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Cannibalism is a metaphor of and an extreme representation of sex. The submissive giving everything she or he is to the victor who satiates himself (or herself) completely on the flesh. Another aspect of this fetish is 'woman eating', this includes all sorts of consumption fantasies such as giant, serpent, shark, monster or alien.
Muki's Kitchen!
Pay: AWESOME new cannibal/WE photoshoot site, VERY high quality productions. Muki's kitchen celebrates cannibalism as an erotic fantasy: good old-fashioned woman-eating, femme-feasting, girl-gobbling, fun!
"Cannibal Hookers From Hollywood" SXSW Grindhouse TrailerVID: YouTube - A grindhouse style movie where cannibal women seduce and eat men.
Adventure Art on DeviantArtDeviantArt: 2D art of fencers, amazons and cannibals. Some stabs and a beheading.
Aemi on
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D art of powerful women ravished and killed by evil monsters!
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
AlfhJP: Really vicious anime art including guttings, hangings, beheadings, amputations, girls killing girls, monster sex, cannibalism etc. Google access to the cannibal usenet group; - no binaries.
Alucard's Spirit on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D/3D art with subjects including cannibals, vore, monster lust, growth/shrinking, bondage, growth/shrinking, huge breasts.
Amanda's KitchenPay: A superhot redhead shows you what kind of human flesh is cooking in her kitchen!
Amateur Fetish VideosPPV: All sorts of fetish videos from Renee, Alexis, Tyler, Megan etc. Includes Strangling, Shooting/Stabbing, Necrophilia, Forced Sex, Hanging, Cannibalism.
Amy in Fashion Part 2VID: DailyMotion - Part 2 of a cannibal themed slideshow from CinemaLux. ", A quintet of successful young London hi-flying ladies who are also secretly predatory cannibals who gather weekly to feast on kidnapped girls."
An Italian Hen In The Cannibal's Pot.Blog: A place where to find cannibal comics. My dearest chefs and pot/spit-companions here you'll find toons and comics about Cannibals and Hens/sows caught, processed, stuffed, cooked and eaten by them.
An Unfortunate Rescue Part 1VID: DailyMotion - 1930s style cannibal cooking pot cartoon
An Unfortunate Rescue Part 2VID: DailyMotion - Part two of the sexy cannibal comedy short
Art & Philosophy of CannibalismFree: Victoria Van Dyke's essay on the philosophy behind cannibalism and vampirism.
Art by MeghPay: Very high quality 2D art focused mostly on cannibal fantasy. Some submissive, bondage art.
Bikini Beach Monster on DailyMotionVID: DailyMotion - A paper cutout animation of an extremely busty naked girl getting spitted, cooked and eaten by a monster.
Blackhawk on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Excellent 3D art of girls getting eaten by snakes, sharks, cats, cannibals and even just drowned.
Blackmorrow Extended CutDailyMotion: Paper cut out animation. A sexy, scary, animated addition to the “found footage” sci-fi/Horror boom. A video recording in a secret future military archive logs the invasion of Earth by unseen, hostile Alien creatures.
Blades, axes, longpoles and gallowsFlickr: All about Dolcett FANTASIES like impaling,longpig roasting,Beheading etc. All of the images here are SIMULATED and most certainly not real.
Blood Sucking Babes from BurbankVID: YouTube - Clip of some vampire chicks, usually in bikinis, tearing up guys and eating them.
Boiled AliveFree: Men & Women being boiled alive.
Boy eats GirlVID: Trailer Boy eats girl.
br41n e4t3rPixiv: 2D art of cannibalism, zombies, necrophilia etc.
Brains parody of "Shoes"VID: YouTube - Some hot, female zombies hit the road for "brains".
Bravido 4 - Italian comic about men killing and butchering people for A 2D Italian comic about men who kill and butcher people, especially beautiful women, for food.
BrazorF82 on DeviantartDeviantArt: Some very nicely done photomanips of girls getting eaten.
BreastmeatGoogle: A group for those who like the fantasy of eating the delicious tits of a woman.
Butchering the Human CarcassFree: A step by step instruction guide on butchering and preparing the human carcass.
Cafe Robert Girl Meat FarmYah: A group for those lovers of Dolcett style stories and Femme de Cuisine.
Calva Killer CannibalVID: YouTube - A short, graphic documentary on a modern day cannibal serial killer.
CanimeDeviantart: Anime style artwork with subjects including vore, cannibal, furries, overstuffed bellies and hybrid girls.
Canime on Eva's PortalEva's Portal: Good 2D art of cannibalism, vore and girls as monsters.
Canime on PixivPixiv: Good 2D anime art of men and women roasted and eaten.
CannibalVid: Beware gift baskets from the new neighbors. You never know wutchoo gonna git.
Cannibal 31VID: YouTube - A girl with blood on her face pretends to be a cannibal.
Cannibal Banquets 1Free: An article on a Japanese fad where pretend corpses are eaten by Japanese gourmets.
Cannibal Banquets 2Free: An article on a Japanese fad where pretend corpses are eaten by Japanese gourmets.
Cannibal Barbeque on
SexyAmazons: A small contest with the theme of a cannibal barbecue.
Cannibal CafeGoogle: A place for members to chat about cannibal topics and arrange to 'meat'.
Cannibal CandyFlickr: Group - A fantasy group for those who are at least 18 years of age who like to pretend they are cannibals and want to devour hot guys and gals.
Cannibal Characters Group on DeviantartDeviantart: A group devoted to our beloved cannibal characters!
Cannibal Cooking ShowVID: YouTube - A man is seduced into a house where a woman knocks him out and a man butchers him for food.
Cannibal CuisineVID: YouTube - A cannibal cooking show hosted by some big, evil chick.
Cannibal Dinner!!! VID: YouTube - Cannibal dinner
Cannibal Doctor on WIPFilmsVID: WIPFilms - A doctor who insists that the perfect way to stay young is to lure young ladies to the office with the promise of a high-paying job, tenderize them, cook them, and then eat them.
Cannibal Eaters of MenYah: Fantasy and role play pansexual cannibal group focused on the female eating of the adult male.
Cannibal Girl 5000 VID: YouTube - A couple goes out for a romantic getaway and is shocked to find a wild girl who loves to eat humans.

Cannibal Girls scenesVID: YouTube - A selection of scenes where beautiful women kill men and sometimes eat them.
Cannibal God - 3D art of huge breasted girls getting killed by huge breasted cannibals
Sexyamazons: Imhoteps 2nd account on sexyamazons. Cannibal girls with enormous breasts killing regular girls with enormous breasts. Some shemales.
Cannibal HolocaustFree: Homepage for the movie "Cannibal Holocaust" including a ton of information on the movie as well as real life cannibals.
