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Erotic asphyxiation is a popular sexual fetish and is not necessarily fatal. Asphyxiation includes strangulation, garroting, hanging, smothering and drowning - any way of depriving someone of oxygen. Asphyx fans are often called 'clean killers' compared to slasher fans who're sometimes called 'messy killers'.
Anne's Dreams
Pay: Violent, erotic horror with atypically gorgeous models like hot, fit blonde; Petra Morgan! Check out fantasy executions, shootings, stabbings, assassinations, amazon combat, death duels and crime dramas.
Deadclips. Videos of girls getting strangled, decapitated, shot and more
Pay per view site where you can buy clips of girls getting decapitated, shot, hanged, strangled, necroed etc.
Eyewitness Productions
Pay: One of the largest asphyx sites and the only special effects hangings on the web! Beautiful models in peril, huge photosets with weekly updates and large selection of PPV video.
Halle Berry hanged and then shot VID: YouTube - In the movie Swordfish, Halle Berry is exposed as a DEA agent and used creatively by the villian, play by John Travolta to get the hacker, played by Hugh Jackman to hack a bank.
Hot bikini girl hanged by ghosts
A sexy girl in a bikini is taking a public shower when she is hanged by ghosts!
Japanese woman found bloody and hanged
A japanese woman is found dead, bloody and hanged in the courtyard.
Jen is strangled and groped on Mistress Lyns Strangled Girls
Mistress Lyns Strangled Girls: The beautiful Jen is strangled to death and then her boyfriend enjoys her corpse.
A Couple Machinegunnings and more on Anne's Dreams
Update: - EXECUTED SPIES: Annica & Nikoletta machinegunned. HOSED: Crista-Nude Machinegunned. Miss S Poisoned. GABY MEETS THE GUILLOTINE: Gaby is beheaded.
A Girl is Strangled by Another GirlVID: ShockFlix - A girl wraps a scarf around a cute girl and strangles her.
A Suicide StoryVID: YouTube - A girl hangs herself from a tree, kicking off her shoes.
Acapulco H.E.A.T. 02x22 Juice 5.aviVID: YouTube - Two bikini-clad badgirls fight the main characters and end up dead after falling two floors.
Ade's CaveFree: Poser pics and original art of women getting ravished, molested by monsters and killed.
Ade's CaveFree: Poser pics and original art of women getting ravished, molested by monsters and killed.
Ade's CaveFree: Poser pics and original art of women getting ravished, molested by monsters and killed.
Adult Books 4 UCat: The number 1 adult bookstore
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
Agent X3VID: YouTube - A mysterious female assassin tries to comandeer a space ship. A quick Sci Fi action movie put together using The Movies PC Game.
AH DualismJP: Terrific 'nazi girls get their comeuppance' site! Includes garroting, gutting, stabbing, gas chamber, gun shots.
AH DualismJP: Terrific 'nazi girls get their comeuppance' site! Includes garroting, gutting, stabbing, gas chamber, gun shots.
AH Dualism on PixivPixiv: Really good 2D anime art of female corpses, girls strangled, executed, shot, dismembered, stabbed, dissected, decapitation, committing seppeku, For instructions on how to register on Pixiv, click details.
AkujoloveJP: A Japanese blog about anime girls getting killed, usually in combat.
Alain De Sades extreme torture, blood, execution blog on TumblrTumblr: JPGs and GIFs of girls tortured, covered in blood, strangled, hanged,
Alice Cooper - Strangle Death ClipVID: YouTube - On stage performance where Alice Cooper goes behind a translucent curtain and garrottes a girl.
Alpha 7 Productions
Cat: Alpha 7 Productions is a film company specializing in erotic horror enploying the stunning Brandy Devine! This site shows their work and allows comments and critiques of their videos.
AlpineKFree: AlpineK's poser art of girls shot, strangled, hanged or even stuffed in a case. Click on the menu choices on the left.
AlpineK's PicsFree: Asphyxiation comics and 3D art as compiled by AlpineK.
Alpinek's SlideshowsPhotobucket: Slideshows of Poser-type girls hanged and dead.
alt.hobbies.serial-murderGoogle: A google group for the usenet newsgroup alt.hobbies.serial-murder. A darkly humorous meeting place for serial killers.
alt.hobbies.serial-murderGoogle: A google group for the usenet newsgroup alt.hobbies.serial-murder. A darkly humorous meeting place for serial killers.
alt.hobbies.serial-murderGoogle: A google group for the usenet newsgroup alt.hobbies.serial-murder. A darkly humorous meeting place for serial killers. Google access to the asphyx usenet group; - no binaries. Google access to the asphyx usenet group; - no binaries. Google access to the asphyx usenet group; - no binaries.
Amateur Fetish VideosPPV: All sorts of fetish videos from Renee, Alexis, Tyler, Megan etc. Includes Strangling, Shooting/Stabbing, Necrophilia, Forced Sex, Hanging, Cannibalism.
Amazon Battlegrounds on
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D art of female armies in constant battle.
Amber At HomePay: beautiful model sells clips of her and her friends drowning underwater.
Amie's Bad Acting, Faking Her DeathVID: YouTube - A pretty blonde with a pool cue plays dead.
An unsuitable JobVID: YouTube - A young female detective investigating an apparent suicide has a brush with death! (hanging)
Anachronous series D.i.D. sceneVID: YouTube - A girl gets hanged in a modern-style gallows in the distant past.
Andy Schrotter independent videos including crime scenes and strangling on YouTubeYouTube Channel: Independent film maker who creates some beautiful crime scenes, stranglings and dead girl montages.
Angelles Flesh StockDeviantart: Hot model who poses often in a bikini - around page 9 or so you'll find hanged, impalement, sharp objects and dead(ly) blue dahlia.
Anime 3 StranglingsVID: YouTube - Girls strangled in anime movies.
Anime Girls Choked Out2d anime art of girls getting choked unconscious in choke holds.
Annabelle on Dead Sexy ClipsPPV: DeadSexyClips - Annabelle's sexy video clips on Deadsexyclips .com. Includes stabbings, shootings, hangings, stranglings, suffocations and more.
Annabelle's Fantasies on Genre Videos
PPV: GenreVideos - Three stores including ANNABELLE'S CLASSIC: The classic clips with Petra, Sammie etc. ANNES DREAMS: With Eastern Europeans like Ildiko, Orsi etc. BAGGED BABES: Bagged girls from British and Eastern European actresses.
Annabelle's Fantasy
Pay: Update - Promo group for and
Anonymous Dude channel of girls getting shot, stabbed, strangled or killed in other waysYouTube Channel: A large selection of good videos featuring girls dying by a variety of causes.
Aqua EntertainmentFree: Producers of Underwater Glamour and Erotica!
Aqua EntertainmentFree: Producers of Underwater Glamour and Erotica!
Aqua EntertainmentFree: Producers of Underwater Glamour and Erotica!

Art of DarknessFree: A messageboard for artists working on the dark side of erotica. You'll find Herionymous, Nemesis and Apostle1946 producing some cutting edge 3D art that you will find nowhere else.
Art of NyghtfallBlog: A blog displaying the asphyxiation artwork of Nyghtfall.
Artistic-DeathGoogle: A group about the fantasy of women getting snuffed.
Artistic-DeathGoogle: A group about the fantasy of women getting snuffed.
Artistic-DeathGoogle: A group about the fantasy of women getting snuffed.
ASA PlayYah: A list for fantasy asphyxia.
Asian Choking Fetish - pics of strangled Asian GirlsTwitter: Pics and short videos of girls getting strangled.
Asian girls strangled on ShockFlix
ShockFlix: Video of a couple Asian girls (one pretty) are strangled.
Asphyx ComicsGoogle: A group where people can share only drawing pictures about girls being strangled or hanged,only nice quality pictures from divers websites,scan from comic books...
Asphyx Mans Asphyxiation galleries - choke, strangle photos and art on ImageFapImageFap: Hundreds of asphyxiation pictures collected by Asphyxman.
Asphyx SteveYah: Pics of girls getting hanged, strangled and drowned.
Asphyxia - strangling, hanging, drowning fiction on RiewaslibraryWeb: Free sexy, asphyxia stories.
Asphyxia DrawingsImageFap: Some asphyxia drawings.
Asphyxia Neck LoversGoogle: For all of you who adore the simple beauty of the female neck and how erotic it is to watch and/or participate in the strangling of one.
Asphyxia Neck LoversGoogle: For all of you who adore the simple beauty of the female neck and how erotic it is to watch and/or participate in the strangling of one.
Asphyxia Neck LoversGoogle: For all of you who adore the simple beauty of the female neck and how erotic it is to watch and/or participate in the strangling of one.
Asphyxia on MotherlessMotherless: Pics and videos about asphyxiation.
Asphyxia ParadiseGoogle: The only description I get is "Asphyxia paradise".
Asphyxiation on SankakuSankaku: Good 2D, anime art of asphyxiation including smothering, strangling, drowning and hanging.
Au Bonheur Des DamesErotic Illusions Paysite: A French artist using photomanips to create nostalgia scenes including death, drowning and hanging.
Au Bonheur Des DamesErotic Illusions Paysite: A French artist using photomanips to create nostalgia scenes including death, drowning and hanging.
Au Bonheur Des DamesErotic Illusions Paysite: A French artist using photomanips to create nostalgia scenes including death, drowning and hanging.
Autoerotic Asphyxiation in Young MenFree: A technical dissertation on autoerotic asphyxiation.
Autoerotic Asphyxiation in Young MenFree: A technical dissertation on autoerotic asphyxiation.
Autoerotic Asphyxiation in Young MenFree: A technical dissertation on autoerotic asphyxiation.
AvrattningslekarYah: Swedish group all about execution games.
Back to the GrindTumblr: Big blog about rough, forced sex, regular sex and some strangling.
Badhand on DeviantartDeviantArt: The highly skilled Badhand on Amazons, giantesses, vampires, secret agents. Powerful, fantasy girls killing and dying in spectacular combat.
Ballerina Strangled VID: ShockFlix - A beautiful ballerina is strangled to death. Good body handling afterwards.
Battle of the Brave VID: YouTube - Complete execution sequence from Battle of the Brave (cage hanging, very unique)
Battle of the SexesYahoo: Males futiley fighting against the more deadly gender! This site will have fist fghting, boxing, wrestling and fetishes such as drowning, ballbusting and choking to name a few. Enjoy!
Bear ClawPixiv: Really good 2D artwork that ranges from bloody battle to knockouts.
Beautiful Noose group on DeviantartDeviantart: A place to view or post pics of girls getting hanged.
Beauty kill rivale.avi VID: YouTube - Mimi Rogers strangles rivale.
Beauty Strangle VID: ShockFlix - A beautiful woman is strangled during sex with a man.
Beauty Strangle 4VID: ShockFlix - A beautiful woman in an ornate, Japanese Kimono is strangled.
Best Silk Stalkings Female DeathPay: and CD sales of death scenes from the TV show 'Silk Stalkings'.
Best Silk Stalkings Female DeathPay: and CD sales of death scenes from the TV show 'Silk Stalkings'.
Best Silk Stalkings Female DeathPay: and CD sales of death scenes from the TV show 'Silk Stalkings'.
Better Off DeadVID: YouTube - Excellent scene with Mare Winningham from a 1993 made-for-TV movie.
Big O's Photos & Vidcaps 1Free: Vidcaps, posters, photos of spygirls getting shot, stabbed, asphyxiated.
Big O's Video ArchiveFree: Huge selection of video clips of girls getting stabbed, shot or strangled - usually in a spy / private eye style genre.
Billster's Execution VideosMediafire: Vidclips from movies with execution scenes. Folders include Firing Squad, Gas Chamber, Guillotine, Hanging and Other.
Bing Bing StrangleVID: ShockFlix - A pretty girl tries to kill a sorceress with a knife but is grabbed and lifted by her throat.
Black Out Japanese Ryona BlogJP: Some really nice pics if you click on the links under the dates with large numbers in the parentheses.
Blackhawk on Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Excellent 3D art of girls getting eaten by snakes, sharks, cats, cannibals and even just drowned.
Blackheart on
SexyAmazons: Good 2D art of girls tortured and ravished.
Blacksword's Gallery on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Very good 2D, color art of characters with exaggerated genitals. Some extreme topics including ravishing and murder.
Blade Against KunoichiJP: A blog about executing female ninjas.
Blades 123 at DeviantArtDeviantArt: Really high quality 3D art of girls dead or knocked out.

