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Erotic Illusion Sites:
Do the creatures that delight in the abhorrent torture of the female body haunt your nightmares and cause you to wake in a heated sweat? Do you dream of seeing females tied upon a table, spread open, helplessly enduring the pounding of cocks from humans, beasts, or creatures not of this world? If you hunger to be that beast, or his next victim, then the artists of Erotic Illusions will take your imagination places you’ve not yet had the courage to dream.
Abra CadabraErotic Illusions Paysites - 3D and 2D art of women in peril and oftern getting beheaded. Monsters and aliens are mentioned a few times but I have no idea what they do.
Adult 3DCGErotic Illusions Paysite: Poser work of sci-fi and horror including some monster sex and forced sex.
Adventures In Female DominationErotic Illusions: Femdom artwork featuring 2d drawings 3d images gif animations and slideshows
AmazoniaErotic Illusions Paysite: By Mike A. Terrific 3D pics of bad babes, ninja chicks, gun molls and gladiatrixes locked in mortal combat. Ferocious warriors and grisly, gratuitous death and destruction!
Anathema TheaterErotic Illusions Paysite: Seems to be 3D art of women devoured by pac-men or monster sex.
Angspid on Erotic-IllusionsErotic-Illusions Paysite: 3D art. VYX is the czar of bizarre! His slimy creations and alien women will arouse and confuse you at the same time! But you will walk away happy, if you walk away at all.
Aries-eroticErotic Illusions Paysite: Good 2D art of girls in bondage, sold into slavery and then fucked by their masters.
ArousedErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of girls experiencing a wide range of horrors including medieval torture, hungry beasts, horny sci-fi horrors and more.
Au Bonheur Des DamesErotic Illusions Paysite: A French artist using photomanips to create nostalgia scenes including death, drowning and hanging.
Au Bonheur Des DamesErotic Illusions Paysite: A French artist using photomanips to create nostalgia scenes including death, drowning and hanging.
Au Bonheur Des DamesErotic Illusions Paysite: A French artist using photomanips to create nostalgia scenes including death, drowning and hanging.
Battlestrength FreeFree: Expert poser artwork of women tied-up and molested by monsters or impregnated by aliens.
Battlestrength on EroticIllusionsErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of girls getting molested by tentacles, monsters, animals and strange creatures.
Bawdy ViewsErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of girls getting molested by tentacles, monsters, animals and strange creatures.
Beauty and EvilErotic Illusions Paysite: 2D art of demons, monsters and bad men get together to scare, manipulate and imperil beautiful women at Beauty and Evil. You can expect to see lots of busty ladies in perilous situations.
Blackheart ArtsErotic Illusions Paysite: Pencil art dedicated to female submission, monsters, aliens and bdsm in all its forms. Delicious women humiliated, tortured and used for the pleasure of the denizens of hell.
Blackstar's SatelliteErotic Illusions Paysite. Poser art of fantasy women from popular sci-fi shows including vampires, vulcans, orions and cyborgs.
BololoErotic Illusions Paysite: Professional, original illustrations involving bondage, insertions, monsters and shemales.
Bondage Tentacle, TheErotic Illusions Paysite: Original, mostly black and white, artwork catering to your every tentacle fetish! See thrusting, squeezing tentacles ravishing unwilling maids and invading every orifice they can find.
Busty PerilsErotic Illusions Paysite: Original artwork of busty chicks in bondage, getting tortured and being ravished.
Carnivore CafeErotic Illusions Paysite: PD's high quality 2D vore art involving monsters eating and sometimes molesting women!
ColorsErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D art. Tempted by tentacles, these lovely rendered Asian ladies risk everything for a lil monster lovin'! Come in for some great smooth animations of bouncing breasts, perilous tentacle attacks with a touch of anime.
Dark SecretsErotic Illusions Paysite: Hojojitsu's poser girl fantasies including bondage, quicksand, tentacle monsters, asphyxiation, drowning, hanging, superheroines, hypnosis and various other peril.
Dark Worlds of DakkarErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of women tied up, tortured, and having sex forced upon them by man and monster
DeathtrapErotic Illusions Paysite: Girls menaced, molested and masticated by all forms of menace, both organic and technological.
Deliciae Delectae female enslavement, bondage, torture and executionon TumblrTumblr: Mostly female enslavement and bondage but also a few
Desires and FantasiesErotic Illusions Paysite: Mostly 2D, some 3D art of beautiful women with gorgeous tits, long legs and luscious lips at the mercy of the varied appetites of a myriad of vile creatures.
Direlilith's Wicked WaysErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D art of high fantasy sex including elves, drow, ogres and sorceresses.
Fever DreamsErotic Illusions Paysite - Illustrations of hot young babes as playthings of brutish men and monsters.
Garden of AnxietyErotic Illusions Paysite: Nicely drawn images of sex, bondage, slavery, monsters, alien abductions, danger and peril by Anxious Amber.
Goblin's HoleErotic Illusions Paysite: High quality photomanips and 3D graphics of gorgeous women cooked and eaten by Goblins.