Cannibal holocaustFlickr: A Flickr group about the famous cannibal holocaust movie. Pictures of scenes and characters.
Cannibal Holocaust Full MovieVID: Google - The full movie for the extreme Cannibal movie, Cannibal Holocaust.
Cannibal HoloklausVID: YouTube - A short, cannibal video.
Cannibal Hookers from HollywoodMySpace: MySpace page complete with trailer about beautiful, vicious, female cannibals.
Cannibal Hunter 1 of 3VID: YouTube - Part 1 of a cannibal themed horror movie.
Cannibal Hunter 2 of 3VID: YouTube - Part 2 of a cannibal themed horror movie.
Cannibal Hunter 3 of 3VID: YouTube - Part 3 of a cannibal themed horror movie.
Cannibal IslandGoogle; Imagine a place where the "ultimate taboo" isn't a taboo anymore. A place where humans are put on the menu and it is legal and perfectly normal.
Cannibal Love Affair by The JacknivesVID: YouTube - Music video involving cannibalism.
Cannibal Meal ChiakiGoogle: This group makes a meal of a fantasy main.Anyone can participate.
Cannibal MotherVID: YouTube - A German language video where a woman grabs an abusive man's fist and eats it.
Cannibal NewsYah: This newsletter is published sporadically (which means when I feel like it), and contains reviews of free cannibal sites (and free cannibal previews/samples) I like.
Cannibal Rollerblades!VID: YouTube - Trailer to a movie where beautiful cannibal girls on rollerskates prey on poor, defenceless men.
Cannibal Sisters
VID: DailyMotion - A trailer for a movie about vicious, cannibal sisters.
Cannibal stories on Tsade.comFree: Stories on Tsade responding to the tag "cannibalism".
Cannibal SuburbiaVID: YouTube - The trailer for the upcoming Pleasant Productions feature "Cannibal Suburbia". A black comedy/horror.
Cannibal Suburbia MovieVID: YouTube - A psychotic musician attempts to prevent his best friend from perpetually regurgitating by reading him three horror stories from a book entitled "Cannibal Suburbia."
Cannibal Tag on G.E-HentaiG-E-Hentai: Excellent 2D Cannibal art.
Cannibal Tags on Rule 34Rule34: Tags of girls in cannibal fetish situations.
Cannibal Tales on Necropolis of ShadowsFree: A collection of Dolcett art on the enigmatic site: 'necropolis-of-shadows'. (In other words - I don't get the site.) Go up one directory to 'morgue-complex' and you'll see a directory to more interesting stuff.
Cannibal Tales on StorywriteFree: A couple cannibal stories and a nice photomanip from Aspasia77.
Cannibal the MusicalVID: Hulu - From the creators of South Park, comes the first musical about cannibalism!
Cannibal Toons on G.E-Hentai.orgG.e-hentail: A large, random assortment of cannibal art.
Cannibal.aviVID: YouTube - A man lifts and carries two dead girls onto a bed.
Cannibalism on VOD
PPV: VOD - Some Grindhous Cannibal movies available from VOD! Includes "Make Them Die Slowly", "Satan's Cannibal Holocaust", "Cannibal Campout" and more!
Cannibalistic Restaurant (JAPAN)VID: YouTube - Confuse your inner psychopath by making a reservation at Cannibalistic Sushi today and order an edible lifelike body.
Cannibals AnonymousFree: Off the site - info on real life cannibals.
Cannibals Ate My SisterFree: Illustrated story about a man who fails to save his sister from cannibals.
Cannibals Seeking SameFree: Good article on cannibalism fetish and its existence on the internet.
Cannibals Unite!MySpace: Group - A cannibalism MySpace group. Feel free to post philosophies or recipies pertaining to cannibalism.
Women eating/ cannibalism fetish movies. Welcome to Cannigals! Enter into our wacky world of cannibal fantasy fun to find there is nothing we love doing more than capturing, teasing, basting, tasting and cooking delicious women! Now we want YOU to come j
Canntoon MeghMySpace: An artist who specializes in cannibal fetish comics, also known as WE - Women Eating.
Carmen's Smoke HousePay: An up and coming femcan who is not araid to take initiative
Celebrity Cafe and BuffetYah: A fantasy only group dealing with celebrities as menu items.
Celestia CafeYah: Photomanips, art and stories about girls used as food. No Dolcett!!
Cellar Dweller MovieVID: YouTube - Movie trailer for the horror film about one or more human-eating monsters.
Cellar, TheVID: YouTube - A short film done for only $1,000. A creature living in the cellar is killing and eating beautiful party guests.
Chaos MindJP: A few sample images for a DLsite. Violent imagery including cannibalism, what appears to be forced sex, gang sex, ripped apart ninja, vampires and maids.
Charnel PitFree: 3D graphics showing girls just before being executred, murdered, butchered for food, tortured. A story accompanies most pics.
Cheerleader Cafe and DeliYah: A group for devouring beautiful high school and college cheerleaders!
Chicken Style School Girl on Muki's Kitchen
Update: MukisKitchen - Ginger S dons her class uniform and ended up being roasted just like a little chicken.
Cinema Lux on DailyMotionDailyMotion: Channel - A bunch of cannibal themed videos.
CJD Soylent GreenYah: Serious group? All about a conspiracy theory including the cannibalizing of human remains to escape detection.
Club JP 2000Yah: Cannibal Yahoo Group.
Cook that GirlVID: YouTube - 9 seconds of a 3D girl sitting in a boiling pot.
CybroticaFree: Erotic art, erotic literature, artists Supplies, free downloads and erotic art galleries. Topics include bondage, monsters, cannibals, femdom, amazons and virtually everything else on this list.
Cyclops and the Slave Girls part 1 VID: DailyMotion - The tale of four girls who find themselves being sold as slaves in Bagdad market. A hungry Cyclops buys all four as FOOD and each week one ends up slowly ROASTED alive and EATEN at a lavish human banquet!

Cyclops and the Slave Girls part 2 VID: DailyMotion - The tale of four girls who find themselves being sold as slaves in Bagdad market. A hungry Cyclops buys all four as FOOD and each week one ends up slowly ROASTED alive and EATEN at a lavish human banquet!
Darker PleasuresPay: A few cannibalistic photos and stories. The majority of the site's content is breast torture.
Darksites Messageboard
Forum: Upgraded and unlocked the darksites messageboard mirrors its posts to
de-VoreFree: A Portugese cannibal/vore fetish site.
Dead Ringers: Delia Smith as Hannibal the Cannibal VID: YouTube - Delia the maneater.
Deadly Peril of the Iboonoo Orchid on DailyMotionVID: DailyMotion - Cut out paper animation. Three beautiful women head out to the jungle to find a rare orchid but end up in a cannibal stew.
