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Necrophilia has received a reputation it certainly doesn't deserve as the bottom cellar of fetishes. When it comes down to it - necrophilia is simply a form of BDSM where the subject has given up (her) power entirely. The corpse is given all the attention and is the recipient of all the handling while offering nothing but her body to the necrophile. It is our own fear of death that colors this fetish so harshly. Oftentimes (not always) sleepy fetishists are closet necrophiliacs. Probably the most well known necrophiliac is Vicki matriarch of the Necrobabes websites.
Anne's Dreams
Pay: Violent, erotic horror with atypically gorgeous models like hot, fit blonde; Petra Morgan! Check out fantasy executions, shootings, stabbings, assassinations, amazon combat, death duels and crime dramas.
Body Bags Member Site
Pay: Snuff, Necrophilia, shocking website, DVD downloads Video library, 30G of material!
Body Bags Member SitePay: Snuff, Necrophilia, shocking website, DVD downloads Video library, 30G of material!
Body Bags Member SitePay: Snuff, Necrophilia, shocking website, DVD downloads Video library, 30G of material!
Catharsis Erotica
Pay: Erotic horror, asphyxia, naked combat & more. one video update per day! beta site access only $39.95 for three months!
Cuddly Necrobabes
Pay: Enormous number of online, videos 12 plus movies added each month and free access to 26 hosted sites.
Dead girl arm carry VID: YouTube - A man carries a beautiful, scantily-clad dead girl out of a cave.
Jen is strangled and groped on Mistress Lyns Strangled Girls
Mistress Lyns Strangled Girls: The beautiful Jen is strangled to death and then her boyfriend enjoys her corpse.
Addie Juniper Sexy Fun Time Arcade on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Lots of limp / ragdoll girls, abduction, bondage, catfight, monster sex, superheroines and practically every other fetish on the planet.
Adrina Deadly's PhotosFlickr: Adrina is a crossdresser who enjoys pantyhose and playing dead. Lots of pics of Adrina laying in different death poses, often in pools of blood.
AH Dualism on PixivPixiv: Really good 2D anime art of female corpses, girls strangled, executed, shot, dismembered, stabbed, dissected, decapitation, committing seppeku, For instructions on how to register on Pixiv, click details.
Aishado on ImageshackImageshack: Aishado is an excellent 2D amazon artist - if you poke around in the folder long enough you'll find some of his amazon work.
AlexVID: YouTube - Alex wakes up in a house with corpses and ghosts.
Alex on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Very prolific 3D artist with thousands of pics uploaded. Common theme is a girl shot or stabbed in the torso or head.
AlfhJP: Really vicious anime art including guttings, hangings, beheadings, amputations, girls killing girls, monster sex, cannibalism etc.
AlpineKFree: AlpineK's poser art of girls shot, strangled, hanged or even stuffed in a case. Click on the menu choices on the left.
Alpinek's SlideshowsPhotobucket: Slideshows of Poser-type girls hanged and dead.
alt.hobbies.serial-murderGoogle: A google group for the usenet newsgroup alt.hobbies.serial-murder. A darkly humorous meeting place for serial killers.
alt.hobbies.serial-murderGoogle: A google group for the usenet newsgroup alt.hobbies.serial-murder. A darkly humorous meeting place for serial killers.
alt.hobbies.serial-murderGoogle: A google group for the usenet newsgroup alt.hobbies.serial-murder. A darkly humorous meeting place for serial killers.
Alyssa Milano PathologyVID: Mediafire - From Trulyrough. The clip of the movie "pathology" where they are practicing the autopsy to alyssa milano`s corpse.
Amateur Fetish VideosPPV: All sorts of fetish videos from Renee, Alexis, Tyler, Megan etc. Includes Strangling, Shooting/Stabbing, Necrophilia, Forced Sex, Hanging, Cannibalism.
Amazon Battlegrounds on
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D art of female armies in constant battle.
Amazons, the Game Mod
Article: Peter releases an amazon game mod for Mount and Blade!
America's Next Top Model Cycle 8Flickr: A set of model photos including photos of models pretending to be dead.
Amie's Bad Acting, Faking Her DeathVID: YouTube - A pretty blonde with a pool cue plays dead.
Angelles Flesh StockDeviantart: Hot model who poses often in a bikini - around page 9 or so you'll find hanged, impalement, sharp objects and dead(ly) blue dahlia.
Angelo MuscoFree: An artist creating living sculptures with people - many of which look like bodypiles.
Angels-CorpsFree: Incredibly good, 2D comic art of girls sometimes fighting and always killed.
Annabelle on Dead Sexy ClipsPPV: DeadSexyClips - Annabelle's sexy video clips on Deadsexyclips .com. Includes stabbings, shootings, hangings, stranglings, suffocations and more.
Annabelle's Fantasies on Genre Videos
PPV: GenreVideos - Three stores including ANNABELLE'S CLASSIC: The classic clips with Petra, Sammie etc. ANNES DREAMS: With Eastern Europeans like Ildiko, Orsi etc. BAGGED BABES: Bagged girls from British and Eastern European actresses.
Another Dead HookerVID: YouTube - Hooker is shot in the belly and her body argued over.
Another Dead Hooker Good Version VID: YouTube - Three friends try and hide the body of a dead hooker before everyone arrives for a party.
Apollo Staar DEMOLITION DOLLS My DeathVID: YouTube - Underground film actress and singer in BLOOD DOLL, Yvette stars in this short clip where she slashes herself to death.
Arnold Dinglemeyer: ep. # 5 ~ Mindy diesVID: YouTube - A pretty cheerleader suddenly dies and her tutor decides to dispose of her body.
Art of DarknessFree: A messageboard for artists working on the dark side of erotica. You'll find Herionymous, Nemesis and Apostle1946 producing some cutting edge 3D art that you will find nowhere else.
Artistic-DeathGoogle: A group about the fantasy of women getting snuffed.
Artistic-DeathGoogle: A group about the fantasy of women getting snuffed.
Artistic-DeathGoogle: A group about the fantasy of women getting snuffed.
Au Bonheur Des DamesErotic Illusions Paysite: A French artist using photomanips to create nostalgia scenes including death, drowning and hanging.
Au Bonheur Des DamesErotic Illusions Paysite: A French artist using photomanips to create nostalgia scenes including death, drowning and hanging.
Au Bonheur Des DamesErotic Illusions Paysite: A French artist using photomanips to create nostalgia scenes including death, drowning and hanging.
AunanaJP: All sorts of really nice anime artwork including disassembled girls turned into art, trophies, planters etc. Beheadings, girl corpses, multiple amputations, tentacle attacks, mechanical girls, detachable parts.
Aurc Midian ProductionsFree: Producer of "Silenced"; a movie about a man who cuts out the tongues of women. B&W pics and video of dead women, bondage and killing.
Barely Evil
Pay: An alternative girl site with a teen strange insertions feel. Gothic, punk, rave, E/N, horror, teen, bizarre, weird, and insertions can be found here. Bondage, tattoo, piercing, art, foot, stocking, science fiction, fetish.
Bathroom Experiment with Necrophilia 1VID: YouTube - A guy kills a bound up girl in a bathtub (blocked) and then has sex with her (blocked).
Beautiful Dead WomenFree: Trailer and photos for a movie that includes some beautiful, dead women.
Beautiful dead womenVID: YouTube - Not sure, but I think this is a trailer for "Beautiful Dead Women" which includes several pretty female corpses.
Beautiful jogger abducted and ravished on Forced4SexA beautiful jogger is abducted right off the street. She is knocked out and ravished in a number of interesting way by the abductors and a group of scientists.
Beelzebub on Tumblr.comTumblr: A blog about real dead girls, produced photos, captured video and photo manips. Very bloody.
Beetle on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 2D, color art of girls in pantyhose getting shot and arrow'd.
Beginning Khmer Final Oral Exam Skit: A Murder Mystery! VID: YouTube - A murder mystery involving a beautiful, young Asian girl.
Belly Stab5VID: YouTube - A beautiful girl's corpse is examined finding knife marks in her stomach.
Beneath the SurfaceFree: Homepage for a movie about a guy who succeeds in bringing his dead girlfriend back to life.
Beniopacitys sleepy galleries on ImageFapImagefap: Beniopacitys many galleries of girls mostly naked, passed out and... ready.

Best Part of Waking UpVID: YouTube - A skit about the best part of waking up. Spoof on the old Folgers Commercials.
Best Silk Stalkings Female DeathPay: and CD sales of death scenes from the TV show 'Silk Stalkings'.
Best Silk Stalkings Female DeathPay: and CD sales of death scenes from the TV show 'Silk Stalkings'.
Best Silk Stalkings Female DeathPay: and CD sales of death scenes from the TV show 'Silk Stalkings'.
Bikini Bandits Go To Hell YouTube - Bikini Bandits in coffins raised by death. Fire fight at end.
Bill's New PlayhouseYah: Group specializing in tastefully done, simulated crime scene photo sets.
Bill's PlayhouseCat: A place to order customs of beautiful women playing dead. Lots of very nice samples on site.
