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For the incurable gross-out fetishists. These are pics of real dead people. REAL death, really real with blood, guts and broken bones! Look for morgue, autopsy and disaster photos with dead babies, headless corpses and pathetic suicides! Have fun!
ABPG's Finest MomentsFree: Pics and movies of real death as well as other evil subjects.
Aftermath video of man run over by truckA man was run over by a truck and dragged up the road in Kuantan, Malaysia
Ain't No Way To GoFree: A select assortment of unusual endings.
AlbasrahFree: Pro-terrorist website - view the gore.
All Serial Killers.comFree: A huge serial killer resource site.
alt.hobbies.serial-murderGoogle: A google group for the usenet newsgroup alt.hobbies.serial-murder. A darkly humorous meeting place for serial killers.
alt.hobbies.serial-murderGoogle: A google group for the usenet newsgroup alt.hobbies.serial-murder. A darkly humorous meeting place for serial killers.
alt.hobbies.serial-murderGoogle: A google group for the usenet newsgroup alt.hobbies.serial-murder. A darkly humorous meeting place for serial killers.
Alt.True-CrimeGoogle Group: Archives for the newsgroup: alt.true-crime dealing with death in the real world.
Amateur AutopsyYah: Amateur Autopsy members stand for the independent post mortem ideal of allowing non-professionals to have their own piece of the forensic fun. (Not much content in the group.)
Anatomic Pathology Case of the MonthFree: Gross medical pics involving tumors and more.
Anomalies-UnlimitedFree: All sorts of miscellaneous fun like alien writing, death, Disney and mad cow disease!
AnubicoCat: Morbid videos, post mortem collectibles, unique Eqyptian death statuary, gothic gifts and all sorts of strange goodies. King Tut died laughing when he visited our store.
ApidocereFree: Also known as grave wax, mortuary fat or saponified tissue - what we all eventually dissolve into.
Arab SavageryFree: Israeli site graphically presenting Arab violence against Arabs.
Autopsia: Vivir Con La MuerteVid: A real female corpse is dissected in an autopsy.
Autopsy VideoCat: An advertisement for an autopsy video.
Autopsy: Life & DeathFree: An educational site that allows the user to perform his own virtual autopsy on a fictional character. (Body looks real though.)
Beelzebub on Tumblr.comTumblr: A blog about real dead girls, produced photos, captured video and photo manips. Very bloody.
Beheaded ArtFree: Beheaded Art is about public beheading. View more than 100 pictures and drawings of capital punishment by decapitation at Beheaded Art.
Best GoreFree: A really well done gross-out site which includes the topics of death, accidents, war, disease, weird fetishes and body modifications. Many brutal, gory pics online.
BGG Horror ForumFree: A fairly low populated messageboard specializing in blood, guts and horror!
Bizarro VideoPay: Rare, sick, demented videos including bondage, cannibal, zombie, torture, vampire and real death! Rough, forced, extreme porn sex from the 70s! Your source for rare, uncut, Bizarro films! FORCED SEX! NO LIMITS!
BJ WinslowCat: Hollywood and halloween prop rentals and fabrications. Male and female corpses laying on slabs, chopped up, impaled etc.
Bloody, Messy GirlsMySpace: Alternative models who enjoy gore. Most of the photos are women covered in blood with the text on MySpace (virtually nothing on the main site) stating that the site is not about men "abusing" women but about women "abusing" e
Body Worlds - Plastic CorpsesVID: An exhibition of human corpses is offering a new opportunity for life after death that's as easy as filing a simple form.
Bodybag EntertainmentCat: Bringing Hollywood style special effects and makeup to a Haunt near you. Check out the corpses etc on the MySpace page!
Bodybag Entertainment: MySpaceCat: Bringing Hollywood style special effects and makeup to a Haunt near you. Check out the corpses etc!
Boju - Sexy StuffFlickr: Halloween/Horror props including several female corpses.
Boston Strangler.orgFree: Very high quality resource site on the Boston Strangler.