Deconstructing AmyEka's Portal: Story about butchering and cannibalism.
Demonia Starkiller And The Restaurant On The Planet KalivosVID: DailyMotion - Retro animated tribute to roger corman style sci-fi trash with a woman eating theme
Demonia Starkiller Episode 6VID: DailyMotion - One of Cinelux's Demonia Starkiller episodes where the heroine has discovered an evil cannibal secret.
Diana for DinnerDeviantart: Really nice 3D cannibal artwork.
Diary of a CannibalVID: Hulu - They met on the internet. They fell in love. They drove to the desert and stopped at an abandoned warehouse...
Dinah's KitchenPay: Mind blowing real Cannibalism at work. Nothing compares with Dinah's Mastery in the Kitchen.
Dinner is ServedVID: YouTube - A short comedy where a dinner party suddenly realizes that they're eating people.
Dinner is Served Part 1VID: DailyMotion - 2D Cut Paper animation. who uses Francesco’s body to hunt down tasty young ladies to prepare, cook and eat! Pretending to be Francesco, he makes the restaurant a big success while also wooing Maggie, and even eating some of his custome
Dinner is Served Part 2VID: Daily Motion - Cut out paper animation. who uses Francesco’s body to hunt down tasty young ladies to prepare, cook and eat! Pretending to be Francesco, he makes the restaurant a big success while also wooing Maggie, and even eating some of his VIP cu
Dinner Wdc interactive story focusing on the main character being prepared for dinner in various ways.
Dismal by FearmakersVID: Metacafe - Hot coeds and cannibals! DISMAL by Fearmakers is a horror movie about college students who get attacked by swamp cannibals while doing field research in the Great Dismal Swamp.
Doctor 101: CannibalismEka's Portal: A 2D art cannibal gallery from vore artist, Doctor 101.
Doktor 101 on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Good 2D art involving cartoon, comic book and video game characters involved in vore or cannibalism.
Dolcett ArchivesMySpace: For people who love Dolcett and his artwork, although rather controversial, they are amazing and a fetish all in itself, so if you genuinely love this unique artist or subsequent copy artists, feel free to join and even say your own piece.
Dolcett Fan on TumblrTumblr: Extreme photos like hanging, bondage, torture, forced sex and cannibalism. Very Dolcett.
Dolcett GirlsPay: Perro Loco's Dolcett girl site. Art, real and rendered girls following the Dolcett cannibalism themes.
Dolcett Girls Cannibal CafeFree: The Cannibal forum for Dolcett Girls.
Dolcett longpig and meat girls private stockGoogle: Description: The group is for "women" who wish to be eaten and want a chef. You will be joining my private stock and offered what you want. You can discuss things and there are pictures, stories and hot fun kinky stuff. Cum get dressed
Dolcett Play in Second Life. Broadly Offensive?Free: An article on Dolcett/Cannibal play in the RPG Second Life.
Dolcett Series - Cabar99ImageFap: Cabar99 - 142 drawings from the great Dolcett.
DolcettishFree: IlPollaio's erotic horror community including the works of several well known artist like nDolfine, Le Chat, Sax, Blade Grinder and Drawing Blood! Expect execution, torture, debreasting, hanging, strangling, beheading and virtually anything!
Donner Party CateringFree: Nice website for cannibal fetish.
DPMaster Best of Both WorldsDeviantArt: DPMaster - A terrific cannibal photoshoot featuring girls as food!
Dr Doomstate - 3D art of girls cooked, attacked by monsters
SexyAmazons. 3D art of girls with enormous thighs getting cooked and attacked by monsters.
Dr Lecter's Clinic 2Yah: Group dedicated to Hannibal Lecter.
Drawing Palace - Zell - 3D pics of torture, sacrifice, monster sex etcG.E-Hentai: Many, many pages of excellent 3D art of girls in horrible peril including torture, sacrifice, execution, cannibalism, monster sex.
Drawing Planet
Pay: The internet's most unique, bizarre and extreme comics. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of drawings!! Sex, romance, bondage, alien encounters, extreme bdsm, vampirism, blood and domination in spades!
Drawing Planet

Dvourer's Corner of the WebFree: Dvourer's stories devoted to the fattening & eating of gorgeous gals!
Eat Guys FeetYah: A club where guy's tender feet are on the menu!!
Eat My Feet CallousesYah: For people who like to eat the callouses of other people's feet.
Eat The RichVID: YouTube - Bizarre, female cannibal music video.
El Tango de la Muerte VID: YouTube - Long mortuarium analogy.
Elf Meat 2VID: A dead elfgirl getting her head cooked in a brazier.
EmpusaeYah: A group dedicated to cannibalistic female monsters.
Erotica Con CarnalFree: Gynophagia and Cannibal Erotica. A few, well written cannibal stories.
Evil Alex's EroticPeril.comFree: Erotic Peril Art, Damsels In Distress, Cannibal Art, Dolcett Art, Vore Art, Fantasy Art, Torture Art,and BDSM.
Evil Femme FatalesVideo clips of deadly women killing women and men. catagorized and thmbnailed, over 500 clips with weekly updates.
Execution of Angels - Girls drowned or butchered and eatenG.E-Hentai: A comic series of three naked girls slowly drowned in a pool of water and then a purple girl taken apart and eaten.
Exploitica - Microwave Massacre (1/3)VID: YouTube - Part 1 of Microwave Massacre.
Exploitica - Microwave Massacre (2/3)VID: YouTube - Microwave Massacre part 2
Exploitica - Microwave Massacre (3/3)VID: YouTube - Part 3 of Microwave Massacre.
F-MeatYah: Using women as meat.
Family PicnicGoGoFantasy: A project to raise money for a Dolcett graphic novel and movie.
Farmer Fred's Female Meat MarketGoogle: a FANTASY group about human livestock, cowgirls,petplay,milking, Dolcett fantasies, female human animals. Here, human females may live a rather long life compared to the average Dolcett girl. A life as human female livestock.

Fasslayer on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 2D art including amazons, zombies, video game girls, girls with guns, slashing, cannibalism - various dark and fantasy images.
Fatal Fetish SketchingGoogle: Dedicated to providing a spot where artists and non-artists alike can sketch (10 min or less) renditions of a variety of fetishes and fantasies on the "death" theme. Vore, Cannibalim, Crushing, Quicksand, Electrocution, etc...
Feet Meat!
Pay: Delicious female feet, tasty toes and succulent soles! This site is for those who enjoy putting cute feet in their mouths, taken to the satirical extreme. Taste the delicious sensation of devouring the feet of the opposite sex!
Female Feet RestaurantGoogle: This group is for those of us who have a desire to eat sexy female feet.