Bill's Playhouse on FlickrFlickr: Bill demonstrating his talent of photographing beautiful women in repose.
Billycock TVC Denim Worth Dying For VID: YouTube - Commercial that ends with some hot, dead chicks.
BinetsuJP: A Japanese site displaying some very beautiful French artwork. There is a recurring stocking, high-heels theme - the art includes dead women, bondage, dominatrixes and hot chicks with guns.
Bits and PiecesVID: YouTube - Two guys find a dead girl in their hotel closet and must figure out how to get rid of the body.
BJ WinslowCat: Hollywood and halloween prop rentals and fabrications. Male and female corpses laying on slabs, chopped up, impaled etc.
Black Milk PhotographyDeviantart: Good, artistic photos including several dead women and some cannibalism.
Blades 123 at DeviantArtDeviantArt: Really high quality 3D art of girls dead or knocked out.
BlipmanDeviantart: Excellent photography including many pics of female corpses.
Bloody Black Cat-StockDeviantart: Photos of a hot goth chick, lots of blood, bagging suffocation, angel wings, blasphemy, latex and encasement in plastic.
Bloody CherubDeviantart: Photos and photomanips of girls dead, stabbed, bisected or dying.
Bloody D/F Art on MediafireMediafire: An excellent collection of death fetish art posted in order of artist on Mediafire.
Blue Murder TV on GenreVideos.comPPV: GenreVideos - High quality, mystery action style videos of girls getting stabbed, strangled, shot or killed in some other way.
Bluestone's Silk VideosPay/PPV: Death scenes similar to those found in the 90s TV show, "Silk Stalkings". Beautiful women and good production values.
Bluestone's Silk Videos on Genre VideosPPV: GenreVideos - The Bluestone Silk Videos store features a collection of sexy crime and adventure videos all of which feature beautiful women in deadly situations!
BOBBY PULIDO - permaneces en miVID: YouTube - A music video where a dead girl show up at about 2:30. He kisses her corpse at about 3:20.
BodiesVID: YouTube - A music video where a teen boy wakes up in a house full of teenage male and female corpses.
Body Bag VID: YouTube - A girl dies and has to be picked up and moved around.
Body Bags Member Site
Pay: Snuff, Necrophilia, shocking website, DVD downloads Video library, 30G of material!
Body Worlds - Plastic CorpsesVID: An exhibition of human corpses is offering a new opportunity for life after death that's as easy as filing a simple form.
Bodybag EntertainmentCat: Bringing Hollywood style special effects and makeup to a Haunt near you. Check out the corpses etc on the MySpace page!
Bodybag Entertainment: MySpaceCat: Bringing Hollywood style special effects and makeup to a Haunt near you. Check out the corpses etc!
Bodybag Photography on DeviantartDeviantart: Beautiful, artistic corpse photography!
Bodybags PPV
PPV: Extreme clips of beautiful asian girls in horrible peril! See asphyxiation, torture, beheadings and any of a number of other vicious and brutal scenes!
Boju - Sexy StuffFlickr: Halloween/Horror props including several female corpses.
BorderlineFree: CNB generously hosts a variety of talented snuff/necro/extreme artists and writers!
BorderlineFree: CNB generously hosts a variety of talented snuff/necro/extreme artists and writers!
BorderlineFree: CNB generously hosts a variety of talented snuff/necro/extreme artists and writers!
Botineras capitulo 58 - Parte 5/5 VID: YouTube - Hot, female corpse part way into video.
Bowtie Strangler VID: YouTube - Two girls are strangled over a stuffed pig.
BPKnick's GalleryDeviantart: Bill Powell from Bill's Playhouse shows a collection of girls pretending to be dead.
br41n e4t3rPixiv: 2D art of cannibalism, zombies, necrophilia etc.
Breathless Passion!
Pay: Fantasy breath control including asphyxiation, hanging and choking! Exclusive galleries of 70-100 top quality 17" screen sized photos uploaded every week! Never seen before Extreme Breath Control, Women in Peril photosets, videos and movies!
Breathless Passion!Pay: Fantasy breath control including asphyxiation, hanging and choking! Exclusive galleries of 70-100 top quality 17" screen sized photos uploaded every week! Never seen before Extreme Breath Control, Women in Peril photosets, videos and movies!
Breathless Passion!Pay: Fantasy breath control including asphyxiation, hanging and choking! Exclusive galleries of 70-100 top quality 17" screen sized photos uploaded every week! Never seen before Extreme Breath Control, Women in Peril photosets, videos and movies!
C-S-S-AFree: Celebrity sex stories archive including forced sex, hypnosis, bondage, pregnancy, fisting, snuff, necrophilia, spanking, drugged and femdom.
Cabin 7 (3 of 4)VID: YouTube - A girl falls over a hacked up girl and a girl is hanged.
Cabin 7 (4/4)Vid: Camera pan of lots of dead people.
Cadaver EquisitoVID: MySpace - Bimba, the lead singer of "The Cabriolets", dies during a concert and is given a makeover so the concert can continue.
Cadaver TrailerVID: Asian horror movie with a focus on corpses including the washing of a naked, dead woman.
CanaanPixiv: 2D anime art including girls shot, arrowed and dead.
Cannibalized Photostream 1Flickr: Very nice photography of a beautiful model. This, and the surrounding photos depict what appears to be the remnants of a serial killer's victim.
Car Chase KOVID: SleepFlix - Cute Gils is Ko'd during a car chase and her bf performs CPR.
Cárcel de Mujeres: Octavo y Último Capítulo: VVID: YouTube - Corpse stripped at 1:27.

Carl on G-E-Hentai.orgG-E-Hentai: Excellent 2D Guro art. Girls shot, stabbed, executed.
Cassia CoffinMySpace: Hot, BettyPage looking model for coffin guitar cases.
Catharsis Erotica
Pay: Erotic horror, asphyxia, naked combat & more. one video update per day! beta site access only $39.95 for three months!
Catharsis Erotica on Genre Videos
PPV: GenreVideos - Clips of girls asphyxiated, stabbed, shot, carried, ko'd , chloro'd or necro'd.
Catnap69Deviantart: Good 2D art of female warriors / amazons dead, in combat or taken captive.
Ce22n1 on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Beautiful, scantily-clad dead girls often with a noir setting.
Cerberus Wolf 577Deviantart: Artful photography of beautiful girls playing dead.
Chabru Photography - stock photos on DeviantartDeviantart: Stock photos of a girl being strangled and her corpse.
Chainsaw SallyFree: Hot, chainsaw wielding, convention chick who seems to enjoy slicing up both genders.
Champions of Life - 102 - Dead HookerVID: YouTube - The gang's plans for a perfect Wednesday are foiled by an unexpected visitor.
Charlie Kills A HookerVID: YouTube - Charlie accidentally kills a hooker and needs a shovel.
Chick Choked Unconscious by RandyVID: Sleepflix - Hot brunette strangled into unconscious by Randy.
ChopshopVID: YouTube - Hot girl shot in white tank top.
Chris Corner Films on YahooYah: Yahoo group for the erotic horror production company "Chris Corner Films". Strangling, necro, shooting, neck break, throat slice etc. No activity at the time of this listing.
Christina Ricci on a slabGal: From the Mr Skin site. A beautiful, naked Christiina Ricci dead on a slab.
CinemorgueFree: Kind of an IMDB of death scenes where actresses are catalogued with descriptions of all their death scenes.
Class AssignmentsFlickr: A set from "Tiny Dancer" including some beautifully shot corpse scenes.
Cleaner 82Imageshack: Beautiful 2D and some 3D art of spygirls and ninja girls in action! Shootings, stabbings, stranglings, catfights, dead girls.
Clip for Salesman of DeathVID: YouTube - 11 sec clip where a girl poses prone with a dagger in her throat.
CNB Videos on ShockFlix
ShockFlix: Cuddly Necrobabes' videos on Shockflix. Just type in
Coffin CaseMySpace: Guitar cases that look like coffins and the hot chicks that promote them.
Coffin CasesCat: Guitar cases that look like coffins and the hot chicks that promote them.
Coffin DraggersMySpace: Coffin Draggers: Pretty girls make pretty corpses! (Not much necro content - maybe some later.)
Coffin GirlVID: YouTube - An attractive girl measures and tries out a coffin.
Coffin Girl on ShockFlixVID: ShockFlix - A pretty girl is fitted for and lies inside a coffin.
Coffin GirlsMySpace: A MySpace page displaying the modeling talents of the Coffin Girls - Girls who model Coffin-like guitar cases.
Confani FunebriCat: Italian coffin sales company which uses bikini clad women as models. (Not in the coffins.)
Confessions of a Necrophiliac (Dead Women)VID: YouTube - Video for Troy Lukkarila's song. A guy dressed as a clown messes with a dead chick.
Corpo - Trailer em PortuguêsVID: YouTube - A Portugese movie that includes several shots of a naked, female corpse.
Corpse SwallowingVID: CSI type scene where the actress playing the corpse swallows.
Cosi Dolce...Cosi PerversaVID: Mediafire - Originally from s8bv3rsiv3. Erika Blanc is shot in the head - not much shown.