Blonde Wrestler Choked OutVID: ShockFlix - A beautiful, blonde wrestler is choked out during a wrestling match.
BLOOD ZOO - BLOODY MURDER IN BEVERLY HILLS.movVID: YouTube - A horror movie scene where a beautiful girl in purple lingerie is first strangled then throat slashed and then stabbed by a demented dwarf.
Bloody Black Cat-StockDeviantart: Photos of a hot goth chick, lots of blood, bagging suffocation, angel wings, blasphemy, latex and encasement in plastic.
Bloody D/F Art on MediafireMediafire: An excellent collection of death fetish art posted in order of artist on Mediafire.
Bloody Silent: ResearchVID: YouTube - From Lionhead. A video, using "The Movies", about a female police officer looking for a serial killer.
Blue Murder TV on GenreVideos.comPPV: GenreVideos - High quality, mystery action style videos of girls getting stabbed, strangled, shot or killed in some other way.
Bluestone's Silk VideosPay/PPV: Death scenes similar to those found in the 90s TV show, "Silk Stalkings". Beautiful women and good production values.
Bluestone's Silk Videos on Genre VideosPPV: GenreVideos - The Bluestone Silk Videos store features a collection of sexy crime and adventure videos all of which feature beautiful women in deadly situations!
Bobby Smith on FacebookFacebook: Page - Afficianado of girls strangling men and other women.
Bolder Productions LtdPay: Membersite featuring BDSM, Torture and Asphyx!
Bolder Productions LtdPay: Membersite featuring BDSM, Torture and Asphyx!
Bolder Productions LtdPay: Membersite featuring BDSM, Torture and Asphyx!
Bondage and breathplay asphyxiation, bondage and abduction pics on TumblrTumblr: Pics of girls in bondage, abduction scenes, forced blowjobs and asphyxiation.
Bondage divasPPV: Videos available for download of forced abduction, bondage, mummification, smothering, drowning, carrying, chloroforming, superheroines, gun play, knife play, choking, torture.
Bondage divasPPV: Videos available for download of forced abduction, bondage, mummification, smothering, drowning, carrying, chloroforming, superheroines, gun play, knife play, choking, torture.
Bondage divasPPV: Videos available for download of forced abduction, bondage, mummification, smothering, drowning, carrying, chloroforming, superheroines, gun play, knife play, choking, torture.
Bonnart - videos of villainesses in movies often ending in their demisesYouTube Channel: Videos of beautiful villainesses doing what villainesses do, often ending in her death.
Bor at DesadovFree: A ton of Bor's execution artwork on this Russian site.
Bor at DesadovFree: A ton of Bor's execution artwork on this Russian site.
Bor at DesadovFree: A ton of Bor's execution artwork on this Russian site.
Bor hanging and execution art on G.E-Hentai.orgG.E-Hentai: Well drawin pics of girls mostly getting hanged.
Bor's art on G.E-Hentai.orgG.e-hentai: Beautiful 2D art of girls hanged.
Bound Blond 2Yah: Superhot fetish chick Chrissy Paige gets tied up in various positions. Also, some noose and beheading execution fantasies.
Bound, Gagged and FondledPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of beautiful, sometimes very busty girls bound, gagged, HOM'd, duct taped, deprived of air and then fondled.
Bow Down I Am a Princess - Pics of girls executed, beheaded, impaled, screwed etcTumblr: Semi random selection of pics including hanging, impaling, execution, sex.
Bowtie Strangler VID: YouTube - Two girls are strangled over a stuffed pig.
BPG Thomas on
SexyAmazons: Good 2D art of girls shot, drowned, hanged etc. The beautiful Stephy is a common topic.
Bray Strangle strangling fan on FacebookFacebook: A Facebook for a strangling fan with plenty of nice content. Lots of photos of buff girls too.
Breath Control PlayFree: Technical guide to actual breath control during sex.
Breath Control PlayFree: Technical guide to actual breath control during sex.
Breath Control PlayFree: Technical guide to actual breath control during sex.
Breath Holding ContestYouTube: Beautiful girls holding their breath underwater.
Breath Holding ContestYouTube: Beautiful girls holding their breath underwater.
Breath Holding ContestYouTube: Beautiful girls holding their breath underwater.
Breath Play Group on MotherlessMotherless: Videos, pics and a forum about Breath Play.
Breathhold BabesPPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of female breathplay including bagging, HOM and underwater.
Breathings Overrated Breath play and underwater sex on TumblrTumblr: Underwater, water-oriented and breath play pics. Girls getting drowned or just holding their breaths underwater.
Breathless Ana on TumblrTumblr: Asphyxia and food denial tumblr.
Breathless and Blue Ipod ClipsPPV: PrePaidClips - ipod ready video clips of girls getting strangled, garroted, poisoned and bagged. Includes the beautiful Roxxi.
Breathless AngelPPV: Kinky Clips - Breath play videos including bagging, smothering, vacbed, firefighter mask etc.
Breathless BabesPPV: PrePaidClips - A couple clips of hot chicks getting strangled.
Breathless BabesPPV: PrePaidClips - A couple clips of hot chicks getting strangled.
Breathless BabesPPV: PrePaidClips - A couple clips of hot chicks getting strangled.
Breathless ClipsPPV: BPClips - This couple loves breathplay and they play hard! Some of the hardest most intense breathplay on the net. Brought to you by asylum enjoy watching Gasper clad in sexy outfits with 100% authentic breathplay.
Breathplay and Snuff Faves on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Anime pics of girls dead, hanged, bagged, choked etc.
Brian Dawson - Girls executed, hanged, burned at the stakeYouTube: A small YouTube channel about girls getting executed, hanged and burned at the stake.
Broken Hanging SceneVID: YouTube - Hanging, gut cutting scene from Broken.
Broken Meat on TumblrTumblr: Women beaten, ravished, bound, pierced, tortured, hanged and choked.
Brwnbat on DarkPeeps
DarkPeeps: Bewnbat's profile on DarkPeeps. Includes at least 10 original 3D pics.
C Mike Hunt execution, beheading, execution, hanging, firing squad art on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of girls executed by firing squad, hanging, beheading etc.

C-S-S-AFree: Celebrity sex stories archive including forced sex, hypnosis, bondage, pregnancy, fisting, snuff, necrophilia, spanking, drugged and femdom.
Camela - Cuando zarpa el amorVID: YouTube - A music video where the singer, Camela, is at the gallows and hanged but rescued at the last second.
Cannibal Tales on Necropolis of ShadowsFree: A collection of Dolcett art on the enigmatic site: 'necropolis-of-shadows'. (In other words - I don't get the site.) Go up one directory to 'morgue-complex' and you'll see a directory to more interesting stuff.
Captain Rameses on MediafireMediafire: Vidclips of female death scenes from mainstream TV shows and movies.
Carey Queen - Underwater Terrror - Queen of EscapologyG.E-Hentai: Excellent 3D art of a girl escaping drowning and getting eaten by a sea monster. Alt Ending at pg 44 sees her drown and pg 50 she's eaten by sea dragon.
Carey Queen of Escapology comic with strangling, KOs and forced sex on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Excellent 3D comic including lesbian sex, bondage, strangling and knock outs.
Carmen Red Ribbon: Asian Neck Fetish GirlFree: A free preview neck fetish clip from Marina Pia's site.
Caroline Executed Twice and a Succession
Update: AnnesDreams - A NEW TOOL: Caroline-thong electrocuted. SUCCESSION: Crista-nude nipple-shot. Chrissy-bikini navel-shot. INDECISION: Caroline-thong hanged. Check DETAILS and VIDEO SAMPLES.
Caroline Executed Twice and a Succession

Castle of Darkness RyonaJP: Girls beaten up and sometimes killed.
Casualty - Ruths hangingVID: YouTube - Abs and Toby find Ruth hanging and the team try and save her.
Catfight In Dance Class - Hd DownloadVid: file factory - (music video) a cursed cd casts a spell on a class of sexy ballet dancers, causing an all-out brawl ensues including a knifing, and a few stranglings. ends with the entire class left unconscious, convulsing or writhing in agony.
Catharsis Erotica on Genre Videos
PPV: GenreVideos - Clips of girls asphyxiated, stabbed, shot, carried, ko'd , chloro'd or necro'd.
Ce22n1 on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Beautiful, scantily-clad dead girls often with a noir setting.
Celeb Fetish: GoogleGoogle: Photos, art and photomanips of celebs tied-up, strangled, hanged, tortured and sometimes slashed or decapitated.
Celluloid StrangleressesYah: F/m - F/f Asphyx. Your source for the exploration of erotic asphyxia fetish as depicted in movies,TV series,books,magazines,comic books,animation,fetish scenarios,wrestling matches,and every available form of visual,printed,and electronic media.
CFoam's MediafireFREE: CFoam's videos - which includes a strangling and a couple corpse scenes from Tatort.
Chabru Photography - stock photos on DeviantartDeviantart: Stock photos of a girl being strangled and her corpse.
Charnel PitFree: 3D graphics showing girls just before being executred, murdered, butchered for food, tortured. A story accompanies most pics.
Cheatin' with Jesus VID: YouTube - A boyfriend thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him with a man named "Jesus" and strangles her, but all she's done is gone to church.
Cherry Poppins in The Pool Stalker on Clips4SaleVID: YouTube - Some nice drowning and limp play clips from Chase Water Babes.
Chi12004 execution video channelYouTube: A small number of execution video clips.
Chick Choked Unconscious by RandyVID: Sleepflix - Hot brunette strangled into unconscious by Randy.
Chinese Dead Girls GalleryFree: Over 800 pics of girls-getting-killed art. Waraji's art among others.
Choke Chamber Pay: is dedicated to bringing you the best torture-fetish, and murder/death entertainment available in the market. Every video is thoughtfully produced through the eyes of a team of fellow hobbyists.
Choke her till she passes out group on MotherlessMotherless: Pics and videos of girls choked until they pass out.
Choke HoldsYah: F/F and some M/M wrestling ending with a choke out.
ChokechamberPay: is dedicated to bringing you the best torture-fetish, and murder/death entertainment available in the market. Every video is thoughtfully produced through the eyes of a team of fellow hobbyists.
Chokedchicks.comFree: Erotic asphyxia, strangling, choking, gagging, suffocating, drowning, and hanging blog.
Choking and Asphyxiation on tumblrTumblr: Asphyxiation, strangling pics.
Choking Neck - Asian Girls Strangled on TwitterTwitter: Pics of Asian girls getting strangled on Twitter.
Choking tag on Imgur. Hundreds of choking pics and gifsImgur: The tag for choking on Imgur. Just hundreds of pics and gifs involving choking, strangling, asphyxiation.
Choking-Neck - An Asian website about strangling girlsAn Asian website about strangling girls
Chris Corner Films on YahooYah: Yahoo group for the erotic horror production company "Chris Corner Films". Strangling, necro, shooting, neck break, throat slice etc. No activity at the time of this listing.
Christiane Altmann möchte Leiche bei Krimi 2.0 seinVID: YouTube - A girl does a strangling scene in a hostage movie.
CinemasphyxiaFree: A man devoted to his own death in many gruesome and horribly erotic ways to include asphyx, suicide, snuff and more. Many pics, stories and videos included.
CinemasphyxiaFree: A man devoted to his own death in many gruesome and horribly erotic ways to include asphyx, suicide, snuff and more. Many pics, stories and videos included.
CinemorgueFree: Kind of an IMDB of death scenes where actresses are catalogued with descriptions of all their death scenes.
CinemorgueFree: Kind of an IMDB of death scenes where actresses are catalogued with descriptions of all their death scenes.
Claire is Pretty, Pretty 3VID: YouTube - Pretty blonde is strangled to death.
Clare is Pretty Pretty 3 VID: YouTube - A pretty blonde is strangled by her backseat passenger.
Cleaner 82Imageshack: Beautiful 2D and some 3D art of spygirls and ninja girls in action! Shootings, stabbings, stranglings, catfights, dead girls.
Clip Fantasy on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of beautiful women strangling annoying men.
CNB Videos on ShockFlix
ShockFlix: Cuddly Necrobabes' videos on Shockflix. Just type in
Cobrabladestrike on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D art of girls hanged, garroted and showing their feet!
Cocoa SoftJP: Japanese site about women wrapped in plastic, covered in paint, buried under mud etc.
Cocoa Soft Breath ControlJP: A place to buy asphyxiation, breath control videos.
Code Jin YouTube Channel includes girls shot, stabbed, strangled, neck snapped etcYouTube Channel: A small, nice selection of videos including girls dying a wide vareity of ways.
College Girl Strangled and Murdered GRAPHIC FOOTAGEVID: YouTube - A 7 min movie with a 4-7 sec long strangling at about 2 Min.
Condoms Over Women's HeadsYah: Women pulling condoms over their heads. (Can't breathe!)
CONS THE MOVIE - 1st EPISODEVID: YouTube - A contract killer strangles his victim.

Conspirators HangedFree: First woman hanged by the US Government.
Contessa Bodhi's Ubi Temple of High RamYah: A group with a variety of fetishes including asphyx, bdsm, femdom and sleepy!
ContucuelloentremismanosYah: Strangling Con tu cuello entre mis manos. Strangling your neck With my hands
Costumed and ClobberedYah: Superheroines killed in a wide variety of ways including disintegration, blasting, shooting etc. Mostly corpses.
Crazy Strangler Girl on ShockFlixA crazy, ugly chick strangles a pretty girl in a business outfit.
Crazy XXX 3D World
Pay: Over 100,000 cool 3D pics, movies and stories. Nothing is impossible in the 3D world - attacked by a vampiress, straight sex, horrifying BDSM, satanic snuff rituals, alien sex, necrophilia, transformation.
Crazy XXX 3D World

Crista Action 1VID: YouTube - From a Telenovela, Cristi kills a variety of people - many girls.
CSI-59: Cords around my neckVID: YouTube - A beautiful girl in black stockings dies with a cord around her throat and her body is showcased.
CSI-60: Smoking kills youVID: YouTube - Hot girl in a short skirt chokes to death on a cigarette and dies. Her corpse is showcased.
CybroticaFree: Erotic art, erotic literature, artists Supplies, free downloads and erotic art galleries. Topics include bondage, monsters, cannibals, femdom, amazons and virtually everything else on this list.
Daddy Husher bondage, domination, asphyxiation gifs and pics on TumblrTumblr: Gifs and pics of women bound, dominated, tortured and asphyxiated.
DaJudge626 execution, firing squad, hanging videos on YouTubeYouTube Channel: A small YouTube channel about girls getting executed.
Dalila's Chateau NoirPPV: A place to purchase the awesome femme fatale's noir-style death videos. Expect stranglings, shootings, stabbings and lots of guttings!
Damsels Demise HD - Video clips of girls strangled or hangedYouTube: Video clips of girls strangled or hanged.
Dancer in the DarkVID: YouTube - This is a clip from the film "Dancer in the Dark" the execution of the woman through hanging, where the song is sung by unique artist Bjork.
Dancer in the Dark - Death SentenceVID: YouTube - Bjork is hanged for some kind of crime.
Dark Desires hangings, shootings, stabbings and asphyxiationYouTube Channel: Beautiful women, shot, hanged, killed in various ways.
Dark Fantasies: PrePaidClipsPPV: PrePaidClips - Shelby's videos of beautiful girls in combat, getting strangled, stabbed, shot, sacrificed and their bodies handled.
Dark JusticeGoogle: Group where you'll find execution photomanips in the messages.
Dark Play
Pay: The site for real hardcore, goth, lesbian, BDSM erotica! Includes spanking, bondage and even some breathplay!
Dark SecretsErotic Illusions Paysite: Hojojitsu's poser girl fantasies including bondage, quicksand, tentacle monsters, asphyxiation, drowning, hanging, superheroines, hypnosis and various other peril.
Darksites Messageboard
Forum: Upgraded and unlocked the darksites messageboard mirrors its posts to
DarkTales on DeviantartDeviantart: From princeps76. A nice noose/hanging photostory.
Darou Neko - Captured female spy tortured and executed by a womanG.E-Hentai: A beautiful, female spy in a skin tight, brief catsuit is tortured and then executed by a blonde woman. Includes injections and a back break.
DarthWooDeviantart: Really good 2D art of bondage, slavery, vore and hangings.
Darthwoo: Hentai-FoundryHentai Foundry: High quality 2D color art of vore, executions, hanging, bondage and slavery.
David Prince's Peril CityMediafire: David Prince's videos and photos about Satanik and Detective Magazines. Includes drowning, stabbing, strangling, electrocuting, bagging, hanging, smothering, body finding.
DaylightVID: YouTube - An amateur stalker/killer horror movie.
Dead Bistra's PhotosFlickr: Some pics of a beautiful model who enjoys playing dead.
Dead Guy's CinemaPay: Horror, thriller, action and suspense films invoving men getting croaked.
Dead Sexy Art Of MontyhackPPV: Deadly perils for sexy airheaded women..! Diabolical experiments, torture, hangings, decapitations, murder, corpse reanimation, cloning, necrophilia, and more!
Dead Sexy ClipsWeb: A place to buy clips from places like AnnesDreams, Agasversus, SGA, Sophie, Bagged Babes and more using Bitcoins and Kinky Cash.
Dead Skirts MessageboardFree: DF - Geno's extremely popular Death Fetish messageboard seeing the likes of Nyghtfall, JohnM, Hank, Max, CNB and others.
Deadclips on Twitter: Pics and GIFs from the PPV death fetish vid sitetwitter: GIFs and pics from, death fetish PPV video site.
Deadclips. Videos of girls getting strangled, decapitated, shot and more
Pay per view site where you can buy clips of girls getting decapitated, shot, hanged, strangled, necroed etc.
Dear MurdererVID: Youku - Hot girl strangled in elevator and then disposed of.
Death and Dying on
Update: AnnesDreams - HE'S AT THE PALACE: Tina 7 Edina belly shot. NO TIME FOR QUESTIONS: Tina strangled. KNIFE AND GUN: Chrissy-bikini navelstabbed. Crista-topless breast-shot. See DETAILS and VIDEO SAMPLES.
Death and Dying on

Death Becomes HerFree: A terrific, illustrated magazine article all about death fetish and necrophilia.
Death by Hanging - a B Movie (made from scratch in 48 hours)VID: YouTube - A short feature where a ghost makes women hang themselves.
Death by Water art of girls drowning on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Really good 2D anime art of girls underwater drowning.
Death Games 3G-E-Hentai: An art series where a man drowns and has sex with naked female combatants.
Death in BathVID: YouTube - A woman is strangled by pantyhose.
Death of ChristinaVID: YouTube - A pretty girl throws herself off a five foot wall and pretends to die.
Death Play on FetlifeFetlife - a death fetish group on
Death Scene 17VID: YouTube - A hooker-looking girl dies in a guy's apartment.
Death Scene 20VID: YouTube - Pretty circus performer falls to her death.
Death Scene 22VID: YouTube - Gorgeous girl strangled or something with super-bad CGI effect.
Death Scene 28VID: YouTube - A beautiful woman is strangled by an older woman.
Death scene 35 VID: YouTube - Girl is strangled by an intruder.
Death scene 37 VID: YouTube - Blonde attacker choked out.

