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Not necessarily ending in sex; these sites are all about girls interacting with strange, bizarre and sometimes evil creatures on a variety of levels. Whether menaced, carried, raped or sometimes eaten - these girls are at the mercy of their burly or slimy antagonists.
AAANinjas devilishly delightful art of girls reamed by monstersBlog: Excellent 2D art of gorgeous girls getting attacked and ravished by hugely endowed monsters!
AbsoluteJP: Hot, busty anime chicks including upskirts, tentacle attacks, spandex, gang-bangs, science-fiction, and a couple shemales.
Acid HeadJP: Nice anime site with girls exposing enormous breasts, attacked by tentacles or in bondage.
Addie Juniper Sexy Fun Time Arcade on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Lots of limp / ragdoll girls, abduction, bondage, catfight, monster sex, superheroines and practically every other fetish on the planet.
Ade on
SexyAmazons: Good, color 2D art of girls in peril, getting attacked by robots, monsters and sometimes killed horribly.
Ade's CaveFree: Poser pics and original art of women getting ravished, molested by monsters and killed.
Ade's CaveFree: Poser pics and original art of women getting ravished, molested by monsters and killed.
Ade's CaveFree: Poser pics and original art of women getting ravished, molested by monsters and killed.
Adult 3DCGErotic Illusions Paysite: Poser work of sci-fi and horror including some monster sex and forced sex.
Adult Dragon and Dinosaur DenYah: Pics of Dragons and Dinosaurs deflowering hot chicks.
Adventures of Mr and Mrs FuckerPPV: Clips4Sale - Mostly standard sex, blowjobs etc but a couple scenarios has the girl getting screwed by the devil with the guy wearing an elaborate devil mask.
Aemi on
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D art of powerful women ravished and killed by evil monsters!
Aeris Dies:IB::TentacleFree: A huge gallery of girls getting ravished mostly by tentacles but sometimes by other creatures.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
Agitpunkt 02JP: Nightmarish Japanese site with mutiliations, bondage, penis monsters and lots of organs laying outside of live, female bodies.
Airily StepsJP: Terrific, full-color anime art including sex with demons, gang bangs, sheer and latex clothing, insertions, forced sex, wolf-sex, bondage.
AkaJP: Really good 2D anime, big breast art including bondage, tit torture and chicks with dicks, poop.
AkimmJP: Good 2D anime art including a blog showing girls with huge tits, amazons, witches. A gallery of busty girls, BJs, XXX, Monster Sex, Gang Bangs, forced sex.
Alessandro Ganassa Mazzettis amazing blog of female heroes and some extreme monster sexBlog: The amazing comic art of Alessandro Ganassa Mazzetti, an Italian artist with incredible style! His art includes a lot of fantasy elements along with a copious amount of monster sex.
AlfhJP: Really vicious anime art including guttings, hangings, beheadings, amputations, girls killing girls, monster sex, cannibalism etc.
Alien Abduction! Alien Sex!
Gal: GalacticGirls - 3 Sample movies including Ashley Renee in the birth of the Leader, Sharon Wild in Alien Abduction and Sinn Sage in Alien Abduction Interview.
Alien attacks a naked girl!
Crazy XXX 3D Gallery: A busty female space marine is f*cked by a couple aliens.
All Extreme SexFree: Some free nonconsensual and monster stories along with some basic pic galleries like big breasts and gay guys.
All her holes filled up by long tentacles.VID: BondAnime - Cute hentai school girl gets all her holes filled up by long tentacles
Alteras Collection Blog - 2D anime art of monster sex, futanari and general eroticaBlog: Excellent 2D art of anime girls usually having sex - with monsters, with each other, with futa girls etc.
Alucard's Spirit on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D/3D art with subjects including cannibals, vore, monster lust, growth/shrinking, bondage, growth/shrinking, huge breasts.
AmekazekasumiJP: Good 2D anime art. Includes huge breasts, thick women, xxx, monster sex, gang bangs, titty fucks, forced sex.
Anathema TheaterErotic Illusions Paysite: Seems to be 3D art of women devoured by pac-men or monster sex.
Andrus63 on RenderoticaRenderotica: Good 3D fantasy art including forced orc, drow and minotaur sex.
Angels and Devils on Monsters Invasion
GAL: Monsters Invasion - Fantasy girls and monsters from Monsters Invasion including an angel girl and some demons.
Angspid monster attacks and vore on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: Beautiful 3D art of girls attacked and sometimes eaten by monsters.
Angspid on Erotic-IllusionsErotic-Illusions Paysite: 3D art. VYX is the czar of bizarre! His slimy creations and alien women will arouse and confuse you at the same time! But you will walk away happy, if you walk away at all.
Animated Tentacle Rape on Rule 34Rule34: Mostly animated tentacle gifs on Rule 34.
Anime Angel fucked by D-GirlVID: Bondanime - Anime angel trapped in a dungeon gets slammed by a d girl.
Anime Fresh
Pay: Thousands of the best hentai pictures. Hours and hours of explicit hentai movies never seen before. Explicit XXX anime by the best of today's asian artists.
Anime Fresh

Anime Movies
Pay: The place to find the best in supernatural horror, science fiction, high-tech mecha-designs, futuristic fantasy, and superior 21st Century Animation, demons and angels forcing young human girls, sometimes violation, bondage and fetish fantasies.
Anime Otaku 102 on RenderoticaRenderotica: Really good 3D fantasy art with a lot of peril, horror and sci-fi themes. Some topics include Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex, Amazons and Nurses.
Anime teen attacked by alien.VID: Bondanime - Terrified anime teen fucked by a monster.
Anime-Hentai Gallery 1
Gal: Anime-Hentai. A Maniac Pass site - the pass gives you access to tons of other sites! In this gallery a monstrous carnivore is ravishing a beautiful woman!
Anime-Hentai Monster Sex Gallery
Pay: 3 movies of a hot chick getting screwed by a demon guy.
Aquarius Rising ClipsPPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of alien chicks probing human girls and a werewolf girl.
Arach2 anime art of Monster Attacks, Breeding, Sexy girls on PixivPixiv: Great 2D anime art of beautiful hentai girls, sometimes attacked by tentacles ar forced-breeding from evil monsters.
ArazaJP: Poser animations of fighting girls enduring torture, forced sex and getting molested by monsters.
Ariock FearoticaŽ - Abominations Portraitist -Free: Realm of ariock artist specialized in the unholy occult and erotic representations of nightmarish universes.
ArousedErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of girls experiencing a wide range of horrors including medieval torture, hungry beasts, horny sci-fi horrors and more.
Artistic HoboHentaiFoundry: Art of beautiful naked women with a couple tentacle attacks.
Artwork of VaesarkBlog: A blog featuring 3D elf artwork often involving the elf girl getting porked by large monsters.

AruniJP: A variety of good quality anime art including amazons, superheroines, robot girls, LOTS of monster sex and forced sex.
Asarea on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D color art with a lof of WOW, fantasy sexual situations including a lot of monster sex.
Asian Porn Attackers
Pay: EXCLUSIVE Videos! Asian Porn Attackers fighting with bad guys and the winner always fucks loser in this battle! Watch Hi-Res streaming asian video never seen before!
Asian Porn Attackers

Atsuji-YaJP: Hot anime chicks with guns and swords. Some bondage, monster sex and even a couple killings.
Attack of the Orcs Blog - girls fucked by evil orcsBlog: Good 3D art of beautiful women ravished by evil, rampaging orcs.
AunanaJP: All sorts of really nice anime artwork including disassembled girls turned into art, trophies, planters etc. Beheadings, girl corpses, multiple amputations, tentacle attacks, mechanical girls, detachable parts.
AwatakeJP: Some very good anime art - mostly mild and sweet with some monster/girl interaction and some light bondage in the guest illustration area.
AyaJP: Really severe anime, pics, and 3D including tentacle attacks, girls sewn up, poop, piss, gynecological examinations, impregnations, bondage, insertions and force fantasies.
AyaSwanPIXIV: Very good, sometimes very violent 2D anime art. Themes include tortue, death and monster sex.
AyuhaJP: Click on the '18' rated link on the right and you'll get a bunch of hot, anime girls - big breasts, monster sex and some futa.
Bad Company TentaclesPay: Anime chicks tied up and sometimes attacked by tentacles.
Batbabe MX BlogspotBlog: A blog featuring a busty, naked superheroine who is often bound and attacked by monsters.
Batman X ClubYah: Mostly terrific art of superheroines getting tied-up and molested by villains and monsters.
Battle JapanPPV: Clips4Sale - Girls fighting and sometimes defeated by aliens and/or monsters.
BattlestrengthPay: Expert poser artwork of women tied-up and molested by monsters or impregnated by aliens.
Battlestrength FreeFree: Expert poser artwork of women tied-up and molested by monsters or impregnated by aliens.
Battlestrength on EroticIllusionsErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of girls getting molested by tentacles, monsters, animals and strange creatures.
Battlestrength on RenderoticaRenderotica: Some high quality 3D graphics of girls in horrible peril! Monster and robot ravishings!
Bawdy ViewsErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of girls getting molested by tentacles, monsters, animals and strange creatures.
BDG on BlogSpotBlog: Nice 3D pics of girls often getting moletsted by monsters.
BDSM Cagri
Pay: Very high quality 2D art of innocent young women turning into submissive slaves, educated modern girls struck with terror living a new nightmare existence of sexual distress!
BDSM Cagri