Brain Damage FilmsFree: Producer of the Real Death Gorefests "Traces of Death" as well as a number of horror movies! Movies available for sale.
BTK StranglerFree: A terrific resource on the BTK strangler.
BTK Strangler Serial KillerFree: A wealth of information and photos about the BTK strangler serial killer.
BTKStranglerYah: BTK strangler and other serial killers.
CadaverAVS: Adult Check - Archive of gruesome and disturbing images.
Candyland CatastropheFree: Includes serial killers, botched execution and torture devices.
Caught On Tape: Mentally Disabled Man's MurderVID: LiveLeak - In what is to be believed a gang initiation test a man was murdered by a man waiting with a baseball bat.
Celebrity MorgueFree: Corpse pics of big celebrities. Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate, Carole Landis...
Charles Manson - The True StoryFree: Nice resource on psycho-cult leader, Charles Manson.
Charles Manson is a GOD!Free: A webpage claiming that Charles Manson is very similar to Shiva.
Charles Manson, Testimony ofFree: The testimony of Charles Manson from November 19, 1970.
Chinese Soldiers Shooting Tibetan Pilgrims at Mount EverestVid: Some Chinese soldiers snipe tibetan pilgrims.
Choose DeathFree: Explicit death photos including pathology, forensics, corpse pics in different countries etc.
Conspirators HangedFree: First woman hanged by the US Government.
Consumption JunctionFree: Movies, pics and T-Shirts of porn and screwed up crap!
Corpse of the WeekFree: Come for the corpses, stay for the pie.
Corpses for SaleCat: Order your own custom corpses.
Crazy man stabs ex-wifeVID: YouTube - A crazy Dutch man stabs his ex-wife in the nexk on the street while bystanders watch and try to help. This happened in 2006. The 22 year old woman still suffers from permanent injuries and this video...
Creature EffectsFree: Some pretty gruesome, lifelike corpses created by Creature Effects.

Crime Magazine.comFree: Terrific, comprehensive crime magazine with executions, serial killers, lynchings and more.
Crime Scene PhotosFree: REAL police crime scene pictures that were photographed from the scenes of real murders, accidents, and suicides, from around the world!
Crime Scene PhotosFree: Real crime scene photos of victims of serial killers!
Crime SpiderFree: Crime spider for crime sites, crime library, law enforcement, crime scene ... serial killers or mass murderers, criminals, police, crime scene photos.
Crime Through TimeFree: Shock website including racists, terrorists, bondage and corpses.
Criminal MindFree: A good resource dealing with crimes and the scum who commit them. Includes cases, crime scene photos, victims and muses.
Custom CreaturesCat: Creatures for sale! Realistic corpses, creature props and latex masks.
Cute Dead GuysFree: Largest gay necrophilia community on the internet. Gay necrophilia community, real dead bodies, torture, gore videos. Lots of true 'Faces of Death' style gore as well.
Da Chair with Sparks (Kontiki Fried Chicklet)VID: Liveleak - From a deteroriated VHS tape and now saved in digital for all who would like to see what happens with very, very bad lower life forms involved in heavy crimes with murder on top of their (long) crimelists.
David 'Son of Sam' BerkowitzFree: A reference site for the "Son of Sam" killer.
Dead Bodies in the Civil WarFree: American photography's website including historical photos of Civil War deaths.
Dead hooker trading cardsFree: One very basic corpse drawing - are there any others?
Death and DementiaFree: Huge link list of macabre and gory sites.
Death and SuicideFree: Streaming videos of real suicides.
Death Becomes HerFree: A terrific, illustrated magazine article all about death fetish and necrophilia.
Death Becomes YouCat: Site selling death accessories, music and videos such as "Video Embalming" and "Video Autopsy".
Downing Street MemoFree: An anti-Bush/Blair site with a lot of photos.
Edward P Woo on ElfwoodElfwood: Good 2D art of elves, orcs and other fantasy topics. Includes hanging and vore.