Costumed and ClobberedYah: Superheroines killed in a wide variety of ways including disintegration, blasting, shooting etc. Mostly corpses.
Crazy XXX 3D World
Pay: Over 100,000 cool 3D pics, movies and stories. Nothing is impossible in the 3D world - attacked by a vampiress, straight sex, horrifying BDSM, satanic snuff rituals, alien sex, necrophilia, transformation.
Crazy XXX 3D World

Crime SceneFlickr: 2 3D, second-life, female corpses in a crime scene.
Crime Scene Contest on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Popular contest about dead girls in crime scenes.
Crime Scene Girl on DreamstimeDreamstime Stockphotos: Pics found using the tags "crime scene girl".
Crime WaveVID: YouTube - A humorous short where detectives kneel near the corpse of a beautiful woman and take turns waving their hands in front of her face getting stranger and stranger results.
Crimes Scenes set on FlickrFlickr: 3 female corpse photos for a game called "Who Dun it?"
CSI 0001VID: YouTube - Amateur movie of some girls looking over the corpse of a hot, stabbed girl.
CSI ShootFlickr: A set of photos depicting a crime scene. A pretty girl in fishnets has been shot.
CSI ShootFlickr: A faux crime scene photoshoot.
CSI-54: Dress CodeVID: YouTube - A beautiful girl playing dead in business casual.
CSI-59: Cords around my neckVID: YouTube - A beautiful girl in black stockings dies with a cord around her throat and her body is showcased.
CSI-60: Smoking kills youVID: YouTube - Hot girl in a short skirt chokes to death on a cigarette and dies. Her corpse is showcased.
CSI-68: Bloody BurglaryVID: YouTube - A beautiful girl in a short, red dress is shot in the head and her body showcased.
CSI: Photography UnitVID: YouTube - A pretty, dead girl is photographed by a couple crime photographers.
CSI:Dead Stripper In Warrick's CarVID: YouTube - Dead Stripper In Warrick's Car.
Cute Dead GuysFree: Largest gay necrophilia community on the internet. Gay necrophilia community, real dead bodies, torture, gore videos. Lots of true 'Faces of Death' style gore as well.
Dan NecrophiliacVID: YouTube - A pretty redhead has sex with a corpse.
Dark Fantasies: PrePaidClipsPPV: PrePaidClips - Shelby's videos of beautiful girls in combat, getting strangled, stabbed, shot, sacrificed and their bodies handled.

Dark Fantasy Of Pelias The SorcererFree: Necrophilia hentai art (anime/manga pics) drawn by the site's author. Amazon babes, sword & sorcery mostly.
Dark Play
Pay: The site for real hardcore, goth, lesbian, BDSM erotica! Includes spanking, bondage and even some breathplay!
Darksites Messageboard
Forum: Upgraded and unlocked the darksites messageboard mirrors its posts to
David Prince's Peril CityMediafire: David Prince's videos and photos about Satanik and Detective Magazines. Includes drowning, stabbing, strangling, electrocuting, bagging, hanging, smothering, body finding.
DaylightVID: YouTube - An amateur stalker/killer horror movie.
Dead BeautyVID: YouTube - creating an effect of a dead model by Dani from the Body of Art.
Dead Bistra's PhotosFlickr: Some pics of a beautiful model who enjoys playing dead.
Dead Celebs on TwitterDeadSkirts: A forum post by Big O showing the beautiful female celebrities playing dead for a charity.
Dead DateVID: YouTube - A "Blind Date" parody where a man dates a dead girl.
Dead Girl 132VID: YouTube - Laura kills susan. susan is found dead by her two only friends ray and dan. then the detectives, ray and dan, search for her killer.
Dead Girl 2033VID: Shockflix - Pretty girl found dead in an apartment on a crime show.
Dead Girl Me on DeviantartDeviantart: A group focused on beauty in repose.
Dead Girl on TumblrTumblr: Dead Girl tag on Tumblr. Lots of nice pics!
Dead girl photo seriesFree: A set of free photos of girls pretending to be dead.
Dead Girl Stock PhotosCat: Dozens of dead girl stock photos on
DEAD GIRL TALKINGVID: YouTube - Chilling Anti Drug Drive Video - Road Safety Campaign.
Dead Girlfriend VID: YouTube - The love of your life died before you could do all those things you always wanted to do. You still have a few days before she gets too stinky... so get on it!
Dead Girls on 123rf.com123rf: Great stock photos of dead girls on
Dead Guy's CinemaPay: Horror, thriller, action and suspense films invoving men getting croaked.
Dead Guy's CinemaCat: Horror, thriller, action and suspense films invoving men getting croaked.
Dead Hooker DisposalVID: A service for getting rid of your dead prostitute.
Dead Hooker in a TrunkVID: YouTube - A pretty, blonde, dead hooker in a trunk.
Dead Hooker in the Trunk VID: YouTube - From a comedy. Car salesman discovers a dead hooker in every trunk.
Dead Hooker Removal ServiceVID: YouTube - Commercial for a Dead Hooker Removal Service.
Dead Hooker Theater - Secret Pants sketch comedyVID: YouTube - Hello again, and welcome to Dead Hooker Theater; classic plays performed entirely by dead hookers. Join us.
Dead Hooker Theater The Glass MenagerieVID: YouTube - The Glass Menagerie acted by a bunch of manipulated dead hookers.
Dead HookersVID: YouTube - Dead hookers in the trunks of Cadillacs from "Dirty Work".
Dead Hookers on
SexyAmazons: Contest focusing on dead gangmembers from 'Hooker Wars'.
Dead in...Flickr: Photos of yourself pretending to be dead in interesting and varied locations and scenarios.
Dead On CollectionFlickr: About people and/or animals posing dead either for survival, sport, or because they have nothing else better to do. Several vore pics.
Dead ProstituteVID: YouTUbe - Fun with dead prostitutes.
Dead Prostitute in my TrunkVID: YouTube - A rap about killing and storing hookers in your trunk. Hot, busty girls!
Dead Sexy Art Of MontyhackPPV: Deadly perils for sexy airheaded women..! Diabolical experiments, torture, hangings, decapitations, murder, corpse reanimation, cloning, necrophilia, and more!
Dead Sexy ClipsWeb: A place to buy clips from places like AnnesDreams, Agasversus, SGA, Sophie, Bagged Babes and more using Bitcoins and Kinky Cash.
Dead Sexy WomenDarkFetishNet: Necrophilia group especially related to morgue themes (photos, discussions, etc)
Dead TrixieFree: A beautiful blonde poses as a corpse who has died in a wide variety of ways. A HUGE number of photos!
Dead Trixie Photo GalleryPBase: Several photos of Dead Trixie who dies in a variety of interesting ways.
Dead WifeVID: YouTube - A mix up in the morgue on the Scrubs set. Nice ending!
Dead WomanVid: YouTube - A beautiful woman pretends to be dead on what look to be the courthouse steps.
Dead Woman Found in ForestVID: ShockFlix - Clip from German TV Series. Two idiots come across a strangled woman in forest.
Dead Woman Found in StreetVID: ShockFlix - Dead woman found on street
Deadgerl on DeviantArt.comDeviantArt: A beautiful woman who likes to create horror themes like crime scenes.
Deadly Friend: Sam DiesVID: YouTube - Sam runs to attack a cop and he shoots her, Paul catches her and she dies in his arms.
Dear MurdererVID: Youku - Hot girl strangled in elevator and then disposed of.
Death Becomes HerFree: A terrific, illustrated magazine article all about death fetish and necrophilia.
Death by PhotoshopFlickr: Death scenes done with photoshop.
Death by SwordVID: YouTube - A beautiful, asian girl playing dead while holding the blade of a sword to her stomach.
Death Fetish ManipulationsFree: English and Spanish language forum featuring the owner's photomanips of badgirls getting killed.
DEATH FETISH: Necrophilia1 Video, 3 Sites
Death of BeckyVID: YouTube - A video starting with one female corpse and ending with 3 female corpses.

Death of ChristinaVID: YouTube - A pretty girl throws herself off a five foot wall and pretends to die.
Death Row Girls ExecutionVID: Mediafire - Originally from s8bv3rsiv3. Japanese prisoner is publically executed after a failed escape attempt in Death Row Girls.
Death Scene 1VID: YouTube - A couple cute girls take turns playing dead and reacting.
Death Women GroupDeathFetishNet: A group about female corpses.
Death, Murder and Excuses to Use BloodFlickr: Photos of a girl dead or in peril.
Deaths of Beautiful WomenVid: YouTube - Giallo like video where a beautiful girl is chased by a killer while flashing on the bodies of dead girls.
Decollate1 on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Manips and photos of beautiful women dead, decapitated and often their heads on pikes.
Devon James Fetish FreaksClips4Sale: What appear to be strangling and necrophilia fetish clips.
Dina in the corpse frige on the set of CSI MiamiVID: YouTube - During our set tour, we did a little role playing in the autopsy room! Fun times!