Beauty and EvilErotic Illusions Paysite: 2D art of demons, monsters and bad men get together to scare, manipulate and imperil beautiful women at Beauty and Evil. You can expect to see lots of busty ladies in perilous situations.
BHM Monster LabJP: Mostly monster attacks.
Big Tentacle DicksVID: BondAnime - Horny hentai slut gets big tentacle dicks in every hole.
Big U ComicsGoogle: Big U's illustrations of enormous breasted women usually getting screwed. Some bondage. Some monster sex.
Black HoleErotic Illusions Paysite: Photomanips where photos of beautiful models are ravished by 2D drawings of fat, masked guys and demons.
Black vile tentacle. Art of girls ravished by monsters on TumblrTumblr: 2D art of beautiful women becoming the sexual playthings of monsters.
Blackheart ArtsErotic Illusions Paysite: Pencil art dedicated to female submission, monsters, aliens and bdsm in all its forms. Delicious women humiliated, tortured and used for the pleasure of the denizens of hell.
Blackstar's SatelliteErotic Illusions Paysite. Poser art of fantasy women from popular sci-fi shows including vampires, vulcans, orions and cyborgs.
BlondyArt on Hentai-Foundry.comHentai-Foundry: A couple very nice pics of girls getting attacked by tentacles.. and a warrior nun.
Blue BairJP: Chiba anime girls taking massive insertions or getting ravished by monsters.
Bobby Dando's GalleryHentai Foundry: Some really nice 2D anime art of girls getting attacked by tentacle monsters.
BololoErotic Illusions Paysite: Professional, original illustrations involving bondage, insertions, monsters and shemales.
Bondage Tentacle, TheErotic Illusions Paysite: Original, mostly black and white, artwork catering to your every tentacle fetish! See thrusting, squeezing tentacles ravishing unwilling maids and invading every orifice they can find.
Pay: Seriously extreme anime including tentacle rape, forced sex, bondage, torture, monster sex.
BontenJP: Anime and western art of sex, forced sex, blow-jobs, monster sex, peeing/pooping and a whole section of angels getting molested by monsters.
Boone's Cartoons!AVS: CyberAge - No holds barred X Toons! Giants/Giantesses (devouring and not), hungry mutant monsters, HUUUGGE tits, superheroines and a whole host of other beautiful cartoons. The most FORBIDDEN cartoon site in the GALAXY!
Bozzo Pervert on Hentai-Foundry.comGAL: Hentai-Foundry - 2D anime art. Much of the art is girls getting taken from behind by monsters and humans.
Brave Knight's Sexy AdventuresG-E-Hentai: Pencil art of an amazon getting attacked by tentacles.
Brutally fucked by robotic tentaclesVID: BondAnime - Angry hentai babe gets brutally fucked by robotic tentacles
Cactus on PixivPixiv: Anime art with a lot of forced and monster sex.
CalafinFree: Porpoise, Dolphin, Orka (cetacean) erotica site. Cetaceans having sex with each other, humans and anthropomorphic cetaceans.
Cali's POVPPV: Clips4Sale - Catfight queen Cali presents video clips of bondage, forced stripping, monster sex, strangling, turned to stone, stinky feet, superheroines, wet and messy, sleepy, stuck, catfight etc.
CapcomixxxHentai-Foundry: Very good 2D and 3D art of all types of erotica including huge breasts, shemales, aliens and monster sex!
Captured by Tentacles!
VID: Live Action Tentacle - AV idols are captured and swallowed by the tentacles.
Captured HeroinesPay: 3D pics of gorgeous superheroines getting ravaged, screwed by monsters and taken captive.
Carnivore CafeErotic Illusions Paysite: PD's high quality 2D vore art involving monsters eating and sometimes molesting women!
Caschfatal high quality monster/tentacle art on PixivPixiv: Very high quality 2D anime art of girls attacked by tentacle monsters!
Caschfatal high quality monster/tentacle art on TumblrTumblr: Very high quality 2D anime art of girls getting ravished to tentacle monsters.
CasetteErotic Illusions Paysite: Expert 3D artwork of all kinds of sexual situations including monsters and bondage.

Casette FreeFree: Expert 3D artwork of all kinds of sexual situations including monsters and bondage.
Caught and Fucked by a Nasty MonsterVid: Bondanime - Little hentai girl caught and fucked by a nasty monster with tentacles.
CG AmazonJP: The primary focus of the site is "Girls with Swords" but includes bondage, some monster sex and a violent arrow/sword killing under Flesh & Blood.
CG-VikingJP: Mostly paysite: Small pics of girls in bondage and getting popped by monsters - larger pics can be purchased.
ChemhaloHentai Foundry: Just a few; but very nice art of 2D anime girls in bondage or getting molested by tentacles.
Chup-at-CabraDeviantart: 3D pics of huge breasted girls in sci-fi, superhero, fantasy situations including monster sex - lots of girls with guns, amazons and aliens.
Color Focus Red - some color art of a brutal tentacle attack on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: A few, color pics of a hot, busty anime girl getting attacked by tentacles.
ColorsErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D art. Tempted by tentacles, these lovely rendered Asian ladies risk everything for a lil monster lovin'! Come in for some great smooth animations of bouncing breasts, perilous tentacle attacks with a touch of anime.
Consssssstrictor's LairPPV: Clips4Sale - Pythons, Tentacles, and Plants, Oh My! Enter ConsssSSSssstrictor's Lair and immerse yourself into a dark, fantasy world of monstrous menace and ferocious femme fatales!
Crazy 3D Gallery: Attacked by an Alien!
Pay: A pretty girl has her clothes ripped off and gets assaulted by an alien with huge genitalia.
Crazy Man is CrazyGirls cocooned, stuck in spiderwebs or in some other kind of peril.
Crazy XXX 3D Gallery - Faerie and Satyr
Pay: A faerie rejects a small satryr for lacking in a certain department - what's a satyr to do?
Crazy XXX 3D World
Pay: Over 100,000 cool 3D pics, movies and stories. Nothing is impossible in the 3D world - attacked by a vampiress, straight sex, horrifying BDSM, satanic snuff rituals, alien sex, necrophilia, transformation.
Crazy XXX 3D World

Crrimson Red Squad - spider machines rape and kill sexy soldier girls in combat on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Beautiful, dominatrix looking soldkier girls fight but get raped and killed by giant spider machines.
Cruel Tentacle MonsterVid: Bondanime - Cruel monster with tentacles boning a poor hentai slut. Her belly grows until it explodes, killing her.
Crypt LogicFree: G-Rated? First class comic illustrations by Bryan Baugh; mostly dealing with the undead and beautiful women. Check out Wulf and Batsy, a vampire/werewolf team.
Cthulhu. archiveFree: Pics and stories of tentacle/monster sex taken from the usenet group:
Cummoner on G.E-Hentai.orgG.E-Hentai: Great tongue-in-cheek, 2D comic of a girl getting ravished by tentacles and monsters.
CutJP: Anime art site with at least one tentacle molestation pic.
Cute Emmy on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Nice anime art involving monster sex, gang sex, forced sex and blowjobs involving huge erections.
Cute hentai girl deepthroats tentacle!VID: Bondanime - Innocent hentai brunette deepthroats huge tentacles.
Cutepet on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D erotic art including tentacles, angels and mermaids.
Cutepet.orgFree: Really good quality anime artwork including bondage, femdom, anime-catgirls, angels, mermaids, erotica, dildos etc.
Cyber Rabbit Hentai comic including tentacles and strange sex on ReadHentaiReadHentaiManga: Excellent and quite readable manga about a young couple. The comic begins with tentacle-assisted sex and goes into strange sex with a cyber helmet.
CybroticaFree: Erotic art, erotic literature, artists Supplies, free downloads and erotic art galleries. Topics include bondage, monsters, cannibals, femdom, amazons and virtually everything else on this list.
Dahs on Hentai-FoundyHentai-Foundry: Good 2D, erotic anime art of fantasy girls, often getting screwed by monsters.
Dalehan's gallery on Hentai FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of girls attacked by monsters and a lot of WOW characters.
Damsels in DistressFree: xcellent artwork of beautiful comicbook girls getting attacked by snakes.
Dangerbabe CentralPay: Photostories, 3D Pics and art of gorgeous amazons, girls with guns and superheroines getting defeated. Also, some chloroform, knock-outs, monster sex and vore.
Dangerous Sisters Kuijin-juG.E-Hentai: Anime pics of girls eaten or raped by monsters.
Daring HeroinesPay: An adult comic site featuring original artwork of powerful superheroines getting defeated and ravished.
Dark Arts Kai sexy comic art with some monster sex on SinnergateSinnergate: High quality 2D erotic comic art sometimes including monster sex.
Dark beast's huge throbbing dickVID: BondAnime - Innocent young anime girls virgin pussy is abused by the dark beast's huge throbbing dick.
Dark CastleJP: Elves and hot anime chicks getting forced by orcs, werewolves and trolls.
Dark CreatureZBlog: Excellent 3D art of girls bound and ravished by men and monsters!
Dark SecretsErotic Illusions Paysite: Hojojitsu's poser girl fantasies including bondage, quicksand, tentacle monsters, asphyxiation, drowning, hanging, superheroines, hypnosis and various other peril.
Dark Worlds of DakkarErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of women tied up, tortured, and having sex forced upon them by man and monster
Darkest Desires
Pay: 3d renders of the most sexy and exotic girls posing and having sex with all kind of creatures:monsters,demons,aliens...
Darkest Desires

Darksites Messageboard
Forum: Upgraded and unlocked the darksites messageboard mirrors its posts to
DarkWay on RenderoticaRenderotica: A few very good 3D pics of girls getting attacked by monsters.
Davo on RenderoticaRenderotica: A few pics of bondage and monster attacks.
Day of the Tentacle
Pay: Live action tentacles come to the hospital and wreak havok on sexy nurses.
DBot 3DPay: 3D art of various robots attacking and ravishing women.
Deathblight on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Well drawn art and well written stories about demons, tentac.les, witches oh... my!!
Deathblight on TumblrTumblr: A well drawn, well written fantasy anime comic with lots of sex, tentacles and evil creatures.
DeathtrapErotic Illusions Paysite: Girls menaced, molested and masticated by all forms of menace, both organic and technological.
Deepspace3D's Aliens and Monster Sex SiteErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D art of strange planets, alien spaceships, barren deserts and ruined cities where the inhabitants all have one thing in common - a love of all things human female. Monster/Tentacle Sex.
Delta Official HomepageJP: Nice 2D anime art with lots of monster sex and some forced sex. Just click on any symbol on the left and then click on 'graphic'.
Demon's Pleasure
Pay: Demons Pleasure is a paysite that deals only in the hottest scenes in which some sexy, usually huge-titted fantasy babes get ravished by all kinds of demons who only share one thing-ginormagantuan dongs that split these honeys in half!
Den-EnJP: Professional anime art including lots of monster sex and forced sex.