Deathlust of Sir Bruce on GenreVideos.comPPV: Strangling, shooting and stabbing videos by Sir Bruce who has a special love for navel stabbings.
Deaths of Lara CroftVID: YouTube - Lara Croft drowns, is mauled by beasts and falls to her death.
Deep QuicksandYah: Women sinking into and being swallowed up by quicksand.
Deep Red Hot Water Drowning Sequence UncutVID: YouTube - Here is the gruesome sequence in Deep Red where a woman is drowned in a bath tub of scorching water.
Deliciae Delectae female enslavement, bondage, torture and executionon TumblrTumblr: Mostly female enslavement and bondage but also a few
DeMan's (Comic) Book of the DeadFree: DeMan's favorite death scenes from various comics.
Devil's WhoreVID: YouTube - Hanging scene from The Devil's Whore.
Devon James Fetish FreaksClips4Sale: What appear to be strangling and necrophilia fetish clips.
DGF2845 channel of Execution videos YouTube: Channel - A small channel of execution videos.
Dick Hertz on MediafireMediafire: Photomanips of both men and women being killed in various ways. Amazons, spies, mercenaries and private eyes in combat. - Celebrating The Coming Age Of The Disposable MaleFree: Femme fatale fetish and female executioners. lovely, lethal ladies committed to ridding the planet of as many males as possible.
DisasteroticaFree: Girls dying in huge, disasterous calamities. Girls commonly killed by creatures, bats, giant monsters, sea monsters, Godzilla etc.
Dissa Allen channel. Video clips of girls strangled, stabbed, shot, hanged etcVID: Many, many videos of girls shot, stabbed, strangled, hanged, neck broken etc.
Doc Braun on DeviantartDeviantart: Good hanging, asphyxiation art.
Doc Brown - 3D art of fighting girls killed
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of girls destroyed in combat
Doid 12 on DeviantArtDeviantArt: 2D art of beautiful warrior-type or fantasy girls. Also beheading and hanging.
Dolcett Fan on TumblrTumblr: Extreme photos like hanging, bondage, torture, forced sex and cannibalism. Very Dolcett.
Dolcett State Prison, girls getting the death penalty on TumblrTumblr: Pics and art of girls getting hanved or otherwise executed.
DolcettishFree: IlPollaio's erotic horror community including the works of several well known artist like nDolfine, Le Chat, Sax, Blade Grinder and Drawing Blood! Expect execution, torture, debreasting, hanging, strangling, beheading and virtually anything!
DolphinJP: Women in underwater cages, drowning or being suffocated in a variety of ways.
Donkeyboy71s Hanging Galleries on ImagefapImagefap: Art and photos of hanged girls.
Dr Death60's GalleriesImagefap: Photos of girls drowned, bagged, strangled, hanged.
Drawing Dolfine on G-E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Excellent 2D artwork of girls getting hanged and decapitated.
Drawing Planet
Pay: The internet's most unique, bizarre and extreme comics. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of drawings!! Sex, romance, bondage, alien encounters, extreme bdsm, vampirism, blood and domination in spades!
Drawing Planet

Drowned by WomenYah: A group about women drowning men.
Drowning Asphxia Nude Underwater GirlsDrowning asphxia full nude uw feet masturbation girl
Drowning Asphxia Nude Underwater GirlsDrowning asphxia full nude uw feet masturbation girl
Drowning ExecutionVID: DailyMotion - sian movie. Girl is put on a cross upside-down in the ocean and waits for the tide to come in.
Drowning SimVID: Sims drowning.
Drowning VideoVID: DailyMotion - A beautiful blonde has a noose thrown around her neck and is pushed into the water.
Drowning WomanVID: YouTube - Uw Explorers in company with Jo Harrison, did a video of a Drowning Woman, so Jo could get the right angle so she can create a tattoo for Matt her boyfriend on his leg. Bikini-clad hottie pretends to be drowned.
Druuna - Death ScenesVID: YouTube - A compilation of death scenes from the game Druuna - Morbus Gravis. Druuna is a very busty, scantily-clad heroine who gets shot, monster sex'd, eaten, drowned and killed in other ways.
Dying for AirYah: This group is a meeting point for the mutual appreciation of how asphyxiation - by suspension in a noose, strangulation or bagging - brings out the exquisite beauty of the female form.
Dypets ensomhet (1995) VID: YouTube - Girl forcibly drowned.
EAU - Female AassassinVID: YouTube - Really hot female assassin in black, bikini lingerie gets strangled after a failed assassination attempt.
Edie kills herself by mistake LOLVID: YouTube - Edie from "Desperate Housewives" accidentally hangs herself in a season finale.
Ego Mane's galleries on ImageFap.comFree: Girls getting hanged, beheaded and arrowed.
Elona StrangledFree: Elona from Marina Pia starts her own site about strangulation.
Erotic HangingImageFap: A public group for hanging fetishists. You must be signed in at Imagefap.
Erotic NightmaresPPV: Nicheclips - Videos of female corpses screwed, strangled, hanging, cut throat, gunshots, forced sex, bondage and some very bloody scenes.
Erotic SuperheroinesPPV: By Risque Renee, Alex and company - Beautiful superheroines involved in f/f, catfight, humiliation, kryptonite, medical fetish, mind control, necro, smoking, sprain, tickling, unmasking, wet and messy.
Esercitosconfitto on Deviantart Deviantart: Esercito's 2D art of girls being grabbed and having their clothes stolen. Often sentries who are knocked out or killed and then their clothes used by spies.
Estinba - video clips of girls shot, stabbed, strangled etc on YoutubeYouTube Channel: A fairly good selection of girls getting killed in a variety of ways.
Estranguladora Actrices - Cams from movies and tv shows of girls strangledYouTube: Video clip cams of girls strangled in movies and TV shows.
Even in Death-SmallvilleVID: YouTube - A music video using Smallville footage including Lois getting invisible strangled at 3:00.
Evil Babes Wikia - A guide to lives and deaths of villainesses in fictionWeb: A wikia detailing the lives and deaths of beautiful, evil women in comics, movies, anime, games etc.
Evil Femme FatalesVideo clips of deadly women killing women and men. catagorized and thmbnailed, over 500 clips with weekly updates.
Evil GIF - evil gifs of girls tortured, ravished or asphyxiated on TumblrTumblr: Real evil gifs of torture, poop, pee, asphyxiation, girls covered in blood, blow jobs, vomit,
Evil Space Goat on TumblrTumblr: Mostly BDSM but some hanging pics.
Evil Women MoviesPPV: Online movies of beautiful, vicious, supernatural girls on murderous rampages. Vampiresses and a possesed chick take the lives of those around them.

Execución de Mariana Pineda 1831VID: YouTube - A girl is strangled from behind by a renaissance execution device.
Executed! Comic by Dante on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: High quality 2D western art of large breasted girls tortured and executed very graphically.
ExecutiesMotherless: Video groups for female executions but the videos seem to be anything having to do with female death.
Executies on MotherlessMotherless: A group with videos and pics about executions.
Execution of Angels - Girls drowned or butchered and eatenG.E-Hentai: A comic series of three naked girls slowly drowned in a pool of water and then a purple girl taken apart and eaten.
Extreme Women GroupYah: Includes catfightes, boxers, muscle girls, strangling, lifting and carrying.
Extremely Hot Swimming Pool Girl Fight - Martial Arts VID: YouTube - The gorgeous Victoria Vives is attacked by a bikini-clad hitwoman at a pool resulting in a drowning.
Eyewitness ProductionsPay: One of the largest asphyx sites and the only special effects hangings on the web! Beautiful models in peril, huge photosets with weekly updates and large selection of PPV video.
Faerie-BloodDeviantart: Gory make-up effects including stab wounds, gunshot wounds and a drowning.
Fantasie Execution ChatFree: German chat site dealing with erotic executions.
Fantasy MpegsPay: Slaymate's Mpeg member site including shooting, stabbing, strangling, hanging, body handling etc.
Fantasy MpegsPay: Erotic horror mpeg membership site. From Slaymates! Videos include stabbing, shooting, strangling, poisoning and deadly dreams!
Fatal Fetish SketchingGoogle: Dedicated to providing a spot where artists and non-artists alike can sketch (10 min or less) renditions of a variety of fetishes and fantasies on the "death" theme. Vore, Cannibalim, Crushing, Quicksand, Electrocution, etc...
Fatal Finished Female Fighters on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: 285 pics (many repetitive) of female characters from King of Fighters getting beten or stabbed to death!
Fatal Holds Kacee vs VanessaG.E-Hentai: 2 hot girls wrestle in the ring to the death!
Fatal Pulse Sample on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Good 2D Hentai including a page where a girl is ravished and strangled.
Fatal Pulse Victim Girls Flesh and Refresh on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Good 2D anime art of a pair of girls getting ravished and strangled. May not be fatal.
Fear Effect 08 Death ScenesVID: YouTube - Deaths from the video game 'Fear Effect' including electrocution, shooting, drowning.
Female asphyxiation, Hanging, Choking, Noose group on MotherlessMotherless: Pics and videos of girls hanged, strangled, asphyxiated.
Female death videos on TU.TVTu.Tv: 1000s of female death videos.
Female Enemies!JP: Really awesome Japanese blog about villainous female enemies who usually end up dead.
Female execution images on ImagefapImageFap: Hundreds of images related to female execution.
Female Execution Scene in Movies and TVFree: Vidcaps of women who have been executed on screen.
Female Execution ScenesFree: Beheadings, Hangings, Firing Squad and others.
Female ExecutionsImageFap: Warning - MASSIVE POPUPS! Pics of girls getting executed in a variety of ways. Posted by Deadly Adrina.
Female fight fantasies forum including stories that often ending in deathForum: Stories involving fantasy fights that usually end in death. Also, excellent art that sometimes, but rarely ends in death.
Female hangings realistically protrayedLifeofDebauchery: A gallery of random hanging pics.
Female Sleeperholds and Rear Naked Chokes fanatics on FacebookFacebook: A group about sleeperholds, choking, breathplay mostly in wrestling.
Female Spy is Dead - 2D comic of an anime girl spy tit shot, navel stabbed and chokedG.E-Hentai: A 2D anime girls is shot in the tit, stabbed in the navel and then strangled.
Female Villain 1 vs 2VID: ShockFlix - Pretty brunette's neck is snapped in a villainess fight.
Female Villains Killer 4VID: ShockFlix - Vllainess is killed in a fight with a blow to the belly!
Female Zaco. Enemy Women Japanese Wiki - Huge resource on badgirls and how they die, with picsWiki: Awesome Wiki with hundreds of badgirls catalogued along with descriptions of their evil deeds and eventual justice - mostly death.
Femme FatalatiesPay: A "movie review" site where members can view video clips from movies (horror, mainstream, original) of women killed in a variety of ways.
Femme Fatalities ForumFree: A death fetish forum featuring Bluestone and G-Man.
FemmegorePay: Female Death Scenes from Movies & T.V. Over 190 titles to date with video clips and stills!
Femmes DiaboliqueFree: A messageboard featuring clips about vicious femmes fatales killing men and other women in a variety of ways.
Ferryman Movies!Cat: Movies about nice and erotic strangulations.
Fetish Cafe ArakawaJP: Blog mostly concerned with lifting, flying, elevating with a lot of emphasis on hanging.
Fetish NoirFlickr: Fetish Images: Gasmasks, bloodplay, gore, erotic asphyxiation, images of violent and bizarre fixations.
Fetish Pleasure Blog
Blog: The blog for including some great preview pics.
Fetish-World Japan (Choking)JP: DVDs for sale including choking, strangling, hanging, bondage, giantess, femdom, crush and more.
Fetnoir Forum
Forum: Messageboard by Kelly addressing the adult death fetish community.
FFF 3D art of beautiful girls, often sentries, killedPIXIV: Excellent 3D art of girls, often sentries, killed.
Finality 3D on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 3D art including medieval torture, medieval executions, hangings etc.
Finality's Erotic Fantasy ArtBlog: 3D hanging, execution and bondage fetish art.
First Wave posted by FrodoMediafire: By Frodo. First Wave, a sci-fi TV show with many female deaths.Frodo:
Flipside FilmsCat: Released a movie called "Hangman" about a serial killer that hangs his victims.
Floating Black Maid in White TightsPicasweb: A photoshoot of what appears to be an asian girl in a french maid's outfit looking like she's been hanged.
Flying PigImage Fap: Terrific image galleries by Flying Pig of hangings and stranglings.
Flying Pig on
SexyAmazons: Mostly B&W 2D art of girls ravished and/or strangled or hanged.