Distorted AffectionJP: Mostly BBS - anime girls hacked up, dead, multiple amputations, impaled etc.
Disturbing the Dead on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Four pages of good 2D art including necrophilia, monster sex, extreme sex and miscellaneous crazy sex.
DolcettishFree: IlPollaio's erotic horror community including the works of several well known artist like nDolfine, Le Chat, Sax, Blade Grinder and Drawing Blood! Expect execution, torture, debreasting, hanging, strangling, beheading and virtually anything!
Don't Touch My JeansVID: From a jeans commercial, a dead girl objects to a coroner touching her jeans.
Double HomicideVID: Slideshow of a girl playing a corpse in a variety of scenes.
DPSleepy's Favorites on DeviantartDeviantart: Pics of girls in repose, playing dead, crime scenes, knock-outs, sleepy.
DrAcVID: YouTube - A guy dragging around and handling a hot, dead girl.
Drakken PhotographyFree: Very alternative, gothic photography. Hot, gothic chicks sometimes portrayed (usually in latex) as vampires, ghouls, witches and corpses.
Dressing Her For Her FuneralVID: YouTube - A beautiful woman is dressed for a funeral.
Dynamo is Chloroformed by Peepers on ShockFlixVID: ShockFlix - The beautiful Dynamo is chloro'd by the evil peepers.
Egoistic galleryDeviantart: A beautiful, goth, French woman's photos. Includes a couple dead/dying photos.
El Cid on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: An amazing 3D artist whose subject matter is certainly dark and dangerous.
El Tango de la Muerte VID: YouTube - Long mortuarium analogy.
Elf Meat 2VID: A dead elfgirl getting her head cooked in a brazier.
Ella era Maribel AlfonsoFree: A beautiful woman killed in Columbia.
Eradicate ProductionsWeb: A production company creating a wide variety of erotic horror customs including asphyxiation, shooting, necro and cannibalism.
Erotic NightmaresPPV: Nicheclips - Videos of female corpses screwed, strangled, hanging, cut throat, gunshots, forced sex, bondage and some very bloody scenes.
Erotic SuperheroinesPPV: By Risque Renee, Alex and company - Beautiful superheroines involved in f/f, catfight, humiliation, kryptonite, medical fetish, mind control, necro, smoking, sprain, tickling, unmasking, wet and messy.
Estate Kieta NinaYahoo: Spanish language group about sleepy, unconscious and dead girls.
Evil Femme FatalesVideo clips of deadly women killing women and men. catagorized and thmbnailed, over 500 clips with weekly updates.
Evil Women MoviesPPV: Online movies of beautiful, vicious, supernatural girls on murderous rampages. Vampiresses and a possesed chick take the lives of those around them.
Expecting Everyday from G.E-Hentai.orgG.e-hentai: Pretty extreme 2D hentai of girls getting abducted, ravished, and then later, their corpses ravished.
ExtremaYah: Brazilian Group about everything bizarre - sick porn, BDSM, Death, Rape fantasies, executions.
Fantasy MpegsPay: Slaymate's Mpeg member site including shooting, stabbing, strangling, hanging, body handling etc.
Fatal Fetish SketchingGoogle: Dedicated to providing a spot where artists and non-artists alike can sketch (10 min or less) renditions of a variety of fetishes and fantasies on the "death" theme. Vore, Cannibalim, Crushing, Quicksand, Electrocution, etc...
Femal Fattalfantasy on FacebookFacebook: Page - Profile with a number of dead girl pics.
Female death videos on TU.TVTu.Tv: 1000s of female death videos.
Female Meat MarketFree: Worlds of Mukil. New, cannibal, vore and death fetish forum!
Femme FatalatiesPay: A "movie review" site where members can view video clips from movies (horror, mainstream, original) of women killed in a variety of ways.
Femme Fatalities ForumFree: A death fetish forum featuring Bluestone and G-Man.
FemmegorePay: Female Death Scenes from Movies & T.V. Over 190 titles to date with video clips and stills!
Fetish Art GalleryJP: Fetish anime artwork including a pretty violent Guro section full of blood and death.
Fetish Fainting on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Limp girls played with and ravished.
Fetish NoirFlickr: Fetish Images: Gasmasks, bloodplay, gore, erotic asphyxiation, images of violent and bizarre fixations.
Fetish Pleasure Blog
Blog: The blog for including some great preview pics.
Fetnoir Forum
Forum: Messageboard by Kelly addressing the adult death fetish community.
Fifi Forever Twentieth Century FoxVID: YouTube - A dead or unconscious girl is picked up and carried.
Forbidden OrchidMySpace: A girl, calling herself the first Horror Whore, shows her enjoyment for gore and slasher flicks.
ForseenVID: YouTube - A short film that begins with a girl's corpse, her head covered with blood. It ends with another girl lying dead in the same way.
Fotolia Keywords: Crime, Dead, GirlFotolia: An astonishing number of pics of dead girls on a European Stockphoto style site: Fotolia.
Foul play can really get a small town goingFlickr: A photoset including a couple female corpses at the beginning.

Four Rooms - Dead Whore SceneVID: YouTube - Two kids find a dead hooker under a bed.
Frank28NE on DeviantArtDeviantart: Photographer who takes pics of mock crime scene photos.
Fright Flix ProductionsFree: The official website of the NC-17 rated 35mm slasher film "Murder-Set-Pieces".
Frodo's Movie Clips: El Asesino etcMediafire: A bunch of video clips of female death scenes including stabbings, shootings, a hanging and a crucifixion. Click on DETAILS.
Frodo's Original ArtworkMediafire: Original 2D artwork by Frodo including girls shot up or arrowed and an amazon combat pic.
Gabrielle's Crush Fantasy WorldPPV: Clips4Sale - Gabrielle is a supergorgeous, slender blonde model whose work includes striptease, abduction, bondage, spanking, femdom, giantess, foot worship, tickled AND found in the tub... DEAD!
Gay Snuff And Vore ForumFree: A forum for lovers of gay snuff, vore, cannibalism, pain, torture and death of all kinds.
Giallo Death SceneVID: Hot blonde is strangled.
Gipsy Girls AdventuresFree: A messageboard about girls knocked-out or killed and their clothing stolen - usually by spies or saboteurs. Copious art by Esercito Sconfitto.
Girls and CorpsesFree: A light-hearted look at gorgeous girls in bikinis cuddling with rotting corpses.
Girls Electrocuted on 2034VID: ShockFlix - Two hot girls are knocked down, maybe electrocuted, with stun batons.
GMLocke CrimescenesPay: Site selling pics of girls pretending to be dead. Thumbs are tiny.
Gorenographer's Crime Scene PhotosFlickr: Some b&w crime scene photos by gorenographer.
Gory PreviewsFree: Trailers and clips containing intense scenes of violence, horror and gore.
Gothic Film ProductionsYah: A place to chat about vampire, alien, realdoll movies and videos.
Gothic Sluts Gallery - 42
Pay: A very pale gothic chick is covered in blood!
Gravedancer's VideosMediafire: German language dead and dying woman videos including Der Alte, Der Kommissar, Die Cleveren, Siska and Tatort.
Grim GirlsFree: Pics of cute girls posing in and out of hearses - a couple in coffins.
Grindhouse HorrorPay: Videos of girls knocked out or killed and often taken advantage of. Lots of carrying and handling.
Gruesome HorrorCat: DVDs of imported Japanese horror including strangulation, crucifixion, stabbing, mutilation, hanging, forced sex. Tons of DVDs to choose from.
Gruesome Horror ProductionsPPV: PrePaidClips - Videos of women being tortured and killed in various ways including electrocution, strangling, stabbing, shooting.
GruntFilm: PrePaidClipsPPV: PrePaidClips - Hollywood quality death fetish erotica, featuring PPV and custom videos. Updated three times per week. Wide variety of exciting content! Includes shootings, bondage, electrocution, slit throat, corpse handling, bagging - much more.
Gurocollective group on DeviantartDeviantart: A place for anything that combines the gory, macabre, frightening or morbid with the sensual, aesthetic, romantic and erotic.
GuromangaJP: Lots and lots of anime guro, gore, horror comics. Violence, evil and death.
Head Sick PinupsPay: All about erotic-horror. Taking beautiful girls, adding a touch of gore and some old school horror feel.
Hematophile on TumblrTumblr: Very bloody, violent, artistic pics of girls and blood.
Hoodoo For Voodoo - New Horror Comedy Film TrailerVID: YouTube - Female corpse at about :50. When a group of college kids win a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, they soon find themselves on a roller coaster ride of survival as bodies drop left and right.
Hooker IncidentVID: YouTube - A loser comes home to find a hooker dead on his floor.
Hortus NecisFree: Tasteful death. A German language site with black and white artistic photography of dead and dying girls.
Hosiery & Death Fantasy GroupFree: For women who fantasize dying (in any way) wearing any kind of hosiery and men who fantasize women dying while wearing any kind of hosiery.
Hot Girl StripsVID: Girl gets stabbed in back.
House SitterVID: DailyMotion - A sexy young girl battles one hell of a hungry cannibal in this original!