Ella era Maribel AlfonsoFree: A beautiful woman killed in Columbia.
Erotic Peril From The Far EastFree: Rare images of simulated executions, shootings, hangings, decapitations, torture, from china.
Erotic Peril From The Far EastFree: Rare images of simulated executions, shootings, hangings, decapitations, torture, from china.
Faces of DeathCat: Home page for the 'Faces of Death' videos.
Faces of Death Movies ClubYah: Movies dealing with death and gore.
Faces of Death Music VideoVID: LiveLeak - Music video made with clips from the popular mondo film, faces of death.
Fans of Serial KillersGoogle: A group for people whose heroes are serial killers.
Fatal Motorcycle StuntVID: LiveLeak - A motorcycle rider is killed during a stunt.
Find a Death.comFree: Celebrity and serial-killer lives and deaths including copious photographs. It's easy to spend hours reading the articles.
Flesh FarmCat: The macabre, bizarre and grotesque of horror cinema including the Faces of Death films.
Forbidden VideoCat: DVDs Shipped to you in 24-48 Hours! Real XXX Grindhouse Films - Rare XXX - Classic Roughies - Best 70s XXX - Bondage Classics - Celebrity Sex Video - X Rated Shock Horror - Forbiddenvideo Dark Side Classics - Jail House Girls.
Forty-Eight WomenFree: A picture of Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer, made with 48 pictures of his victims.
Frankossen - Life after DeathFree: Some gruesome photos. Corpses, dead fetuses, skeletons.
GalgenGoogle: Historical use of the gallows.
Gallery of Intense DeathFree: Dead Children, Bosnia war, Pathology, Suicides etc.
Ghosts of the PrairieFree: All sorts of interesting subjects including Valentine's day massacre, the first American serial killer and the Black Dahlia murder.
Girdalia's Gallows Gallery 1Free: A blog about hanging fetish with a lot of hanging pics - male/female, real/performed, art/photos. Put a 2-7 after 'gallowsgallery' in the URL to get 6 more galleries.
Girls and CorpsesFree: A light-hearted look at gorgeous girls in bikinis cuddling with rotting corpses.
Gore-GaloreCat: Hallooween props and supplies including some realistic looking corpses.
Green River KillerGoogle: Discussion of the victims of the Green River Killer and Gary Ridgway the serial killer responsible for their deaths.
Green River Killer NewsFree: Green River Killer News continually updated from thousands of sources around the world.
Guy Flys Through the AirVID: Liveleak - Horrible accident during which a man hurtles through the air.
HarmlessFree: Disturbing baby pics, history pics, and corpses. Includes hangings, burials alive and a picked over skeleton.
HarmlessFree: Disturbing baby pics, history pics, and corpses. Includes hangings, burials alive and a picked over skeleton.
Head Sick PinupsPay: All about erotic-horror. Taking beautiful girls, adding a touch of gore and some old school horror feel.
Head Sick PinupsPay: All about erotic-horror. Taking beautiful girls, adding a touch of gore and some old school horror feel.
Headless HistoricalsCat: Reworked dolls that were inspired by characters throughout history who died in horrible ways. Each doll is dressed how they may have appeared while successful, while their bodies appear as they would've shortly after death.
Hematofilia - Gore, blood, guro channel with all sorts of bloody, violent, gruesome picsHematofilia: Very gory, guro level violent imagery where very often a girl is just entrails and pieces.
Heritage of the Great WarFree: A terrific informational database on WWI including seldom seen casualty pics.
Hillside Strangler Movie on MySpaceMySpace: Page for the Hillside Strangler movie including copious photos and a trailer.
Human Sausage Murders: 1952 TRUE CRIME CASEVID: YouTube - A vintage 8mm home movie from February 1952 showing the strange case of Luigi and Maria Greco, who in September 1952 were convicted of murdering three of their boarders, and using the flesh of their victims for homemade sausage.