Depraved Pervert - ryona, gangbangs and monster sex on TumblrTumblr: Good 2D hentai art and gifs of anime girls in gang bangs, satisfying multiple men, attacked by monsters and ravished.
Desires and FantasiesErotic Illusions Paysite: Mostly 2D, some 3D art of beautiful women with gorgeous tits, long legs and luscious lips at the mercy of the varied appetites of a myriad of vile creatures.
Deuce's GalleryHentaiFoundry: Really nice 2D, cartoon art of girls with big breasts, superheroines, bondage, monster sex.
Devil Anime GirlVID: Bondanime - Cute little anime devil gives a poor schoolboy his punishment.
Direlilith's Wicked WaysErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D art of high fantasy sex including elves, drow, ogres and sorceresses.
Disaster DrillJP: A few high quality, 2D anime pics including scat, tentacles, monster impregnation and bondage.
Disturbing the Dead on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Four pages of good 2D art including necrophilia, monster sex, extreme sex and miscellaneous crazy sex.
Doc Icenogle on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of famous cartoon girls (especially the Scooby girls) getting screwed by men and monsters.
Doc West's LabErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of fantasy/monster women like fairies, dickgirls, tentaclegirls, demonesses etc.
Doctor T's HospitalJP: Kigurumi and anime art. Art includes schoolgirl, space uniforms, guns, pee/poop, shemales, bondage, huge tits, forced sex, monsters, insertions, sailor moon and a gallery of giantesses.
Dorian ArtFree: World renowned fantasy artist with paintings of amazons, angels, mermaids, vampires, demons, girls bound, statues, monsters and a girl on a cross.
Double Monster Attack
Gal: 3D Monsters - Two enormous cocks pumped girl's pussy and ass.
Dr Doomstate - 3D art of girls cooked, attacked by monsters
SexyAmazons. 3D art of girls with enormous thighs getting cooked and attacked by monsters.
Dr Graevling on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art of fantasy girls, aliens, creatures in erotic situations in a fantasy environment. A lot of WOW themes.
Draenai and Orc Sex!
Gal: Monster Porn Thriller - Very well drawn 2D art of a sexy, female orc and a sexy female, draenai in an erotic storyline.
Dragon Cream parody of Dragon's Crown on G.E-Hentai.orgG.e-hentai: Excellent 2D, b&w anime art of sexy, fantasy girls getting ravished by fantasy creatures.
Drawing Palace - Zell - 3D pics of torture, sacrifice, monster sex etcG.E-Hentai: Many, many pages of excellent 3D art of girls in horrible peril including torture, sacrifice, execution, cannibalism, monster sex.
Drawing Planet
Pay: The internet's most unique, bizarre and extreme comics. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of drawings!! Sex, romance, bondage, alien encounters, extreme bdsm, vampirism, blood and domination in spades!
Drawing Planet

Drew GardnerDeviantart: Very high quality, professional artwork including superheroines, bondage, latex, amazons, hybrids, some tentacles.
DrilljiruJP:A blog including big breasted anime girls getting molested, bound, monstered and tentacled.
Druuna - Death ScenesVID: YouTube - A compilation of death scenes from the game Druuna - Morbus Gravis. Druuna is a very busty, scantily-clad heroine who gets shot, monster sex'd, eaten, drowned and killed in other ways.
Duke's GalleryJP: Anime art including girls having sex with monsters.
DynaGirl AIJP: 3D art site of a superheroine getting defeated and then molested by monsters.
E-jin's IndexJP: A wide variety of art under headings Level 1 through Level 9. Includes BDSM, Insertions, Gang Bangs, Shemales, Hybrids, Monster Sex and even a couple vore pics.
eBoxJP: Anime art including hybrids with huge breasts, insertions, monster sex and regular anime chicks with huge knockers in bondage.
Ecstasy Holic - a color comic of a cute catgirl ravished mercilessly by tentacles on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: A short, very well drawn, color comic of a cute cat girl whose curiosity ends in a tentacle attack. This is followed by seven pages of good, black and white comics involving a young anime girl in erotic situations.
Elliquiy Adult Role PlayingFree: Extremely active sexual role playing forum; mostly interested in games that deal with forced sex, bondage or monster sex.
Emikochan on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Great 2D anime art including a lot of furries and monster sex.
ErodictionaryJP: Some pretty severe 2D anime art on the left frame under CG and Heaven and Hell including poop flying, butt monsters and stretched anuses.
EroquisJP: A blog with a lot of art including monster sex, bikinis, huge breasts, upskirts, uniforms.
Eroquis BlogJP: Blog - Very high quality anime artwork of every conceivable type of non-fatal ryona including bondage, forced sex, gang sex, monster sex and lots of enormous breasts.
Erotic stories by Sir RenderWeb: Popular erotic stories of all sorts of topics including alien impregnation.
Evil Alien StoriesYah: Erotic stories about human and alien, monster, vampire, or Gor encounters. Good luck getting in.
Evil Femme FatalesVideo clips of deadly women killing women and men. catagorized and thmbnailed, over 500 clips with weekly updates.
Eyeteeth on
Sexyamazons: Beautiful 3D work of girls in hand to hand combat or in terrible peril!
Facesitting Fantasies
Pay: We welcome you to our unique site, dedicated for everything related to facesitting artwork. It means that you can really enjoy 3d facesitting, face sitting comics and stories, facesitting fairy tales, and of course you can see here your own stories!
FaithJP: Very nice anime art. 1 gallery of medieval men and women bearing melee weapons. 1 gallery of tentacle attacks. 1 gallery of armored women ripped apart by monsters. 1 gallery of random (mostly b&w) art including knight sex and monster attacks.
Faith on PixivPixiv: Really good, 2D anime art of girls getting attacked by monsters.
Fantasy World of Hentai
Pay: Weird fantastic creatures fucking hard innocent teen babes! The best collection of hentai monster collection! You will get to the kingdom of eager fantasy monsters penetrating hot chicks with their many dicks!
Fantasy World of Hentai

Fatal PulseJP: Despite the provocative title, the site appears to be about mostly large breasted anime girls. Sometimes amazons. catgirls and upskirts. All image-links are text. A little bit of Monster sex, Forced Sex and BDSM at the end.
Ferres Art
Pay: The gorgeous cyberart of the very talented Ferres featuring beautiful, naked women in bondage, getting molested by monsters or taken by evil men. Ferres is best known for his "Naked Earth" comic series!
Ferres Art

Ferres Art Gallery 1
Pay: Some gorgeous sci-fi artwork by Ferres including alien molestation, bondage, humiliation and forced sex!
Fever DreamsErotic Illusions Paysite - Illustrations of hot young babes as playthings of brutish men and monsters.
Fire MarioHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of popular cartoon females violated or just messed with by cartoon predators and monsters.
Fire-Redhead's GalleryDeviantart - Nice sculptures and 2D art including predator sex and a very detailed fishwoman.
First PainJP: 3D, anime-style art and movies including regular erotica and monster sex.
Flat AshJP: Small anime site including some graphic monster sex and a girl laying eggs.
Flat AshJP: Anime girls attacked by tentacles, doing hardcore, in robo-armor, bondage, lactation and forced sex.
ForlornJP: Anime site featuring anime girls getting molested by monsters.
Four Minute WarningHentai-Foundry: A few pics of tentacle sex and other types of monster sex.

Four-F CreationsPay: Fantastic, Fantasy, Fetish Females. Beautiful girls in latex/rubber/pvc outfits, superheroines, bondage, sci-fi, sorceresses and even attacked by bugs!
Friandning on Hentai FoundryHentai-Foundry: Some 2D art including a couple girls getting ravished by a man or tentacles.
Fuck Yeah Tentacle Porn on TumblrTumblr: Anime art of girls screwed and often impregnated by tentacles and other monsters.
Fucked by AndroidsVID: BondAnime - Anime chick with big boobs gets fucked by androids.
Fucked in the Streets by a MonsterVID: Bondanime - Anime girl gets brutally fucked by monster out in the streets
Fukushuu no Onna Kenshi RosalieG.e-hentai: A huge breasted, heavily muscled girl is ravished by a troll-like monster.
Full Moon Gotham 1-4 on The girls of Gotham one by one change into lust-crazed were creatures.
Fxxtry 69JP: Vicious anime art including monster sex, forced sex, bondage and hybrids.
Galaxy of TerrorFree: Big vidclips site of women being eaten or molested by monsters and other stuff.
Gall on PixivPixiv: Good 2D anime art of girls getting reamed by monsters, tortured, messed up!
Gallery for WillowFree: Gorgeous color art of superheroines and a couple amazons sometimes in bondage, carried, knocked-out, catfighting etc.
Game Over on G.E-hentaiG.e-hentai: Random but good selection of extreme anime pics. Lots of Monster sex, pregnancy and bondage sex.
GaogaigaJP: Anime girls getting molested by spirits and monsters. Includes bondage, humiliation, peeing, scat and upskirt.
Garden of AnxietyErotic Illusions Paysite: Nicely drawn images of sex, bondage, slavery, monsters, alien abductions, danger and peril by Anxious Amber.
Gates of Hell
Pay: Description: Wanna watch how Demons and Hell Creatures fuck innocent girls? You're just seconds away from HELL PORN! Enjoy crazy and shocking porn pictures and movies with Sweet Babes fucked by Monsters!
Gates of Hell

Gem AshesYah: Superheroines in erotic situations including a Monster attack.
Gentle Blue Fantasy 2 - Full color bondage sex, monster comicsG.E-Hentai: Excellent full color 2D anime comic of girls getting reamed by monsters while in bondage.
Getting Licked by a LizardVID: Bondanime - Cute hentai girl dreams about getting licked by a lizard.
GG-SpaceJP: 3D Graphics of anime-style space heroines in a variety of scenes. Battle-suits, Large breasts, Bondage, Monster/Robot attacks, Insertions, Guns, Lactation.
Giant breasted fighting chick is fucked by tentacles on G.E-Hentai by Yamamura NatsuruG.E-Hentai: Black and White Anime comic. A King of Fighters parody where a huge breasted anime girl is roughly taken by tentacles - art by Yamamura Natsuru
Giant Girl Monster
VID: Bondanime - Anime girl gets fucked by a freaking giant monster.
Glopsip's GalleryHentai Foundry: Decent 2D art of women wrapped up or being molested by tentacles.
Goblin's HoleErotic Illusions Paysite: High quality photomanips and 3D graphics of gorgeous women cooked and eaten by Goblins.
Gotham on Good 2D, color comic of Poison Ivy impregnating a huge breasted Batgirl with her tentacle plant.
Grigbertz Fetish GalleryFree: Gorgeous professional artwork including bondage, femdom, leather, elves, angels, amazons, spanking, monster sex, werewolves, witches and vampires.
GrospectorJP: Some anime sketches of a pretty, skinny, teenage superheroine who fights and is often molested by monsters.
Guy and girl attacked by tentacle monsters on GEHentaiG.E-Hentai: An anime parody where a guy and a girl are set upon by tentacle monsters. by tentacle monsters!
GyaoJP: Really good 2D anime art of girls with big breasts, shemales and some tentacle attacks!
HanadukaJP: Professional anime art including insertions, tentacle molesting, forced sex, bikinis etc.
HanjukuJP: Cute anime girls. Bikinis, a couple monster pics, big breasts, big bellies and chicks with dicks.
HatopyoJP: Erotic anime blog including shemales, huge butts, tentacle rape, peeing, weird stuff.
Haylox on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Professional level 2D art of ork, troll, reptile sex.
Heavy Fantasy on DeviantartDeviantart: 3D fantasy, hentai artwork with subjects including elf girls, amazons, monster attacks, girls with guns, bondage, ninja girls, nurses and girls in latex.
Heavy Fantasy on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Beautiful 3D elves posing, having fun, in bondage, enslaved and molested by monsters.
Helen Markos 81 on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art including some monster sex.
HentaclesRenderotica: The slick and generally pulsating muscular appendages of hentai monsters.
Hentai - Ma-Gui -DEATH GIRL - gorgeous color art of a busty girl ravished by orcs on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Excellent 2D, color, anime art of a busty warrioress in a tiny, fetish bikini getting ravished by rapacious orcs.
Hentai Babes
Pay: Hentai Comics and Sci-Fi anime with themes like "Nuns who love alien beast cock." and "I LOVE 48 inch alien stiffies!" Women are slavetraded from Space Pirate to Space Pirate or sometimes captured by a space alien to breed with i
Hentai Beast tag TentacleHentaiBeast: Tentacle tag which will bring up tentacle rape manga on Hentai Beast.
Hentai Dreams
Pay: Uncensored anime pics, manga comix, downloadable games! Aliens screwing school girls! Tentacle Rape! Hot Japanese girls engaging in wild, sometimes forced sex with every orifice!
Hentai Dreams