How To Dispose of A Dead Prostitute VID: YouTube - A video about how to dispose of a dead hooker.
How To: Hide a Dead HookerUncyclopedia: A comical article on how to hide a dead hooker.
Huh on Pixiv.netPixiv: Good 2D art with some art of girls getting torn apart.
Human Animal HunterTumblr: A tumblr of girls dead, caught, prepared for food, tortured etc.
Hunt for Agent X3VID: YouTbeVID: YouTube - Created by lionhead films using "The Movies". A beautiful blonde agent terminates a squad of scantily-clad, female troops.
Hypno Hotties and Limp Fetish on Clips4Sale
PPV: C4S - Videos of girls limp, KOd, mind controlled, hypnotized.
Hypnotized and Limp Hotties on TumblrTumblr: Beautiful women either hypnotized, limp, asleep, KO'd from Hypnotized Hotties.
I Know What You Did Last Fall RetreatVID: YouTube - What happens when dodge ball gets old.. a fork killer murders several students. 3 attractive corpses are discovered by an exploring couple.
Icewing on ImageshackImageshack: Icewings photomanips and art of women shot.
IcySleepForum: A Chinese messageboard about the female in repose... dead.
Il PollaioFree: Terrific Death Fetish messageboard including 3D, Photomanips and original art of strangling, hanging, stabbings, shootings, decapitation, humiliation, amazon combat, torture and real death photos.
Il Pollaio!Pay: High quality Slasher/Snuff, Cannibal, Execution/Torture art by MA, Dolcett, Fumetti and more!
Izima KarouFree: This link will take you to the "Von Lintel Gallery". Click on Artists and then on "Izima Karou". Here you will find some gorgeous photographic works of art by a talanted Japanese photographer, often including dead women. (thank
Jami Deadly: MySpaceMySpace: Hot pinup/fetish model, Marilyn Monroe impersonator, burlesque dancer and horror host of her own TV Show "Deadly Cinema".
Jana ChloroformedVID: ShockFlix - Hot blonde with large breasts get chloroformed by a couple agents.
Jayp's Profile on ImagefapImageFap; Pics of women strangled, screwed after death, hanged or drowned.
Jekyll + Hyde Morgue sceneVID: YouTube - Scene from Jeckyl & Hyde where a beautiful female corpse is examined by 4 friends.
Jess Angel 2003Deviantart: Gorgeous, blonde nude/bikini model - several pics where she is bodypainted as a statue. A few pics of her in bondage, dead and as a horror femme.

Jessica Angell's deathVID: YouTube - Hot girl shot in the belly, worked on in the operating room and her corpse attended to.
JMazell on DeviantartDeviantArt: Beautiful blonde girl doing a lot of macabre and magic requests including dead, strangled, hacked up, beheaded etc.
Joanne Is Choked Unconscious by Marc LaimonVID: Sleepflix - A pretty girl is choked by a wrestler until she's momentarily unconscious.
John Marshall ProductionsFree: Production company specializing in horror, gore and sleaze with an emphasis on slasher flicks. John's movies depend heavily on tension, suspense, horror, violence and of utmost importance -- hot, nubile girls!
John's RetrofunFree: Photo retouches. Galleries and picture stories about snuff, torture, cannibalism, etc.
Joy & Liv Cradle Carried VID: YouTube - Two beautiful girls - who look dead - cradle carried.
Kellli's Killer KornerFree: A blog from the beautiful, redheaded necrochick, Kelli.
Kelly Ciclone-01.3gpVID: YouTube - REAL VIDEO of a dead, Brazilian girl.
Kill ScenesVID: YouTube - Amateur film where a guy runs up behind girls, cuts their throats, they die instantly and he carries their corpses away.
Killpapa on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: High quality, violent 3D art.
Kisirian on MediafireMediafire: A lot of art from the creator of 'Gore, Gore Masks".
Kiss and DeathVID: YouTube - A girl is strangled, stabbed and then her corpse folded into a suitcase.
Kiyomi's BlogJP: A blog maintained by the creator of Kiyomi's nightmares. Some nice killing and corpses pics from games and movies.
Kung Fu Vampire....Dead Girls Dont Say No VID: YouTube - Several nice scenes of female corpses.
L'assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora (1975) Trailer HQ VID: YouTube - A trailer including a stabbing and a strangling.
La Casa de Al Lado Muerte de Ignacia CondeVID:YouTube - A pretty girl is shot and her mortally wounded body found and cradled while she dies.
Lady Gaga - Telephone (Official Explicit Version) ft. BeyoncéVID: YouTube - Music video by Lady Gaga performing Telephone. (C) 2010 Interscope Records. Poison and corpses.
Lady is Down GroupDeviantArt: Group about girls who are dead or knocked out.
Lair-of-horrors.comPay: Cannibal, peril, snuff artwork from top artists in the fields!
Larafairie's Deviantart galleryDeviantart: Beautiful, artful photography with several "crime scene" photos.
Lascivious: Lingeire to Kill For - The DollFree: A Doll kills a model and takes her lingerie.
Last Supper TrailerVID: YouTube - Trailer for the Japanese film, directed by Osamu Fukutani, based on the novel by Kei Oshishi. A serial killer murders beautiful girls and prepares their meat as food - eventually to the delight of an audience.
Le Necrophile' (Part 1/4) VID: YouTube - Part 1 of a movie focused on one man's necrophiliac obsession.
Le Necrophile' (Part 2/4) VID: YouTube - Part 2 of a movie focused on one man's necrophiliac obsession.
Le Necrophile' (Part 3/4)VID: YouTube - Part 3 of a movie focused on one man's necrophiliac obsession.
Le Necrophile' (Part 4/4) VID: YouTube - Part 4 of a movie focused on one man's necrophiliac obsession.
Leckmeam on DeviantArtVID: YouTube - Some really terrific photos of dead girls including some hangings.
Lesther 2011 on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Prolific 2D artist focused on agents killing uniformed guards, sentries and nurses. Guns, knives, asphyxiation and neck breaks.
Lesther 2011 on
SexyAmazons: Prolific 2D artist focused on agents killing uniformed guards, sentries and nurses. Guns, knives, asphyxiation and neck breaks.
Lethal LillithYah: Celebrating the female destroyer. Includes actual livestock, corpses, bondage, cannibals, femdom indoctrination, nazis, strapons, femdom punishment, facesitting, enslavement.
Lifeguard: The Horror MovieVID: YouTube - Slasher short includes a dead, bikini-clad teen stabbed in the belly with scissors.
Limp Forced Photoshoot
Update: Miss Brat Productions - A beautiful woman is renedered limp by a masked criminal who then strips, poses and photographs her naked, limp body.
Limp Play on Clips4Sale!PPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful girls playing limp in a variety of scenarios. Ragdolling, carried, dragged etc.
Limp Play with Livia on Kinkbomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Livia, still out of it after a long restless night, her boyfriend, Jack, decides to play with her limp body!
LiquidatorVID: YouTube - A girl shot by a sniper.
Living or Dead on TumblrTumblr: Beautiful women who are either pretending to be dead or alive but asleep.
Lo SchlertoPay: The largest collection of original '70s fumetti scans ever posted! These brutal Italian comics deal with erotic horror, death, torture, blood, beheadings, stabbings, murder, betrayal and all other forms of random violence!
Love ChelseaFree: Beautiful model who does hypnosis, sleepy snuff/necro video tapes.
Lugar Lang - Short FilmVID: YouTube - A pair of guys operating a shuttle discover, to their horror, that one of their passengers is a female corpse! Handling and moving.
LureVID: YouTube - Horror movie with some pretty, female victims.
Maccyknife on DeviantartDeviantart: Nice photos of dead, beautiful women.
Macey Jade on Clips4SaleClips4Sale: A girl is startled and plays dead.
Making of Extreme Drowning Slasher Scene BeastVID: An actress in a bikini and belly wound plays dead while being carried out of the water.
Marshman Media on DeadSexyClipsPPV: DeadSexyClips - A production company specializing in erotic horror like strangling, shooting, necro and more.
Martin ArmandFree: Theatrical make-up artist includes his work creating a couple female corpses. Lots of airbrush body art pics.
May You Rest In PeaceVID: YouTube - Beautiful women in caskets.
Mayhem - Dead Hooker in a TrunkVID: YouTube - A trailer about a 'dead hooker in a trunk' movie.
MaylahDeviantart: The first couple galleries include a drowning, strangling, torture, electrocution, death and a beating.
McQuade's art from HeartbreakerMediafire: A collection of McQuade's dead/dying girl art collected by Heartbreaker.
meeX on PixivPixiv: Very busty anime mermaids bound and/or on crosses. enormous tits tortured with spears, hooks and fire.

Mel washed up the beachVID: YouTube - A pretty blonde washed up on the beach.
Mel's PicsFree: A mediafire site with photos of a hot girl stabbed in the stomach and shot in the belly.
Melanie PullenFree: High fashion crime scenes! Hot models posing as corpses!
Mercurial: Naked, Dead WomenFree: A discussion of painting of the mutilated body of a dead woman.