Hysteria Lives!Free: Supercool horror site including long reviews with pictures and a detailed list of deaths. Also check out the stuff too gory for the MPAA!

Il PollaioFree: Terrific Death Fetish messageboard including 3D, Photomanips and original art of strangling, hanging, stabbings, shootings, decapitation, humiliation, amazon combat, torture and real death photos.
Images of the Death PenaltyCat: A North Carolina documentary of the Death Penalty.
Infamous Serial KillersFree: A little background information on four infamous serial killers.
Innocent People Killed by LTTE TerroristsVID: YouTube - Innocent Tamil & Sinhala people killed by the LTTE.(Tamil Tigers Terrorists)
Interactive Jack the RipperFree: Talk to Jack the Ripper - also lots of background material on the Whitechapel killer.
Iraqi CasualtiesFree: A progressive website with scenes of death and carnage.
Jack the Ripper CasebookFree: A professional Jack the Ripper resource site including suspects, witnesses, letters and pics of the victims.
Japan's Internet Suicide CultFree: Pretty gruesome article about Japanese suicide cults. Some attempt to link it with Nostradamus.
Jeffrey Dahmer's "The Lair"Free: Big resource site for the serial killer, "Jeffrey Dahmer". Includes Library, photo album, rumors, crimes, art, death etc.
Joel-Peter WitkinFree: The disturbing photo art of Joel-Peter Witkin much of which looks like corpse photography.
Kenya's Eldoret Reveals More CorpsesVID: LiveLeak - The BBC has uncovered more evidence of the massacres that took place near Eldoret, after Kenya's disputed election results.
Killed on CameraVid: Video of a guy shot by a police officer.
Kim's Capuchins' Catacombs Coprses of PalermoFree: Thousands of corpses lined on the walls like paintings PLUS more corpse photos.
Koerperwelten (Body World)Free: German/English site displaying the art of a German man who plasticizes the insides of human bodies.
Law Enforcement in the PastFree: Ancient law enforcement including restraints, torture devices, hanging and other methods of capital punishment.
Life of DebaucheryFree: Forum dealing with a variety of subjects, especially gross pics and naked girls.
Lions Eating Man 2VID: Some lions devouring a man who got out of his car.
Lisa McPherson's AutopsyFree: Autopsy photos of a girl purportedly killed by Scientology.
Live LeakFree: YouTube style video clip site focusing on Iraq and other news stories. Lots of graphic videos.
Lizzie Andrew BordenFree: A website dedicated to that girl who was accused of giving her mama 40 whacks! Some pics from the crime scene.
Look at the Giant Colon!Free: The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia including a mummified woman, infant skeletons, a giant colon and human skulls.
LTTE AttacksVID: YouTube - A Sri-Lanka blog documenting attacks by the LTTE terrorist group.
Malevole Serial Killer QuizFree: A quiz where you have to guess whether a random photo is of a programmer or a serial killer.
Man Attacked and Killed by BullVID: LiveLeak - A graphic video of a man killed in a bull attack.
Man Attacked by LionsVID: A man tries to film some lions and is attacked by them.
Man Impaled through Head Conscious During RescueVID: Liveleak - This happened in Ekaterinburg, Russia, and was broadcast recently on NTV's "Emergency: Weekly Review" programme.
Man in cage mauled by lionVID: Really horrifying video of a lion mauling a man inside a cage resulting in the lion being shot.
Man Killed by Border PatrolVID: Liveleak - A Border Patrol Agent named Arturo Lorenzo kills an illegal alien who tried to smash him in the head with a rock.
Man Who Ate His LoverFree: An article on the German cannibal who met his meal on the internet.
Maxim Media InternationalCat: Source for Horror, Real Gore and Reality Erotica (like Girls Gone Crazy).
Mayhem.NetFree: Serial Killers, counterculture.
Mexican Police Clean Up After Gang MurderVID: LiveLeak - GRAPHIC RAW VIDEO:Toluca,Mexico...police literally pick up the brains of a man said to have been involved in a drug gang related shooting.The man was shot three times in the head. Marked as: Mature, Graphic.