Foliemeurtriere on
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of girls shot, hanged, stabbed, arrowed or in amazon combat.
Forced Interracial Sex Galleries on ImagefapImagefap: Captioned photos of beautiful white women forced into interracial sex!
Francesca's Fantasies
Webcam: Muscular Latina model with massive 32H breasts and big brown nipples, long black hair and big round ass with a gun fetish. Highly erotic episodes leading to intense masturbation and torture followed by her suicide using one of her many handguns!
Friction by Bill. Violent and well written extreme fiction by BillBlog: A blog with illustrated stories about Dolcett level evil. Extreme torture, death, dismemberment, cannibalism and sex.
Fright Flix ProductionsFree: The official website of the NC-17 rated 35mm slasher film "Murder-Set-Pieces".
Fritzibus Manips - AsphyxiationMediafire: Well crafted manips involving asphyxiation.
Fritzubus Manips - HangingsMediafire: Well crafted manips involving hanging
Frodo's Files VenenoverdeMediafire: Various video clips of girls shot, stabbed, strangled etc.
Frodo's Movie Clips: El Asesino etcMediafire: A bunch of video clips of female death scenes including stabbings, shootings, a hanging and a crucifixion. Click on DETAILS.
Fucking Brutal Extreme on TumblrTumblr: Rough, forced sex gifs including some strangling.
Gabe the Pool Guy. Underwater and drowning fetish on Tumblr.Tumblr: Underwater/drowning pictures, gifs and drawings.
GalgenGoogle: Historical use of the gallows.
Gallows GirlMySpace: A MySpacer with a penchant for being executed!
Game of Thrones S2 Deleted Scenes - Irri and Doreah VID: YouTube - A girl is strangled by another girl in Game of Thrones.
Game Over GoreDeviantart: Group - A group devoted to artwork no matter what type thats about deaths, violent deaths, ryona, ryona comics or death comics.
Garrote - Sruli RechtVID: YouTube - Highly artistic video of a girl getting garroted from behind.
Garroting from MariaVID: YouTube - Strangling and garroting with a traditional garrote as a hanging punishment.
Garroting of fromm Maria VID: YouTube - Strangling and garroting with a traditional garrotte as a hanging punishment.
GaspervillePay: Gaspers, B&D, Fem/ Doms, Subs, BBWs.
Gay Noose GermanyFlickr: German, gay hanging group.
Gay Snuff And Vore ForumFree: A forum for lovers of gay snuff, vore, cannibalism, pain, torture and death of all kinds.
Geisha Girl Hang on Dark HavenUpdate: DarkHaven - A beautiful geisha hangs herself while nude. She stabs herself in the nipples with her hairpins until they fall from her limp fingers.
Gender Games drowning competition comicG.E.Hentai: A 2D comic where men and women compete over who drowns the most from the other team.
Giallo Death SceneVID: Hot blonde is strangled.
Giovanna Dolcett Girls on TumblrTumblr: Dolcett themed tumblr including execution, cannibalism and decapitation.
Gipsy Girls AdventuresFree: A messageboard about girls knocked-out or killed and their clothing stolen - usually by spies or saboteurs. Copious art by Esercito Sconfitto.
Girdalia's Gallows Gallery 1Free: A blog about hanging fetish with a lot of hanging pics - male/female, real/performed, art/photos. Put a 2-7 after 'gallowsgallery' in the URL to get 6 more galleries.
Girl Hanged 3D by Shaman ArtVID: YouTube - a 3D depiction of a girl getting hanged by ShamanArt.
Girl Kill GirlVID: YouTube - A girl snaps the neck of another girl in a catfight.
Girls Electrocuted on 2034VID: ShockFlix - Two hot girls are knocked down, maybe electrocuted, with stun batons.
Girls who like being choked group Motherless: Pics and videos of girls who enjoy being choked.
Glorious Dead - girls dying channel on YouTubeYouTube: Videos of girls dying in a variety of ways including stabbing, shooting, poison, strangling etc.
Gloves Killer 3VID: YouTube - An asian girl is strangled by a woman wearing gloves.
Gloves Killer 6VID: YouTube - From kurotema. Several clips of beautiful women getting head bashed or strangled.
Gloves Killer 7VID: YouTube - From kurotema. A beautiful woman is strangled then stabbed by a gloved hitwoman
Gloves Killer 8VID: YouTube - kurotema. An old TV drama where a girl's head is smashed and then is presumably strangled.
GoddessXXX dominatrix, professional hangwoman, pro domme, extreme femdomSessions: a Massachusetts Professional Dominatrix and Hangwoman. Shes skilled in many different forms of BDSM, kinks and fetishes. Including, breath play, edge play, heavy rubber, slave training and feminization transformations, but not limited to.
GoodbyeVID: YouTube - A black and white video where a girl attempts suicide in a variety of ways including hanging and shotgun in the mouth.
Goumon Shokei Zukai 2D art of girls executed or torturedG.E-Hentai: 2D anime art of girls executed or tortured.
Gravedancer's VideosMediafire: German language dead and dying woman videos including Der Alte, Der Kommissar, Die Cleveren, Siska and Tatort.
Groovy Age of HorrorBlog: From Neceros. A place to find all those old Fumetti comics. You'll have to dig through a lot of irrelevant material.
Gruesome HorrorCat: DVDs of imported Japanese horror including strangulation, crucifixion, stabbing, mutilation, hanging, forced sex. Tons of DVDs to choose from.
Guantes de GomaYah: Girls getting strangled, bagged, HOMd. Girls wearing shiny clothes, rubber gloves and raincoats.
Guantes de Goma IIYah: Girls with gloves fetish including girls asphyxiating, stabbing, shooting, hand gagging and tying up other men and women.
Guillotine, Hanging and the Mask on AnnesDreams
Update: AnnesDreams - CUTTING EDGE: Cintia guillotined and stirpped. NECK FOR A NECK: Crista hanged. THE MASK: Crista chest shot. See DETAILS and VIDEO SAMPLES.
Guillotine, Hanging and the Mask on AnnesDreams

Gundruna58 on
SexyAmazons: Hot 3D art of girls in lingerie shooting and getting shot or hanged.
Guro hanging art on G.E-Hentai G.E-Hentai: Two pages of 2D anime art of girls being hanged
Guro Hanging on g.e-hentaiG.E-Hentai: A couple pages of girl hanging art.
H20 Aquarium - anime girls kept underwater until they pass outG.E-Hentai: Nice, color 2D art of anime girls enduring breath play water torture where they are kept underwater until they pass out.
Halle Berry hanged and then shot VID: YouTube - In the movie Swordfish, Halle Berry is exposed as a DEA agent and used creatively by the villian, play by John Travolta to get the hacker, played by Hugh Jackman to hack a bank.

Hand Gagged MoviesYah: Dedicated to vidcaps and other pics from hand-over-mouth scenes in mainstream movies.
Hang Compilation 0VID: YouTube - A thirteen minute compilation of hanging videos.
Hang Compilation 001VID: YouTube - Nine minute compilation of hanging videos.
Hang the witch HerefordVID: YouTube - A Halloween stage show where a girl is hanged as a witch.
HangedVID: YouTube - A great hanging scene taken from the movie killer movie,
Hanged girls on Rule34Rule34: Anime and cartoon art of girls hanged or just suspended.
Hanged girls tag, hundreds of pics on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: Hundreds of art pics involving girls being hanged.
Hanged tag on TumblrTumblr: Pics of people hanged on Tumblr.
Hanged-Stranglng - Asian twitter feed with tons of hanging and strangling gifsTwitter: Gifs of Asian girls hanged and strangled.
HangingVID: YouTube - A scantily-clad girl is hanged by ghosts.
Hanging 2VID: YouTube - A different hanging clip.
Hanging at its best. Pics of hanged girls on ImagefapImagefap: A collection of pics of hanged girls.
Hanging ClipVID: YouTube - Great depiction of the last moments of Edith Thompson from the film Another Life. Hanging.
Hanging Clip 001VID: YouTube - From Gonin2. A man comes home to find his wife hanging from the ceiling.
Hanging Clip 002VID: YouTube - A blonde girl commits suicide by hanging.
Hanging clip 002VID: YouTube - A girl is compelled into a hanging.
Hanging Hotties Peril Contest on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: A popular peril contest on with the topic of hanged women.
Hanging SceneVID: YouTube - A Sylvester Stallone movie where he finds a loved one hanging from the ceiling.
Hanging Scene (No Sound)VID: DailyMotion - Girl is almost hanged from a horse in a western setting
Hanging Scene 1VID: YouTube - A pretty blonde is hanged with a note attached to her body.
Hanging Scene 1 minPretty brunette masked and put in the gallows.
Hanging Scene 2VID: YouTube - A girl is thrown out of a building with a rope around her neck.
Hanging Scene 24 secsVID: DailyMotion - Girl is hanged in a western setting.
Hanging Scene on DailyMotionVID: DailyMotion - A girl is hanged in a short video.
Hanging Scene on DailymotionVID: DailyMotion - Hanging Scene on Dailymotion
Hanging Scene on DailymotionVID: DailyMotion - A girl is hanged in a short video.
Hanging Scenes (No Sound)VID: DailyMotion - Western hanging.
Hanging Scenes from FilmsImagefap: Vidcaps of girls hanged in movies.
Hanging sec2VID: YouTube - A man is being prepped for the hangman's noose while a dead woman hangs next to him.
Hanging woman group on MotherlessMotherless: Pics and videos of girls hanged by the neck.
Hanging Woman on MotherlessMotherless: Videos/pictures of hanged women.
Hanging Young Girls by the Neck art and photos on ImagefapImagefap: Tons of galleries, both art and photos of hanged girls.
Hangingcntry's Profile on ImageFapFree: Links to all sorts of hanging pics on ImageFap.
Hangman - The MovieVID: YouTube - Not your average game of hangman. A horror movie about a serial killer that uses the hangman game and method to dispose of his victims.
Hangman on Picturepush.comPicturepush: Over 100 photos of women being hanged.
HarmlessFree: Disturbing baby pics, history pics, and corpses. Includes hangings, burials alive and a picked over skeleton.
HarukiPixiv: Anime girls defeated in combat. Deaths, knock outs, injuries and bruises. Video game girls are common.
Harvesters, TheGoogle: A fantasy role-playing game about an underground society composed mostly of wealthy sexual sadists engaging in human trafficking, particularly sexual slavery, snuff porn and cannibalism. Players may be Harvesters, lackeys, victims etc.
Hell's ElevatorPay: Membersite featuring BDSM, Torture and Asphyx!
Helleborenoires Girl on Dead Girl death fetish 3D art on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: 3D art of a girl either killing another girl, usually a sentry, or happening upon a dead girl and then getting necro with her. Lots of impaling.
Hellraiser Bloodline Garroting SceneVID: YouTube - A girl is garroted from behind in the movie Hellraiser Bloodline.
Help I'm DrowningYah: Pics and videos of women underwater or drowning.
Hentai strangle on ImgurImgur: Nice 2D art of a pretty, anime girl in a tight, tank top getting strangled!
HH DeathscenesMediafire: Video clips of girls shot, stabbed, poisoned and asphyxiated.
Higgs extremely violent, gory, guro art including beheading, gutting and morePixiv: Extremely violent, gory artwork of girls beheaded, necks broken, gutted, necrod etc.
High Treason by ELE on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Dozens of near identical anime-style pics of a very busty nazi girl getting hanged.
Hitomi Hasebe murder, from Deep KissVID: YouTube - Really pretty Japanese girl is strangled to death.
HOM Smother
Pay: Hand over mouth smother. Smothering femdoms depriving their slaves of life-giving oxygen. (Probably no deaths.)
Hoodrats3VID: YouTube - A rumble between girl gangs ending in some deaths.
Horror 744VID: YouTube - Amateur horror movie includes a throat slash, strangling, hacking, tossing out a window and neck snap.

Horror Movie 4: Summer Camp KillerVID: YouTube - An amateur production where a killer murders a random group of girls - usually by smothering.
Horror movie D.i.D. sceneVID: YouTube - Hanging scene from Blood Rayne.
Horror movie D.i.D. sceneVID: YouTube - A BATS, Burned at the Stake, scene from Silent Hill.
Horror Movie Hanging SceneVID: YouTube - A Puritan looking woman is hanged in a sepia video clip
Hortus NecisFree: Tasteful death. A German language site with black and white artistic photography of dead and dying girls.
Hot Tub Girl - "Drown Her"VID: YouTube - Part of a multi-option video game. In this branch you choose to drown the hot chick in the hot tub.
How to Kill the Wrong Kelly Capwell VID: YouTube - From a soap opera. A pretty bride is strangled and her body found.
Hunt for Agent X3VID: YouTbeVID: YouTube - Created by lionhead films using "The Movies". A beautiful blonde agent terminates a squad of scantily-clad, female troops.
I Can't SwimYah: A list for nonswimmers with plenty of drowning pics!
I Want To Live - Lindsay WagnerVID: YouTube - Lindsay Wagner as Barbara Graham dying in the gas chamber.
I Want To Live 50sVID: YouTube - Classic 50s version of I Want to Live. Gas Chamber.
I-media-mostFree: Sex monstromi, strangulation girls, girls death. has some good downloads, but advise caution. There are several embedded attack sites on their download page. Don't get click-happy. Wait for the 'download' box.
Il PollaioFree: Terrific Death Fetish messageboard including 3D, Photomanips and original art of strangling, hanging, stabbings, shootings, decapitation, humiliation, amazon combat, torture and real death photos.
Il Pollaio!Pay: High quality Slasher/Snuff, Cannibal, Execution/Torture art by MA, Dolcett, Fumetti and more!
Illustrated execution stories in Danish and EnglishGirl on girl executions blog. Execution of criminals, agents executing agents, assassins executing their targets, here you will find many illustrated stories covering these scenarios. Most stories are in Danish, but there is also an English section.
Impiccato Hanged - hanged girls on TumblrTumblr: GIFS and pics of beautiful women getting hanged.
In ShadowPay: Professional quality photosets and videos of beautiful women strangled, hanged, bagged, garrotted and drowned.
In Shadow
Pay: Professional quality photosets and videos of beautiful women strangled, hanged, bagged, garrotted and drowned.
Intersect Disconnect blog of death, forced sex, bondage, strangling etcTumblr: Random pics of dead girls, bondage, forced sex, executions, humiliation etc.
Ja'AidenFree: Anime manip artist specializing in bloody female combat.
Jaaiden's Gallery on
Sexyamazons: 2D anime artist whose main claim to fame are incredibly good digital animations.
Jaap van Deijk's Pulp art palaceFree: Truly gorgeous resouce of old pulp paperback covers including villainesses with guns, girls menaced by monsters, damsels being carried, Superheriones, chicks getting garroted, nazi bitches and helpless heroines tied up!
Jals Action Comics
Blog: Jay's action comics of fanciful, beautiful, muscular women fighting each other to dominance or survival!
Japanese student found hanged
A pretty Japanese girl is found hanged in the courtyard.
Jayp's Profile on ImagefapImageFap; Pics of women strangled, screwed after death, hanged or drowned.
Jerrie's VOE on
DeadlyAmazons: Beautiful 3D art of femal vampires, witches and human girls fighting, wrestling and sometimes dying! Large butts, breasts and thighs collide with thin, long-legged beauties in battles to the death!
SexyAmazons: Skilled 2D artist focused on muscular women and fighting to the death.
Jerries Amazon/Catfight blog on Tumblr
Tumblr: Excellent 2D and 3D artwork featuring buff and beautiful girls catfighting to the death!
JMazell on DeviantartDeviantArt: Beautiful blonde girl doing a lot of macabre and magic requests including dead, strangled, hacked up, beheaded etc.
Joanne Is Choked Unconscious by Marc LaimonVID: Sleepflix - A pretty girl is choked by a wrestler until she's momentarily unconscious.
John Marshall ProductionsFree: Production company specializing in horror, gore and sleaze with an emphasis on slasher flicks. John's movies depend heavily on tension, suspense, horror, violence and of utmost importance -- hot, nubile girls!
Jolly Rogers on
SexyAmazons: Gorgeous 3D art of scantily-clad warrior girls getting killed. Lots of sentries being silenced! Stabbings, shootings, neck breaks, garrotings - even some stormtrooper chicks!
Judicial PunishmentYah: A place to post and view pictures and videos of women receiving harsh judicial punishment. Whipping, caning, executions, etc.
Juggernaut on
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of torture and execution.
Justin Atwater strangling, smothering and hanging on VK.comVK: Social network page deatling with strangling, choking, smothering and hanging.
Justine's Erotic IllusionsErotic Illusions Paysite: Original artwork of women enduring torture, bondage and execution.
Juvenile JusticeVID: YouTube - A hanged girl is found.
KadukiJP: Really vicious anime including monster sex, bondage, torture, crucifixion, slasher/snuff, asphyxiation and huge breasts. Link to CG is found on the second page at the very bottom.
Kaede abused and then choked out on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Good 2D anime comic of a pretty blonde attacked, abused and finally choked out.
Kareena Hanged in Toiled Official HDVID: YouTube - Kareena is hanged in the toilet by Shahid Kapoor. Fardeen goes in search of Kareena and finds her hanged in the toilet. Shahid is on a rage to take his revenge from Kareena Kapoor & is leaving no stone unturned to kill her. For more videos
Kathryne on RenderoticaRenderotica: 3D art of huge breasted fantasy girls including girls rotated on spits, hanged, guilotined, female slaves, bondage, pony girls, bondage, monster sex, torture, vampirism, bondage sex, executions etc.
KatsuoJP: Anime girls in lycra/spandex, taking insertions, drowning - lots underwater, molested by sea creatures, hard bondage, forced sex, enormous hooters, some lactation, some poop, some femdom and tentacle attacks.
Keeper, incredible 3D death fetish artist on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D artist with beautiful pics of girls dying in various ways.
Kellli's Killer KornerFree: A blog from the beautiful, redheaded necrochick, Kelli.
Kevin Kinne's Death Games 3 on E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: A warrior coyote must screw and drown all of his female opponents. Will he make it to the evil queen?
Kevin So girl neck snapping videos on YouTubeYouTube: Channel - A YouTube channel about girls getting their necks snapped.
Kiling: Go SadistikFree: Kiling is a sadistic, skeleton-clad, super criminal who was made popular by Italian photonovels from the 60s. Lots of sadism and violence. Thanks Neceros.
Kiling: Killing Mania!Free: Argentinian, Spanish language message board dealing with the Kiling character (An Italian supervillain made popular by photonovels from the 60s.) You'll find some torture/bondage pics and some more violent stuff. Thanks Zythus.
Killer Femmes women fighting and dying videosYouTube: A channel about women fighting each other and often dying.
Kinky ClipsPPV: A PPV site including some popular death fetish producers.

