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Erotic Peril Sites:
Erotic Peril: a world where young women are chained in dank dungeons, or stretched naked on devilish machines to break their will, where monsters and monstrous humans exercise their lusts in perverse ways. Here our erotic-horror creators will whet your appetites and harden your resolves with their dark, demented art that depicts acts no human could duplicate.
Annibal X Erotic Peril Paysite: Photomanips and poser renderings of hot babes being prepared for dinner!
At Dusk Comix Erotic Peril Paysite: Original art and photomanips of girls enduring forced sex, bondage, torture and execution.
CelebFetish's Art Erotic Peril Paysite: Photomanips of celebrities getting used in horrible ways and killed.
Dark Details Erotic Peril Paysite: Photomanips of girls getting killed, slaughtered and/or eaten.
Detective Dave Erotic Peril Paysite: A place to view all those bondage friendly detective magazines of the 70s.
Devotchkas in Peril Photomanips and original artwork of gorgeous girls about to be decapitated.
Dolcett Paradise Erotic Peril Paysite: Photomanips and art of women getting hanged, shot, beheaded, butchered, eaten.
Footie's Erotic Fantasies Erotic Peril Paysite: Photomanips of beautiful women executed by hanging.
Humiliation Erotic Peril Paysite: Vlad Jr's drawings of females being executed, shot, stalked by monsters, hanged, disemboweled and tortured.
The Italian Chef's Table Erotic Peril Paysite: Photomanips of women cooked and served up as food.
Lethal Lady Erotic Peril Paysite: Photo manips of torture, stabbing, vore, execution.
The Lion's Den Erotic Peril Paysite: Mostly drawings of women hanging, being garotted, beheaded and others.
Little Bic Erotic Peril Paysite: Jungle style perils where girls usually end up in cooking cauldrons.
- M - Erotic Peril Paysite: Mainly manips of old 'Lurid' magazine Covers. Stabbing, torture, bondage, hanging.
Marquis Mods Erotic Peril paysite - photomanips of beautiful women facing the noose, drowning or placed in an electronic strangulation collar.
Necromantic Studios Erotic Peril Paysite: 3D pics of girls coming to a bad end either by arrow, sword, knife, monster, gallows, or being the central attraction at the local all you can eat BBQ.
Polaris Erotic Peril Paysite: Max Zero's anime and cartoon BDSM art.
Retroteks Imagination Erotic Peril Paysite: Retrotek's Poser work dealing with bondage, water dunking, forced blow jobs, full suspensions, breath control, autoerotic asphyxia and many other forms of peril.
Scavenger's Lair Erotic Peril paysite: Brutal forced sex, extreme bondage, monster sex, fisting, women humiliated and tortured.
Scream Versions Erotic Peril Paysite: Photomanips of celebrities in torture and bondage.
Sick Fantasies 3D Pics of girls jailed, stripped, humiliated and often whipped/spanked. Watch our damsels in distress forced to service their sadistic jailers, getting their holes explored and crying over their frequent punishments.
Slavegirls in Hell Erotic Peril Paysite: Mockwai's photo manips involving bondage, torture and rape.
Studio 41 Expert 3D graphics of women tied-up, tortured, menaced by death machines, eaten by monsters etc.
The Swamp Erotic Peril Paysite: Original BDSM, stuck, vore and cannibal artwork by mantis.
Twist'ds Art Erotic Peril Paysite: Twistd's high quality artwork of women being prepared and served as food.
Twisted Magic Erotic Peril Paysite: 3D Graphics of girls in serious peril like getting molested by monsters, hanged or beheaded.
Vorefilm Erotic Peril Paysite - real photos of people getting devoured by what look like upholstery monsters.
Wytchfinder Erotic Peril Paysite: 3D Poser graphics of witches enduring torture, execution and forced sex at the hands of the inquisition.