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Kappa, Kappa, Die, Die
By Templar. (Shooting/Stabbing/Strangling) Grotto Productions. One of Dalila di Capri's classic movies, 7 Girls, 6 from a sorority are killed in a college massacre!

Kappa, Kappa, Die, Die


Dalila is one of the best in the industry and this is one where she gives you 7 deaths for the price of one. In the first she sports a pretty magenta wig, a see-through lace shirt that fails to cover her navel and a short skirt. While she's typing, an assassin comes up to her, throws a cloth around her throat and strangles her.

While he strangles her he finishes her off by stabbing her just below her exposed navel.

Dalila 1 reacts, drooling blood from her mouth and laying back in the chair, eyes open.

Another sorority sister, Dalila 2 with her signature fluffy, blonde hair is lounging in a short, tight T-shirt and high-waisted shorts. A hitwoman fires multiple times into her baby blue shorts hitting her about navel height.

Dalila 2 looks at her attacker in shock and is then dispatched with a bullet in the forehead. She dies with her eyes rolling up.

The hitman sneaks up on Dalila 3, this time short blonde hair and a tiny, tight leotard. Great slide up her beautiful legs and great ass!

She turns around, the hitman grabs her waist and stabs her about navel height.

She looks in shock as the hitman whirls her around, slams her against the refirgerator and twists the knife inside of her. Lots of pans of her beautiful body and then he stabs her in her left chest to finish her off. She slowly slides down the refrigerator and dies. IMHO, her death scenes are the perfect length.

Next, Dalila 3 is a gymnast or ballerina in a tight, white leotard sporting a ponytail. She is shot through the back twice, the bullets exiting her upper abdomen.

She doubles up, lays sideways and kicks at her female attacker. Deciding she needs to dispatch her quickly, the hitwoman puts 3 bullets into her left breast. Dalila 3 dies, eyes open.

The next Dalila is a goth/rocker with Cher-like black hair, black lipstick, short black skirt, black belly shirt and webbed black stockings.

She is showing a generous amount of stomach which the hitwoman takes advantage of by putting five bullets into her exposed belly, one in her navel. Dalila 5 falls in a chair and the hitwoman puts two more bullets in her left breast.

Dalila 6 is a hot little number, naked except for a white tube top and white cowboy boots. I really like the boots!

She looks at the hitwoman in panic and is then shot five times in the belly with one bullet entering her exposed navel. She grabs her perforated stomach and is then shot three more times in the breasts. She fruitlessly clutches at both wounds and dies slumped against a wall.

Dalila 7, the hitwoman who just dispatched 4 of the girls, awaits her male assassin partner in order to eliminate him. Her gun fails to work at the worst time and her partner machineguns her, first in the belly and then in her chest.

Dalila has a kick ass body; She's a terrific actress and her death scenes are as good as they come. Her movies have been among my favorite in the death fetish universe so don't expect me to be even remotely objective. Fantastic! Really awesome movie!


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