Kiss and DeathVID: YouTube - A girl is strangled, stabbed and then her corpse folded into a suitcase.
Kiyomi's Nightmare RoomJP: Beautiful anime girls doing hardcore, in bondage, in spandex outfits, stabbed, strangled, garroted, hanged, impaled, drowned, dismembered, vivisected and beheaded - pics are even arranged by cause of death! Forced sex and Sailor Moon under Doujin.
Knytblus1985 2D art of portly girls in bow shirts getting hanged on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: 2D art of BBW girls in bow shirts and skirts are hanged.
KP tumblr with sexual strangling and dominationTumblr: JPGs and GIFs of various topics including many about sexual strangling and domination.
KRC Stuodios - 3D girls getting fucked, choked and killed on PixivPixiv: 3D pics of a couple assassin girls getting fucked, strangled, speared, KOd etc
Kubsime88 - Twitter feed including Gifs of Asian girls strangled or hangedTwitter: Gifs of Asian girls strangled or hanged
Kung Fu Femmes - fatal female fighters on YouTubeYouTube: Well produced, excellently choreographed fights of women in hand to hand combat.
KUNG FU FEMMES 25 - Catwoman Batgirl FightVID: YouTube - Catfight between Batgirl and Catwoman ending in a strangling death.
Kung Fu Femmes 5Vid: Staff fight ends in strangulation.
Kusari no Kankei ~Tsubasa wo Mogareta Kago no ToriG.e-hentai: 2D anime art of strangling and mutilation.
L'assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora (1975) Trailer HQ VID: YouTube - A trailer including a stabbing and a strangling.
La Muerte En La IslaVID: YouTube - A cute girl is playfully garrotted.
La Perfection Chrétienne - Long 2D comic of witches torturedG.E-Hentai: 2D comic art of accused witches tortured, often fatally.
Ladies in Erotic DeathPay: Adeline's fine artwork about gorgeous ladies hanged to death!
Lady Gaga - Telephone (Official Explicit Version) ft. BeyoncéVID: YouTube - Music video by Lady Gaga performing Telephone. (C) 2010 Interscope Records. Poison and corpses.
Lady StrangleFree: Galleries about Japanese neck fetish and girls' erotic asphyxiation and strangulation.
Lady Strangled & hanged to pretend to a suicideVID: YouTube - Lady strangled & hanged to pretend to a suicide.
Lager di sterminio hanging scene VID: YouTube - A couple are hanged in the movie Lager di dominio.
Laqueum - The Final Cut (ENSFC Horror Trailer)VID: YouTube - The final cut of Laqueum - the noose-based horror trailer. Laqueum means "noose" in Latin... now you know! Includes a belly stab and a girl getting hanged. Features a great effect on the final death of the lead guy.
LAS TRES CARAS DEL MIEDO- I TRE VOLTI DELLA PAURA-MURDERVID: YouTube - A mature woman is garroted from behind as a beautiful woman looks on.
Last Aki-22's Mediafire AccountMediafire: Some video clips of anime girls getting shot or strangled.
Latex AngelicPaysite: Latex fetish breathplay. Shiny, rubber catsuits. Join Latex Angelic in her passion for latex and plastic in all its erotic uses!
Latex Angelic
Paysite: Latex fetish breathplay. Shiny, rubber catsuits. Join Latex Angelic in her passion for latex and plastic in all its erotic uses!
Latex AngelicPaysite: Latex fetish breathplay. Shiny, rubber catsuits. Join Latex Angelic in her passion for latex and plastic in all its erotic uses!
Laura Chokes Out JessicaVID: From Hoedown 2006 in Lufkin, Texas. Miss Laura takes out her agression on Jessica James with a mean and insane choke hold.
Law Enforcement in the PastFree: Ancient law enforcement including restraints, torture devices, hanging and other methods of capital punishment.
LCFRVSJSS on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Very nice 3D damsels in distress art including plenty of bondage and a couple execution scenes.
Le Chat's placeFree: Snuff art site including cannibalism, hangings, beheadings, crucifixions, piercings, stranglings and more.
Leckmeam on DeviantArtVID: YouTube - Some really terrific photos of dead girls including some hangings.
Leonardo 666's Gallery
Sexyamazons: Good 2D color art of men and women (sometimes as couples) getting burned, beheaded, hanged, impaled, forced, shot, tortured and/or tied-up.
Lesbian AssassinsForum:(No updates for a long time) Vader's messageboard about evil female assassins usually receiving as well as they give.
Lesther 2011 on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Prolific 2D artist focused on agents killing uniformed guards, sentries and nurses. Guns, knives, asphyxiation and neck breaks.
Lesther 2014 sentry girls killed and handled
SexyAmazons: Really good 2D art of sentry girls getting strangled, stabbed, shot and then handled.
Lethal LoveFree: From Alpinek. A 3D poser slideshow of a pretty girl garroted by her date.
Like Asphyxia on The Experience ProjectExperienceProject: Personal Stories, Advice, and Support from over 100 members.
Like Strangle Girl - A twitter about women strangled and hangedTwitter: GIFs and pics of girls strangled and hanged.
LivestreamVID: YouTube - A girl is hanged online in a movie called "Livestream".
Lizbeth's Noose Fetish SiteFree: A site for that includes a bunch of stories.
llegaste a mi MoeniaVID: YouTube - A music video that feels like a Blade Runner scene ending in a woman falling to the ground dead.
Lo SchlertoPay: The largest collection of original '70s fumetti scans ever posted! These brutal Italian comics deal with erotic horror, death, torture, blood, beheadings, stabbings, murder, betrayal and all other forms of random violence!
Lock Two Female SoldiersVID: ShockFlix - Two sexy soldiers in skintight, black catsuits are defeated and strangled.
Long Death Of A Woman VID: YouTube - The ful version of a woman's horrible death at the hands of carbon monoxide, if carbon monoxide has hands but whatever.Just enjoy it if you can without shedding a few tears at that dead corpse.
Longstaff Productions - Erotic horror producer especially for hangings.Producer specializing in erotic hangings.
Love ChelseaFree: Beautiful model who does hypnosis, sleepy snuff/necro video tapes.
Love to Strangle Women on The Experience ProjectExperience Project: People relating their strangling experiences and opinions.
Luce Liu get hanged, cut throat, save and then garrotedVID: YouTube - A lovely vampire (Lucy Liu) run for a life, then get catch and will be hanged, then bad guy cut her nice throat, then a good cop save her, but suddenly wanna strangle her and garroted her with a blue ribbon.
Maggos Dump - art of girls drowning, underwater, strangled on TumblrTumblr: Art of girls who are usually in asphyxiation situations like being held underwater or getting strangled. Not always fatal.
Magic Dragon on PixivPixiv: Anime wrestling girls with many choke outs, monster sex etc.
Main story of ultra-girl Sophie two anime girls fight to the death!G.E-Hentai Two cute anime girls fight to the death. Final death is implied but someone loses an arm before she's killed.
Making of Extreme Drowning Slasher Scene BeastVID: An actress in a bikini and belly wound plays dead while being carried out of the water.

Making of Tia, #1: Poisoned StripperVID: YouTube - A beautiful stripper begins to dance and take off her clothes when she is racked with pain and dies of poisoning.
Malicious Lust - Brutal, forced sex often with chokingTumblr: A blog about girls getting brutally forced often including strangling.
Manga/Anime StranglingsFree: A RAR archive of Manga/Anime stranglings and drownings. From "The Shape".
Manga/Anime stranglings and drowningsFREE: Mediafire - A clip of anime stranglings and drownings from The Shape!
Maniac Sight: Aerobics And Massage - Part 2 (psychological thriller)VID: YouTube - Maniac kills two women. Strangulation with neck snap, drowning in bathroom. Created in Movies Game.
Marina Pia on FacebookFacebook: The Facebook for a popular asphyxiation fetish producer.
Marina Pia on MetacafeMetacafe: Marnia Pia's Metacafe channel including a couple nice strangling videos.
Marshman Media on DeadSexyClipsPPV: DeadSexyClips - A production company specializing in erotic horror like strangling, shooting, necro and more.
Max Coxxx Breath Play ClipsPPV: BPClips - Video clips of girls bound, whipped, suspended, strangled, bagged and hanged.
MaylahDeviantart: The first couple galleries include a drowning, strangling, torture, electrocution, death and a beating.
Meatluvr excellent 3D art of girls shot, stabbed, executed, cannibalized, corpses - lots of fun on TumblrTumblr: Beautiful JPGs of girls dead or getting killed in a wide variety of ways.
Mechanical Mayhem Peril Contest on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: All sorts of mechanical evil designed by mad geniuses.
Melting Girls 2Yah: Exploring the sexual side of melting, dissolving, or liquefying girls. (Note: Asphyx includes all nonbloody deaths.)
Mermaids IIYah: Group about mermaids and girls underwater with a few drowning pics.
Mesterallat on DeviantartDeviantart: All sorts of good 2D art and some sculptures of girls getting hanged.
Mi 1r Asesinato _ con auto-reanimacionVID: YouTube - A girl keeps choking a guy and reanimating him.
Minos on RenderoticaRenderotica: Really high quality 3D art of girls in peril including bondage, monsters, hanging, execution, stockings and heels.
Misfile: Pleasure Princess' DemiseFree: One of the Pleasure Princess' victims strangles her.
Miss Pooja Finds Her Twin Sister's Body Hanging In Her Room... VID: YouTube - Scene From Miss Pooja's Debut Movie 'Panjaban..Love Rules Hearts'.
MK Vs DC Universe RyonaVID: YouTube - Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Sonja and Kitana are killed by 4 different opponents with deaths including: sword slash followed by neck break, spine stomp, spine twist and skull crush.
Modern Slavery in GermanyYah: The German Domina's interests include choking, strangling, torture, trash bagging, flogging, humiliation and much more.
Monica NT strangling enthusiast on FacebookFacebook: Female strangling enthisasts with some nice photos.
More Gorgeous Girls on
Update: THATS MY BRUSH: Chrissy-Bikini Navel shot, Christine-topless breast shot. CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Adrienne-topless breast shot, Gabriella-bikini hanged. SLEEPING WITH SUBORDINATE: Susanne-bikini guillotined, Gabriella shot.
More Gorgeous Girls on

More Naked Corpses on AnnesDreams
Update: AnnesDreams - THE WITCH KILLER: Orsi-nude guillotined, NOTHING EVER GOES AS PLANED: Caroline-thong stranged, Tina chestshot, Edina navelstab in short top and short skirt, ONE SHOT IS NOT ENOUGH: Crista-nude navelshot, Chrissy strangled.
More Naked Corpses on AnnesDreams

