiful women. One death at 23. Fights in 5, 6 7, 10. KOs at 13, 21, 24
Freezing amazon combat videos on AnimeEggGorgeous deathfight, amazon combat anime series.
Kung Fu Femmes - fatal female fighters on YouTubeYouTube: Well produced, excellently choreographed fights of women in hand to hand combat.
SSSEntertainment choreographed fighting videos including girl vs girl on YouTubeYouTube: Well choreographed fighting videos including cosplay, girl vs girl and swords.
Kamen Rider girls die in battleG.E-Hentai: Girls from the Kamen Rider anime fight and die in combat with a young hero.
Female Shinobu Hunting - female samurai fight and dieG.E-Hentai: A cadre of female samurai fight and die against a male hero.
A woman in stockings, dangling her shoe is strangled on Deadclips picture
A dark-haired woman in black, net stockings is dangling a high heeled shoe when someone strangles her.
Pretty brunette is beheaded while fucked on Deadclips picture
A cute, pretty brunette in a dress and thigh high boots gives her executioner a blow job and lets him fuck her while he slips her head into the guillotine. He screws her throat afterwards.
Pretty brunette is beheaded while fucked on DeadclipsA cute, pretty brunette in a dress and thigh high boots gives her executioner a blow job and lets him fuck her while he slips her head into the guillotine. He screws her throat afterwards.
Topless beauty begs for beheading by sword and gets it on Deadclips picture
A beautiful girl in black skirt,heels and nothing else shows you how she wants her head off with a Katana. She is granted her wish with a cgi ending - her eyes still looking around and her body pumping blood through the hole.
Pretty brunette is beheaded while fucked on Deadclips picture
A cute, pretty brunette in a dress and thigh high boots gives her executioner a blow job and lets him fuck her while he slips her head into the guillotine. He screws her throat afterwards.
Chi12004 execution video channelYouTube: A small number of execution video clips.
DGF2845 channel of Execution videos YouTube: Channel - A small channel of execution videos.
Drawing Palace - Zell - 3D pics of torture, sacrifice, monster sex etcG.E-Hentai: Many, many pages of excellent 3D art of girls in horrible peril including torture, sacrifice, execution, cannibalism, monster sex.
Waiting for the Butcher - Gifs and pics of girls executed and used as meatTumblr: GIFS and pics of beautiful women killed and processed as meat.
Meatluvvr cannibal and execution Dolcett style 3D artTumblr: Excellent 3D art of beautiful women killed and used as food.
Girl Hunting Mansion - Korean - 2D comic of girls killed in horrible waysG.E-Hentai: 2D comic of girls found in a haunted mansion flayed, placed on a cross, dismembered.
Longstaff Productions - Erotic horror producer especially for hangings.Producer specializing in erotic hangings.
Belly Belly Stab - small belly stabbing channel on YouTubeYouTube: A small channel with fourteen belly stabbing videos.
Rahul Singhaniya - Youtube channel about girls shot and stabbedYouTube: A channel dedicated to girls getting shot or stabbed
Willing Snuff Cunts - girls killed willingly group on MotherlessMotherless: Pics and videos of girls choked, stabbed, shot, hanged... killed all sorts of different ways - consensually.
Stabbed girls. Photomanips and photos of girls stabbed on imagefapImagefap: Small number of galleries of grils getting stabbed.
Bounder-123 photomanips of girls arrowed and stabbed on DeviantartDeviantart: Good photomanips of girls shot with arrows, stabbed with a knife or impaled on a sword.
Hypnogogue photomanips of hot girls shot or stabbed on DeviantartDeviantart: Many photomanips of beautiful women getting shot or stabbed.
Rajeev Kumar belly stabbing fetish on FacebookFacebook: A Facebook page discussing belly stabbing.