Female Meat marketGoogle: A cannibal meat market google group.
FemcanVID: YouTube - A group of hot, scantily-clad girls threaten a jungle explorer, stab him and then apparently eat him.
Femcans.comPay: Visit one of the most exprienced femcan mistresses on the internet and be punished for your masculinity.
Femme FeastFree: The Darker Side of Canibalism.
Fenris' Art Gallery
Free: Fenris is a poser artist with a penchant for well proportioned, mature women meeting an untimely end including stabbings and vore.
Fetish NoirFlickr: Fetish Images: Gasmasks, bloodplay, gore, erotic asphyxiation, images of violent and bizarre fixations.
Fit 2 ExtremeYah: Girls in peril including cannibalism, decapitation, mutilation, torture and bondage.
Five Stages of Grief - Head on the silver plateVID: YouTube - A girl's head on a plate goes through the 5 stages of grief.
Flesh Eating MothersVID: YouTube - 1989 horror movie about sharp-toothed female monsters eating people.
Food at Thanksgiving Dinner Part 1VID: YouTube - Dark Comedy about a a group of friends having a small reunion at Thanksgiving Dinner that turned ugly. Directed by RD Alba.
Food at Thanksgiving Dinner Part 2Vid: YouTube - Dark Comedy about a a group of friends having a small reunion at Thanksgiving Dinner that turned ugly. Directed by RD Alba.
Forbidden FeastPay: A professional art site for cannibals.
Forbidden Feast on DeviantartDeviantArt: Top quality 2D cannibal art.
FrauenfleischGoogle: German google group about gynophagia.
Fraulein Cannibals of Post War GermanyFree: A well illustrated article about female, nazi cannibals killing and eating occupying allied soldiers after World War 2.
Friction by Bill. Violent and well written extreme fiction by BillBlog: A blog with illustrated stories about Dolcett level evil. Extreme torture, death, dismemberment, cannibalism and sex.
From People to Food Yahoo GroupYah: Ladyfingers and manwiches, welcome to my group. Here is a place for all of you transformation fans that are into the culinary art of turning people into food. Whether it being as simple as just gulping down your chosen human based snack.
G-ForkJP: Japanese giantess site - does she eat those little guys?
Gangsta Girlz CattleYah: White men that only want to live and die for minority gangster girls that can laugh at their suffering, control and disposal. (Link found on cannibal site.)
Gay Snuff And Vore ForumFree: A forum for lovers of gay snuff, vore, cannibalism, pain, torture and death of all kinds.
GermansadoYah: A German group publishing some Dolcett comics in color and some photomanips that look Dolcettish.
GiantessesYah: The home of giantess, Jessica. Women who dominate, eat, crush or toy with men.
Giovanna Dolcett Girls on TumblrTumblr: Dolcett themed tumblr including execution, cannibalism and decapitation.
Girl CowsYah: Yahoo group for the Dalnet channel #girl-cows. Girls who fantasize about being cows led to slaughter.
Girl FleshFree: HexVixen's Female cannibal board.
Girls Eaten AliveYouTube Group: Clips of girls and women eaten alive by animals, monsters, zombies... from movies or amateur made clips.
Glglgl on A gallery of some pretty spectacular 3D art from glglgl.
Gobble Gobble 2 Ep1 (carol Cooked!)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 2 Ep2 (heather Horror!)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 2 Ep2 (heather Horror!)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 2 Ep3 (hanne For Dinner)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 2 Ep4 (dane Revolt - Titles)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep1 (titles-consuela Cooked)Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep2 (daryna Is Dinner!)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep3 (grazynas Bad Call)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep4 (grazyna Grilled)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep5 (eating Russian)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep6 (ilona Drops In)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep7 (inferno-titles)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 1 (opening Titles - Tina Gets A Cab)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 10 (buxton Blood Feud -end Titles)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 2 (death Of Tina)VID: Daily Motion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 3 (sharon Makes Her Plans)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 4 (zoe Goes Knocking-the Buxton Trap)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 5 (death Of Zoe)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 6 (a Stranger In Bedfort)Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme

Gobble Gobble Episode 7 (waking Up In A Cannibals Kitchen)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 8 (country Cooking The Buxton Way)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 9 (roast Sharon)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
gOnZoRIFFIC presents "Cannibal Sisters" trailerVID: YouTube - A movie of human eating sisters.
Good Enough to EatVID: YouTube - Cannibalism with a dash of Sexy!
Gookangohan on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D anime art of tiny girls, shrunken girls and some vore.
Gorillaz ArsenalJP: Real, all-over-the-place anime site including girls in bikinis, lingerie, cross-dressing guys, girls in uniform, schoolgirls and some hybrids. Some bondage, shemales, amputees and even threatened cannibalism under 18.
Gourmet Girls MessageboardFree: The Gourmet Girls Cannibal Messageboard.
Gourmet RestaurantGoogle: Gynophagia and woman-eating along with hanging, decapitation and spitting video-clips. Lots of stories and about 100Mbytes of pics.
Guormet CanibaleFree: Spanish cannibal website! Women cooking in cauldrons
Gurgurant on MySpaceMySpace: A cannibal fetishist and producer of the hysterical "Jungle Drums" cannibal trailer.
Gynophagia.orgFree: Revisionist history and general information on gynophagia
Hagenti Profile on ImageFapImageFap: Afficianado of Dolcett art with comics on the site.
Hannah Being EatenVID: YouTube - Quick video of a giant girl eating another girl's head.
Harvesters, TheGoogle: A fantasy role-playing game about an underground society composed mostly of wealthy sexual sadists engaging in human trafficking, particularly sexual slavery, snuff porn and cannibalism. Players may be Harvesters, lackeys, victims etc.
Hematofilia - Gore, blood, guro channel with all sorts of bloody, violent, gruesome picsHematofilia: Very gory, guro level violent imagery where very often a girl is just entrails and pieces.
Heresie.comFree: French encyclopedia of torment and torture including cannibalism and executions.
Hip Hugger HippieFree: Hippy Chicks getting eaten or eating other hippy chicks.
Horror CafeFree: Horror restaurant index, some woman eating content.
Hot Girl Zombie Bite Original ShortVID: DailyMotion - Lauren Francesca from The Key of Awesome plays a cannibal zombie... but a HOT cannibal zombie.
Hot Hot Girl StripsVID: YouTube - A hot girl strips for you and is then set upon by zombies. Okay, it's more fun as a surprise but then you probably wouldn't click on it.
House SitterVID: DailyMotion - A sexy young girl battles one hell of a hungry cannibal in this original!
Human Animal HunterTumblr: A tumblr of girls dead, caught, prepared for food, tortured etc.
Human EatersVID: YouTube - A man and woman pretend to be eating the meat of a human.