Midian AD The Baxter Ave MorgueFree: Art of R Midian Muir including several dead girls.
Midnight LadiesJP: Anime art. Click on 18 then the 3rd, 4th, 5th and last menu items. Includes ninja girls, amazons, vampiresses (few), superheroines stabbed, shot or knocked-out, Also bondage, bodypiles, latex.
Misc Executions on Life of DebaucheryLife of Debauchery: Photos and art of girls executed or the aftermath of execution.
Mistress PersephoneYah: The Dark, Twisted Mistress with cannibal/femdom/vampire fantasies.
Mistress Persephone Pictures ClubYah: Fetish Queen of Corsets, Latex, Necro, Cannibalism.
Mon Petite SuicideFlickr: A photoset dealing with dead or goth looking girls.
Monsieur Paul on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 2D art of KOd and sleeping women.
MorgasmeGoogle: A group about sleepy, necro, feet and more.
Morgue Contest on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: A popular contest on Sexyamazons where the theme is dead women.
Mr X on
SexyAmazons: Talented 2D artist with a penchant for nubile henchwomen getting killed. Usually with some handling.
MurderFlickr: Photos of people pretending to be dead against drawn backgrounds.
My Dead Girlfriend- trailerVID: YouTube - trailer for the newly released movie MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND available from Includes handling of scantily-clad female corpse.
Mystery DeathVID: YouTube - A girl plays a corpse for an interactive mystery solving video.
Nasty monster spiders VID: BondAnime - Scared anime girl gets trapped in a nasty monster spiders arms and gets fucked hard. Also, a dead, naked girl with a stab wound in her back? Was she the spider and morphed back into a girl after stabbed by the guy?
Natural Born KillersPPV: PrePaidClips - Video clip of a girl being bound, dunked, drowned & fucked.
Necro Fantasy on FetlifeFetlife: Non necrophilia (due to new Fetllife TOU) discussion of death erotica.
Necro VideosCat: Love Chelsea/Risque Renee's necro/snuff/asphyx videos, cd-roms and cusom requests.
NecrophilesGoogle: For people who enjoy the topic of necrophilia.
NecrophiliaFlickr: Some pics of girls pretending to be dead amidst photos of cemetaries and animal carcasses.
NecrophiliaVID: YouTube - A killer hunts a girl, stabs her and then drags her into another room.
Necrophilia on FaceBookFaceBook: Open Group - A group about corpses with some interesting pics!
Necrophilia on MotherlessMotherless: A collection of videos focused on Necrophilia.
Necrophilia on TumblrTumblr: Necrophilia tag on Tumblr
Necrophilia VariationsCat: Supervert's book about death, desire and deviance. Read sample chapters of this literary monograph on the erotic attraction to corpses or order your copy now!
Necrophiliac Dating GameVID: Animated short where a necrophiliac must choose between 3 dead chicks.
Necrophiliac Love Story Part 1 of 2VID: YouTube - A nice, playful story of necrophilia.
Necrophiliac Love Story Part 2 of 2VID: YouTube - A nice, playful story of necrophilia.
Necrophiliac's Hearse: MySpaceMySpace: An interesting band with songs like "Dead Girl Pussy" and "Dead in my Bed". Their MySpace page includes pics of girls pretending to be dead and the band has even sponsored hot, dead girl contests!
Necroporn's PPV Store: PrePaidClipsPPV: PrePaidClips - Known mostly for corpse handling - necroporn also features stabbings, stranglings and more kinds of death.
Nene's SuicideFree: Interactive cartoon suicide including seppeku, bullet, poison and hanging.
Nightvision Nina RichardsonVID: Mediafire - Originally from s8bv3rsiv3. Nina Richardson brilliantly tries to escape a van by running down the center of the road. She is then captured, her bra cut off and is later shown shot in the head.
Ninja 3 Domination part 1VID: YouTube - A ninja kills a bunch of people including a pretty blonde.
NRGwomen Dark Video StorePPV: PrePaidClips - Video clips of women vampirized, strangled, forced, hanged, injected, knocked-out, sleep sex, prepared as food, necro'd, bagged, carried, shot, chloro'd etc.
Nude Dead Women 2008Free: A photographic work showing the vulnerability of women.
NutbagFree: "Nutbag" is the horrifying story of a man who murders without provocation. The depraved killer stalks Las Vegas killing young women at random. Enter the mind of a psychopath. Feel his pain. Follow him and watch the blood flo
Oblivion MurderVID: YouTube - A girl getting killed and then stripped in the game Oblivion.
Odin on
SexyAmazons: Excellent 3D art including hanging, strangling, superheroines, necrophilia.
OGF's HeadquartersFree: A collection of links to a variety of death fetish sites and messageboards.
One Night StandVID: YouTube - Photoshop of a fictional female crime victim.
Oreo 12Deviantart: Gorgeous photography of dead, dying or bloody people. Lots of corpses, some strangling, stabbing, shootings... awesome gallery.
Paris Hilton Autopsy VideoVID: YouTube - A clip showing a man removing plastic entrails from a sculpture of a naked Paris Hilton.
Pelias the Sorcerer: DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D anime art. Lots of dead girls, some amazons, some bondage, some necro.
Peril City Movie ClipsMediafire: Many ZFX clips including a lot of strangling and body handling.
Perilcomics.comPPV: Pay per issue site. no memberships! quality comics! freebies! vore! slasher! necro!
Perilous ThoughtsFree: A portal to a vast and darkly disturbing world, home to the art and fiction of Minos and his loyal minions. Beyond these gates you will discover unspeakable horrors, a world where beautiful victims come to endure agonizing diabolical tortures.
Pesado - Ojala que te mueras (Video Oficial)VID: YouTube - Found by Valeria. A man drives a car while his passenger, a beautiful woman with a gunshot wound to her left breast, bleeds to death.

PETA at PamplonaFree: A bunch of protesters playing dead in Spain.
Phoebe Forrester post mortemVID: YouTube - Ridge and Steffie decides to see the body of their beloved Phoebe. Bridget also examines the body in shock.
Phoenix Point - Official MovieVID: YouTube - Violent movie including some weird bloodless killings, a bit of necro and some cannibalism.
Photo Rough Cuts: Littlest Monster and Crafty DeeFlickr: A photoset where two girls play dead several times and at one point Dee is strangled by Littlest Monster.
Photoshop corpse effectVID: This video demonstrates one way to turn a perfectly good model photo into something you may see on CSI.
Picturenoir art posted by LucigenMediafire: High quality manips of girls clad usually in latex wielding weapons. Several girls dead by the hands of female assassins.
Pinguino AsesinoVID: YouTube - An amateur actress is murdered by a penguin.
Pixelator on RenderoticaRenderotica: The talented 'SpaceBabes' on Renderotica. Includes girls in spacesuits, bodypiles, tentacle attacks, superheroines, hanging and strangling.
Pkf Studios ForumForum: Discuss pkf studios, purchase movies, etc.
Pkf Studios ForumForum: Discuss pkf studios, purchase movies, etc.
PKF Studios!
Cat: Erotic horror movies! Beautiful women encountering pure horror and dying in a wide variety of ways.
PKF's Post Mortem on GenreVideos
GenreVideos: Fantasy post mortem videos from PKF Studios.
PKFStudios on
PPV: GenreVideos - Clips of girls stabbed, shot, strangled, executed, corpses handled.
PlanetDomFree: 3D art of enormous breasted girls being hanged. Sometimes with huge muscles as well.
Playing DeadFlickr: Group - You like the nice thrill of lay down and pretend to be dead? Just lay down and make a photo! If you ever did so in photos, then you are welcome to post your playing dead photo in the group!
Ponitar on
Sexyamazons: Extremely talented 3D artist whose pics usually depict large, nubile bodypiles and fatal amazon combat.
Poor Arthur Episode One (Part 1)VID: YouTube - An amateur comedy beginning with Arthur discovering a hooker in his trunk. You'll see her at the beginning and put into the trunk at 0:58. Past that nothing - even episode 1.2 which IMPLIES he got rid of the body.
Post Mortem PinupsCat: Femme fatales in fatal positions! Post mortem photography by Doug Sakmann. Buy beautiful prints of gorgeous models playing dead.
Pretty and Dead group on DeviantArtDeviantart: Group - Art about death - mostly hot girls playing dead.
Pretty Dead GirlFree: A play about a mortician who falls in love with the beautiful corpses that pass through his morgue.
Pretty Dead Girl 1 of 6VID: Musical about a man in love with a corpse.
Pretty Dead Girl 2 of 6VID: Musical about a man in love with a corpse.
Pretty Dead Girl 3 of 6VID: Musical about a man in love with a corpse.
Pretty Dead Girl 4 of 6VID: Musical about a man in love with a corpse.
Pretty Dead Girl 5 of 6VID: Musical about a man in love with a corpse.
Pretty Dead Girl 6 of 6VID: Musical about a man in love with a corpse.
Princecap76 on DeviantartDeviantart: Beatuiful bondage and noose photography. Some repose pics.
Princes Horror CentralFree: Lots of video clips of girls shot, stabbed, drowned, strangled, hanged etc.