Asian self bondage, belly stabbing and torture page on FacebookAsian self bondage, belly stabbing and torture page on Facebook
Snuff Princess, violent dolcett style butchering and executions on TumblrTumblr: Pics and gifs of girls getting killed, used as meat, butchered, hanged,
A woman in stockings, dangling her shoe is strangled on Deadclips picture
A dark-haired woman in black, net stockings is dangling a high heeled shoe when someone strangles her.
Titanville's "superheroine Stance Series" Webpage At SmashwordsA nice collection of both free and for-sale superheroine fiction/erotica focused on bdsm, mind-control, foot fetish, and knock-out fetish.
Titanville's "superheroine Stance Series" Webpage At SmashwordsA nice collection of both free and for-sale superheroine fiction/erotica focused on bdsm, mind-control, foot fetish, and knock-out fetish.
Three sorority sisters knocked out, stripped, groped, handled and carried.
Three beautiful sorority sisters encounter the rag. They are then stripped and handled by a woman and then groped and carried by a man.
Two nude beauties shot to death by a jealous lesbian on AnnesDreams
Kumi and Sammie are naked and ready to get it on when jealous lesbian, Annabelle enters with a submachinegun and shoots both of them.
Medical Files - forensics training, medical fetish, limp, resuscitation, cpr and moreForensics training using girls who are playing corpses, naughty nurses, devious doctors, cpr, resuscitatoin, tearing clothes off, sedated girls.
Sakura is dead - Sakura is killed in battle and her body taken as a prize on G.E-Hentai.orgG.E-Hentai: A short comic where a pretty anime girl has her arm torn off and gets shot to death in battle. Her body is taken for sexual pleasure later.
Desma 555 photos of unconscious girls carried and handled on DeviantartDeviantArt: Photos of beautiful, unconscious women carried, handled
KO-Conspirator - girls abducted and knocked out on DeviantArtDeviantart: Stylized images of knocked out girls.
Bonuxid - girls chloroformed, stripped and groped on DeviantartDeviantart: Girls knocked out, stripped and groped by other girls.
Over the Edge unconscious, dead girl favorties on DeviantartDeviantart: Many favorites pages of beautiful dead or passed out girls
Dead girls gallery by Nikigurl - hot models playing dead on FlickrFlickr: A small gallery of pretty model posing as corpses with blood effects added.
Limp and Controlled blog - pretty girls limp and under controlBlog: A place to discuss clips, videos and movie scenes with pretty girls limp and under control
Topless beauty begs for beheading by sword and gets it on DeadclipsA beautiful girl in black skirt,heels and nothing else shows you how she wants her head off with a Katana. She is granted her wish with a cgi ending - her eyes still looking around and her body pumping blood through the hole.
Choke her till she passes out group on MotherlessMotherless: Pics and videos of girls choked until they pass out.
Girls who like being choked group Motherless: Pics and videos of girls who enjoy being choked.
Evil GIF - evil gifs of girls tortured, ravished or asphyxiated on TumblrTumblr: Real evil gifs of torture, poop, pee, asphyxiation, girls covered in blood, blow jobs, vomit,
Bondage and breathplay asphyxiation, bondage and abduction pics on TumblrTumblr: Pics of girls in bondage, abduction scenes, forced blowjobs and asphyxiation.
Bray Strangle strangling fan on FacebookFacebook: A Facebook for a strangling fan with plenty of nice content. Lots of photos of buff girls too.
Monica NT strangling enthusiast on FacebookFacebook: Female strangling enthisasts with some nice photos.
Strangulart Fantasies beautiful women strangled in mainstream movies channel on YouTubeYouTube Channel: Beautiful women strangled in mainstream movies.
Simezuki strangling Asian girls videos on YouTubeYouTube Channel: Videos of pretty Asian girls getting strangled, usually by ghosts.
Navel shot bikini-clad blonde on AnnesDreams
Britney takes revenge on the gorgeous Andrea with a bullet in her naked belly button.
Tortured huge tits of a busty, teen Hentai girl on BondanimeAn evil, female monster tortures the beautiful breasts of a young, anime girl. Her nipples are clamped, twisted and squeezed.