Mortal Kombat Deception: All Fatalities On Alt. Tanya Part 1 HQVID: YouTube - Tanya is torn to pieces in a variety of gruesome fatalities from Mortal Kombat Deception.
Mortal Kombat Deception: All Fatalities On Alt. Tanya Part 2 HQVID: YouTube - All Fatalities from Mortal Kombat: Deception performed on Tanya's alt uniform. Part 2. Check out the HQ option.
Moscow HeatVID: YouTube - Hot villainess in latex has her neck snapped.
Most Hilariously Brutal Execution In a Movie Ever VID: YouTube - Girl is thrown off a castle and hanged.
Mr Hyde beautiful girls getting killed 3D art on Sexyamazons
SexyAmazons: Excellent 3D art of pretty girls shot, stabbed, arrowed, strangled etc
Mr Julius on Sexyamazons
Sexyamazons: Extreme femdoom 2D artwork where beautiful women are beaten and sometimes killed by other women.
Mrs Sexton accidentaly hangs herself with sex strapsVID: YouTube - A girl accidentally hangs herself doing a trick. Supposedly she really KOs herself.
Mud Puddle VisualsCat: CDs and Videos of women rolling around in mud, stuck and slipping under quicksand.
Murder 09VID: YouTube - A beautiful woman is strangled and her body anointed with rose petals.
Murder 1VID: YouTube - A pretty girl falls off a building while being strangled to death.
Murder 4 VID: YouTube - From Kagome0420. Pretty girl is poisoned.
Myriam se ahorcaVid: YouTube - A pretty latina girl tied to a fence by her throat.
Napperwulf on DeviantArtDeviantart: Photos, drawings and 3D of girls hanged or in bondage.
Natural Born KillersPPV: PrePaidClips - Video clip of a girl being bound, dunked, drowned & fucked.
Naughty Nikita
Pay: Nikita and her friends are real life slaves and they will take you on a journey of extreme BDSM play and domination! Hanging, drowning, bizarre games, blood games, humiliation etc.
nDoflinePay: High quality furry, asphyxiation, execution, shooting, torture, cannibalism, hanging shooting comic-book style art.
Neceros on FilefapFilefap: Good 2D art of girls in peril including suspension, bondage, upskirt, snakes, drowned, forced, shot, killed by monsters.
Neceros' Strangling in Art and ComicsImageFap: Scans of various book covers, comics and art involving strangling. Several look like Fumetti.
Neck chopping, smothering and a throat slash on AnnesDreams
Update: AnnesDreams - CAROLINE ON THE BLOCK: Carolline-thong neck axed. SMOTHERED LOVER: Gaby-topless smothered. Chrissy-bikini navel shot. DEEP IN THE THROAT: Caroline-topless throat stabbed. Orsi-nude back shot.
Neck chopping, smothering and a throat slash on AnnesDreams

Necklover on BlogspotBlog: WARNING: EXTREMELY INTENSE POP UP ADVERTISING. Neck fetish videos including vampires and strangling.
Necro VideosCat: Love Chelsea/Risque Renee's necro/snuff/asphyx videos, cd-roms and cusom requests.
Necrobabes Redux - An attempt to restore the necro/snuff NecroBabes site.Web: Photostories and regular stories of girls getting shot, stabbed, strangled etc. Necrobabes was started by a famous necro enthusiast around twenty years ago.
Nekonekorin on DeviantArtDeviantart: Photos of beautiful women bound, chloroformed, HOM'd and mummified.
Nene's SuicideFree: Interactive cartoon suicide including seppeku, bullet, poison and hanging.
New Villain - 2D art of girls hanged, drowned and asphyxiated in other waysG.E-Hentai: 2D art of girls hanged, drowned and asphyxiated in other ways
New Years Evil-SuffercatedVID: YouTube - A woman bagged in the movie "New Years Evil".

Ngfx Hiro throat fetish and strangle pics on twitterTwitter: pics and gifs of girls showing their throats or getting strangled.
Nice smoothering and neckbracke at endVID: YouTube - young girl killed by evil woman (from Earthsea)
Nicole Kidman Snuff StoryFree: Story - Nicole Kidman being hanged with commentary.
Nicole Strangler - strangled girls channel on YoutubeYouTube Channel: A small YouTube channel about girls getting strangled.
Night Of Maniac (psychological thriller)VID: YouTube - Strangulation with neck snap. Created in Movies Game.
Night Trap DeathsVID: YouTube - Some of the Different Game Over scenes in Night Trap for Sega CD, 32x, 3DO, PC, & Mac..
Nightposter on Sexyamazons
Sexyamazons: Very nice, colored artwork of policegirls and nurses in bondage, being tortured, ravished, shot and strangled.
Nightposter's RamblingsFree: A blog by policewoman bondage artist NightPoster!
Nitori ga Tsuchigumo ni Juurin Sareru Hon - 2D anime comic ending with a girl hanged by the villainessE-Hentai: A good, black and white, 2D comic that ends with the villainess suspending a girl by her throat with her strands, strangling her to death.
No StrangleVID: ShockFlix - A strange video where a girl is strangled with a chain in a place that looks like Hogwartz.
Noose DancersYah: A group dedicated to girls dangling from ropes.
NooseDress = female hanging, execution channel on YoutubeYouTube: Videos about girls getting hanged
NooseDress on DeviantArtDeviantart: Excellent photos and art about hanging.
Nooserman on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: 3D art of women caged, hanged and even executed with a pistol.
NoosetalesFree: A blog about those who have a hanging fetish.
Noosetales 2Free: A blog about the fetish of execution by hanging.
NostradamusVID: YouTube - A video clip of a girl hanging herself. (Girl is rescued.)
Novax on
SexyAmazons: Popular 3D artist who has won a few SexyAmazons contests.
NRGwomen Dark Video StorePPV: PrePaidClips - Video clips of women vampirized, strangled, forced, hanged, injected, knocked-out, sleep sex, prepared as food, necro'd, bagged, carried, shot, chloro'd etc.
Nude and BoundPay: Classy females in nude rope bondage and noose play. Home of Randy Roper.
NutbagFree: "Nutbag" is the horrifying story of a man who murders without provocation. The depraved killer stalks Las Vegas killing young women at random. Enter the mind of a psychopath. Feel his pain. Follow him and watch the blood flo
Oblivion MurderVID: YouTube - A girl getting killed and then stripped in the game Oblivion.
ObsessivexPay: Hanging, chloroformed, strangeled girls bound and gagged
Odin on
SexyAmazons: Excellent 3D art including hanging, strangling, superheroines, necrophilia.
Office Employee Goes CrazyVID: YouTube - An ad for which includes a crazy employee breaking a girl's neck.
Official Genki WebsiteJP: Extreme non-anime Japanese site including a lot of tentacle molestation and asphyxiation.
OGF's HeadquartersFree: A collection of links to a variety of death fetish sites and messageboards.
Old Ages Beheading
A girl is beheaded at about 1:30
Oldojimos 3D girls drowning artG.E-Hentai: Excellent 3D art of girls drowning in many different scenarios.
Opera Death ScenesFree: Photos of stabbings, strangulations and suicide in the theatre of high art.
Ophelia group on FlickrFlickr: Group - A Flickr group about the drowned female character from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Oreo 12Deviantart: Gorgeous photography of dead, dying or bloody people. Lots of corpses, some strangling, stabbing, shootings... awesome gallery.
Origin of Agent X3VID: YouTube - Vikings2win247. 3D animation using "The Movies" game system. The origin of agent X3 where scantily-clad female agents of the Monarchy are shot, stabbed, strangled and have their necks broken.
Out of BreathGoogle: Women suffering all sorts of breathplay.
Pandora HorrorCat: Dark fetish model who has made stabbing and strangling videos. She is available for cusotms.
Pantyhose Strangled in bath tub VID: YouTube - Killed in the bath tub wearing black pantyhose.
Patty Van Dyke BlogspotBlog: Patty Van Dyke, the notorious librarian-in-distress of Cracker County. Sketches by Roulster including shootings, hangins, executions, elaborate killing machines and torture.
Paul McNamara on YouTubeYouTube Channel: A few nice Maggie Marvel videos where girls are strangled, choloroformed in life or death fight scenes.
PepePixiv: 3D anime art of uniformed and armed henchwomen with just one death.
Peril Carey Queen of Escapology 38 perfect 3D peril artG.E-Hentai: Perfect 3D art including strangling and girls fighting.
Peril City Movie ClipsMediafire: Many ZFX clips including a lot of strangling and body handling.
Perilous ThoughtsFree: A portal to a vast and darkly disturbing world, home to the art and fiction of Minos and his loyal minions. Beyond these gates you will discover unspeakable horrors, a world where beautiful victims come to endure agonizing diabolical tortures.
Phantasmagoria - Carno kills Leonora!VID: YouTube - Here's the scene from Roberta Williams' "Phantasmagoria" in which Carno shuts up Leonora once 'n for all... by giver her head the ol' twist-a-roo!
Phoenix Point - Official MovieVID: YouTube - Violent movie including some weird bloodless killings, a bit of necro and some cannibalism.
Photo Rough Cuts: Littlest Monster and Crafty DeeFlickr: A photoset where two girls play dead several times and at one point Dee is strangled by Littlest Monster.
Erotic Illusions Paysite: Excellent 3D art of girls getting eaten by monsters or screwed by aliens. There are some headless and asphyxiation themed pics with a science fiction theme.
Pixelator on RenderoticaRenderotica: The talented 'SpaceBabes' on Renderotica. Includes girls in spacesuits, bodypiles, tentacle attacks, superheroines, hanging and strangling.
Pkf Studios ForumForum: Discuss pkf studios, purchase movies, etc.
Pkf Studios ForumForum: Discuss pkf studios, purchase movies, etc.
PKF Studios WebstorePPV: Here you can buy full, DVD download versions of PKF Studios' movies using your credit card or Paypal.

PKF Studios WebstorePPV: Here you can buy full, DVD download versions of PKF Studios' movies using your credit card or Paypal.
PKF Studios!
Cat: Erotic horror movies! Beautiful women encountering pure horror and dying in a wide variety of ways.
PKFStudios on
PPV: GenreVideos - Clips of girls stabbed, shot, strangled, executed, corpses handled.
PlanetDomFree: 3D art of enormous breasted girls being hanged. Sometimes with huge muscles as well.
Plastic Bag AsphyxiaGoogle: Girls asphyxiated by plastic bags.
Playing Dead Episode 5VID: YouTube - In this episode of the Ted Raimi directed comedy reminiscent of "Dead Like Me", a woman chokes to death on a sandwich.
Point of No Return ExecutionVID: YouTube - A woman is killed using lethal injection.
Poison, Navel Stabbing and Back From the Dead on AnnesDreams
Update: AnnesDreams - POISON PASSION: Crissy-bikini poisoned. HANG HER: Tianna Hanged. HER TERRITORY: Crista navel-stabbed
Political movie hanging scenes VID: YouTube - A girl is hanged in a western.
Population 436 HangingVID: YouTube - Hanging scene from the Movie Population 436.
Porn for the PeopleCat: Panfetish production company that includes Tyler from 'Coastal girl Tyler'. Fetishes include Monster Sex, BDSM, Superheroine, Femdom, Forced Sex, Robot, Asphyx, Carrying, Spanking and even a shooting fetish video.
Pour l'amour de Dieu VID: YoutTube - Three girls hanged.
Prayers To The HangwomanEverything on executrixes
Predator's Strangle OnlineFree: Some asphyxiation movie clips ready for download.
Pretty and Dead - art of women killed and used in every imaginable wayTumblr: Art and comics of girls executed, cannibalized, butchered, impaled, strangled, gutted, dismembered etc.
Princecap76 on DeviantartDeviantart: Beatuiful bondage and noose photography. Some repose pics.
Princes Horror CentralFree: Lots of video clips of girls shot, stabbed, drowned, strangled, hanged etc.
Prisoner Cell Block H - Lou Hangs EveVID: YouTube - Prisoner: Cell Block H - Episode 600 - Lou Kelly's riot in which she hangs 'phantom lagger' Eve Wilder.
PSA, "Belt"VID: YouTube -A pretty intense PSA directed on spec. (Hanging)
PSHJP: Anime girls in supertight spacesuits in bondage, molested by tentacles, explosive decompression, drowning, alien attacks, insertions, peeing.
Psycho Girls Part TreeVID: YouTube - Towards the middle a girl is clubbed and then it looks like she's going to get screwed while unconscious (dead).
PsychoBandGeek on DeviantartDeviantart: A few drawings of drownings along with some prose.
Public Execution
SexyAmazons: A popular contest on SexyAmazons including a variety of executions.
PulseVID: YouTube - A film in reverse about a man who drowns a woman and tends to her corpse.
Pure Smothering
Pay: Smothering videos, facesitting, ass worship, female domination, trampling, foot and ass worship, femdom, smother videos and pictures.
Purveyors of Blood - TrailerVID: This is a trailer for a film. Lots of Gore and sick stuff.
QopedVID: YouTube - A beautiful, brunette criminal is hanged.
Quertz 2D sketches of strangling, hanging, bondage, abduction Basic 2D sketches of girls getting strangled, hanged, in bondage, forced to pee etc.
Quertz Artist - Pencil sketches of girls publically executed on G.E-Hentai.orgG.E-Hentai: 2D sketch art of girls hanged, ravished, strangled, shot,
Rage of Agent X3VID: YouTube - The continuing Sci Fi adventures of Agent X3 as she battles her nemesis the Monarchy Empire. Set in a future civilization after the Widow Virus has eliminated the male population.
Random assortment of female death art on imgurImgur: Nice 2D art of girls slashsed, chopped, strangled, ravished, destroyed on imgur.
Raoulster At DeviantartDeviantart: Raoulster's sketches of Patty Van Dyke and friends and their perilous adventures. Includes hanging, bondage, BATS
Raoulster on
SexyAmazons: Very, high quality 2D art of beautiful, busty women in extreme peril. Hangings, saws, tentacles, guillotines, electrocution.
Rape and Murder Me - Forced sex and murder gifs and jpgs on tumblrTumblr: Gifs and jpgs of girls getting brutally fucked and often killed.
Raven (Fight Scene)VID: YouTube - A "Carrie" like action scene where a group of schoolgirls bully a goth girl who transforms and slaughters them all.
Rayne death sceneVID: YouTube - One of the models for Bill's Playhouse acting out a death scene.
Raze the Movie - girl girl fight to the death movie page on FacebookFacebook: A movie about girls abducted and then fighting each other to the death.
Red Clothes HangingVID: YouTube - A beautiful Japanese girl hangs herself with her red clothes.
Reinactment of Susanna Cox HangingVID: YouTube - The hanging of Susanna Cox ,the last woman hung in Berks County PA is reinacted at the Kutztown Folk Festival every year (The girl is finally hanged at 7:20)
Reprisal spirits of the dead womanVID: YouTube - A girl strangles another girl.
Retrotek's House of GaspersFree: The home of one of the kings of Asphyx. Retrotek's site includes a lot of poser work about hanging and strangling.
Ribons NightsG.e-hentai: Some pics of anime girls dead, strangled or hanged.
Risque ReneePPV: Clips4sale - Renee shows off some of her popular videos. Most are standard erotica but you'll also find hanging, shooting, caning, strangling, giantess, sleepy, forced sex, necrophilia, drowning, enema, knifing, navel fetish, whipping, femdom.
Risque Renee's PageFree: Gorgeous blonde who does all sorts of custom videos; especially extreme fetishes.
Rompeportones - El Hospital 3 VID: YouTube - Nice strangling scene part way in. Comedia argentina Emilio Disi, Miguel Del Sel, María Roji, Paula Eiranova, Alejandra Mora, Pipo Cipolatti
Rub Aqua GirlYah: The scuba-clad, breath-holding, underwater diva; Rub Aqua Girl.
Rubber Eva
Pay: Welcome to my website - a place where I can indulge in my fetish for latex, plastic, bondage and breathplay and bring some of my sexiest fantasies to life. Welcome to the world of Rubber Eva; an entire world devoted to the pleasures of latex.
RueMorgueMan on DeviantartDeviantart: Great photos including girls strangled, corpses, hanged, shot.
Ruepreviews ForumForum: A messageboard for the Rue Morgue erotic horror video production site.
Rumble Roses XX Flatliner CollectionVID: YouTube - Really hot little Rumble Roses video game montage where Nurse Anesthesia does a back breaker to each of the girls and then flatlines them with a defibrillator. Hot scenes!