Mondo Morbo.netFree: Mexican site with gore, corpses, the weird, bizarre and unusual.
MurderFree: 557 of the best sites selected by humans. An incredibly addictive linklist of spectacular and notorious killings.
Murder in the UKFree: Documenting the crimes of Murder and Manslaughter in the UK including Cannibals, Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and Female Killers.
Murder's DatabaseFree: Information about a number of famous muderers in UK, US, Europe, South America and Russia.
MySpace SuicideFree: A pic of a teenage boy with his brains blown out.
N.Y.P.D ShootoutVID: LiveLeak - A barricaded Man with a female hostage refuses to give up and fires on the police with the cops returning deadly fire. 1970s footage.
Nanjing MassacreFree: Heaps of dead bodies resulting from the massacre of Nanjing.
Nanjing MassacreFree: An historical treatsie on the Nanjing Massacre complete with gory photos.
NevesdomaFree: A site showing the result of real executions in an Asian country.
Northern Lebanon: Civillians Killed in ClashVID: LiveLeak - These civilians were killed and injured by the bombarding between Fatah el Islam and the Lebanese Army in the Nahr el Bared Palestinian camp in North Lebanon.
Not 2 GoodFree: An odd collection of miscellaneous stuff including crop circles, the Starr report and gory, real death pics.
Not Much - horror, death blog with lots of female corpsesTumblr: A Tumblr blog with a female corpse in nearly every other picture!
On the Darker SideFree: All sorts of information on Serial Killers, Execution, Torture, Autopsies, Tombs etc.
Operation FenixVID: LiveLeak - Footage made by the Colombian troops that killed Raul Reyes in Ecuador in March 1st 2008.
Painful Accidents/CrashesYouTube: All painful accidents involving people and cars.
Perilcomics.comPPV: Pay per issue site. no memberships! quality comics! freebies! vore! slasher! necro!
Photos of Hiroshima and NagisakiFree: Some horrifying photos showing the results of the two atomic bomb blasts delivered during World War II.
Picture This on Smoking GunFree: Some corpse pics on the famous "Smoking Gun" website.

PlastinationVID: LiveLeak - Plastination is practiced in Kyrgyzstan too!
Portraits of Serial KillersFree: Photos, art, headlines etc of such vicious killers as Edward Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, Arthur John Shawcross.
Primetime Crime.comFree: Canadian crime zine with interesting, ongoing reports of serial killers.
Propaganda Postcards - WWI AtrocitiesFree: Executions and other atrocities of WWI.
Psycho KillerFree: A blog about Fred and Rose West who abducted, raped, tortured and killed an unknown number of women over a 20 year period.
Psychoterror DesignMySpace: Currently make horror props for Halloween and Haunted Houses and consulting in haunt designs.
Punishment and Instruments of Torture Free: Torture museums, torture instruments, witch hunts and executions. Quite a resource.
Push in DaisiesCat: A place to purchase novelty mortuary items like dead roses or death by chocolate.
Quiz - Deadliest Serial KillersFree: A fun quiz to see if you know what you think you know about serial killer trivia.
Real Life CSI: Crime AutopsyVid: YouTube - From National Geographic: It's gruesome work: cutting through a deceased person's body to find what caused their death.
Revolutionary Afghani WomenFree: Site with many gruesome pics meant to illustrate the misfortune afghani women suffer at the hands of Wahabi Muslims.
Rotten DOT ComFree: Only the most violent photos from current events!
Seize the NightFree: A website dedicated to serial killers, conspiracy theories, military leaders and the mafia!
Send Me Your WoundFree: A place to submit or look at vicious, painful wounds including fatal ones.
Serial HomicideFree: Promo site for "Mind of a Killer" CD-Rom. Includes Serial Killer case of the day.
Serial Killer CalendarFree: Tons of morbid merchandise, information and galleries on serial killers and horror movie icons.
