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afterdarkfantasies: 3 3

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Messageboards are a great way to connect with the community but there are some rules... 1) Don't be a jerk, your words have power and realize that everyone sounds grumpy in print. 2) Don't respond to trolls (You're all idiots and should die.) - ignore them, let the board keeper delete them and they go away. 3) If something makes you mad - don't respond right away - wait at least a few hours and then if you decide to leave a message - leave one that's pithy, noninflamatory and straight to the point. 4) No one has ever been converted by an argument; make your point and move on.
Aqua Fantasies Discussion Board Movie reviews etc for all Aquafiles.
The Axe and Guillotine boardBeheading messageboard
Bad Babe and Beautiful Belly Message BoardNice bellies some stabbing and shooting.
Belly Torture Board 2Started by SlutSlayer to stop the Taralynn attack on the 1st board.
Big Gulp Messageboard Swallowing, Eating, Chomping.
Bloody PoliticsThe new political discussion board with an edge.
Broads with BroadswordsAmazon messageboard.
Carrie's Kittenness Forum Dedicated to Carrie's Capt Kitten & the Space Bunnies.
Cash's Messageboard Messageboard dealing with Cash's shooting/stabbing websites.
Catfighting to the Death Messageboard and Picture Post with extreme catfights including choke outs, knock outs, victory poses, sleepygirls, and Catfights to the Death!
Club Dead ForumClub Dead's own message board.
Commando 2002's Message Board Chinese dying girls messageboards - mainly deals with shooting and stabbing.
Countess Bathoria's Messageboard Topics include Necrophillia, Fetish/Kink, BDSM, Vampire Erotica, Rape, Erotic Stories, hermaphrodites, Interracial intercourse, and much much more!
CuddlyNecrobabes Visitor's ForumA safe and friendly place to talk and swap pics or links.
Fantasy Death FetishJuli, Lisa & Vicky from the Necrobabes Message Boards.
Fat Longpigs MessageboardCannibal Messageboard.
Fatal Females /FemmeGore Forum G-Man's forum. Bad girls getting their just desserts in a variety of ways!

Fem Can BoardFemale Cannibal board. Yes that's women eating men, you have been warned.
Femme FeastThe Darker Side of Canibalism.
Gay Cannibal MessageboardGay Cannibal Messageboard.
German Cannibal ForumFor German Cannibals.
Girl FleshHexVixen's Female cannibal board.
Gourmet Girls Messageboard The Gourmet Girls Messageboard.
Hard Vore Cafe A forum for all those who love to see Giantesses eating, biting and chewing tiny men.
Il Pollaio's Messageoboard Forum announcing new Il Pollaio art or just discussing Death Fetish in general.
John M's Messageboard A place to discuss horror movies or RueMorgue updates.
Kill Her Messageboard Messageboard for the shooting/stabbing Killher Productions paysite.
Nazi Girls Fetish BoardJimbo's Nazi babe forum.
Necrobabes Public ForumVicki's free messageboard run by Sam.
Necroporn Messageboard Messageboard for the necroheavy site, Necroporn!
North American Necrophilia/Snuff MessageboardLightly traveled, kinda nasty necroboard.
Sam's Board Central Lots of Chat Rooms and Messageboards including the Necrobabes paysite boards.
Scarlet Pimpernel's Messageboard All about Amazons and Poser Models.
Snuffing Annabelle Snuffing Annabelle's Public Message Board
Steely Blue's MessageboardMessageboard for this attractive necromodel.
Woman Eater BoardSelf explanatory.