Heroine FantasyErotic Illusions Paysite: Beautiful babes rendered in 3D art moments before they take their last breath! The text implies human and demon ravishing.
Hillbilly Cannibal BloodlineVID: DailyMotion - Cannibal themed horror movie.
iQuoomErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D pics of extreme BDSM including exhibitionism, sadism, masochism, torture, crucifixion and humiliation.
JessicaErotic Illusions Paysite: Erotic original artwork of a gorgeous blonde with huge breasts who ends up in bizarre supernatural situations.
JT's Heroine ArtErotic Illusions Paysite: Diane, our unlikely superheroine suffers many tragedies and misadventures.
Justine's Erotic IllusionsErotic Illusions Paysite: Original artwork of women enduring torture, bondage and execution.
Kain's House of Lust - FreeFree: Excellent photoshopped 3D Graphics of extreme topics including forced sex during bondage, latex, mistresses, erotic nuns, female zombies, vampires, amazons and monster sex.
Lesbian AliensErotic Illusions Paysite: Really good 2D art of the most bizarre kinds of alien's sex: demon babes, alien sex, lesbian vampires, biomechanics fantasies, mutant sex etc.
Mad ScientistErotic Illusions Paysite: Lynortis' 3D pics of girls undergoing severe bondage and torture while becoming breeders for horrible monsters.
Monsters at LargeErotic Illusions Paysite: Very high quality 2D art by Roue of beautiful women molested, fondled and despoiled by nightmare creatures.
MothershipErotic Illusions Paysite: 2D and 3D art and poser pics of cybergirls engaged in freaky net sex and molested by webmonsters!
Naughty ToastErotic Illusions Paysite: Professional art of 50s style sci-fi girls, superheroines, mutants and girls molested by tentacles.
NICE LabsErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D pics of tentacles and titties, ravenous monsters and men with the darkest desires - finding women who always satisfy!
Pd's The Carnivore CafeErotic Illusions Paysite: Original vore artwork following an alien theme.
PD's Tight PackageErotic Illusions Paysite: The erotic coming face to face with fetish. Girls prepared as food or fitting into suitcases.
Erotic Illusions Paysite: Excellent 3D art of girls getting eaten by monsters or screwed by aliens. There are some headless and asphyxiation themed pics with a science fiction theme.
Pomo PornoErotic Illusions paysite: 3D graphics and artwork involving vore, shrinking, torture, giantesses and more.
Ribleright's 3D Adult Art of EvilErotic Illusions Paysite: Ribleright's 3D pics with girls enduring bondage, torture, forced sex and monster sex!

SadisticaErotic Illusions Paysite: Mantis' site with artwork showing women being swallowed, bound and tortured.
Screams From the DungeonErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D art of beautiful women tied-up, shackled, tortured, paddled, humiliated and even enduring strap-on, bondage sex. I think there's monster sex.
Sexual Creature EncountersErotic Illusions Paysite: Photos and photomanips of Jing, Warrior Queen, sexually servicing monsters.
Shadow DreamsErotic Illusions Paysite: Very nice poser work showing women being bound up and tortured.
Superheroines Nude PerilErotic Illusions Paysite: Superheroines molested by Aliens, Monsters, Animals and Super Villains. Plenty of peril!
Svarog's SFXXX PlaceErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of women forcibly molested by tentacles, orks, zombies and other creatures.
Swiss Made AnimationsErotic Illusions Paysite: Swiss Made Animations has some of the best sci-fi monster, tentacle, robot and alien sex flash videos for you to enjoy!
Taboo ComicsErotic Illusions Paysite: Great Gonzo's professional CGI art including anime and 3D rendered art. Strap on sex and lots of monster molestations.
Temple FantasiesErotic Illusions Paysite: Poser work of amazons, priestesses, sorceresses and temple novices. Lesbianism, mind control, domination and submission. Includes tentacle molestation.
Twisted DesiresErotic Illusions Paysite: From Rampant Demons to Horny Robots, from Animal Desires to Fairy Tale Fucking, from Alien Lust to Undead Hunger. This website has it all!
Vore WorldErotic Illusions Paysite: Photomanips of girls being consensually swallowed by giant animals - usually snakes.
VorefilmErotic Illusions Paysite: Real photos of people getting devoured by what look like upholstery monsters.
VoremaniaErotic Illusions Paysite: of beautiful women getting devoured by large creatures.
Wet DesireErotic Illusions Paysite: Original art of beautiful women having sex with a variety of things including monsters, high-tech objects and tentacles.
Wet Desire, FreeErotic Illusions Paysite: Original art of beautiful women having sex with a variety of things including monsters, high-tech objects and tentacles.
WytchfinderErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D Poser graphics of witches enduring torture, execution and forced sex at the hands of the inquisition.
Xeno Stories PlusFree: 3d graphic stories about sexy girls being ravished by strange creatures, getting pregnant, giving birth, lactating and a lot more.