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General Asphyx/Cannibal/Necro/Sleepy/Snuff Sites:
These sites are either so unusual that they don't fit in any other category or more commonly they would fit in many categories. Sites like Necrobabes, Club Dead and Snuffing Annabelle service virtually every part of the Necro/Snuff community.
99bbRape, BDSM, Fetish Movie Download Paysite. European, Japanese and US Titles.

99BB! RepositoryContains Some Relevant Material.
Alternate Reality PPV PPV website including Slasher/Snuff, Asphyx and Necrophilia.
Annabelle's Fantasy Member site including beheading, hanging, execution, sacrifice, belly slicing & throat slicing.

Annabelle's Fantasy

Astaroth EntertainmentOnline snuff/necro video catalog including Perfect Shots and Club Dead.
Car Crash Fantasy Car crash fetish photos, fantasy songs and stories.
Car Crash Video A cautionary .wmv of a woman crashing into another car and killing the two passengers.
CinemorgueMike A's grand project to index actresses with their death scenes!
Club DeadSnuff photostories with an EDGE!
CRASH The official Car Crash movie site.
Cuddly NecrobabesPay Site 10 photosets and 2 snuff movies a month & free access to 23 hosted sites.
Czar of Terror Providing MPEG and Photo reviews of gruesome female death scenes from the most popular erotic action/horror movies.
Damien's Story FairAbout half the stories involve killing, strangling or hanging.
Dark Angel Necrobabe's Yahoo BriefcaseSome free pics of Dark Angel.
Dark Maiden The dark stories of goth girl, Dark Maiden.
Dark Tales by RisarWebsite displaying Risar's Bondage and Snuff Art.
Deadly Illusions 20 or so different necro/snuff webmasters doing retouches, art and original photos
Death and Pleasure The dark and violent pics and stories of Destiny West. Some necrophilia, rape and various forms of violence.
Dr Don's Legal Defence Fund Website in support of Dr Don's legal battles.
Drop Dead Gorgeous PPV SiteLissa and her cast of gorgeous Vegas showgirls enact snuff, asphyx and necro horror scenes!
Dunsul's WebsiteDunsul has collected some of the best snuff, torture, execution artwork from the best artists on the internet.
Fatal Fantasies TGP TGP and links page for the necro/snuff fetish world.
Fatal FemalesPics, movie clips, stories and poser work all revolving around bad babes, amazon combat, snuff and asphyx.
Femmegore Female Death Scenes from Movies & T.V. Over 190 titles to date with video clips and stills!
Jack and Jill TV A website dedicated to two serial killers who videotape their killings. Website is set up in a 'this is real - Blair-Witch Project' format.
The Many Deaths of Lara CroftLara Croft death shots from her Tomb Raider games.
Meltgirl - E Japanese site about girls melting, being dissolved and getting devoured by creatures.
Morpheus Dreams FREE Female Drownings, Hangings, Asphyxiation, Rape. and BDSM.
Necro Wolf Naked Terror - the Art of Wolf including executions, asphyxiation and shooting. (Excellent artist!)
Necrobabes THE MOTHER OF ALL NECRO/SNUFF MEMBER SITES! The 1st necro PORNO site which covers fantasy necrophilia, sleepy and related fetishes.


Necro Videos Love Chelsea/Risque Renee's necro/snuff/asphyx videos, cd-roms and cusom requests.
Nightmares & Other Sex Fantasies Original erotic horror stories, sexy babes, and links to other great fetish horror sites.
Perverse Sites A list of weird, fetish, BDSM and extreme sites rated by # of stars.
Petra's Archive Necrobabes' regular, Petra, has placed some of her stuff here - requires a password.
Planeta Brutal Spanish, M/M Asphyx, Fighting, Torture etc.
Poller Story site which includes MANY snuff stories.
Rathead's Equal Opportunity Abbatoir Snuff pics, 1/2 of them fem victims and the rest fem killers.
SalamanderAn Excellent snuff artist.
Sexxxy and Deadly Necro, Rape and XXX movies from Body Bags and Forced 4sex Rape.
Slaymates Cinema Erotic Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Videos.
Steely Blue Necro/Snuff Model, Stabbing, Asphyx, Shooting and More.
Stoneworks PPV Necrobabes hosted PPV focusing on Asphyx and Slasher/Snuff.
Stormloader Chinese Snuff/Necro Site.
Templar's Snuff in ComicsWomen being killed in comics.
Thanatos GTS A gallery for all kinds of EVIL GTS artistic expression including giant women devouring and crushing tiny men.
TopcatTopcat's story site.
Total Death Fantasy A selection of death fetish pics - crossdressing I think.
Victrix PPV Carrie & Becky's PPV Site - Erotic demise at it's best - Amazons, Asphyx, Drownings, Stabbings, Gunshots, Sleepies, Carries more.
Virgin Sacrifice.comMember site dealing with virgin sacrifices!

Virgin Sacrifice
Virgin Sacrifice

Virtual Snuff Body Bags' Chinese Necro/Snuff Site.
Visual Terrors Summoner's Retouch Execution Scenes.
VUG.orgThe Adventures of the Virtual Uniform Girls.
Zebra's Pen Poser Art Variety of M/F Poser art. Lots of corpse piles.

General A/C/N/S/S: YAHOO Groups
Assorted Stories and Fantasies Assortment of pictures, erotic stories and roleplaying. Includes tentacle rape, belly punching, belly stabbing, cat fighting, pregnancy, injection snuff and forced sex.
Breast Play Erotica Stories Stories may include torture and snuff.
Car Crash Fetish Club A place to share car crash fantasies.
Costumed and Clobbered Superheroines killed in a wide variety of ways including disintegration, blasting, shooting etc. Mostly corpses.
Dark Fantasies MATCH Maker Darker than BDSM/ more REAL than cyberspace!
Dip Freak's Snuff Chat Snuff Chat - Dom/Sub Snuff.
Extrema Brazilian Group about everything bizarre - sick porn, BDSM, Death, Rape fantasies, executions.
Fatal Fetish Sketching Sketches drawn in 10 minutes or less. Subjects include cannibalism, crushing, quicksand, vore, giantess, stabbing and strangling.
Girls Finishing off BoysLadies killing and abusing men - mostly asphyx.
Horror sex Pics of girls being killed in movies.
House of Writhing WomenWomen writhing, squirming, death throes, convulsions.
House of Writhing Women 2 More writhing women.
House of Writhing Women 3 More writhing women.
Lesbian Boxing Mostly anime topless boxing site. Some poser pics with deaths.
Native Victory E-Group Artwork either from comics, books, your own works of native victorys over white armys, explorers, misionarys, imperial conquerors, including snuff, cannibalism,scalping, etc.
Necro Fantasy The Cuddly Necrobabes Yahoo Group!
Snuffed Dudes snuffing other dudes.
Snuffing the BrideDead and dying brides.
Vaporized or Disintegrated A group for women getting vaporized or disintegrated.
Well Done GirlsLadies posing in victory over men.
Written Snuff A place to write about snuff.