Ryona Hard TumblrTumblr: Really incredible art, anime, superheroine tumblr including stabbing, forced sex, monster sex, torture, bondage, death, blood and well all sorts of wonderful things.
Ryona Sexy Abuse 3D and 2D art of hot girls tortured, hanged, killedTumblr: A collection of 2D and 3D art of girls torutured, abused, hanged and killed.
Ryona Video CollectionJP: Links to Ryona videos found on places like YouTube or NicoVideo (requires registration). Includes killings, beatings, successful attacks.
Ryona2JP: A BBS with art of anime girls getting killed, stabbed, slashed, chomped by monsters, strangled etc.
Ryonaman on DeviantartDeviantArt: 2D and 3D artof girls beheaded, hanged and garroting.
Sacrifice of Agent X3VID: YouTube - From Lionhead Movies. The further adventures of Agent X3 as she battles the Monarchy Empire. Done using "The Movies" for the PC.
Sadohedonist rough sex on TumblrTumblr: Rough, male dominance pics with some strangling.
Salem Witch TrialsVID: YouTube - Clips from a movie where girls are hanged for being witches.
Sammie pays the parking fine penalty, Strangulation! on AnnesDreams
Update: AnnesDreams - Sammie learns that the penalty for parking fines is strangulation! Bummer!
Sanger fran andra vaningen, borttagna scener 1/4VID: YouTube - A behind-the-scenes scene at a gallows where a dead girl is hanging throughout.
Sasha Grey Love Asphyxiation and Forced Sex on MotherlessMotherless: Strangling, hanging and forced sex videos and pics.
Satanik Comics form ZythumMediafire: Photostories of the 60's, in which sexy scantily-clad victims were the trademark of the series. Most of the crimes are commited by our masked hero (Satanik in France, Killing in Italia).
Sax ArtPay: High quality, death fetish-torture-femdom art by Sax! Includes chicks with guns and swords.
Scarabey on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good 2D pencil art of girls being executed in a variety of ways. Shot, firing squad, hanged, crucified etc.
Scarabey on
SexyAmazons: Good 2D line art of girls getting shot, hanged, executed.
SCDom on TumblrTumblr: Photos/Art of executions, bondage, hanging, girls in blindfolds, hoods, humiliation, degradation, torture.
SCDom on TumblrTumblr: Female hanging blog.
Schoolgirl Killer (1968) TrailerVid: YouTube - A trailer showing some beautiful corpses, a strangling and a drowning.
Scorned FuryYah: Lift, Carry and Catfight - over 400 photos including a strangling.
Scream and DieVID: ShockFlix - From S8bv3rsiv3. Pretty girl raped and strangled to death in an old movie.
Scream Queen AdventuresPPV: Clips4Sale - Girls deprived of breath, violated and left for dead.
Scuba BabesFree: A gallery with tons of scuba girls pics. Wetsuits, bikinis, octopus attacks, diving, some underwater combat, guns, knives and harpoon guns. (Death fetish content is scarce but worth finding.)
Scubagirlchannel 62 (2)VID: YouTube - drowned woman recovered from ocean
Seductive Studios BlogBlog: A studio producing videos that usually involve KOs but may also include strangling, superheroines, catfight, girls with guns, bondage, carrying, chloroform, pantyhose, stockings.
Seductive Studios on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips including belly punching, KOs, carrying, superheroines, bondage, forced orgasms, necro, neck breaks, arm wrestling, shootings etc.
Seductive Studios on TumblrTumblr: The tumblr account for Seductive Studios where you'll find all sorts of interesting and sometimes extreme fetishes. Sleepy, strangle, shooting, stabbing and tons of general fetishes like bondage, feet, femdom, humiliation etc.
Seductive Studios on TwitterTwitter: Popular producer whose subjects include belly punching, KOs, carrying, superheroines, bondage, forced orgasms, necro, neck breaks, arm wrestling, shootings etc.
Seductive Studios TwitterTwitter: Studio known for their limp play, carry, chloro, guns, strangling and virtually every other fetish imaginable.
Seductress FetishYouTube: A group for erotic female fetishes. Cigarette smoking (no cigars); lesbian; legs, nylons and heels; vore; bondage, strangling, chloroform, etc. fetishes are all fair game so long as they are quality videos that showcase a genuine female.
Sendai Oni - Nikudan Omon, 119 page 2D comic including female death fightsG.E-Hentai: 119 page 2D, black and white female fight comic including a fatal tit smother, claws attack and a sword kills.
Sentenced a new ending VID: YouTube - A couple pretty girls are hanged.
Serious Bagging Women GroupGoogle: Baggings of various women only
Seven Star on PixivPixiv: Anime girls asphyxiated in a variety of ways.
Sex and Horror!!!PPV: PrePaidClips - Erotic horror videos by the good people at PKF Studios! Shootings, body handlings, strangling.
Sexiest Death ScenesFree: An article compiling a list of what the author thought were the sexiest death scenes in Hollywood.
Sexy Deads of the Giallo 1/2VID: YouTube - Sexy dead girls from Giallo movies. Stabbings, stranglings and corpses!
Sexy Deads of the Giallo 2/2VID: DailyMotion - Pretty girls dying in Giallo movies.
Sexy henchwoman is ko'd by a brutal heroVID: YouTube - This sexy evil babe is ko'd in an episode (s1 ep12) of "18 W of justice" ("La Loi du fugitif").
Sexy Killer danceVID: YouTube - A female assassin drowns one girl and strangles another.
Sexy Slyyy on Clips4Sale PPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful Sexy Skyyy is bound, strangled, rendered limp etc.
SG in the BathPicasweb: Some photos of what appears to be an asian girl in schoolgirl clothing underwater or drowned.
SGA Fantasy Art FanYah: Fan group for the girls from Susyfight, Annabelle, Gabrielle's Fighting Girls etc. Amazons, spies, executions.
ShamanFree: Professional death fetish artist whose subjects include shooting, electrocution, strangling, hanging, bagging, torture and stabbing!
Shaman on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: 2D art of women dead or dying due to a variety of causes including strangulation, hanging, electrocution, stabbings etc
shaun vs. jessieVID: YouTube - A hot chick with killer abs and a guy in video-game looking gear get into a beat-em-up style martial arts match.
ShinSaikan YouTube Ryona female video game charactersYouTube: Various video game girls defeated in video games.
Shirley Bellinger getting hanged. (DISTURBING)VID: YouTube - A short clip from the acclaimed HBO series, Oz.
Shitnoahsays Yeah channel - videos of strangled or throat liftedgirlsVID: YouTube - Videos of gils being throat lifted and/or strangled.
Shuttle Death SceneVID: YouTube - A girl is gassed to death on a shuttle.
Sick Chixxx.comPay: Dark, twisted and sensually bizarre fantasies of Mistress Persephone. (Ed: I'm not sure what's inside - the categories are guesswork.)

Sickest SitesFree: Enormous collection of links focused on the sickest, most disgusting sites on the internet.
Silk N BloodPay: Girls are shot, stabbed or strangled to plotlines similar to the TV show "Silk Stalkings".
Silk Stalkings Working GirlVID: YouTube - A girl taking a bath walks in on a murder.
Simezuki strangling Asian girls videos on YouTubeYouTube Channel: Videos of pretty Asian girls getting strangled, usually by ghosts.
Simon Brown - Videos of women hanged, beheaded and shot in firing squad YouTube: A channel about girls executed including hanging, beheading and firing squad.
Simon DiceYouTube Channel: Youtuber with neck fetish and strangling fantasies.
Simulated Snuff group on MotherlessMotherless: Pics and videos of girls getting snuffed on Motherless. Strangling, stabbing and other themes.
Simulated Snuff on MotherlessMotherless: Simulated snuff pics/vids only. No real gore. Any video where at least one death is not present will be removed.
Sinfo's video compilationFree: Mediafire - From Sinfo. Video compilations of grils shot, hanged, arrowed etc.
Single White FemaleVID: YouTube - A girl is strangled on the floor of an elevator by another girl after which, her body is dragged out.
Sinisterros on
SexyAmazons: Good 2D pencil art of couples, men and women, executed together.
Sirrobins strangled, choked girls pics on ImagefapImageFap: Hundreds of strangling jpgs and gifs about girls getting strangled.
SlaymatesPaysite: Erotic Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy for adults. Photostory site.
Slaymates PhotosetsPay: Erotic horror photoset membership site.
Sleeper Kid's WorldFree: Sleeper Kid's world of catfighting girls where one is inevitably taken down with a sleeper hold. Chloroform, abduction, superheroines, sentries, girls with guns.
Sleeperkid on DeviantArt - Photos of hot girls, ususally sentries in bikinis, strangled, choked, neck snapped, defeatedDeviantart: Girls killed or ko-d usually in combat or sentries getting silenced. Strangling, neck pinches, neck snaps, head hit etc
Sleeping and Strangled Group on MotherlessMotherless: Videos/pictures of passed out, sleeping, strangled, or unconscious girls.
Sleepster's VideoclipsMediafire: Various clips of women being asphyxiated to death in mainstream movies posted to Mediafire by Snufflelufagus.
SlingshotMediafire: Video clips of naked or near-naked girls strangled.
Slingshot's Mediafire AccountMediafire: Video clips of girls getting killed.
Smothering LinksYah: Tons of links for asphyxia, facesitting, trampling, farting and more.
Smothering Links 2Yah: Overflow group.
Smothering TechniquesYah: About many different smothering and suffocation techniques including HOM smothering, smotherbox, lethal scissor holds etc.
Snuff FilesMySpace: To talk about Extreme horror and gore flicks such as Aftermath,August Underground,Slaughtered Vomit Dolls,Bone sickness and anything else that is extreme and underground.
Snuff Princess, violent dolcett style butchering and executions on TumblrTumblr: Pics and gifs of girls getting killed, used as meat, butchered, hanged,
Snufflelufagus' Mediafire ChannelVID: YouTube - General death fetish vidclips of women getting strangled, executed, shot, stabbed etc.
Sole Feet Death on DeviantartDeviantart: Beautiful dead or asphyxiated women with lots of foot fetish service.
Sophie's Fetish Workshop on GenreVideos.comPPV: GenreVideos - Clips of girls stabbed, shot, strangled, executed.
SpaceBabes on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Excellent 3D art of monsters, hangings and girls in skintight spacesuits.
Spasmo strangled and carryVID: YouTube - A girl is strangled and then carried.
Spies, Pills and Electrocution on AnnesDreams
Update: AnnesDreams - MAJORS DECISION: Crissy-bikini electric chair. PILL GAME: Orse-nude strangled. Gabrielle-bikini navel/headshot. Cintia-bikini backshot. SPY INTERRUPTED: Gabrielle-skirt/blouse chestshot, Cintia-skirt/blouse chestshot. Orsi-nude chest
Spies, Pills and Electrocution on AnnesDreams

Spookiie65 on DeviantartDeviantArt: Excellent 3D artist whose work includes bondage, bondage sex, hanging and dead girls.
Spy Femme FatalesYah: Hot spygirls dying or killing for the espionage trade.
SS Girls Peril Contest on
SexyAmazons: Torture, Execution and Ravishing art when the SS Girls come to town on! Graphic by DaleCar!
Starship Troopers 3 - Protesters Trial and HangingVID: YouTube - War protesters, including one girl, are hanged.
Stomach Ache 58 on FacebookFacebook: Girls clutching their bellies in pain, sometimes after poisoned, stabbed or shot.
Stories OnlineFree: Erotic stories of all kinds including rape, snuff, necrophilia, bondage etc.
Strangle a Japanese girl in the movie CHAOS (Kaosu)VID: YouTube - Clip from an asian thriller where an attractive Japanese girl is strangled.
Strangle City - throat lift and strangling girls videosYouTube Channel: A few videos, mostly throatlift and a strangling.
Strangle fetish Group on FlickrFlickr: Photos of girls getting strangled.
Strangle search on PornHarmonyPornHarmony: All sorts of videos involving strangling - F/f, F/m and some M/f.
Strangle Tag on FlickrhivemindFlickrhivemind: Photos on Flickr that is tagged with strangle.
Strangle YouVID: Shockflix - Gorgeous Asian girl strangled but survives.
Strangled and Hanged GirlsGoogle: A group about girls and women being strangled or hanged.
Strangled Girls on Facebook
Facebook: A Facebook page about strangled girls
Strangled Girls on
SexyAmazons: A folder containing every pic with the keyword 'strangle'.
Strangled girls on
SexyAmazons: Hundreds of strangle, choke, smothering pics.
Strangled SuperheroinesMotherless: All stuff related to superheroines beeing strangled, choked, asphyxiated
Strangled Woman 01VID: YouTube - Beautiful woman strangled in bed.
Strangled Woman 02VID: YouTube - Strangle acting.