Hentai Flash
Pay: Hardcore Hentai, 3D XXX, Manga Stories, Erotic Comics, Hentai Series, Aliens, Japanese Dick Girls, Yaoi Hentai, Hentai Lesbians, Hentai Girls, Artbook, Movie Galleries, Flash Episodes, Toon Vision, Flash Animations, Flash Games, Flash Magazines.
Hentai Flash

Hentai From Hell
Pay: Weird untold hentai stories are here to thrill your mind with shocking galleries filled with horny monsters shoving strange kind of cocks into slippery wet female cavities and all this porn action is available in HQ in our Hentai From Hell galleries!
Hentai From Hell

Hentai girl abused by tentaclesVID: BondAnime - Innocent hentai girl gets abused and fucked by a tentacle robot.
Hentai Girl and Toothy Monster
Gal: MonsterSexSins - A girl becomes a toothy monster's date.
Hentai Girl Attacked by TentaclesVID: Bondanime - Hentai girl trapped in a monster's long tentacles.
Hentai I Love Like - pics and gifs of anime girls ravished by monsters or having sex on TumblrTumblr: All color, anime art of girls with monsters or just having some crazy sex.
Hentai KidPay: Hentai animations and stills including some monster sex.
Hentai KittyHentai-Foundry: Art of beautiful hentai girls, sometimes attacked by tentacles.
Hentai Monster
Pay: Unseeable, disgusting creatures ravish cute hentai girls! Here we collected all possible hentai monsters - tentacles, werewolves, demons, vampires, elves, aliens, undead... Their sexual abilities have no limits!
Hentai Monster

Hentai Roleplay WorldFlickr: Hardcore hentai art with some tentacle molestation and superheroine pics.

Hentai Star War
Pay: A horny princess is kept captive on a deadly space station. Expect to see many familiar faces and scenes in this anime porn parody including the bonus ones with Wank Solo.
Hentai Star War

Hentai, Tentacle and Monster Sex on TumblrTumblr: Well populated monster sex blog.
Heroine FantasyErotic Illusions Paysite: Beautiful babes rendered in 3D art moments before they take their last breath! The text implies human and demon ravishing.
Heroine Harassment Anzai Makoto Ryona henG.E-Hentai: 2D color anime comic of a female, student, superheroine who is defeated and ravished by a supervillain who employs powerful tentacles to subdue her.
High King on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art of superheroines, aliens and regular girls getting screwed, ravished, gang banged, monster molested, giving BJs etc. Lots of large penises, sometimes 4 or more surrounding a single girl.
Hinemos MomoiroJP: Anime upskirts and monster love! (right click on the door of the 3rd gallery and 'open link').
Hizzacked on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Very high quality 2D color, anime art including tentacle sex, lesbians, monster sex, pony girls, shemales, cat girls, armbinders and bondage.
Hombre BlancoHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of girls getting ravished by monsters and humans.
Homealone 447 on Terrific 3D art of futuristic women being molested by aliens.
Horrible 3D Monsters
Pay: Amazing collection of erotic and porn picture galleries with sexy Girls and fantastic creatures: Sex with Monsters, Sex with Aliens, Sci-fi porn picttures,
Horror Movies with RapeWeb: A well written catalog of horror movies with rape scenes.
Horror Sex!
Pay: Combining the worlds of classic horror and erotic sex! Monthly erotic sex with vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, girls with knives etc! Blood Sucking, Cum guzzling Vampire sex nuns! Amber Michaels, Sylvia Saint, Jana Cova and many more!
Horror Sex!

Horror Xstasy
Pay: Downloadable movies including humiliation restraints, extreme sex. Beautiful, young anime girls fucked with tentacles and screaming! - Adult Sexual Roleplay [18+ Only]Forum: is an active sexual play-by-post roleplaying forum on the internet. its primary purpose is to provide roleplay with a minimum of limits on erotic, sexual, and mature content.
HPL and Bad TasteJP: A variety of anime including bondage, monster sex, impossibly large breasts, superheroines, vicious mutilations and robots. There is kind of a drippy cumshot theme thoughout.
Humida's Gallery on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D anime art with recurring WOW imagery including enslavement, group bukkake, undead girls, monster sex, forced sex.
I-media-mostFree: Sex monstromi, strangulation girls, girls death. has some good downloads, but advise caution. There are several embedded attack sites on their download page. Don't get click-happy. Wait for the 'download' box.
IckyCrane on TumblrTumblr: High quality 3D art of monsters, girls and lots of spooge!
InfestedUAV on
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D art and some 2D art of girls with a lot of urine or being ravished by alien monsters.
InfestedUAV's BlogspotBlog: Alien Pourne- Here's a collection of dark twisted 3D images consisting of a unfortunate female solider caught up in various perils of tentacles, milking, aliens abusing, doppelganger lesbian rape .
Injuotoko's GalleryHentai-Foundry: 2D, anime-style art of girls ravished, impregnated and giving birth to tentacles!
Innocent Anime BrunetteVID: YouTube - Innocent anime brunette tied up and gets abused by tentacles.
Insatiable on Darkest Desires
GAL: Darkest Desires - An elf and troll have a forbidden encounter!
Intl Kichiku AgencyJP: A wide variety of Hentai including massive insertions, superheroine, bdsm, pumped-up tits, forced sex and monster sex.
Jaap van Deijk's Pulp art palaceFree: Truly gorgeous resouce of old pulp paperback covers including villainesses with guns, girls menaced by monsters, damsels being carried, Superheriones, chicks getting garroted, nazi bitches and helpless heroines tied up!
Jainey.comFree: Quick comical BDSM art covering women in peril, monster sex, bodily transformations, femdom.
Jajara on PixivPixiv: Well drawn, 2D, anime art of mostly fighting girls getting ravished by monsters and humans!
Japanese Nightmares - Live Action
Pay: Unique, insane, weird live tentacles action ! Gigs and gigs of rare full length movies featuring the wildest action ever!
Japanese Nightmares - Live Action

Japanese Otaku Super Heroines
PPV: Clips4Sale - Superheroines getting screwed in bondage, monsters, lesbians, strap ons, fighting, tortured, crosses, forced orgasms, robots and masturbation.
JessicaErotic Illusions Paysite: Erotic original artwork of a gorgeous blonde with huge breasts who ends up in bizarre supernatural situations.
KadukiJP: Really vicious anime including monster sex, bondage, torture, crucifixion, slasher/snuff, asphyxiation and huge breasts. Link to CG is found on the second page at the very bottom.
Kahoshiden's Hentai-Foundry GalleryHentai-Foundry: A couple 2D tentacle rape pics.
KaiglJP: Good 2D anime art of girls in bondage or being molested by monsters.
Kain's House of Lust - FreeFree: Excellent photoshopped 3D Graphics of extreme topics including forced sex during bondage, latex, mistresses, erotic nuns, female zombies, vampires, amazons and monster sex.
KamuiJP: Cute anime girls - usually getting molested by tentacles.
KanaiJP: Terrific original artwork (non-anime) of naked women in bondage, stabbed, shot with arrows, tortured, cyborged, getting operated on, attacked or eaten by monsters. Giantesses, Angels, Fairies, Amazons, Anthromorphs, Tentacles.
Kanji Ryona Tag on NiconicoNiconico: Videos with ryona (women in peril) content.
KarasuJP: Humans and hybrids enduring bondage, forced sex and monster sex.
KatamariJP: Cute anime girls with a couple tentacle rapes.
Kathryne on RenderoticaRenderotica: 3D art of huge breasted fantasy girls including girls rotated on spits, hanged, guilotined, female slaves, bondage, pony girls, bondage, monster sex, torture, vampirism, bondage sex, executions etc.
KatsuoJP: Anime girls in lycra/spandex, taking insertions, drowning - lots underwater, molested by sea creatures, hard bondage, forced sex, enormous hooters, some lactation, some poop, some femdom and tentacle attacks.
Kedoblog Japanese Ryona comic about a young nunJP: What appears to be a comic about a young nun and two weird demonesses that sometimes torment her.
KijirusiJP: Anime art featuring women with huge, elephantine, open erections. Includes bondage, insertions, sometimes huge tits and a little tentacle sex.
Killer Instinct OrchidYah: Group dedicated to Orchid from Killer Instinct. Includes Insertions, Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex.
Kingdom of EVIL
Pay: Helpless cuties, ancient monsters and nothing but huge dicks taking charge of petite holes! You almost get the feeling there's some ancient evil here waiting to be unleashed on unsuspecting members!
Kiss in the DarkJP: Some untranslated doujin of alien amazons, monster molestations, bondage, femdom, bad girl villainesses etc.
Kiss in the Dark (2) JP: High quality anime art put into stories including tentacle attacks, girls changed into statues, bondage, girls with tentacles, superheroines, latex, bug-girls.
Kmhwilfred monsters, death and general anime art on PixivPixiv: Anime art including monster sex and some death.
Kone Kone ClubJP: Fully clothed anime girls in a variety of clothes including bikinis, kimonos, bunny suits. Also Monster Sex, Bondage, Amazons, Schoolgirls and Upskirts.
Kosen-SJP: Some nice anime art including some monster sex, gang bangs, bondage and hybrids.