Serial Killer Calendar: MySpaceMySpace: Tons of morbid merchandise, information and galleries on serial killers and horror movie icons.
Serial Killer Crime IndexFree: A huge resource on serial killers and their crimes.
Serial Killer HitlistFree: A website detailing the activities of serial killers, mass murderers, cannibals etc.
Serial KillersFree: Serial killer resource site mostly about book and site reviews.
Serial Killers and SuchMySpace: This is a place for people to get together and discuss different aspects of the criminal mind, forensics, psychology or whatever else anyone wants to discuss that is somewhat related.
Serial Killers ExposedFree: A listing of serial killers along with their location and kills.
Serial Killers on TruTV Crime LibraryFree: TruTV's online, serial killer resources.
Serial Killers Victims IndexFree: A site focused on the victims of serial killers - real people who lost a valuable life at the hands of a monster.
Serial Killers' WebsiteFree: A short biography of sixteen different serial killers.
Serial Killers' WebsiteFree: A short biography of sixteen different serial killers.
Serial Sex KillersFree: Psychological and background dissertations on several serial killers.
Serial Sex Killers ArticleFree: An article on some possible causes for serial killing including the lives of several serial killers.
Shark AttacksFree: News, pics and information regarding shark attacks - check out the victims gallery.
ShockumentaryFree: Online retail store for "Faces of Death", "Death" and "Autopsy".
Shutterstock: Corpse Stock PhotosFree: Some death oriented photographs.
Si Quey's PlaceFree: Two photogrphic tours of "Si Quey's Place": the unofficial name of Bangkok's Museum of medical forensic science.
Sickest SitesFree: Enormous collection of links focused on the sickest, most disgusting sites on the internet.
Sinoe Medical Association Pathology LecturesFree: A pathology site with some truly amazing photos.
SMYWGore: A place to send and look at gross, nasty and sick pics.
Snuff FilesMySpace: To talk about Extreme horror and gore flicks such as Aftermath,August Underground,Slaughtered Vomit Dolls,Bone sickness and anything else that is extreme and underground.
Snuff XFree: SnuffX - A mishmash of Snuff style content.
Somalia WarVID: LiveLeak - Aftermath of Ethiopian military Attack on Bakara Market in Mogadishu. Thats the description, maybe not all clips are from the attack.
Some New Gore Sites2 Videos and 2 Sites about Gore. Also a fun gallery from BDSM Artwork!
Some New Gore Sites (Below)2 Videos, 2 Sites and a Gallery dealing with gore.
Suicide by BusVID: LiveLeak - A man commits suicide by jumping in front of a bus.
Suicide MethodsFree: Suicide and other traumatic injury photos and drawings.
Suzi 9mmDeviantart: Terrific quality photos of mostly dark subjects including girls dead, covered in blood, suicide, cutting. Really nice.
SWAT Take DownVID: LiveLeak - S.W.A.T. shoot a man holding a shot-gun.
TamilinkFree: Global, human rights resource magazine with very well written articles. Also, some pretty gruesome pics under Picture Gallery.
Tastelessness of MankindFree: A movie site featuring tasteless, violent, fecal movies. 'Caught on Tape'.
Ted Bundy the KillerMySpace: The official Ted Bundy page on MySpace.
Terror SyndicateCat: A halloween prop company with a lot of realistic, creepy looking corpses.
Terrorist killed by the police in Saudi ArabiaVID: Video explains that the terrorist is killed in Dammam.
Texas Dept of Criminal JusticeFree: Check out 'Death Row Information' for all sorts of interesting information including 'Last Meals', 'Women on Death Row', 'Scheduled Executions' and detailed information on the crimes that these perps were con

Thanatos.NetFree: Death oriented site including a pool on which celebrity will die next. Includes death photography, death masks and x-rays.
The Bone RoomCat: Human and animal bones for sale.
The BTK SiteFree: Huge resource site on the BTK killer.
The Ed Gein CollectionFree: Purveyors of custom corpses and other necromantic KnickKnacks.