Human Meat AdFree: An article about Peta's human meat ads featuring a couple pics of a nearly nude, dead woman wrapped in cellophane.
Human Sausage Murders: 1952 TRUE CRIME CASEVID: YouTube - A vintage 8mm home movie from February 1952 showing the strange case of Luigi and Maria Greco, who in September 1952 were convicted of murdering three of their boarders, and using the flesh of their victims for homemade sausage.
Human SlaughterhouseVID: YouTube - 3D animation of a human slaughterhouse, indoor farm.
Human-VealGoogle: For young people who want to be used and eliminated and those who want to help them. (Pics I saw were of adults.)
Humanos con patatas (Parte 1 de 2)VID: YouTube - A man combines his butcher shop with his favorite pass time, cannibalism. Part 1.
Humanos con patatas (Parte 2 de 2)VID: YouTube - A man combines his butcher shop with his favorite pass time, cannibalism. Part 2.
Hunger: A Cannibal's TaleVID: This is a short, comedic film about a cannibal hunting for his dinner.
Hungry 4U (short film)VID:: YouTube - "I like you so much I'd eat you..." Year: 2006.
Hunteat Cannibalism storiesFree: Cannibal stories for both male and female meat.
I Drink Your Blood (1970) trailerVID: YouTube - Trailer for the psycho, cannibal movie; "I Drink You Blood" (1970).
Il PollaioFree: Terrific Death Fetish messageboard including 3D, Photomanips and original art of strangling, hanging, stabbings, shootings, decapitation, humiliation, amazon combat, torture and real death photos.
Il Pollaio!Pay: High quality Slasher/Snuff, Cannibal, Execution/Torture art by MA, Dolcett, Fumetti and more!
Imsaneuk on Renderotica Renderotica: Good 3D art with a lot of African native themes. Includes hybrids, furries, some bondage, roasting in pots, men and women killed and butchered - mostly by female natives.
Innocent BystanderVID: DailyMotion - Cannibal themed music video from SlumberPartyTheater.
Iratus Faux - 3D art of girls slaughtered and butchered on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: Good but gruesome 3D art of girls murdered and butchered for their meat.
Island Girl Feature Film Trailer - Hanpost ProductionsVID: YouTube - Trailer for a "fish out of water" movie where a rich, upper-class guy falls in love with an "island girl" who ends up being a cannibal.
Its Just Not Cricket Episode 2VID: DailyMotion - Second part of sexy 1930s animated cannibal comedy spoof
Its Just Not Cricket!VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated 30s comedy spoof as 4 english ladies end up in the pot!
John Marshall ProductionsFree: Production company specializing in horror, gore and sleaze with an emphasis on slasher flicks. John's movies depend heavily on tension, suspense, horror, violence and of utmost importance -- hot, nubile girls!
John's RetrofunFree: Photo retouches. Galleries and picture stories about snuff, torture, cannibalism, etc.
Kaji Meiko : Female Prisoner 'Sasori' Beaststable'.TrailerVID: YouTube - Kaji Meiko.The 3rd 'Female Prisoner Sasori'movie. The movie opens with a pretty girl chewing on a human arm.
Kaos AngelYah: Kaos Angel's art and stories of human eating and dolcett fantasies.
Kaos Angel: MySpaceMySpace: Page for a writer of Cannibal, Dolcett and Snuff fiction.
Karyn's Cookout by DolcettImagefap: 3King - A Dolcett comic where a girl ends up spit roasted.
Kathryne on RenderoticaRenderotica: 3D art of huge breasted fantasy girls including girls rotated on spits, hanged, guilotined, female slaves, bondage, pony girls, bondage, monster sex, torture, vampirism, bondage sex, executions etc.
Kaylee meets the Jessica 3000 XLG.E-Hentai: Good 3D comic series about Dolcett's Jessica device.

Killer Ribs 4 Miss Horrorfest 2007! "Mmmm!" :)VID: YouTube - A Horrorfest submission which involves a beautiful woman eating parts of a refrigerated corpse.
Killer Wives StashYah: Group covering all sorts of lethal lady subjects including swords, guns, femdom, strapons, giant girls eating men, girls cooking girls, men shot by women, women slashing women etc.
Koonago FactoryJP: Shrinking women in peril, cut up, stomped on and eaten.
La ThanatographieVID: DailyMotion - A zombie eats out of a beautiful girl's bare, wounded belly.
Lady Lunch on YouTubeVID: YouTube - A young girl is hitchhiking and ends up taking a ride with a Psychotic Cannibal! He hast had breakfast yet!!
Landwirt on ImageFapImageFap: Several cartoons by Dolcett and Dudulus.
Last Supper ExtremeVID: ShockFlix - Scene from a cannibal restaurant.
Last Supper TrailerVID: YouTube - Trailer for the Japanese film, directed by Osamu Fukutani, based on the novel by Kei Oshishi. A serial killer murders beautiful girls and prepares their meat as food - eventually to the delight of an audience.
Last Weird Cannibals (Ultimo Weirdo Cannibale)VID: YouTube - Odd trailer mostly about people preparing (human) meat.
Le Chat's placeFree: Snuff art site including cannibalism, hangings, beheadings, crucifixions, piercings, stranglings and more.
Leatherface's Meat ShedYah: This is about a man Who eats his own kind and makes clothing out of the blood soaked skins to wear! The bloody home cooked meals he prepares for his family of victims he catches to skin them and eat them .
Lethal LillithYah: Celebrating the female destroyer. Includes actual livestock, corpses, bondage, cannibals, femdom indoctrination, nazis, strapons, femdom punishment, facesitting, enslavement.
Lightbox Zombies on iStockPhotoiStockPhoto: Great zombie/cannibal photos. Mostly female cannibals.
Lily's Midnight Magic on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Gorgeous redhead with videos about tickle torture and girls getting cooked.
Longpig LoungeGoogle: A lounge for willing longpigs.
Longpig's Xanga SiteFree: The legend of the soldiers of Hell who feast on the flesh of the greedy, lustful and corrupt.
Lyno on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of girls hunted, farmed, cooked and eaten.
Lynortis Cowboy Cannibal 3DG.E-Hentai: Excellent 3D art of busty girls herded like cows.
MamablissFree: Archive of cannibal, furry, vore, overstuffed stories and art.
Man Eater TrailerVID: YouTube - Female cannibal Finds male victims and drugs them up and then eats them.
Man kills and eats his wifeVID: YouTube - A short, amateur film about a guy hacking up his wife and then eating her.
Masters of Horror - The WashingtoniansVID: DailyMotion - What if everything we believe about our sacred icons of American history turned out to be a complete lie? Suppose, for example, that The Father of our Country was actually a blood-crazed cannibal? (Directed by Peter Medak)
Me me Lai - Cannibal QueenMySpace: MySpace page for a beautiful woman who has acted in a number of cannibal movies.