Kosmikophobia on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D anime art of girls, elves, furries sometimes bound, servicing monsters, men and mistresses.
KotoeJP: Near photorealistic Japanese art including tentacle sex, zombie sex and a female half corpse.
KRC Stuodios - 3D girls getting fucked, choked and killed on PixivPixiv: 3D pics of a couple assassin girls getting fucked, strangled, speared, KOd etc
KritterfoxVCL: Casual art of furries in quicksand, having sex, in bondage and getting attacked by tentacles.
Kuma TelkokuJP: Anime girls with large breasts, some bondage and monster sex.
KuppukuJP: Japanese anime chicks in bondage, molested by monsters, taking insertions, pooping.
Kuzu ShotHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of dick girls, video game girls, superheroines, demon sex, tentacles, huge breasts etc.
Lady and Cop vs Penetrator - Predators fucking beautiful women on G.E-Hentai.orgG.E-Hentai: An ongoing series of 3D comics where girls are fucked by armored, alien predators.
LagartoJP: Blog - Good 2D anime art including bondage, huge breasts, monster sex, insertions, ravishing, shemales and amazons.
Lakota DangerouslyErotic Illusions Paysite: Really hot, fitness model who has posed for Playboy and Victoria's secret uses her body as a model for 3D graphics depicting BDSM, abduction and tentacle molestation.
Lesbian AliensErotic Illusions Paysite: Really good 2D art of the most bizarre kinds of alien's sex: demon babes, alien sex, lesbian vampires, biomechanics fantasies, mutant sex etc.
Lighter Side of Tentacle HentaiFree: A funny comic about a tentacle attack!
Lilith-SoftJP: Previews for an anime, tentacle sex paysite.
Literotica.comFree: Fairly huge story site including stories about bondage, erotic horror, mind control, nonconsensual, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, transsexuals etc. Tentacle SexFree: Stories tagged with "Tentacle Sex".
Live Action Tentacle
Pay: Live Action Tentacle features dozens of ready for action tentacles. Asian girls are captured and swallowed by the tentacled beasts into the cave of unlimited ecstasy. Full length live action tentacle movies, filled with brutal tentacles, facials and
Live Action Tentacle

Live Action Tentacle Attacks
VID: Live Action Tentacle - AV idols are captured and swallowed by the tentacles.
Lola - Alien Autopsy
Pay: An evil alien performs medical experiments on an unwilling space amazon.
Lose HeroineJP: Sailor Moon type superheroines defeated, chained up, sometimes tortured, sometimes molested by monsters.
Lucifer's CustomJP: Anime site with kind of a catfight / gaming / DOA-style flavor. Subjects include amazons, bikinis, spandex, huge breasts, various hybrids (catgirls, angels), spandex and some monster sex.
Lucious Lips GalleryHentai-Foundry: High quality 2D artwork including huge breasts, superheroines, monster sex, hybrids and amazons.
Lucy Fidelis on Hentai-Foundry.comHentai-Foundry: Good 2D anime art includes tentacle sex, superheroines and a couple hybrids.
M-ArtErotic Illusions Paysite: Original fantasy, Sci-Fi artwork including amazons, weird-creature sex, hybrids and forced sex.
Macxe's SiteJP: 2D art of anime girls in tight, shiny outfits! Some XXX situations, lesbianism, bondage, tentacles and zentai.
Mad ScientistErotic Illusions Paysite: Lynortis' 3D pics of girls undergoing severe bondage and torture while becoming breeders for horrible monsters.
Magic Dragon on PixivPixiv: Anime wrestling girls with many choke outs, monster sex etc.
Magicaa Cooking! Anime schoolgirl ravished by tentacles on FakkuFakku: Hot, busty anime schoolgirl is ravished mercilessly by tentacles.
Makusaru weight (contrition)Pixiv: Really good 2D anime art of girls knocked out, attacked by monsters and even stabbed (once).
Manga Erotica!
Pay: Online Doujishu including hardcore sex, monsters raping human girls, bondage fantasies, famous anime characters including Sailor Moon, shemales and gay manga!
Maryan on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of girls in girl/girl or girl/monster situations.
Masaya's MonstersexErotic Illusions Paysite: Photomanips, original artwork and 3D graphics of women being molested by monsters from myth and fantasy.
Massive Anime
Pay: Huge, hentai, anime online collection! A great variety of Hentai anal sex, bondage, big tit babes, lesbian scenes, different fetishes and many more! You'll find a lot of unique and exclusive Hentai pics.
Massive Anime

Matt Maguire.comFree: Gorgeous, professional art including robot girls, spider girls, bondage, monster attacks, amazons, a girl getting speared and lots of lesbo/strap-on stuff.
Mie's GalleryJP: Two galleries: CG is some well-drawn, G-Rated anime. HCG is a gallery of cute anime girls getting molested by monsters.
Minos on RenderoticaRenderotica: Really high quality 3D art of girls in peril including bondage, monsters, hanging, execution, stockings and heels.
Miss Camal Kingdom - Demon girls lined up, restrained and fuckedG.E-Hentai: A crazy comic including a scene where bat winged, demon girls are lined up, put in stocks and fucked from behind.
Mistress Goldie on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - The gorgeous, busty Goldie is attacked by several monsters.
Mistress Goldie on Clips4SaleClips4Sale: The beautiful Goldie and others get ravished by monsters.
Mitora's GalleryHentai Foundry: 2D anime-style art of girls stuffed, pregnant, inflation, huge breasts and monster sex.
MiyabitsuzuruJP: Professional anime art including spandex, huge breasts, bondage, video game girls, bikinis, animal girls, girls with guns, tentacle attacks, she-males and forced sex.
Mlad on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of chicks with dicks, girls with guns, amazons and one good monster sex pic.
MomodenpaJP: Small animations and art of lesbian sex, fighting-game girls, battle armor, upskirts, monster sex, spandex, amazons and insertions.
MomoplaJP: Decent anime art with at least one tentacle molestation pic.
Mongo Bongo ArtPay: 3D art site with a lot of good 3D art and monster sex.
MongoBongo Art BlogBlog: 3D art of beautiful women with evil monsters or even just pics of girls with guns or swords.
Monster FuckersErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D art of beautiful women being ravished by men and monsters!
Monster Gallery on Aeris Dies GAL: A gallery of monster sex pics on Aeris Dies Hentai Gallery.
Monster Impregnation!
Gal: 3D Monsters - A weird, pink worm monster impregnates a pretty brunette causing another girl to ram her fist up her friend's cooch finding something weird.
Monster Porn Archive
Pay: Who? Helpless babes (big boobs, tight pussies) and terrible monsters (huge cocks, ugly look). Where? In classic comic, kinky hentai and 3D pics and videos. In? Interracial, anal and oral, group, bdsm, tentacle, space, fucking machine, etc.
Monster Porn Archive

Monster Porn Thriller
Pay: Creepy 3D monsters. Helpless 3D babes. In shocking porn comics! 1000s of extremely realistic 3D monster hardcore pictures here! Take care! These scary 3D monsters - ogres, giants, demons, gnomes, aliens, witches, werewolves, vampires!
Monster Porn Thriller

Monster SexFlickr: Any pics of Monster sex. Pics from Secondlife, Poser or any other 3D program.
Monster Sex Movies on NVHentaiFree: Doujinshi and movies involving anime monster sex.
Monster Sex on Hentai: A fairly large collection of anime girls getting screwed by monsters. Usually tentacles.
Monster Sex on Rule 34Rule34: Tags of girls getting attacked by monsters.
Monster Sex on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: A popular contest on SexyAmazons about monsters attacking girls - no tentacles.
Monster Sex Sins
Pay: Huge collection of monster sex art! 3D monster sex! Monster hentai! Access to the site includes 653GB of bonus content!
Monster Sex Sins

Monsterbabe CentralPay: Aliens, spooks, monsters and babes videos, photocomics, comic series etc.
Monsters and MaidensDeviantart: Very high quality 2D art of monsters and women including tentacle attacks, bondage, amazons and all sorts of monster/female interaction.
Monsters at LargeErotic Illusions Paysite: Very high quality 2D art by Roue of beautiful women molested, fondled and despoiled by nightmare creatures.
Monsters at Large!, FreeFree: Artwork of nightmare creatures from beyond space & time grabbing, groping, molesting and marauding.
Monsters Fucking Cute Girls
Pay: Monsters fucking cute girls Horrible aliens from the dark corners of the universe. Vile mutants of the radioactive exclusion zones. Monsters fucking cute girls! It's just a nightmare!
Monsters Fucking Cute Girls

Monsters Invasion
Pay: Monsters? Yes, and the most dangerous. Here? Yes, of course, and right now. Scared? No? You are so bold...unlike the huge-titted 3D babes, caught and forced to do porn everything the ugly mutants, aliens, zombies and demons want.
Monsters Invasion