Psycho Beethoven Fan KillerVID: YouTube - A dead girl in a bunkbed.
Psycho Girls Part TreeVID: YouTube - Towards the middle a girl is clubbed and then it looks like she's going to get screwed while unconscious (dead).
Psychopath ChloroformVID: SleepFlix - Two beautiful women are chloroformed by a man.
PulseVID: YouTube - A film in reverse about a man who drowns a woman and tends to her corpse.
Purveyors of Blood - TrailerVID: This is a trailer for a film. Lots of Gore and sick stuff.
QUEEEN's Morgue SketchVID: YouTube - A hot girl gets kissed in the morgue.
Rag Dallers UnitedDeviantart: Group - A group about limp, unresponisve girls.
RapidFire FilmsPPV: PrePaidClips - Video clips of women who are killed (stabbed, strangled, neck broken) and then their bodies played with.
Raptcha HouseAwesome photo artist xpxs teams up with raptcha house. Strangulation, suffocation, chloro and some beautiful asses. No XPXS amazing asphyx images yet but they're coming.
Raptcha House
Awesome photo artist xpxs teams up with raptcha house. Strangulation, suffocation, chloro and some beautiful asses. No XPXS amazing asphyx images yet but they're coming.
RavendoorDeviantart: Breautiful brunette posing for a variety of art pics including several corpse pics.
RE2 Claire B03 Chief Irons With A Dead WomanVID: YouTube - Chief Irons from Resident Evil 2 with a pretty, female corpse on his desk.
Real Dead Girl pics on PicsBoxPicsbox: A few real dead girl pics on picsbox.
Redking 666ImageShack: Uploaded photos and comics with several comics showing dead, shot women.
Ribons NightsG.e-hentai: Some pics of anime girls dead, strangled or hanged.
Rimhoff on DeviantartDeviantart: A variety of photos with several pics of pretty, dead girls.
Risque ReneePPV: Clips4sale - Renee shows off some of her popular videos. Most are standard erotica but you'll also find hanging, shooting, caning, strangling, giantess, sleepy, forced sex, necrophilia, drowning, enema, knifing, navel fetish, whipping, femdom.
Risque Renee's PageFree: Gorgeous blonde who does all sorts of custom videos; especially extreme fetishes.
Rob's Necrophilia FantasyFree: Rob's timeless essay on the necrophilia fetish.
RueMorgueMan on DeviantartDeviantart: Great photos including girls strangled, corpses, hanged, shot.
Ruepreviews ForumForum: A messageboard for the Rue Morgue erotic horror video production site.
Russian Necro WorldFree: Resource fully devoted to aesthethic death in all its diversity. Has a strong cult following.

Samurai Gun 101VID: Mediafire - Originally from s8bv3rsiv3. A village girl is hunted down by crossbow wielding thugs in the anime Samarai Gun.
Santa Clawz peril contest on
SexyAmazons: Some terrific art of a homicidal Santa Claus with the considerable talents of Mr X, Montyhack, Glglgl, Guido and Paolo.
SarcophageFlickr: 3D graphics of a dead or zombie girl in a cemetary hanging out, laying on an autopsy table and in a coffin.
Scantily-clad spygirls shot dead on DeviantartDeviantart: Photomanips of beautiful, scantily-clad spygirls who have been fatally shot!
Schoolgirl Killer (1968) TrailerVid: YouTube - A trailer showing some beautiful corpses, a strangling and a drowning.
Schoolgirls ShotFree: Some photomanips that look like schoolgirls who've been shot to death.
Scream QueensFlickr: A group dedicated to horror and beauty, damsels in distress, babes in blood, monsters and models, and all things that embody the ultimate juxtaposition of attraction and repulsion.
Scream Queens group on FlickrFlickr: Group - Photos of horror including a lot of dead or dying girls.
Seductive Studios on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips including belly punching, KOs, carrying, superheroines, bondage, forced orgasms, necro, neck breaks, arm wrestling, shootings etc.
Seductive Studios on TumblrTumblr: The tumblr account for Seductive Studios where you'll find all sorts of interesting and sometimes extreme fetishes. Sleepy, strangle, shooting, stabbing and tons of general fetishes like bondage, feet, femdom, humiliation etc.
Seductive Studios on TwitterTwitter: Popular producer whose subjects include belly punching, KOs, carrying, superheroines, bondage, forced orgasms, necro, neck breaks, arm wrestling, shootings etc.
Seductive Studios TwitterTwitter: Studio known for their limp play, carry, chloro, guns, strangling and virtually every other fetish imaginable.
Sex After Snuff or Drunk or Drugged on MotherlessMotherless: Videos of sex with drunk, drugged, dead or sleeping girls. Can be sweet or abusive pounded just as long as she is OUT as human LUV DOLL.
Sex and Horror!!!PPV: PrePaidClips - Erotic horror videos by the good people at PKF Studios! Shootings, body handlings, strangling.
Sexy Deads of the Giallo 1/2VID: YouTube - Sexy dead girls from Giallo movies. Stabbings, stranglings and corpses!
Sexy Deads of the Giallo 2/2VID: DailyMotion - Pretty girls dying in Giallo movies.
Sexy Doll 05 - Geena is DeadG.E-Hentai: The Zombie Queen drains a girl of her life energy with an evil dildo.
Sexy Latin Amazon Warriors - AdvanceVID: YouTube - Slideshow of beautiful amazon women in combat or dead.
Sexy Slyyy on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful Sexy Skyyy is bound, strangled, rendered limp etc.
Sexy Slyyy on Clips4Sale
PPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful Sexy Skyyy is bound, strangled, rendered limp etc.
Sexy Spy Girls Killing each other on DeviantartDeviantart: Photos of two beautiful girls killing each other.
Shaman on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: 2D art of women dead or dying due to a variety of causes including strangulation, hanging, electrocution, stabbings etc
She's.... gone. VID: YouTube - Pretty investigator shot in the head.
Shockflix: Necro
Free: is a YouTube style site specifically for the dark fetish community. This is a link to the necro category.
Shottas San SanVID: Mediafire - Originally from s8bv3rsiv3. A hot woman is shot in her left breast once with a shotgun.
Shuikabane696oJP: Violent, bloody anime art.
Shutterstock: Dead Girls and WomenShutterstock: A search on shutterstock for all pics with 'dead girl' or 'dead woman' in the keywords. Lots of crime scene pics.
Sick Chixxx.comPay: Dark, twisted fantasies with Mistress Persephone.
Sickest SitesFree: Enormous collection of links focused on the sickest, most disgusting sites on the internet.
SickSickBoy's FavoritesDeviantart: SickSickBoy has favorited a ton of photos where models pose in death-like repose.
Silk N BloodPay: Girls are shot, stabbed or strangled to plotlines similar to the TV show "Silk Stalkings".
Silk Stalkings Working GirlVID: YouTube - A girl taking a bath walks in on a murder.
Sinfo's video compilationFree: Mediafire - From Sinfo. Video compilations of grils shot, hanged, arrowed etc.
Single White FemaleVID: YouTube - A girl is strangled on the floor of an elevator by another girl after which, her body is dragged out.
Skomoroch Channel on YoutubeYoutube: Channel - Very high quality photography of beautiful, dead girl videos.
Skomoroch on DeviantartDeviantart: Mostly good, female, crime scene photos.
SLA Trailer: TheBloody Battlefield VID: YouTube - A battlefield of beautiful, latin girls in black, leather bikini armor and arrows sticking out of them.
SlaymatesPaysite: Erotic Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy for adults. Photostory site.
Slaymates CinemaPay: Erotic Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Videos. MPG site.
Slaymates PhotosetsPay: Erotic horror photoset membership site.
Sleepaway Camp MoviesFree: The series of movies starring Angela (except the last one?) where teenagers get offed right and left - generous stills and trailers.
Sleeping and Strangled Group on MotherlessMotherless: Videos/pictures of passed out, sleeping, strangled, or unconscious girls.
Slingshot - Just Plain Dead - FolderMediafire: Video clips of beautiful women who are just plain dead.
Snuffelago on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent photo sets of dead girls.
Sole Feet Death on DeviantartDeviantart: Beautiful dead or asphyxiated women with lots of foot fetish service.
SoleFeetDeath on Deviantart DeviantArt: beautiful, naked, dead women showing off their bare feet.
Sophie's Fetish WorkshopCat: Sophie of Gabrielle's Girls has her own site for the beauties from Eastern Europe. All sorts of death fetish here.
Souljah01 on DeviantArtDeviantArt: High quality 3D art of girls getting guillotined, gutted, beheaded, dismembered etc.
Spookiie65 on DeviantartDeviantArt: Excellent 3D artist whose work includes bondage, bondage sex, hanging and dead girls.
Stained-Red-LaceDeviantart: Good goth-ish photos. A lot of female corpse photos.

State Farm Dead Hooker SketchVID: YouTube - Parody of a State Farm commercial with a dead hooker.
Steele Cat on ImageshackImageshack: Lots of girls in bikinis as well as some pics of dead and dying girls with bullets or knifes in their navels.