Strangled Woman 03VID: YouTube - Pretty blonde strangled.
Strangled Woman 04VID: YouTube - Beautiful, platinum haired girl strangled.
Strangled Woman 05 Beautiful, Asian girl in a tiny thong bikini is strangled from behind.
Strangled Woman 06VID: YouTube - Cute girl strangled.
Stranglegirl.comPay: Videos of girls strangled, chloro'd, stabbed, neck broken, bagged, handled while limp, hanged and more.
Stranglegirlz on Clips4Sale
PPV: Clips4sale - Beautiful girls strangled... to sleep. Includes some carrying and bondage.
Stranglenail on FacebookFacebook: Page - Producer of videos where girls strangle guys and other girls.
Stranglenail ProductionsPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips involving HOM, leather, latex, smother, garroting, tickling, neck fetish, bondage, femdom, strangling, catfight, sleeper holds etc.
Strangler #1VID: YouTube - A girl is snuck up on and strangled from behind.
Strangleress StudioPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of women who strangle, choke, smother, handsmother... hands fetishism
Stranglers from Space - videos of girls getting strangledC4S: PPV site with low cost videos of girls getting strangled.
StranglerTWs channel on TudouTudou: A strangling afficianado's video channel on
Strangling and Asphyxia group - hundreds of strangling pics and videos on Motherless Motherless: Hundreds of strangling pics and videos as well as a forum and over a thousand members on Motherless.
Strangling at South WoodsVID: YouTube - This is our video no. 2. Its recorded in the acutally northern wood but in this video its called South Woods.
Strangling BitchesFacebook: Community - A page about strangling girls.
Strangling favorites by NW1981 on deviantArtDeviantart: Several photos of girls getting strangled - pretty nice.
Strangling fetish experiences on FlickrFlickr: A group of strangling experiences on Flickr.
Strangling Group on Motherless - pics and videos of girls strangledMotherless: Pics and videos of girls strangled on Motherless.
Strangulart Fantasies beautiful women strangled in mainstream movies channel on YouTubeYouTube Channel: Beautiful women strangled in mainstream movies.
Strangulation 025VID: YouTube - Playful, amateur movie where a girl garrotes another girl.
Strangulation by Aquarian CreatureVID: YouTube - A girl is lifted and strangled by an aquatic creature.
Strangulation by Hand on MotherlessMotherless: Videos and pics of girls getting strangled by hand.
Strokvesta - Girls in neckties, the ultimate fetishTumblr: Girls wearing neckties, tied up with neckties and occasionally strangled with neckties.
Submissive Women KvetchFree: A submissive woman primer with essays about BDSM and some emphasis on breathplay.
Summergirl on ImagefapImagefap: Profile of a girl into BDSM, hanging and death fetish.
Sunset Beach: Derek and MegVID: YouTube - Derek has a fantasy about strangling Meg.
Supergirl StrangledYah: Images, drawings or stories of the Princess of Power being strangled, choked, hanged or garroted!
Surprise Attack color 2D strangling comic on Beautiful 2D comic about a pretty, nude getting strangled from beind.
Suspiria - (Daemonia Mix)VID: YouTube - Suspiria By Goblin Directed By Dario argento video editing By Martena. A close-up stabbing ending in an accidental hanging.
Suzan Rose death and extreme BDSM art on DeviantartDeviantart: Good, 2D art of enslaved women, hangings, debreasting and other Dolcett-style themes.
Sylar86 on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 3D art of mostly female/female combat. Mostly swords and garrotes. Silencing sentries is a popular topic.
Taking Lives VID: YouTube - A strangling scene from Taking Lives.
Tales of the Indomitable - The MoviesVID: YouTube - Horror film created using "The Movies" video game.
Tales of the Old Mansion - The Courage Trial (COMPLETED)G.E-Hentai: 4 or more girls are strangled and killed with their bodies displayed afterwards in this Hentai comic (manga).
Tamerlanelcruel´s Damsels In Distress
Blog: cannibal drawings (and other cruel fetishes)
Tanushree Dutta tortured and strangledVID: YouTube - Tanushree Dutta slapped and strangled.
Tanya Danielle: Clips4SaleClips4Sale: Superhot, busty blonde who is quite a good actress. Stories include blades, superheroines, bondage, catfights, a poison dart, belly punching, a smothering, robots and lots of bikinis. (Click Details.)
Tanya Turner gets strangled by ConradVid: Hot blonde strangled - not to death.
Tatort clipsMediafire: Gravedancer - A huge collection of dead girls clips from the German TV series, Tatort.
Tatort ep Eine mörderische Rolle garoted and arm carry VID: YouTube - A girl is strangled and then carried.
Temptress Moon - 3D art of fighting girls arrowed, stabbed, strangled etcPixiv: Awesome 3D art stories of fighting girls defeated - strangled, hanged, arrowed, stabbed, mostly by men. Most thumbs are for full stories, not inidividual pics.
The After Party clipVID: Mediafire - A sample from "Last Breath" on Nicheclips or "Daphne's Fetish Quest" on Clips4Sale. 3 dead girls are dragged together into a body pile, one isn't quite dead and is strangled.
The Asphyxious, female asphyxiation on YouTubeYouTube: Channel - Hanging videos on Youtube with a nice list of likes.
The Craft of Horror by Dalila di Capri
Article: An article on the Craft of Erotic Horror written by the talented actress and producer, Dalila di Capri.
The Dark Tales professional quality art of girls getting killed by a serial killer
SexyAmazons: Inked art of beautiful, anime-style girls getting killed by serial killers. Stabbing, neck breaking, electrocution and more.
The Death of OpheliaVID: YouTube - A bizarre, modern interpretation of Hamlet where a very attractive Ophelia dies in a sort of invisible asphyxiation or poisoning instead of drowning in a brook.
The DentistVID: YouTube - Molly Hagan is strangled by an evil dentist from the movie "The Dentist".
The Drifting ClassroomVID: YouTube - A couple stranglings, one fatal.
The Mischievous Man (Guy) With A PlanVID: YouTube - Beautiful woman is strangled by another woman.
The StalkerVID: YouTube - A short movie about a killer strangling and stabbing a heavy girl.

The Tortured Soul Forum now requires an invite code: KillCunts66Do you dare dwell with the souls of the damned? Do you possess the courage to explore the extreme? If so, then come now to your new home! Free and no ads! Use invite code: KillCunts66 for immediate access!
The Tortured Soul Forum now requires an invite code: KillCunts66
Do you dare dwell with the souls of the damned? Do you possess the courage to explore the extreme? If so, then come now to your new home! Free and no ads! Use invite code: KillCunts66 for immediate access!
From Eyewitness Productions: Starring new model Sofie Anders, this PPV features rough torture, interrogation and breath control games until she fades away - will she survive?
Themis CollectionFree: Featuring archive of female execution scenes in movies, TV and other entertainment; with additional focus on the process of judicial death sentences and life of women in prison.
Themis Collection on YouTube - Videos of girls executed by hanging, beheading and burning at the stakeYouTube: Videos of beautiful women being executed in a variety of ways including hanging, beheading and burning at the stake.
Thongar on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Good and gruesome 2D art including impaling, burning at the stake, hanging, cannibalism etc.
Three Executions on Anne's Dreams
Update: Anne's Dreams - I LOVE MY JOB: Monica stabbed in guard uniform. Ildiko strangled in bikini. Ildiko/Sophie shot in street clothes. MONICA'S SUICIDE: Monica hangs herself in street clothes. FOR CRIMES OF PASSION: Crista naked guillotined.
Three to Pop on GE HentaiG-E-Hentai: Anime comic of three girls cheerfully hanged.
Thurston Horror Picture FilmVID: YouTube - A psycho kills 4 people. The first is a hot, adult girl who gets her neck snapped.
Tina's Death-Tourist TrapVID: YouTube - Tina is suffocated to death by having her face covered with plaster while tied up. (WTF is with that blanket!?)
Tina's Death-Tourist Trap
Titan GallowsFree: Beautifully illustrated story about the Teen Titans getting hanged.
To kill a killer 2 VID: YouTube - A hitmans wife visits a shrink to talk about her husbands life and realises that she's said too much and the shrink gets strangled.
Tortures RUInternet Archive: Violent torture art including fumetti and hanging comics.
Total EnclosureFree: Women wrapped up in latex, mummified and asphyxiating.
True_Pain on MotherlessMotherless: A group for all sort of extreme BDSM including bondage, torture, cannibalism, shooting, stabbing and executions.
Twin Sisters 3D hanging art on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: A couple pages of 3D nude, female hanging art.
Twins EffectVid: YouTube - Twins are strangled but may survive at the end.
Two Female Fighters Vs. One Male FighterVID: YouTube - Terry Taneie and Kei Kosugi, produced & choreographed this amazing video featuring Kei Kosugi, Jessie Graff and myself ( Victoria Vives ).
Two-OpJP: Art and 3D of hybrids, latex, catfights, robot girls, superheroines, monster sex, bondage and an extreme page.
Tzmodels.comPay: Underwater fetish videos including wetlook, drowning, messy, humiliation and bondage!
U TurnVID: YouTube - Jennifer Lopez strangled.
Uaktepe1 on MediafireMediafire: Video clips of girls shot, stabbed and even some back breaks.
Ultra Sci-Fi HorrorWebArchive: Sci-Fi poser art from a variety of poser artists. Girls in severe peril including bondage, monster sex, vore, strap-ons, tentacle attacks, torture.
Under Water Photo ArtFree: German site including women underwater, bodypainting and some magician's assistants.
Underwater Fetish ClipsPPV: PrePaidClips - Beautiful women underwater often being held underwater or tied up with weights - drowning. Some femdom videos where men are held underwated. Also, scuba, posing, masturbating, sex, blowjobs - of course underwater.
Underwater Girls 2Yah: Hot chicks underwater; posing, swimming and holding their breaths.
Underwater LoverYah: The love of women underwater and the fun that can be had with them.
Underwater Lover 2Yah: The love of women underwater and the fun that can be had with them.
Underwater Lover 3Yah: The love of women underwater and the fun that can be had with them.
Underwater Sex ClipsYah: Clips of women underwater, posing, swimming and drowning.
Underwater-Fetish on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Some underwater fetish videos, some include fake drownings.
Unfaithful Bengalee girl punished by husbandVID: YouTube - A husband suspects his wife of being unfaithful and strangles her.
Unfiznek Asian chick strangle on ShockflixVID: ShockFlix - A pretty Asian girl is strangled by another girl.
Uniform Stealing BroadsFree: Message board for fans of fem/fem uniform stealing.Vidcaps, artwork, stories. Girls knocked out, tied up or killed for their clothes.
Unknown stranglingVID: YouTube - A girl strangles her friend to death and then drags her body into another room.
Ura-Ent Doll SnuffJP: Site where a realistic sex doll is snuffed by hanging, sword and other methods.
Vacation: The Last Swim VID: YouTube - A chilling tale of 4 beautiful girls on vacation to LA. But what they do not realize is the cool wet hand of death is upon them
Valtiel's Favorites on DeviantartDeviantArt: A nice collection of dead/unconscious girls plus vore, monsters, asphyxiation, stabbing etc.
Various Essays on Breath ControlFree: Essays on suffocation and/or strangulation done in an erotic context.
Velo de Novia - La Muerte de Dulce VID: YouTube - A beautiful, dark-haired girl is strangled by what looks to be a homeless man.
VendettaVID: YouTube - A woman kills a girl who was responsible for killng her sister. Knocks her head against the wall.
Vesperia Vengeance Sofia punished in a wide variety of violent, vicious waysG.E-Hentai: Art from various artists on how Sofia should be punished. Includes monster attacks, forced sex, belly stabs, amputation,
Vicious Vixens
Paysite: All original sadomasochism, bondage, fetish images and videos of female domination. Includes women using guns, knives and plastic wrap on their pathetic male submissivies.
Victoria Vives spectacular stunt fighting videos on YouTubeYouTube: The spectacularly beautiful and mult-talented Victoria Vives arranges and stars in many stunt fights, sometimes ending in female fighter deaths.
video on ShockFlix
video on ShockFlix
Vigs Vicky on FacebookFacebook: Page - Afficianado of girls strangling men and other women.
Villainess Drowned in Hot TubVID: ShockFlix - Beautiful, busty, naked villainess drowned in a hot tub.
Violent Shrunken Women BoardFree: Photomanips and original art of shrunken women being killed, eaten or torn apart in gruesome ways.

Viperneckfinder on DeviantartDeviantart: Beautiful girls hanging in nooses.
VK Villainesses group - a group about villainesses fighting and dyingVK: A group including pics and videos about female villains scheming, killing and dying.
Vlad Junior on
SexyAmazons: Digital artwork of women being killed, slashed, processed as meat, executed, hanged, crucified, amazon combat.
Vladnos' mediafire siteMediafire: A ton of video clips from Vladnos.
Waffen55 on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: As of this writing, four 3D pics of on agent besting another agent with a sleeper hold.
Wamtec Tape Exchange ClubCat: The Wet and Messy Tape Club.
War movie D.i.D. scene VID: YouTube - Movie "Les femmes de l'ombre". Girl is basically waterboarded.
Waraji on PixivPixiv: The amazing Waraji's beautiful 3D art of female henchmen getting killed.
Waraji on SexyAmazons
Sexyamazons: The main artist from drops some gorgeous 3D art at Beautiful, busty henchbabes and amazons in combat!
Warajiya's BlogJP: A blog featuring Warajiya's excellent 3D art of evil, hot, scantily-clad henchwomen!
WarbabesJP: 3D Pics - usually of latex, bikini, catsuited type girls taking the place of baddies in games. Lots of amazons and girls with guns, stabbing, shooting and getting it back at them.
Warriors ShowdownWeb: Mostly free. Well choreographed fights between fantasy opponents.
Warthon 3D on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D art of girls shot, stabbed, knocked out etc.
Water Bondage
Pay: Taking women on a wet, sexy journey! Watch women hosed while suspended, dunked underwater, buried up to their necks in wet sand, tied up on the beach as the tide comes in, held in glass water cages! A wet, bondage lover's dream! (No deaths.)
Water Bondage

Weird Movie trailers 23 of 44 - "Teen-Age Strangler"VID: YouTube - Teen-Age Strangler 1964 by Ben Parker.
Western Literary Counterrevolution on PixivPixiv: Really good anime art of girls dead or dying including stabs, guttings, decapitation and hangings.
Western movie hanging scene VID: YouTube - Scene from the movie "Johnson county war". Pretty girl is hanged.
Whatup6 - Hot wrestling girls choked out, smothered and sometimss neck snappedDeviantart: Photos of girls KOd or killed with strangling, smothering and neck snap.
Where Am I?!VID: YouTube - An amateur little play where a girl with black gloves lifts another girl up by her throat and chokes her.
Whirlwind - Final Cut VersionVid: YouTube - A video clip ending with a girl being burned at the stake.
Willing Snuff Cunts - girls killed willingly group on MotherlessMotherless: Pics and videos of girls choked, stabbed, shot, hanged... killed all sorts of different ways - consensually.
Wishcraft_hanging.avi VID: YouTube - Pretty blonde hanged from electric wires.
Witch Hanging IIIVID: YouTube - An amateur, home video production where a witch is hanged by a guy in a skeleton outfit.
Woman Hanged Movie on TumblrTumblr: GIFs of girls hanged in movies.
woman killed in the jacuzzi VID: YouTube - From: jaricsaber. A girl is strangled in a hotel room and then her body turns up in a few unexpected places. Lots of moving around and handling.
Women hanging menGoogle: This group is for submissive men and dominant Women would like to meet and explore their mutual fantasies of execution by hanging.
Women Strangle and Choke Men and Women FaceBook: A Facebook group about women strangling men and women.
Women Trapped UnderwaterYah: Fair damsels get themselves into trouble underwater. Let's hope they get out alright...
Women Who Love StrangulationYah: This is precisely the place for you, my dear madam, if you have got strangulation fetish. Asphyxiation, erotic strangulation , throttling, hanging .... all are different ways to describing squeezing your lovely smooth throat with robust hands.
Working Blonde Strangled
A pretty blonde is strangled while a witness looks on.
World of DemisEFree: Good 3D art of girls sinking to their deaths, eaten by monsters, hanged, decapitated, bound, impaled etc.
Worth Every Penny - Busty furry is bagged, asphyxiated by shemale furryG.E-Hentai: 2D furry art where a very busty female pays to be bagged but soon learns that she was targeted for execution.
Wrath of Agent X3VID: YouTube - X3 continues to kill scantily-clad agents of "The Monarchy". Includes neck snap, machinegunning, grenading, stabbing, strangling and punching.
WytchfinderErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D Poser graphics of witches enduring torture, execution and forced sex at the hands of the inquisition.
XR-43 on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Really nice 2D art of gorgeous spies, mercenaries, private-eyes and pirates getting killed.
XXXtremeKink Asphyxiation FetishPPV: - Inexpensive video clips of girls choked, bagged, garroted, hanged, strangled.
Ziggyred's Execution Fiction ArchiveFree: Pics and stories involving many forms of execution.