Mookatek's GalleryHentai Foundry: Good 2D art, huge breasts, elves, monster sex, fairies, girls tit to tit, cum-drenched girls and giant penises.
MothershipErotic Illusions Paysite: 2D and 3D art and poser pics of cybergirls engaged in freaky net sex and molested by webmonsters!
MWB ArtFree: Professional, high-quality art illustrating beautiful women in bondage, in peril, offered as gifts, ravished, molested by monsters, attacked by vampires...etc
MWB Artworks: YahooYah: MWB's original art including bondage, abduction, monsters, aliens and even monster girls in peril!
Nailed by a D-GirlVID: Bondanime - Bound anime teen gets nailed by a d girl.
NamidameJP: A few samples of 2D anime art involving sex and monster sex.
NaodayoJP: Random assortment of anime chicks including bondage, huge breasts, tentacle attacks and superheroines.
Nasty monster spiders VID: BondAnime - Scared anime girl gets trapped in a nasty monster spiders arms and gets fucked hard. Also, a dead, naked girl with a stab wound in her back? Was she the spider and morphed back into a girl after stabbed by the guy?
Nasty No No Xeno and Hentai blog, lots of monster sexTumblr: 2D art of hot, beautiful girls usually getting ravished by horrible monsters.
Nasty Tentacle MonsterVID: Bondanime - Nervous anime girl getting fucked in every hole by a nasty tentacle monster.
Naughty ToastErotic Illusions Paysite: Professional art of 50s style sci-fi girls, superheroines, mutants and girls molested by tentacles.
NICE LabsErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D pics of tentacles and titties, ravenous monsters and men with the darkest desires - finding women who always satisfy!
Nidhog.jpJP: Good, morbid, 2D anime art of skinny girls, bondage, monster sex etc.
Night MarysJP: Anime art mostly of prettty girls getting molested by monsters.
Nijiyome 1: Fighting anime girls attacked by tentacles on GEHentaiG.E-Hentai: Good 2D anime nonsequential art of fighting girls posing with weapons or attacked by tentacles.
Nijiyome 2: Fighting anime girls attacked by tentacles on GEHentai G.E-Hentai: Good 2D anime nonsequential art of fighting girls posing with weapons or attacked by tentacles.
Nijiyome 3: Fighting anime girls attacked by tentacles on GEHentai G.E-Hentai: Good 2D anime nonsequential art of fighting girls posing with weapons or attacked by tentacles.
NikovJP: Anime girls in erotic situations, with dicks, gang ravished and molested by monsters!
NKK 145JP: Large breasted elves and humans sometimes molested by tentacles.
nnS on Pixiv.netPixiv: Really good 2D art of anime girls getting their navels tortured, stabbed, impaled, punched or attacked by monsters. Click on details to see how to register for
Norasuko top knotch erotic comic art including tentacles on SinnergateSinnergate: Really top knotch erotic comic art including some nice comics of girls getting ravished by tentalces.
Nude Chick with Alien
Gal: Crazy3D - A pretty, nude woman is attacked and ravished by a horny alien.
OctofetishFree: Built to service the needs of those who seek serious octopus strokage!
OctopiaFree: Octopus fetish and reverence with some nice pics of hot babes enduring tentacle assaults.
Octoslug on G.E-Hentai - the huge busted superheroine is just food and fuck to OctoslugG.E-Hentai: Very well drawn 2D art of a giant monster defeating and fucking a superheroine with gigantic breasts.
Official Genki WebsiteJP: Extreme non-anime Japanese site including a lot of tentacle molestation and asphyxiation.
Oiran on PixivPixiv: Some nice 2D anime art mostly involving tentacle sex.
Ona on PixivPixiv: Good 2D art of huge breasted anime girls with subjects including tentacle molestation, Hari Kari, toilet, bondage, shemales.
Onna Kishi wa Orc ni Ryoujoku SareruG.e-hentai: Hentai comic where a girl is attacked by a humanoid monster.
Orc no Nikutsubo Naedoko, Orcs ravishing busty anime girlsG.E-Hentai: Beautiful, busty girls get ravished by orcs.
Orc SlashYah: Orc erotica with plenty of naked Uruk-hai.
Orguns Grabbing and HoldingFree: Stories about superheroines and others being grabbed and held.
Osakana Shin-kai-teiJP: Anime chicks and hybrids tied up and sometimes molested by monstrous tentacles.
Other SideBlog: Excellent 3D fantasy art mostly of elf girls. Subjects are monster sex, bondage, sex and amazons.
Overstuffed BraFree: The definitive BE story archive. Includes aliens, giantess, hypnosis, sleepy regular/age/gender transformation.
Owari Likes Ducks on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Very nice 2D art including some nice monster tentacle stuff.
OyamaJP: A well designed site specializing in Tentacle sex.
Pain from a big tentacle monsterVID: BondAnime - Tiny anime girl takes the pain from a big tentacle monster.

Palette-EJP: Well drawn tentacle sex Hentai.
Pearl Gates, TheFree: Pics and stories mostly of angels (some mermaids). Includes angels kissing, having sex, getting eaten by monsters, swallowing people leaving enormous bellies, unbirthing, holding swords.
Penetrated Hard by OctopusVID: BondAnime - Redheaded hentai babe penetrated hard by octopus.
Penetration tag on Pixiv.netPixiv: Pics tagged with 'penetration' on including monster attacks, swords, spears etc. is sort of a Japanese Deviantart gallery that requires you to register to see mature content. Click DETAILS for instructions on how to r
Perils and Adventures of SpacegirlFree: A fairly large site dealing with photomanips and drawings of spacegirls molested by aliens - especially tentacles.
Pervert Pumpkin on PixivPixiv: 2D art of Furries, Monster Sex, Futanari/Shemale.
Petite Ladies and Tall MenYah: Photos of regular tall men with small women as well as poser pics of giants with regular girls.
Pink TiePixiv: Some violent, fantasy art including guttings and monster sex.
Pioneers 2 - Italian, inked 2D comic set in the old west. Alien and robot ravishing and a topless native American girl shot on Strange alien creatures and a robot have their way with a pretty blonde and a beautiful, topless Native American girl gets shot a few times with her coprse prominently displayed later.
Pirates IslandFree: Seriously disturbing anime art with plenty of scat, pee and Japanese Schoolgirl pics! I found a couple monster sex pics under Lum01.
Erotic Illusions Paysite: Excellent 3D art of girls getting eaten by monsters or screwed by aliens. There are some headless and asphyxiation themed pics with a science fiction theme.
Pixelator on RenderoticaRenderotica: The talented 'SpaceBabes' on Renderotica. Includes girls in spacesuits, bodypiles, tentacle attacks, superheroines, hanging and strangling.
Porn for the PeopleCat: Panfetish production company that includes Tyler from 'Coastal girl Tyler'. Fetishes include Monster Sex, BDSM, Superheroine, Femdom, Forced Sex, Robot, Asphyx, Carrying, Spanking and even a shooting fetish video.
Porn Horrors 3D
Pay: The darkest fantasies come true in 3D porn world! Sex with Demons, Hell Babes, Monsters, Undeads, Vampires, Werewolves, Hell Fuckers, Zombies. You've never seen anything like this before!
Porn Horrors 3D

Production Team Touchable Official SiteJP: Anime art of a girl involved in a number of erotic situations including a terrific "monster sex" opening scene.
PSHJP: Anime girls in supertight spacesuits in bondage, molested by tentacles, explosive decompression, drowning, alien attacks, insertions, peeing.
PukarinJP: Anime art of bee, bug, octopus, snake and snail girls doing guys as well as the usual tentacle molestations.
Purple BonusJP: Sweet anime girls with huge, enormous erections. Several girls become little more than tentacle, penis monsters including a long penis with a woman's head.
Queen Gazonga ArchiveYah: Comics from D-Cup magazine involving a woman whose breasts grow bigger after every orgasm.
Quicksand DramaYah: A group about women sinking in quicksand or cuddling up with snakes.
Radical DreamJP: Japanese anime pics including a tentacle attack and a couple nurses.
RallJP: Anime art of schoolgirl upskirts, monster molestations and erotic situations.
Random ReduxHentai Foundry: Well drawn fantasy artwork including horror girls, girls with tails, tentacle sex, shemales, superheroines and a gender swapping comic.
Ranger Squirrel on PixivPixiv: Good 2D anime art including a lot of monster sex. Especially on the last page.
Raoulster on
SexyAmazons: Very, high quality 2D art of beautiful, busty women in extreme peril. Hangings, saws, tentacles, guillotines, electrocution.
Raw DarknessBlog: Good 3D art, mostly of girls being sexually attacked by monsters.
Raw Darkness on ImagevenueImageVenue: Some 3D pics of girls getting attacked by monsters.
Red RibbonJP: A random collection of anime art including tentacle sex, furries and sexy robots!
RedShettys Creature and Monster Sex SiteFree: Art of erotic monsters and maidens...some hard stuff.
Reimu no Ishu-Kan Shussan on G.E-HentaiG.e-hentai: Japanese tentacle rape comic.
Reitaisai 9 on G.E-Hentai.orgG.E-Hentai An anime girl is wrecked by a huge monster with a gigantic dong!
Renaissance of ChaosDeviantart: Good 2D anime and furry art with a special focus on snakes wrapped around girls - hypnosis, tentacle attacks, implied vore, hybrids.
Ribleright's 3D Adult Art of EvilErotic Illusions Paysite: Ribleright's 3D pics with girls enduring bondage, torture, forced sex and monster sex!
Rin Kou Gen Tou KanJP: Very well drawn anime - nice girls-with-swords pics under 'fantasy' changing into monster sex under 'adult'.
RO-HentaiYah: Hentai art of Ragnarok Online. Includes upskirts, hardcore, magic girls, bondage, snake girl, Lots of tentacle / monster sex.
Robotic arm abuseVID: Bondanime - Weak hentai chick getting abused by robotic arms.
RoreruJP: Devoted to anime girls molested and impregnated by monster tentacles.
Rosselito on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Really high-quality 2D art of fantasy girls in erotic situations including forced sex, monster sex, gang bangs,
Rukasu on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D erotic art including a lot of monster sex.
Russ's LairErotic Illusions Paysite: 2D art involving superheroines, anime and furries in bondage, getting molested by monsters or just flashing.
Russkere on
SexyAmazons: Really nice 2D art of girls getting ravished by humans and monsters. Includes blowjobs, peeing, cheerleaders, snakes, more.
Ryona Hard TumblrTumblr: Really incredible art, anime, superheroine tumblr including stabbing, forced sex, monster sex, torture, bondage, death, blood and well all sorts of wonderful things.
Ryona Sexy Abuse 3D and 2D art of hot girls tortured, hanged, killedTumblr: A collection of 2D and 3D art of girls torutured, abused, hanged and killed.
Ryona Video CollectionJP: Links to Ryona videos found on places like YouTube or NicoVideo (requires registration). Includes killings, beatings, successful attacks.
RyonaingJP: Anime art of girls in terrible peril, usually from monsters and usually fatal.
RyougenJP: Large cache of art including shemales, huge breasts, superheroines, amazons, hybrids, monster sex and bondage.
Ryushenron on RenderoticaRenderotica: Very busty/curvy asian girls getting attacked by tentacles and people.
SabouJP: Anime with lots of chicks with dicks, tentacle sex and severe bondage.
Sabu excellent 2D monster sex fantasy art on PixivPixiv: Excellent art of girls and monster girls getting ravished by humans and monsters.
Sadistic Toons.comAVS: AE-King. 6 seperate 3D pic sites all accessible through the same AVS: Robot Porn, Dickgirl Porn, Frankenstein Porn, Ponygirl Porn, Sado Toons and Tentacle Porn.