MeatVideo: Google - A short film about Cannibals in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Meatluvr excellent 3D art of girls shot, stabbed, executed, cannibalized, corpses - lots of fun on TumblrTumblr: Beautiful JPGs of girls dead or getting killed in a wide variety of ways.
Meatluvvr cannibal and execution Dolcett style 3D artTumblr: Excellent 3D art of beautiful women killed and used as food.
Mechanical Saw DecapitationVID: YouTube - A girl has her head cut off by a maniac with a chainsaw!
Miss CannibalMySpace: A MySpace page about a cannibal girl who eats girls.
Mistress PersephoneYah: The Dark, Twisted Mistress with cannibal/femdom/vampire fantasies.
Mistress Persephone Pictures ClubYah: Fetish Queen of Nylons, Corsets, Latex, Smoke & Cannibalism.
Mistress Persephone Pictures ClubYah: Fetish Queen of Corsets, Latex, Necro, Cannibalism.
Mitchkenzo on FurAffinityFurAffinity: Stories with furries, vore, and navel torture in them.
Mother Eats Her HusbandVID: YouTube - From a horror movie. A woman changes into a monster and eats her husband.
Muki's Kitchen
Pay: AWESOME new cannibal/WE photoshoot site, VERY high quality productions. Muki's kitchen celebrates cannibalism as an erotic fantasy: good old-fashioned woman-eating, femme-feasting, girl-gobbling, fun!
MWB ArtFree: Professional, high-quality art illustrating beautiful women in bondage, in peril, offered as gifts, ravished, molested by monsters, attacked by vampires...etc
MWB Artworks: YahooYah: MWB's original art including bondage, abduction, monsters, aliens and even monster girls in peril!
My Dinner with KathyVID: YouTube - A short where a girl kills and eats her boyfriends.
My Dinner with KathyVID: YouTube - An old piece circa 1995 shot on VHS with an unwitting bit of foreshadowing. Kathy has a special apetite!
My Love Hannibal LecterYah: Everything you ever wanted to know about this popular cannibal.
Myspace Femcan GroupMySpace: Group - For female cannibals and male/female meat who seek them out.
Naamloos on TumblrTumblr: One of Naamloos' blogs. Mostly pics of BBW girls with captions about cannibalism.
NagashannonDeviantart: Manips of anime girls in food.
Naugahyde Academy 4 BoysYah: Boys' school run by a 75 foot tall cannibalistic ogress.
NaughtyBiNatureYah: Furry, Lesbian, Dom/sub/Yiffy Roleplay including Dolcett style.
nDoflinePay: High quality furry, asphyxiation, execution, shooting, torture, cannibalism, hanging shooting comic-book style art.
Nice CannibalsYah: For people who realize that cannibalism is all about saving women.
Nikkis All Night DinerFree: A place to find some terrific cannibal comics from Mamabliss!
North American Cannibalism AdvocatesMySpace: Really nice cannibalism group and forum! Save the Cows. Eat your friends.
NSFW XXX Porn Ecchi And Hentai Page - mostly huge tits but deeper you will find cannibal and other death contentTumblr: Although the blog claims to be Ecchi and Hentai, I could find no anime style content. Lots of 2D art and photos of breast expansions and huge breasted girls. Later pages have cannibalism and death fetish content.
Nutzoids at Cannibal CoveVID: Vimeo - This is a cult/horror dark satiric spoof creating a hybrid parody of 50's TV sitcom and 80's cannibal-zombie mayhem.

Old Chicken Makes Good BrothYah: A group about cannibalism including the killing, butchering and eating of adult women.
Out Of The Frying PanVID: Daily Motion - Retro animated comedy cannibal short with a woman spit roasted
PD's Tight PackageErotic Illusions Paysite: The erotic coming face to face with fetish. Girls prepared as food or fitting into suitcases.
Pearl Gates, TheFree: Pics and stories mostly of angels (some mermaids). Includes angels kissing, having sex, getting eaten by monsters, swallowing people leaving enormous bellies, unbirthing, holding swords.
Peril Pam in Pam Crusoe VID: DailyMotion - Pam finds a hot, native girl called Friday. They are stripped, garnished, and Barbecued on a sizzling grill! Can they possibly escape the cannibals and the island?
Peril Pam in Pam Crusoe on Daily MotionVID: DailyMotion - A paper cutout animation of two extremely busty girls getting grilled by cannibals.
Peril Pam in the Cave of the CyclopsVID: DailyMotion - Set in ancient Arabia, it features daring corsair. Cyclops eats 3 hotties. Sahaana (Pam) and her mutli-ethnic all female crew who explore a remote island in search of supplies, only to get captured by the ferocious Cyclops.
Perils of Constance!VID: DailyMotion - A Sexy retro animated tribute to the “Damsels In Distress” adventures of the Silent Movie era. Constance gets cooked in a pot.
Perro Loco on DolcettFree: A treatise on how to take apart a woman like in a Dolcett comic.
Phoenix Point - Official MovieVID: YouTube - Violent movie including some weird bloodless killings, a bit of necro and some cannibalism.
Pig Flesh for the GoddessGoogle: A google group for males who wish to dedicate and sacrifice their lives as animals for the Goddess, and for the Women who will help and enjoy making it happen.
PIGGIES - selected scenes clip ONEVID: YouTube - Meet Barney Stubbs: Selected scene from the film "Piggies", a dark look at a classic fable, uploaded with permission of Christopher Smith and Second Feature Productions.
Pleasures of the Damned TrailerVID: n 1979, Italian director Antonello Giallo completed work on his first feature film. Upon the film's premiere, it was banned and Giallo was brought up on 17 indecency charges.
Poison Pen's Deadly Ink BlotsFree: Poison pen writes stories of sexual depravity sometimes including giants, shrunken women and cannibalism.
Pomo PornoErotic Illusions paysite: 3D graphics and artwork involving vore, shrinking, torture, giantesses and more.
Pretty and Dead - art of women killed and used in every imaginable wayTumblr: Art and comics of girls executed, cannibalized, butchered, impaled, strangled, gutted, dismembered etc.
PulpToonPay: Really nice cannibal community where an extra stipend will allow you to enjoy their many cannibal toons.
Pay: Really nice cannibal community where an extra stipend will allow you to enjoy their many cannibal toons. PulpToon mixes sex with horror like peanut butter and chocolate.
PulpToon ForumFree: A forum for Cannibalism and other dark subjects.
Pulptoon on DeviantartDeviantart: Cannibal/Vore artwork from some of the best cannibal artists around.