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Gorgeous girls are nothing more than the playthings of the creatures that defeat and hold them captive! Their large, throbbing members ready to pound the virginal flesh of young women
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Green tentacles sneak up on and rape an unsuspecting anime girl.
Tentacle rape stories on archiveofourown.orgOver 200 stories of tentacle rape on the site
Xenozoophilia excellent 3D art of girls ravished by monstersHentai-Foundry: Excellent 3D poser and DAZ art of monster rape.
Nasty No No Xeno and Hentai blog, lots of monster sexTumblr: 2D art of hot, beautiful girls usually getting ravished by horrible monsters.
Skajrs erotic tentacle art on TumblrTumblr: 2D art of beautiful women ravished by insatiable tentacles.
Throat, colored anime art of girls sexually assaulted by monstersGood 2D, colored artwork of girls getting raped by monsters
Orc no Nikutsubo Naedoko, Orcs ravishing busty anime girlsG.E-Hentai: Beautiful, busty girls get ravished by orcs.
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Britney takes revenge on the gorgeous Andrea with a bullet in her naked belly button.
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Raindz86 3D art of fighting, muscular women on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: 3D art of near naked, muscular girls fighting
Raze the Movie - girl girl fight to the death movie page on FacebookFacebook: A movie about girls abducted and then fighting each other to the death.
Warriror Showdown Channel - Live action fantsy character fights on YouTubeYouTube: The Youtube channel for Warrior Showdown which includes live action fights from fantasy characters and live action fights from fight games.
Victoria Vives spectacular stunt fighting videos on YouTubeYouTube: The spectacularly beautiful and mult-talented Victoria Vives arranges and stars in many stunt fights, sometimes ending in female fighter deaths.
The Femcop2 - Female cops and security defeated, captured and sometimes killed YouTube ChannelYouTube: Channel - Pretty female cops getting captured, disarmed, defeated and sometimes killed.
Bustline Combat - Ink art of Huge breasted soldier girls capturing, fighting, torturing G.E-Hentai: Beautiful insanely busty soldier girls usually getting captured, tortured or fighting other soldier girls. A couple deaths at the end.
Scorpion kills Sonja in a Mortal Kombat inspired comicG.E-Hentai: Scorpion fights the beautiful Sonja in mortal combat. She is speared and then flamed to death.
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Comic including a girl tortured prison on G.E-Hentai.orgG.E-Hentai: A 2D comic where a girl is sent to prison and winds up being tortured by the alpha girls.
Topless beauty begs for beheading by sword and gets it on Deadclips picture
A beautiful girl in black skirt,heels and nothing else shows you how she wants her head off with a Katana. She is granted her wish with a cgi ending - her eyes still looking around and her body pumping blood through the hole.
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Gorgeous Crista is forced to strip and then hanged naked over a lie her sister told. Monika goes up stairs to kill the sister but gets a bullet in her stomach.
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Sexy Orsi has been caught cheating and is talked into hanging herself. The compliant blonde even removes her clothes before putting her head through the noose!
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SexyAmazons: 2D art of BBW girls in bow shirts and skirts are hanged.
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Hanged Strangled - girls hanged Facebook pageFacebook: Stranglling and hanginging facebook page.
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Deliciae Delectae female enslavement, bondage, torture and executionon TumblrTumblr: Mostly female enslavement and bondage but also a few
Topless beauty begs for beheading by sword and gets it on Deadclips picture
A beautiful girl in black skirt,heels and nothing else shows you how she wants her head off with a Katana. She is granted her wish with a cgi ending - her eyes still looking around and her body pumping blood through the hole.
The Asphyxious, female asphyxiation on YouTubeYouTube: Channel - Hanging videos on Youtube with a nice list of likes.
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Deadclips. Videos of girls getting strangled, decapitated, shot and more
Pay per view site where you can buy clips of girls getting decapitated, shot, hanged, strangled, necroed etc.