SadisticaErotic Illusions Paysite: Mantis' site with artwork showing women being swallowed, bound and tortured.
SaffronJP: Good 2D anime art of samurai girls posing, in bondage or attacked by monsters.
SalamanderFree: Salamander addresses a wide variety of topics in his art like furries, zoophile, vore, sex, digimon and more.
SalverionHentai-Foundry: 2D art of girls, usually with thigh-high boots and masks getting attacked by monsters, gangbanged and other hardcore activity.
Sardo Numspa's Erotic Visions - FreeErotic Illusions Paysite: Free promo site for Sardo's Erotic Illusions paysite. Gorgeous 3D chicks in hardcore action including some monster sex and bondage.
Schmitxxfallen BlogJP: I linked specifically to the blog date with CG. You'll find a few cool pics here including some monster sex.
Schoolgirl tentacle attack
VID: A schoolgirl is trapped by and molested by tentacles.
Sci-Fi Ethnic Babes in Alien Sex Movies
Vid: Lexi Love, Eve Mayfair and Kya Tropic in bizarre, alien sex fantasies.
Scifiporn BlogBlog: French blog. Science fiction erotica with tentacles!
Scorching Nova anime art of monster sex, tentacles, robot ravishing and others on PixivPixiv: Excellent 2D anime art of women in peril including tentacle attacks, monster sex, robot ravishing and a lot of different erotic situations.
Scream QueensFlickr: A group dedicated to horror and beauty, damsels in distress, babes in blood, monsters and models, and all things that embody the ultimate juxtaposition of attraction and repulsion.
Screams From the DungeonErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D art of beautiful women tied-up, shackled, tortured, paddled, humiliated and even enduring strap-on, bondage sex. I think there's monster sex.
Sebab's GalleryHentai-Foundry: 2D art mostly concentrating on the alien abducted girls of Duke Nukem. Lots of tentacle bondage and tentacle sex.
Seductress FetishYouTube: The ultimate group for erotic female fetishes. Cigarette smoking (no cigars); lesbian; legs, nylons and heels; vore; bondage, strangling, chloroform, etc. fetishes are all fair game so long as they are quality videos.
Seth's Work on PixivPixiv: Very prolific 3D monster sex artist
Sexual Creature EncountersErotic Illusions Paysite: Photos and photomanips of Jing, Warrior Queen, sexually servicing monsters.
Sexy anime girl ravished by tentacles COLORG.E-Hentai: 16 color pages of two sexy anime girls getting ravished by tentacles
Sezdes on RenderoticaRenderotica: Good 3D art of girls getting molested by monsters and other bizarre situations.
ShadeurahimeJP: A blog including 2D anime art of superheroines, monster sex and bondage.
Shokushu High SchoolJP: A high school backdrop showcasing bondage and tentacle rape anime art.
Short CutsJP: Bizarre and violent anime. Peeing, hardcore action, torture, bizarre body shaping, shemales, insertions, belly inflation, monster sex, bondage, huge-stretched vaginas, gangbangs etc.
Sirabiso on SakuraJP: General erotic anime art including some monster sex.
Skajrs erotic tentacle art on TumblrTumblr: 2D art of beautiful women ravished by insatiable tentacles.
Skywalker's VisionsErotic Illusions Paysite: Extremely high quality 3D art of girls in bondage and often ravished by men and monsters.
Sleazegroin TheaterPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips in kind of a B-Movie format including a host "Trampira". Films involve vampires, a monster, zombies and the devil.
Slugbox on G-E-HentaiG-E-Hentai: Excellent 2D anime art including a hot, busty girl with guns and some horny tentacle monsters.
SlugboxHF's GalleryGal: Hentai-Foundry - Tons of excellent 2D art of girls and tentacles.
SlungleJP: Anime pics of women cut up, mutilated, tied-up, ravished and more - some pretty gruesome stuff. (Can't find the gruesome stuff anymore.)
Snake Inside a Hentai Girl's BodyVID: Bondanime - Terrified hentai cutie gets a nasty snake inside of her body.
Snake Women 2Yah: Women attacked by or wrapped up by snakes.
Snake Women 2Yah: Women attacked by or wrapped up by snakes.
SomaJP: Nice anime art including insertions, monster sex, spandex, forced peeing and bondage.
Space Babe CentralPay: Art, poser and live action comics where beautiful women are attacked and molested by horrible, alien monsters. Includes some mind control and robot sex.
Sparrow on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Anime girls attacked by tentacles, in bondage, laying eggs, huge breasts, furries, explosive lactation, forced sex, monster impregnation with huge bellies, women with huge cocks, gang sex.
Steve O RenoDeviantart: Really hot 2D art of girls (sometimes superheroines) in bondage, in peril, eaten by monsters (vore) or molested by tentacles.
Stories OnlineFree: Erotic stories of all kinds including rape, snuff, necrophilia, bondage etc.
Strange Fetish Tales - Absolut Hard PPV: Clips4Sale - Girls ravished by villainous monsters.
Stuck in Monsters Tentacles and Fucked like CrazyVID: BondAnime - Stunning little anime schoolgirl stuck in monsters tentacles and fucked like crazy!
Successor of WyrdJP: Anime girls in erotic situations including molested by tentacles, titty fuck, upskirts, bondage.
SuicideFree: Galleries of terrific fantasy artwork by Vallejo, Sorayama, Giger and Olivia. Valejo: Sex with evil things, amazons, angels, multi-armed girls, nagas, mermaids, catfights. Sorayama: Femdom, Girls with Guns, Sexy Robots, BDSM, Mermaid.
Super's ArtYah: Artwork of superheroines in bondage, dominated, monster sex, tortured and even getting killed.
Super-Pics 3Yah: Mostly photomanips of 40s style pulp magazines. Also art, photos and manips of superheroines and other girls in bondage, mind-control, peril, menaced by monsters and evil robots. Also transformation and body swapping.
Superheroine NightmareYah: A way to abuse Superheroines in all sorts of unique ways including superheroines, bondage, cannibalism, robots, forced sex and more.
Superheroines BRYah: Brazilian superheroine site promoting movies that include girls with guns, amazons, bikinis, vampires, monster love and quicksand.
Superheroines BRYah: Brazilian superheroine site promoting movies that include girls with guns, amazons, bikinis, vampires, monster love and quicksand.
Superheroines Nude PerilErotic Illusions Paysite: Superheroines molested by Aliens, Monsters, Animals and Super Villains. Plenty of peril!
Surprise 7074 monster sex with a violent ending on Sexyamazons
Sexyamazons: Art of a beautiful woman getting ravished and snapped by tentacles.
Surrounded and Trapped by Large TentaclesVID: Bondanime - Scared anime babe surrounded and trapped by large tentacles.
Svarog's SF XXX Place
Pay: 3D Graphics. Svarog's nightmare world where beautiful women are gangbanged by aliens, molested by tentacles and r*ped by raptors! Check out the sample pics and promo clips!
Svarog's SFXXX PlaceErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of women forcibly molested by tentacles, orks, zombies and other creatures.

Svarog's SFxxx Place - freeFree: Svarog's terrific poser pics and movies of monster, tentacle and alien rape.
Swiss Made AnimationsErotic Illusions Paysite: Swiss Made Animations has some of the best sci-fi monster, tentacle, robot and alien sex flash videos for you to enjoy!
Sword Breeze and Panzer KatzeJP: Pretty anime girls with enormous hooters - at least one tentacle sex pic.
T-GraphJP: Advertisement for some monster sex anime available for download - the free sample is pretty cool.
T4JP: Lots of anime tentacle rape pics.
Taboo ComicsErotic Illusions Paysite: Great Gonzo's professional CGI art including anime and 3D rendered art. Strap on sex and lots of monster molestations.
TagahaVCL: Anime art portraying women being eaten or molested by horrifying creatures or women themselves as horrifying creatures.
Tanj's TalesFree: Stories of a Cheetah-morph experiencing F/F sex, bondage, non-consensual sex, monster sex and violence.
Temple FantasiesErotic Illusions Paysite: Poser work of amazons, priestesses, sorceresses and temple novices. Lesbianism, mind control, domination and submission. Includes tentacle molestation.
Tender Tentacles
Pay: Gorgeous, live-action girls attacked and overcome by evil, slimy tentacles.
Tender Tentacles

Tender Tentacles
Pay: Tentacles tenderly molest and ravish frightened girls. They squirm in fear as the tentacles descend in tender terror on their naked bodies.
TengafubJP: A green-haired, vampiric girl gets tied-up and ravaged. Includes insertions.
Tenta WebJP: Anime site showing off plenty of tentacle rape.
Tentacle and Monster PornAVS: AE - 3D graphics of beautiful girls molested by tentacles, bred with by bugs, milked by monsters and more.
Tentacle ApacolypseGoogle: A group about giant, tentacled monsters.
Tentacle Attack
Bondanime: A beautiful, busty anime girl is attacked by tentacles that use her to control a spaceship.
Tentacle Festival MK 2 RSGoogle: Mail list group dealing with tentacle attacks.
Tentacle Hentai
Pay: See young, anime hotties in hundreds of multiple tentacle fuck episodes.
Tentacle Hentai

Tentacle Hentai SexBlog: A free blog about monsters molesting pretty anime girls.
Tentacle Hentai WorldAVS: CyberAge - A complete archive of corrupt pictures and movies, engaging in sexual practice with all kinds of weird tentacles creatures.
Tentacle Rape FanclubFree: A thread on an mmorpg forum where the topic "Tentacle Rape" has brought in a lot of interesting submissions.
Tentacle Rape on TumblrTumblr: The tag 'tentacle rape' on Tumblr.
Tentacle rape stories on archiveofourown.orgOver 200 stories of tentacle rape on the site
Tentacle sex videos on Hundreds of tentacle sex videos on the site
Tentacle Tag on GE Hentai.orgGE Hentai: 2D anime pics that turn up when you use the 'tentacle' tag on GE Hentai.
Tentacles Assault
Pay: LIVE ACTION - Horrible monsters escaped from the laboratory, now catching young girls and assaulting them with huge slippery tentacles.
Tentacles Attack!
Pay: Megatons of teeny Hentai sluts dying of pleasure under the aggressive onslaught of armies of tentacles! Watch these nubile, anime hotties getting molested by tentacled monstrosities!
Tentacles Attack!

Tentacles on DanbooruDanbooru: The tentacle tag on Danbooru. 2D anime art of girls getting attacked by tentacles.
TentispottingYah: A group dedicated to the tentacle molestation fetish.
Tenttacles Tag on Sankaku ComplexSankaku: Tag to find tentacle anime artwork on Sankaku.
Terrified Anime Slut Swallows TentaclesVid: Bondanime - Terrified little anime slut gets fat tentacles deep in her throat.
The Cummoner in Progress - a young sorceress is beset by tentacles on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Excellent 2D, color anime art of a cute, young sorceress who often finds herself the victim of tentacle attacks.
The Fetish School
PPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of beautiful asian girls getting ravished by tentacles.
The White AbyssJP: Anime girls with or without pointed ears getting ravished by humans and monsters. Click on "Lacked Continent" and then on the different cities.
Three D Milf ToonsBlog: The 3d comic adventures of a bbw milf with a huge butt. Fat, mature women often having sex with aliens.
Three-D Adult Comics Gallery
Pay: 3D bitch slammed by alien monster!
Three-D Adult Comics Gallery
Pay: A golem or other type of monster has its lustful way with a tomb explorer.
Three-D Adult Comics Gallery 11/26
Pay: A 3D blonde chick gives an alien a blowjob.
Three-D Adult Comics!
Pay: High quality 3D hardcore comic books and animation! Aliens, monsters, creatures coupling with human women! Vicious, hardcore creaturesex!
Three-D Adult Comics!