Purveyors of Blood - TrailerVID: This is a trailer for a film. Lots of Gore and sick stuff.
Ravenous ServantsYah: This club is for all who love the movie RAVENOUS. Anything goes (within reason) - Robert Carlyle, other Ravenous actors/actresses, cannibalism, morbid humor, story-lines, other movie villians, Peyote...whatever. Have fun, and remember fellow Wendigos
Real Spit RoastingYah: Fantasy role playing about women being placed on spits and eaten.
Researcher 1230Free: A couple of interesting sites. 1) Cooking Lou - A dolcett inspired photostory. 2) Dolcett inspired photomanips.
RRadical on DeviantartDeviantArt: Great 2D art including a girl being butchered and cooked.
Ryonage289JP: Fairly vicious anime art including bondage, stabbing, amazons, torture, decapitation, crushing, cannibalism, vore inside stomach, amputation and monster attacks.
Same Size Swallowing 2Yah: A group for those who like pics and stories of same-size swallowing.
Santa Clawz peril contest on
SexyAmazons: Some terrific art of a homicidal Santa Claus with the considerable talents of Mr X, Montyhack, Glglgl, Guido and Paolo.
Satan's Cannibal HolocaustVID: DailyMotion - A cannibal themed horror movie.
Saudi Mistress POV on Clips4Sale
PPV: Clips4Sale - Brutal femdom BDSM, forced orgasms, forced blowjobs, cannibalism, giantess fantasies and vore.
Sausage Fest of the Weenie Cart GirlsVID: YouTube - Matt and Danny, get more then they ever expected when they go on a date with the two girls who opperate the Hot Dog Cart they visit every lunch.
Savage TimesVID: Vimeo - A five second parody of Lord of the Rings.
Savagely EatenYah: This group contains stories and images of beautiful women who either consensually or nonconsensually are slowly and savagely eaten alive.
Scare Tactics the Cannibal FamilyVID: Mojvideo - A prank where a cannibal family hires a woman to 'feed' their child.
Scary lunch lady movieVID: A psycho lunch lady kills the students and cooks them as a meal.
Second Life Dolcett PlayFree: An article on Dolcett/Cannibal Play in the Second Life universe.
Seeking FemcansGoogle: All about the Female Butcher and/or Cannibal, Killer Wives, Black Widows, Sadistic and Deadly Women.
Sexy Flesh Eating Nuns!VID: YouTube - In this short movie witness some poor guy as he runs into a demon priest and a horde of succubi nuns! See sexy women munch on a guys innards!
Sexy Flesh Eating Nuns!VID: YouTube - Evil, sexy nuns feast on the entrails of men and women!
She Cooked Me Up and Ate Me for DinnerVid: Music video about a girl preparing and eating a guy.
She's HungryVID: YouTube - A trailer in which a college girl lures guys to her place for her cannibal friend.
Short Lesson on CannibalismVID: YouTube - A couple knock out and eat some guy.
Sick Chixxx.comPay: Dark, twisted and sensually bizarre fantasies of Mistress Persephone. (Ed: I'm not sure what's inside - the categories are guesswork.)
Sickest SitesFree: Enormous collection of links focused on the sickest, most disgusting sites on the internet.
Slasher ComixxFree: Really beautiful online comic of girls getting stalked and killed by psychokillers. Some cannibalism.
Sleazegroin TheaterPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips in kind of a B-Movie format including a host "Trampira". Films involve vampires, a monster, zombies and the devil.
Snuff FilesMySpace: To talk about Extreme horror and gore flicks such as Aftermath,August Underground,Slaughtered Vomit Dolls,Bone sickness and anything else that is extreme and underground.
Snuff Princess, violent dolcett style butchering and executions on TumblrTumblr: Pics and gifs of girls getting killed, used as meat, butchered, hanged,
So Fragile: a movie about dolcett VID: YouTube - A 3D movie about Dolcett
Sofia Stone - Vore on Clips4SaleClips4Sale: A beautiful, busty brunette devours men, eats them as a giantess. (Click on VORE Category.)

Some Combinations Are Just Funny (Cannibal)VID: AdGrabber - a new morning team is promoted by highlighting odd combination. Like a cow and a man on a tennis court, a woman with balloon hands performing a vasectomy and hot twins having a barbecue with a cannibal.
Some Female Cannibal From Barefoot Bob. Fantasy stories of women devouring men.
Stacy Keibler CookbookYah: A place to discuss the sexiness and tastiness of Stacy Keibler.
Stars Auf Cannibal IslandFree: An interactive German cannibal story containing 106 chapters.
Strangehaven 1: TenderloinVid: Vimeo - Cult/Horror inspired by the art of Dolcett. A young girl passes out on a dark road and awakens to find herself with a new identity, that of an escaped convict. She discovers the doctor, nurse and coroner are leaders of a tribe of cannibals.
Superheroine NightmareYah: A way to abuse Superheroines in all sorts of unique ways including superheroines, bondage, cannibalism, robots, forced sex and more.
TagahaVCL: Anime art portraying women being eaten or molested by horrifying creatures or women themselves as horrifying creatures.
Tagaha: FreeFree: Site based on a game about hunting anthropomorphic females, cooking them and eating them.
Takao Nakano's BIG TITS ZOMBIE 3D With Sola Aoi!VID: Twitchfilm - A trailer for The Big Tits Zombie
Tamerlanelcruel´s Damsels In DistressBlog: Cannibal drawings (and other cruel fetishes)
Tamerlanelcruel´s Damsels In Distress
Blog: cannibal drawings (and other cruel fetishes)
Taste of FleshVID: DailyMotion - A cannibal themed horror movie.
Tasty Flesh #12Online Comic: A series about strippers fighting zombies. One gets eaten in this strip on page 12. At page 75 a second story begins that turns femcan.
Team Chaos WingTumblr: An anime cannibal comic, maybe more later.
The Adventures of Stella the Space Hitch HikerVID: YouTube - Stella finds herself being grilled alive by the diner chef, but a chance space disaster saves her and strands her on a nearby jungle planet, where she is seized by a giant monster who proceeds to roast her for dinner!
The Case Of The Missing ModelsVID: DailyMotion - Part 1 of a cartoon parody of ol scifi with a woman eating theme
The Cinema LuxVID: DailyMotion - Site for retro animated girl-eating themed erotic cannibal movies
The Digestive TractFree: A technical, detailed overview of the digestive system in humans and animals - very vore.
The Flying Inn How to Cook a RibbonBlog: An ongoing blog on how to cook a woman.
The Front - Part 1VID: Vimeo - A horror movie involving some cannibalism.
The Gnam Gnam Tribe ForumForum: A messageboard about cannibalism, especially Italian Hen.