Steely BluePay: Necro/Slasher Model, Stabbing, Asphyx, Shooting and More.
Still Here" - Day 20 - Goodbye SabrinaVID: YouTube - "Still Here" production moves to a funeral home to shoot a visitation with caskets, dead bodies, extras galore, and lots of intense character acting.
Stolen Corpse on ShockFlixVID: ShockFlix - A man steals the corpse of a beautiful woman and has sex with it.
Stories OnlineFree: Erotic stories of all kinds including rape, snuff, necrophilia, bondage etc.
Stranglegirl.comPay: Videos of girls strangled, chloro'd, stabbed, neck broken, bagged, handled while limp, hanged and more.
Stripperland the MovieFree: The official site for the zombie movie "Stripperland" with plenty of beautiful, scantily-clad corpses.
Suicide Girls and the Wizard of GoreFlickr: Director Jeremy kasten killing and hacking up Cedar Suicide.
Summer LoveVID: YouTube - A music video where a beautiful blonde girl eventually gets stabbed and handled by her friend.
Superheroines Peril Contest on
SexyAmazons: Superheroines in horrible peril! Eaten by monsters, tortured, defeated by villains!
Suzanne Hanged on AnnesDreams
The beautiful Suzanne is hanged fully clothed. She is then taken down, stripped and plundered. Orsi finds a necklace for herself around Susanne's corpse.
Suzi 9mmDeviantart: Terrific quality photos of mostly dark subjects including girls dead, covered in blood, suicide, cutting. Really nice.
Taboo Sister FantasiesPPV: Clips4Sale - Sisters play dead and get felt up by their brother and uncle.
Take Her Breath on DeviantartDeviantart: Photos of dead and knocked out girls
Tara, de Zé do Caixão e NecrofiliaVID: YouTube - A music video where a man steals the coffin of a beautiful, dead woman and has sex with her corpse.
Taste of FleshVID: DailyMotion - A cannibal themed horror movie.
Tatort clipsMediafire: Gravedancer - A huge collection of dead girls clips from the German TV series, Tatort.
Tatort ep Eine mörderische Rolle garoted and arm carry VID: YouTube - A girl is strangled and then carried.
Teen Girl Dead's gallery on DeviantartDeviantart: Photomanips of beautiful women to make them look like they've been killed or ravished. Many cheerleaders and schoolgirls shot.
Temerarios - Fueron Tus PalabrasVID: YouTube - A Spanish language music video which ends with a girl dying in a man's arm.
The After Party clipVID: Mediafire - A sample from "Last Breath" on Nicheclips or "Daphne's Fetish Quest" on Clips4Sale. 3 dead girls are dragged together into a body pile, one isn't quite dead and is strangled.
The Body Cage on DeviantartDeviantart: Lots of dark, artistic photography including several dead or zombie chicks.
The Collapsed -- Abandoned CarTHE COLLAPSED is a chilling glimpse into one family's battle to stay alive while traversing a hellish landscape of barbarism and cannibalism . . .
The Collection - Short FilmVID: YouTube - Short film includes a female corpse between 5 and 7 that gets some handling.
The Craft of Horror by Dalila di Capri
Article: An article on the Craft of Erotic Horror written by the talented actress and producer, Dalila di Capri.
The Dead GirlVID: YouTube - Winner of the 2011 Huronia Museum 48-Hour Film Challenge!
The Ed Gein CollectionFree: Purveyors of custom corpses and other necromantic KnickKnacks.
The Flying Emu Jamboree 1Vid: Includes a corpse dating service.
THE IGUANA WITH THE TONGUE OF FIRE - TrailerVID: YouTube - In Dublin, a young woman is brutally murdered in her home by a maniac that throws acid in her face and then slits her throat with a razor.
The Mystery of the Dead Hooker - An Intercative Adventure VID: YouTube - It was a dark cold night. A hooker has been found murdered. Now Detective Sanchez and Detective White are on the case. Who do you think murdered the hooker?
The Tortured SoulVex's newest and final extreme site with a hidden section, pm vex for access!
The Tortured Soul
Vex's newest and final extreme site with a hidden section, pm vex for access!
The TurningFlickr: A young woman in the throws of a deadly illness. It is transforming her..into what?
The Ze on DeviantartDeviantart: Some interesting photography including a dead hooker, a girl shooting herself, video game girls and a girl/cheetah hybrid.
Themed List NecrophileThemed List: A themed list of necrophilia stories.
Tiempo final dia perverso parte 2 arreglado VID: YouTube - A beautiful dead or KO'd woman is handled and molested.
Till Death Do Us Part - FERLOPVID: YouTube - A demented girl makes sexual advances on her dead boyfriend.
Timothy Paradox
SexyAmazons: Very capable 3D artist whose subjects include amazon combat, necro and even giantesses.
TivoVID: YouTube - A man is delighted by how his new Tivo has changed his life, until the machine becomes obsessed with him and begins killing people.
Toe Tags TrailerVID: YouTube - Trailer for a horror movie including some nice female corpses.
Tommy Tomahawk on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Cartoon 3D pics of girls killed mostly by monsters.
Tragicstockers on DeviantartDeviantart: Photos meant to represent tragedy including several dead girls.
Transgotic (Horror) - Dir: John K WebsterVID: YouTube - From BlankCanvasMedia. A film made for the Horror Channel that ends in a gruesome stabbing.
Tricky Dicky on
Sexyamazons: Nice 3D art of women shot or stabbed usually by soldiers and usually in the navel.
Trying to Play DeadVID: YouTube - A pretty girl playing dead and dragged off camera
Twitch4me's dead girl manipsMediafire: A medifire folder with a load of dead girl pics and girls with guns.
Two Girls Getting Fake MurderedVID: YouTube - Amateur production where two girls are murdered by a serial killer with body dragging at the end.
TX2000 police woman prepped to become robotVID: YouTube - Beautiful police officer is killed. Bad guys want to covert her into a Robot. Seen her laying on exam table naked with sheet covering. Awesome cleavage!
Ultra Sci-Fi HorrorWebArchive: Sci-Fi poser art from a variety of poser artists. Girls in severe peril including bondage, monster sex, vore, strap-ons, tentacle attacks, torture.

Valtiel on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Really excellent 3D artwork including monsters/aliens/animals killing girls, torture, murder, superheroines, aliens, crucifixion, dead amazons, horror, corpses strewn about.
Valtiel's Favorites on DeviantartDeviantArt: A nice collection of dead/unconscious girls plus vore, monsters, asphyxiation, stabbing etc.
Vampire Slayer rendered limp and eaten out on XXXtremeComiXXXVampira defeats.a beautiful vampire hunter, has a slave throw her unconscious body in a coffin and then has her way with her.
Vampyre Queen of the WeekFree: A new Vampire Queen updated every week - some necrolike scenes.
Van Delay, "Dead Neighbor"VID: YouTube - Video of various men carrying dead or unconscious women.
Velo de Novia - La Muerte de Dulce VID: YouTube - A beautiful, dark-haired girl is strangled by what looks to be a homeless man.
VictimJP: A bulletin board with copious posts about female corpses. I couldn't get a large version of any of the thumbs - if you can, please post in a comment.
VivianVID: ShockFlix - Girl ends up dead in a beautiful red dress in a crime drama.
Wachet auf (wake up)VID: YouTube - This is a little video to CSI episode Toe Tags (Season 7). music: Beyond Bach (Gabriela Montero).
Waraji on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: The main artist from drops some gorgeous 3D art at Beautiful, busty henchbabes and amazons in combat!
Warthon 3D on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D art of girls shot, stabbed, knocked out etc.
Welcome To The Morgue!DarkFetishNet: Morgue scenes in films and tv shows
Well Done GirlsYah: Ladies posing in victory over men.
Western Literary Counterrevolution on PixivPixiv: Really good anime art of girls dead or dying including stabs, guttings, decapitation and hangings.
What Happens in Vegas...VID: YouTube - A "what to do with the dead hooker" story.
What to Do with Your Dead HookerVID: YouTube - 50s style educational film parody that begins with Bill waking up next to a dead hooker.
Whodunnit?VID: Casual short about a whodunnit beginning with a female corpse.
Why the Obsession with an Elegant Death?Blog: A blog post about how many Young Adult book covers feature a dead girl.
Wicked, Wicked 1973 TrailerVID: YouTube - Includes a display of beautiful, dead women.
woman killed in the jacuzzi VID: YouTube - From: jaricsaber. A girl is strangled in a hotel room and then her body turns up in a few unexpected places. Lots of moving around and handling.
Women in Uniform (Wayback Machine)Free: DeMans site featuring vidcaps from several movies of uniformed women getting shot. - Murder obsession - DVD Riccardo FredaVID: YouTube - Extract from dvd "Murder obsession" directed by Riccardo Freda.
Yeager's Wild NightVID: YouTube - Photomanips. Yeager, a German Shepherd, gets wild and accidentally kills a hooker.
YuYu Was StrangledVID: Darkpeeps - Hot Asian girl is found lying in her bed strangled.