Three-D Comics
Pay: 3D porn comics including superheroines, hardcore, bondage, monster sex, huge breasts and even cannibal zombies.
Three-D Evil Attack
Pay: Hardcore pics of aliens and mutants fucking sexy sluts! So real looking that you'll swear that you could touch the sharp teeth of the monsters!
Three-D Evil Attack

Three-D Evil Monsters
Pay: Lecherous monster sex madness in high definition quality! Beautiful 3d creatures in uncensored fuck scenes. All kinds of lustful fairy creatures in our huge member zone!
Three-D Evil Monsters

Three-D Hardcore Fantasy
Pay: Hot 3D Collection of the Best XXX Pics and Movies Involving Magical Monsters, Fantastic Creatures, Mythological Beings, Aliens etc.
Three-D Heavy Fantasy
Pay: 3D fantasy monster sex scenarios. Elves, trolls, humans, goblins... oh my!
Three-D Heavy Fantasy

Three-D Monster Comics
Pay: Only exclusive 3D content. Inside you will find huge and beautiful 3d world, populated by horny creatures; lovely earth girls, fucked by majestic aliens, sophisticated storyline. All comics are made in High Definition.
Three-D Monster Comics

Three-D Monsters XXX
Pay: The ugliest monsters xxx fuck innocent girls.
Three-D Pussy - Extreme Poser And StoriesExtreme 3d art and stories
Three-DZenHentai-Foundry: Beautiful 3D art, many of which have monster sex.
Throat, colored anime art of girls sexually assaulted by monstersGood 2D, colored artwork of girls getting raped by monsters
Tits and Tentacles!VID: BondAnime - Guy grows out tentacle cocks and fucks big busted hentai chick.

Tomihiru @ Maipiku on PixivPixiv: Over 180 pics of anime art with a lot of tentacle sex.
Toon Megaplex
Pay: Extreme Hentai! XXX Flash Movies! Shockwave Porno! Anime domination, bondage, torture and monster sex. Some of the kinkiest stuff created by the Japanese masters!
Pay: Over 1,000 XXX comics! Over 15 GB of Hentai Books! Over 60,000 images! Tons of categories like Bondage, Tentacles, Furries, Dolls, Superheroines, Hardcore, Dick Girls and Lesbians.
Trapped by a Nasty Snake.VID: BondAnime - Scared anime teen gets trapped by a nasty snake.
Trapped by Nasty TentaclesVID: Bondanime - Cute little anime teen slut trapped by nasty tentacles.
Trapped Little Hentai GirlVID: Bondanime - Trapped little hentai girl penetrated by tentacles in every hole.
Tsurugi 9000 violent death and monster rape art on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art of girls in horrible situations. Lots of tentacle rape and bloody death.
Tsurugis Shadowreaper comic - famous superheroines raped and killedG.E-Hentai: Well drawn and colored comic where an evil supermonster tentacle rapes and kills four superheriones in horrible, guro level violence.
Twisted DesiresErotic Illusions Paysite: From Rampant Demons to Horny Robots, from Animal Desires to Fairy Tale Fucking, from Alien Lust to Undead Hunger. This website has it all!
Two-OpJP: Art and 3D of hybrids, latex, catfights, robot girls, superheroines, monster sex, bondage and an extreme page.
Typo on PixivPixiv: Good 2D anime art of monster tentacle attacks! Just a few pics.
U.D. on PixivPixiv: Good 2D anime art mostly of monster sex, some vore and lots of bondage.
Ultra Sci-Fi HorrorWebArchive: Sci-Fi poser art from a variety of poser artists. Girls in severe peril including bondage, monster sex, vore, strap-ons, tentacle attacks, torture.
Ultrafem on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: High quality 2D art of shemales, superheroines, girls milked, girls screwed by female monsters with dicks.
Umbrafox on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D fantasy art including bondage, bondage sex, shemales, monster sex, superheroines, ravishing etc.
Uncle Sickey TumblrTumblr: The tumblr of an incredible artist that includes monster sex, extreme bondage, slavery and ravishing.
Pay: High quality, fetish, 3D artwork including subjects like interracial, sci-fi, monster sex and shemales.
Universe of Extreme Hentai
Pay: These hentai girls may look wide eyed and innocent,but they are anything but! Watch them as they are violated by tentacles,suck off massive cocks,get fucked by monsters and so much more!
UrauraJP: Erotic anime girls including contortionist sex and lots of monster sex.
Utilizator's Gallery on Hentai-Foundry.comHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of mostly Sailor Moon type girls (with and without dicks) in hardcore sex or getting screwed by monsters.
V-GirlsJP: 3D pics and animations of a superheroine style girl getting attacked by tentacles.
Valtiel's Favorites on DeviantartDeviantArt: A nice collection of dead/unconscious girls plus vore, monsters, asphyxiation, stabbing etc.
Vampire oral sex.VID: Bondanime - Insecure little hentai teen tied up and gets eaten out by a vampire.
Vanja on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: High quality 2D erotic art including a lot of monsters and tentacles. The games are fun too.
Vanja's GalleryHentai-Foundry: Cartoon and anime characters - some bondage, Kim Possible, monster sex.
Vesperia Vengeance Sofia punished in a wide variety of violent, vicious waysG.E-Hentai: Art from various artists on how Sofia should be punished. Includes monster attacks, forced sex, belly stabs, amputation,
Visual BiscuitsJP: Anime pics of girls wearing armor, wielding weapons and getting impregnated by tentacles.
Vuki on Hentai FoundryHentai-Foundry: Cartoon girls often getting molested by monsters.
Walpurgis9's Ladies of DarknessFree: (Under Reconstruction.) Compilation of fantasy artwork including ladies with creatures, ladies with weapons, lady demons, ladies working magic and vampiresses!
WancozoneJP: Gorgeous anime art featuring hot chicks with large breasts. Includes monster sex (sometimes underwater), injections, bondage, torture, surgery, insertions, amputations, shemales, forced sex, stitched up hybrids, impaling and a nice Amazon Flash movie
Werebeast screws some hot anime chick!VID: Bondanime - Man transforms into a monster and screws a hentai girl hard.
Wet DesireErotic Illusions Paysite: Original art of beautiful women having sex with a variety of things including monsters, high-tech objects and tentacles.
Wet Desire, FreeErotic Illusions Paysite: Original art of beautiful women having sex with a variety of things including monsters, high-tech objects and tentacles.
Wild Pegasus 13Hentai-Foundry: Really high-quality 2D art of girls attacked by tentacles or confronted by penises - often multiple penises.
Wintermute Adult SectionJP: Links to three galleries including bondage, torture, vore, monster sex etc.
Wonder Woman Superheroine Videos and PicsYah: Videos, photos, photomanips and scans of superheroines - especially Wonder Woman. Includes bondage, knock outs, carrying and even some monster sex.
Wonder Woman Superheroine Videos and Pics 2Yah: Videos, photos, photomanips and scans of superheroines - especially Wonder Woman. Includes bondage, knock outs, carrying and even some monster sex.
Wonder Woman, Capture ofYah: Pics of Wonder Woman in bondage, attacked by tentacles, ravished, knocked-out, taking insertions and screwing Superman.
World of Porncraft
Pay: Elves, Orks, Dark Elves and Werewolves in massive, erotic situations.
World of Porncraft

X-Men HameCom - superheroines ravaged by evil men and monster tentacles on FakkuFakku: Gorgeous, scantily-clad superheroines fucked by evil men and vile tentacles.
XalynneFree: 3D graphics of a full-figured amazon involved in slavery, bondage, masturbation, birthing, forced sex, monster sex, pregnancy, urination, interracial, scat, humiliation, orcs, gynophagia, egg-laying and vore!
Xeno Stories PlusFree: 3d graphic stories about sexy girls being ravished by strange creatures, getting pregnant, giving birth, lactating and a lot more.
Xenozoophavs on TumblrTumblr: Good 2D anime art of beautiful women getting attacked by monsters!
Xenozoophilia excellent 3D art of girls ravished by monstersHentai-Foundry: Excellent 3D poser and DAZ art of monster rape.
Xera ComicImagefap: An uploaded comic about an amazon who gets attacked by monster tentacles.
Xnalara SEX (3d game babes) on G-E-HentaiG-E-Hentai: 3D Game babes having sex or getting ravished my men and monsters.
XXXJP: Truly vicious Hentai including amputees, girls flayed open, tentacle attacks, bondage, insertions, forced sex, torture, belly inflation, bodies reorganized or sculpted and, of course, surgery. One of the most extreme sites I've ever seen.
XXX Spacegirls
Pay: XXX Spacegirls offers SciFi sex pics, horror and vampire sex, hardcore and fetish sections! Includes flying sex robots, menacing space aliens, evil Space Girls, alien induced pregnancies, futuristic medical exams, sword wielding amazons and more.
XXX Spacegirls Galleries - Monster Sex
Some Monster Sex galleries from XXX Spacegirls
XXX Spacegirls Galleries - Monster Sex

XXX SpaceGirls Gallery - Anastasia!
Pay: The beautiful Anastasia appears with a gun and sword only to be overwhelmed by an alien, robotic, tentacle machine.

XXXeno Lynos sexy, extreme 3D art! Slaves, Tentacles, Dolcett
Web: Good, professional 3D art about monster tentacles, female slaves and other extreme scenes.
XXXTreme ComiXXX on KinkBombKinkBomb - Comic books come to life in an extreme, brutal way! Includes superheroines, mind control, monster sex, bondage, bondage sex, tickling, time stop, forced orgasms and more.
YomotuhirasakaJP: Anime site with shemales, poop, pee, bondage and some tentacle rape.
YotsubaJP: A wide variety of styles including anime art, 3D and real-life photos showing pretty girls, bondage and tentacle attacks.
YuuyanJP: A few good 2D anime pics including some monster sex.
Zimm's Place 2Yah: Terrific art of superheroines and other fantasy girls in sexual, bondage and even tentacle rape situations.
Zippizone's ComixYah: Gorgeous artwork of girls in a number of erotic, fantasy situations. Usually huge breasts; sometimes as superheroines, sometimes as fantasy creatures and sometimes with monsters.
Zoophilia-Story.infoFree: 100s of free zoo stories as well some explicit monster sex stories. Check out sex from goblins, orks and even Panda People.
Zzomp 3DX World BlogBlog: 3D art of beautiful girls in erotic situations. Gigantic, brute male in past art.