The GourmandVID: YouTube - Notes from our correspondent on the correct way to hang, butcher and prepare meat.
The Other White MeatVID: YouTube - Two guys get lost and have to decide who eats who.
The Perilous Adventure Of Amy WesterhouseVID: DailyMotion - Retro animated silent movie spoof with an aviator chick who ends up in the cooking pot!
The Tortured Soul Forum now requires an invite code: KillCunts66Do you dare dwell with the souls of the damned? Do you possess the courage to explore the extreme? If so, then come now to your new home! Free and no ads! Use invite code: KillCunts66 for immediate access!
The Tortured Soul Forum now requires an invite code: KillCunts66
Do you dare dwell with the souls of the damned? Do you possess the courage to explore the extreme? If so, then come now to your new home! Free and no ads! Use invite code: KillCunts66 for immediate access!
The World of MukilGoogle: The World of Mukil group. Basic topics are cannibalism and vore. It's the world of healthy food fantasy.
The World of MukilGoogle: The World of Mukil group. Basic topics are cannibalism and vore. It's the world of healthy food fantasy.
Thongar on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good and gruesome 2D art including impaling, burning at the stake, hanging, cannibalism etc.
Three-D Comics
Pay: 3D porn comics including superheroines, hardcore, bondage, monster sex, huge breasts and even cannibal zombies.
Throats LoversYah: Close-up pics of girl's tongues.
Tisha's Fantasy
PPV: Clips4Sale - Tisha shows off her mouth, even to the men she's going to eat.
Too Warm A Welcome Part 1VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated 40s style comedy with cannibals and nude girls
Too Warm A Welcome Part 2VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated 40s style comedy with cannibals and nude girls
Too Warm A Welcome Part 3VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated 40s style comedy with cannibals and nude girls
Tous Cannibales at La Maison Rouge, ParisVID: Blip.TV - From February 12th to May 15th, la maison rouge is staging an exhibition on anthropophagy and its representations in contemporary visual art. The show brings together works by young artists who address the cruelty of anthropophagy.
Trailer for 'The Zombie Cheerleader Massacre'VID: YouTube - A group of zombies kills and eats a group of beautiful cheerleaders.
Trailer of "Meat Days"VID: YouTube - In a chaotic world where cannibalism is common place. Ah Err barters sexual favors for human flesh for her own survival as well as to care for her young child and sick husband.
Trb602003Flickr: A man taking pics of himself as ready for roasting - some crossdressing.
True_Pain on MotherlessMotherless: A group for all sort of extreme BDSM including bondage, torture, cannibalism, shooting, stabbing and executions.
Two-Chan Guro BoardJP: Gory, guro 2chan board. Includes cannibalism, slashing, impaling, combat.
Univited Guests!Retro animated 1950s sci fi spoof with a woman eating theme
UraJP: Anime art of Shemales, pierced nipples, hybrids (especially tails), peeing, bondage, vicious torture, stabbings, amputations, guttings, skinning and butchering.
Urban Flesh Trailer 2007VID: YouTube - trailer for the 1999 classic underground cannibalistic gorefest; URBAN FLESH.
Uvula Home Page (Wayback Machine)Free: Fantasy of being swallowed by a giantess.
Vanuatu - Native Describing Killing and Eating PeopleVID: YouTube - Vanuatu Chief talks about how they would strangle and eat people that commit crimes against them.
Veronica VinylYah: Gorgeous goth girl whose group includes some femcan, vinyl/latex clothes, femdom, forced feminization, vampires and trannies.
Victorian DemimondeDeviantart: 3D pics of women served as food as well as some photomanips and 3D of hybrids.
Violent Shrunken Women BoardFree: Photomanips and original art of shrunken women being killed, eaten or torn apart in gruesome ways.
Virgin Female DreamsYah: A open group for people who love eating female virgins girls. (Good luck getting in - I didn't.)

Vore Buffet 9: The Last Service VID: YouTube - Is the very last Vore Buffet installment. Slideshow of pregnant or maybe pudgy girls with words added making it look like they've been eating people.
Waiting for the Butcher - Gifs and pics of girls executed and used as meatTumblr: GIFS and pics of beautiful women killed and processed as meat.
Want To Eat MeFree: Profile of a cannibal enthusiast who wants to be cooked by women.
WE StoriesYah: A compilation of Woman Eating stories.
Wendys Cannibals CommercialVID: YouTube - An indigenous tribe of cannibals decide to stop eating humans and go to Wendy's.
Whole Roast Human on EverythingFree: Recipe and instruction on how to prepare a human carcass for food.
Wife-A-VoreVID: YouTube - A submissin for the SXSW Grindhouse trailer challenge. A woman devours human flesh!
Wir kommen und werden euch fressenVID: YouTube - Scenes from the 70s Kung Fu vs Cannibals movie "We're Going To Eat You". Some pretty graphic butchering scenes.
Women as Food on TumblrTumblr: Pics of girls AS food and pics of girls with food on them.
Wonderful World of DolcettTribes: Discussion group for the talented, extreme artist; Dolcett.
World of Mukil: GoogleGoogle: Group founded by popular cannibal fetish afficianado, Mukil!
XalynneFree: 3D graphics of a full-figured amazon involved in slavery, bondage, masturbation, birthing, forced sex, monster sex, pregnancy, urination, interracial, scat, humiliation, orcs, gynophagia, egg-laying and vore!
Xat XXX The Banquet Hall XXXFree: Cannibalism, WE, Dolcett, FemCann, Vore discussion and/or role play.
Xat XXXTheBanguetHallXXXFree: A chatroom for Cannibalism, WE, Dolcett, Femcann, Vore discussion and role play.
Yummy GirlTumblr: Dolcett-style cannibal photos.
Zambian Meat.comFree: Men eating Men. Women eating Men. A place for chefs to find longpig men and longpigs to sign in.
Zombie BarbecueVID: YouTube - B&W video of zombies at a Barbecue eating people.
Zombie Creature Kills Four Anime GirlsVID: YouTube - A zombie creature kills 4 anime girls, sometimes chowing into them.
Zombie Eats a GirlVID: YouTube - A zombie eats a girl.
Zombie Eats Cheerleader's Ass VID: YouTube - A group of zombies finds a group of cheerleaders...enough said. This is from Return of the Living Dead 5
Zombie Eats GirlVID: DailyMotion - A Zombie eats his girlfriend's belly while a psychoanalyst offers support.
Zombies Unter Kannibalen - TrailerVID: YouTube - A German, cannibal movie including a rather gruesome autopsy / cranium sawing scene.
Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!Flickr: A group for anything having to do with zombies.
Zuluworld.comFree: Cartoony cannibalism with big breasts. an awful lot of pics and videos, for free and for sale!