Navel shot bikini-clad blonde picture on AnnesDreams
Britney takes revenge on the gorgeous Andrea with a bullet in her naked belly button.
Motherless rape fantasy group - forced sex pics, videos and forumMotherless: Pics, videos, forum etc about fantasy rape.
The Rape Board - rape fetish message boardForum: Popular rape fetish messageboardl
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Miss Camal Kingdom - Demon girls lined up, restrained and fuckedG.E-Hentai: A crazy comic including a scene where bat winged, demon girls are lined up, put in stocks and fucked from behind.
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Yolanda and Cindy are put up against a wall, stripped and then shot on AnnesDreamsYolanda and Cindy are beautiful women but also traitors. They are both taken to a wall, told to take off their clothes and then shot
Acrans 2D anime art of girls slaughtered in battle
SexyAmazons: 2D sketches of anime girls pierced and mangled in battle.
Cannibal God - 3D art of huge breasted girls getting killed by huge breasted cannibals
Sexyamazons: Imhoteps 2nd account on sexyamazons. Cannibal girls with enormous breasts killing regular girls with enormous breasts. Some shemales.
Naruto Guro - three Naruto girls killed violently on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Great 2D anime comic where three pretty Naruto girls killed bloodily.
Vesperia Vengeance Sofia punished in a wide variety of violent, vicious waysG.E-Hentai: Art from various artists on how Sofia should be punished. Includes monster attacks, forced sex, belly stabs, amputation,
Random assortment of female death art on imgurImgur: Nice 2D art of girls slashsed, chopped, strangled, ravished, destroyed on imgur.
Beamgundam anime girls decapitated, posed and put on display on PixivPixiv: Excellent 2D anime art of women mostly decapitated, posed and put on display.
Virtual Meat Locker - vicious, bloody guro anme art. Girls violently killedTumblr: A variety of violent, anime guro images with some pretty hot pics if you look around.
Belly Punch manga and stories on FacebookFacebook: Drawings of girls punched, stabbed, hooked, shot, impaled etc through their navels.
FBI shoots two girls video on ShockFlix
What looks like FBI agents break into a house and shoot two girls in casual clothes.
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Busty blonde used as a human shield on AnnesDreamsA secret agent takes a gun away from Petra, an evil, busty, blonde assassin. Her partner, Morgan an equally busty badgirl appears and the agent uses Petra as a human shield. Both girls go down in a hail of bullets mostly hitting their huge tits.
Popular on SexyAmazons - Jgreats dead henchgirl in the morgue
SexyAmazons: Really excellent 3D image of a dead henchgirl handled in the morgue.
Mr Hyde beautiful girls getting killed 3D art on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: Excellent 3D art of pretty girls shot, stabbed, arrowed, strangled etc
BNDA Supamark Facebook - Lots of female knock outs Facebook: Lots of beautiful women wrestling with a focus on knocked out girls.
Bad Girl KOs - pics, videos, stories and forum about bad girls gassing guys and girlsWeb: A website about badgirls getting knocked out and knocking others out - usually with gas. Includes videos, stories, pics and a forum.
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Fetish model Constance twitter including death poses and bondageTwitter: The twitter for beautiful fetish model, Constance who does bondage and death fetish.
Funhouse Clips Twitter - Fetish studio especially beautiful dead girlsTwitter: The official twitter of Funhouse Clips which specializes in videos of girls playing dead.
Dead girls in pulp novelsWeb: A large collection of detective novels showing beautiful women dead on the cover.
Fashion Works - Gorgeous model portfolio who does some death scenesFlickr: A flickr account for a beautiful brunette which includes some death poses.
Discoviering Dead album - beautiful photos including a girl playing deadFlickr: Really beautiful, well produced photos of spooky things and landscapes. Several photos of a girl playing dead.
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The beautiful Orsi is supected of dating the Prime Minister. Two pretty assassins show up at her apartment, force her to strip naked and then strangle her to death.
