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 Amazon Combat (654)
This category specifically addresses girl/girl mortal combat. Standard amazon combat usually invloves naked or armored females killing each other with melee weapons but can include bows, guns, lasers or even unarmed combat (as long as it's fatal).

 Asphyx (972)
Erotic asphyxiation is a popular sexual fetish and is not necessarily fatal. Asphyxiation includes strangulation, garroting, hanging, smothering and drowning - any way of depriving someone of oxygen. Asphyxiation may end up in a knock-out, death or just a bit of choking.

 Cannibalism (423)
Cannibalism, or anthropophagy, is the act of devouring your fellow human! This is the ultimate taboo - tasting the sweet flesh of a lover, roasting a beautiful woman over the spit, sharing one's own meat with a significant other. A similar fetish is vore.

 Erotic Illusions (64)
Erotic Illusions is home to a huge variety of 3D and 2D art websites. These sites tend towards subjects like forced sex, cannibalism, vore, monster sex.

 Executions (648)
Executions differ from other forms of death fetish by incorporating 'public display'. Here the victim is not only enjoying the attention of his/her executioner or torturer but his/her ordeal has become the entertainment for an entire audience. Executions include beheading, hanging, crucifixion, firing squad, electric chair, guillotine, lethal injection or gas chamber.

 Forced Sex (578)
These sites REALLY used to intimidate me - how could anyone fantasize about forcing sex on another human being - then I realized that it was all JUST fantasy and no worse than fantasies about tying women up or spanking them. Force fantasies are all about power and sex, really not that much different then standard BDSM. Very often the woman is held at gun or knife point or held down by a group of men. DISCLAIMER: This webmaster and most of the webmasters listed find real forced sex both reprehensible and without excuse - this is only about a fantasy that many men and women share.

 Gore (233)
For the incurable gross-out fetishists. These are pics of real dead people. REAL death, really real with blood, guts and broken bones! Look for morgue, autopsy and disaster photos with dead babies, headless corpses and pathetic suicides! Have fun!

 Messageboards (33)
Here members of different extreme communities can hook up and exchange ideas, pics and links. I often come to these messageboards to get the pulse of the community.

 Miscellaneous (117)
Non Death Fetish/Extreme sites that have been entered into this database.

 Monster Sex (617)
Not necessarily ending in sex; these sites are all about girls interacting with strange, bizarre and sometimes evil creatures on a variety of levels. Whether menaced, carried, raped or sometimes eaten - these girls are at the mercy of their burly or slimy antagonists.

 Necrobabes (2)
Vicki - the necrobabe - along with her henchmen - Peter, Dave, Sam, Samson and others built what is now the NECROBABE empire. Starting with 'Necrobabes' then 'Erotic Horror' they built a whole host of paysites catering to those with dark fetishes such as Snuff, Necro, Asphyx etc. Monthly charge is next to nothing and the quality is exceptional! Check out all the free sites too!

 Necrophilia (655)
Necrophilia has received a reputation it certainly doesn't deserve as the bottom cellar of fetishes. When it comes down to it - necrophilia is simply a form of BDSM where the subject has given up (her) power entirely. The corpse is given all the attention and is the recipient of all the handling while offering nothing but her body to the necrophile. It is our own fear of death that colors this fetish so harshly. Oftentimes (not always) sleepy fetishists are closet necrophiliacs. Probably the most well known necrophiliac is Vicki matriarch of the Necrobabes websites.

 Pee/Poop (128)
Sites dealing with beautiful women peeing and/or pooping. Oftentimes this will be in public and it is a popular theme with Japanese anime sites.

 Ryona (67)
Mostly Japanese anime, cartoon, video game violence. Mortal Kombat, Agent Aika and so much more!

 Slasher/Bloody (1591)
Very quickly, this is the fantasy... FANTASY... of a woman getting shot or stabbed. It sounds so awful, so terribly evil that even other forms of porn openly discriminate against it but this fetish is actually one of the lightest fetishes around. You are certainly more likely to find a girl getting shot in a TV show than anal sex. In movies created to satisfy this fetish you will find girls playfully firing plastic guns at each other. You may see a scene from Friday the 13th or Amazon Queen or Kill Bill re-enacted with scantily clad girls. No one is really hurt and the atmosphere is light and kind of comedic. These movies have much more in common with horror/b-movies than porn and in-fact many of the actresses who work in these movies would NEVER work in porn. Articles: Death Becomes Her

 Vore (514)
Similar to cannibalism, vore is the fetish of some type of creature devouring women or other female types of creatures. Very often vore involves furries and/or giants.

 Darksites Info (5)
Resources for readers of Darksites.net

 DF Articles (2)
Articles dealing with general Dearth Fetish issues.