The eXile - Death PornFree: Some vicious, gory b&w pics accompanying news articles - just a large variety of content here.
The Missing Persons Issue IrelandFree: All sorts of interesting articles including satanism, witchcraft and at least one serial killer.
The NutsackFree: Bizarre, evil website with some insane necro/evil art in the gallery.
The Real OJFree: Website about OJ and the murders he was accused of - includes some pretty gory crime scene photos.
The Real ThingGoogle: For adults who wish to discuss the dark and disturbing topic of the snuff film. Pics and discussions of real crimes.
The Tortured Soul Forum now requires an invite code: KillCunts66Do you dare dwell with the souls of the damned? Do you possess the courage to explore the extreme? If so, then come now to your new home! Free and no ads! Use invite code: KillCunts66 for immediate access!
The Tortured Soul Forum now requires an invite code: KillCunts66
Do you dare dwell with the souls of the damned? Do you possess the courage to explore the extreme? If so, then come now to your new home! Free and no ads! Use invite code: KillCunts66 for immediate access!
This is WarFree: An unblinking look in words and images at the reality of warfare.
Top 10 Famous CorpsesFree: An article on 10 famous dead people along with photos of their corpses.
Top 10 Serial Killers of the WorldFree: An article on the top 10 serial killers of the world.
Tortures and Torments of the Christian MartyrsFree: A page of tortures and executions endured by the early Christians - includes plenty of illustrations.
Traffic Accident at Istanbul, TurkeyVID: LiveLeak - A speeding motorcycle collides with a large truck resulting in motorcycle parts and rider raining all over the street.
Traffic Cam Catches Fatal Accident - TurkeyVID: LiveLeak - A car hits and kills an 18 year old male when he is trying to cross the street. (Posted on CAYTV website 03 September 2007.)
Trauma CodeFree: A book that takes the reader on a journey through twisted metal, human carnage and wasted lives. Some online pics.
True Crime & JusticeFree: Great crime resource site including forensics, homicide, serial killers, sex crimes etc.
Two 8 Year Old Preachers prayed for Indonesian Muslims and PeaceVID: In Indonesia (Poso, Sulawesi) two very young preachers prayed for Muslims and peace. In this very troubled region something strange seems to be happening.
Two People Run Over by MinivanVID: LiveLeak - Beijing, China. 2 people get run over by a minivan while crossing an intersection.
Undertaker SuppliesFree: Information on undertaker supplies along with some pretty gruesome photos.
Utah Forensic PathologyGONE: Gunshot wounds, stab wounds, corpses... ewwwww.
Vince Foster and Bud DwyerFree: Investigating the Vince Foster suicide using the Bud Dwyer video as evidence of a head shot.
War against WarFree: Horrifying pics of some victims of World War I.
Weird Picture ArchiveFree: Really weird pic archives from UFOs to Autopsy pics.
Weird ToonsFree: Some ironic death cartoons.
Weird VideosCat: Weird, rare and gruesome videos from educational car wreck videos to rare silent films to UFO conspiracies to REAL DEATH videos.
Weird War TalesYah: The darker side of war including shocking real-life news stories, "faces of death" photo album and shocking pics under Files!
Westgate NecromanticFree: Original source for necromantic art & literature.
Woman Killed by Fallen BrickVID: A gust of wind caused a chimney on a building to collapse, sending a pile of bricks crashing down, killing a woman instantly.
World Famous Serial KillersMySpace: Dedicated to the study of serial killers.
World of DeathFree: Tons of death photos - no thumbs.
World of GeinFree: A very nice resource about serial killer Ed Gein, the inspiration for "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".
Zodiac KillerFree: A professional website detailing the crimes of the Zodiac Killer. Some crime scene photos.
Zodiac Killer FactsFree: A great resource for the unsolved Zodiac killings in California during the late 60s.
Zodiac Killer, Quick OverviewFree: A quick overview of the Zodiac Killings.