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SexyAmazons: Really good 2D art of sentry girls getting strangled, stabbed, shot and then handled.
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SexyAmazons: Inked art of beautiful, anime-style girls getting killed by serial killers. Stabbing, neck breaking, electrocution and more.
Strangling fetish experiences on FlickrFlickr: A group of strangling experiences on Flickr.
Strangle search on PornHarmonyPornHarmony: All sorts of videos involving strangling - F/f, F/m and some M/f.
KP tumblr with sexual strangling and dominationTumblr: JPGs and GIFs of various topics including many about sexual strangling and domination.
Sirrobins strangled, choked girls pics on ImagefapImageFap: Hundreds of strangling jpgs and gifs about girls getting strangled.
Oldojimos 3D girls drowning artG.E-Hentai: Excellent 3D art of girls drowning in many different scenarios.
Peril Carey Queen of Escapology 38 perfect 3D peril artG.E-Hentai: Perfect 3D art including strangling and girls fighting.
Angspid monster attacks and vore on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: Beautiful 3D art of girls attacked and sometimes eaten by monsters.
Surprise 7074 monster sex with a violent ending on Sexyamazons
Sexyamazons: Art of a beautiful woman getting ravished and snapped by tentacles.
Alteras Collection Blog - 2D anime art of monster sex, futanari and general eroticaBlog: Excellent 2D art of anime girls usually having sex - with monsters, with each other, with futa girls etc.
Hentai I Love Like - pics and gifs of anime girls ravished by monsters or having sex on TumblrTumblr: All color, anime art of girls with monsters or just having some crazy sex.
Cyber Rabbit Hentai comic including tentacles and strange sex on ReadHentaiReadHentaiManga: Excellent and quite readable manga about a young couple. The comic begins with tentacle-assisted sex and goes into strange sex with a cyber helmet.
Arach2 anime art of Monster Attacks, Breeding, Sexy girls on PixivPixiv: Great 2D anime art of beautiful hentai girls, sometimes attacked by tentacles ar forced-breeding from evil monsters.
Scorching Nova anime art of monster sex, tentacles, robot ravishing and others on PixivPixiv: Excellent 2D anime art of women in peril including tentacle attacks, monster sex, robot ravishing and a lot of different erotic situations.
Ecstasy Holic - a color comic of a cute catgirl ravished mercilessly by tentacles on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: A short, very well drawn, color comic of a cute cat girl whose curiosity ends in a tentacle attack. This is followed by seven pages of good, black and white comics involving a young anime girl in erotic situations.
Color Focus Red - some color art of a brutal tentacle attack on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: A few, color pics of a hot, busty anime girl getting attacked by tentacles.
The Cummoner in Progress - a young sorceress is beset by tentacles on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Excellent 2D, color anime art of a cute, young sorceress who often finds herself the victim of tentacle attacks.
3D, busty anime girl bound by tentacles on Bondanime
Bondanime: Beautiful, busty anime girl has her huge nipples grabbed by tentacles.
Suzanne strangles bikiniclad Julie on AnnesDreamsSuzanne hunts down the evil Julie who is wearing only in a black bikini and strangles her to death in her own kitchen!
Most popular pic on SexyAmazons 3/7/16!! JGreats - Boss Lulu is Dead!
SexyAmazons: Boss Lulu dies naked and spread eagle with bullets in her torso. Beautful 3D art!
Grl8753 violent 3D death fetish art on
Sexyamazons: Beautiful 3D death fetish artwork including amazons, assassins, vampires and other fantasy girls.
Sandstrahlen female combatant art on
Sexyamazons: Great 3D art of combat girls like Su Maru dying in battle.
Gun and Guro on Rule34 female fighters shot with guns and more Anime art of female fighters killed with guns along with other bloody images.
Emergency 3D peril, vampire, female fighting art on PixivPixiv: Good 3D art of girls getting staked or stabbed on Pixiv