 Galleries (2)

 Reviews (25)

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Newest Links
Artist GH Howard - girls slaughtered and sometimes eaten often by goblins
G.E-Hentai: girls slaughtered and sometimes eaten often by goblins
Limp Fetish 2 - videos and forum of dead or knocked out girls on Motherless.
Motherless: videos and forum of dead or knocked out girls
Death Becomes Her - pics of girls dead or being killed
VK: pics of girls dead or being killed
Crime Fantasies, HOM, chloro, limp and unconscious girls on Twitter
Twitter: HOM, chloro, limp and unconscious girls
Unconscious search on ImageFap - dead, sleeping, limp photos and gifs on Imagefap
Imagefap: Gifs and pics of girls limp, unconscious, dead on Imagefap
Dead Dolls - beautiful dead girl photos on Deviantart
Deviantart: beautiful dead girl photos.
Keysinmind - beautiful photos including some tasteful dead shots on Deviantart
Deviantart: beautiful photos including some tasteful dead shots
Evil bikini model is zapped, chlorod and death pinched by cop on Deadclips.com
Lavinia is a bikini model who is discovered to be an assassin. The counteragent disarms her, shocks her, tickles her trying to get her to confess. She confesses and he kills her using a pressure point. He then randomly fiddles with her corpse.
Nisrean - girls gassed and chlorod channel on YouTube
YouTube Channel: A small selection of girls getting gassed videos on YouTube.
Girls Death 12Day6 - Japanese girls and game girls killed onscreen on YouTube
YouTube Channel: Video clips of Japanese girls and game girls ryona, dying or dead.

Newest Articles
Evil / Dark Galleries
The latest evil / dark galleries.
Bondage Sex Galleries
Galleries of girls in bondage sex situations.
Rescue IA from Anne's Dreams
By Templar. Ildiko Adams is instructed to rescue Sophie from her captors (Orsi and Monica) or failing that, make sure she never talks!
Britton's Blood on CNB
By Templar. from KillHer Production, Britton is machine gunned, run through with a sword and takes an arrow.
Full Magazine on Anne's Dreams
By Templar. (Shooting) Mob boss Sophie is using Crista to set an example. She gives Crista a full magazine of pain....Well. Full magazine minus 2.
Death Row Cell on Anne's Dreams
By Templar. (Firing Squad) Poor Sophie must face the consequences of treason. She’s tied up, blindfolded and executed by an unsympathetic firing squad.
Under the Hood on Annes Dreams
By Templar. (Hanging) Gaby is executed by a pair of sadistic guards at the infamous Nagee Prison. While under a hood, she’s lead to believe that her execution has been delayed (but only by seconds).
Head Games on Anne's Dreams
By Templar. (Hanging/Shooting) Monica, Ildiko and Orsi buy a guillotine to play out some of their campy fantasies, but after two rolls of the die, Ildiko finds herself minus on friend and one lover. What’s a poor girl to do?
Alexia in Maximum Consent on Cuddly Necrobabes
By Templar (Stabbing) Alexia consensually agrees to belly stabbing that leads to Maximum Consent.
Veronika in Just Shoot Me! on Cuddly Necrobabes
By Templar. (Shooting) This is a fairy simple little plot. Veronika, a small, beautiful blonde, encourages the viewer to shoot her... and he does!

Site News
09/29/2007 Death Fetish Moved
All Death Fetish is now on the new site!
After months of work, all of Death Fetish is finally on the new site!

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Gorgeous women become the playthings of evil, twisted monsters picture
Gorgeous women become the playthings of evil, twisted monsters picture
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Busty blonde used as a human shield on AnnesDreams picture
Meatlover excellent 3D art of scantily clad girls fighting and dying on SexyAmazons
Caprice in Repose - Naked beauty who looks unconscious or dead most pics - examined by other girl
Sleeppeeps sleeping, unconscious, chloroformed girls on Twitter
Meatluvr excellent 3D art of girls shot, stabbed, executed, cannibalized, corpses - lots of fun on Tumblr
Kitori Biyori hardcore hentai comic including a sleepy sex scene on G.E-Hentai.org
Javier of ROR - Favorite death images on Deviantart
Sleepy Gimp excellent 2D art of girl on girl sleepy, ko, humiliation and punishment on G.E-Hentai
Viper Qurol chloroform, pantyhose, wonder woman, stewardess fetish channel on YouTube
Chloroform femmes et filles - Chloroform fetish channel on YouTube
Andy Schrotter independent videos including crime scenes and strangling on YouTube
Paul McNamara on YouTube
Dark Net - Beyond Extreme
Petra and Chrissy are peppered with bullets on AnnesDreams
Hot Mexican girl shoot out video on ShockFlix
Female agent shot by other female agent
School Tentacles - Full length, live action tentacle movies

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