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I decided to create a seperate page JUST for our friends in Japan. Japanese sites are filled with all sorts of interesting and odd fetishes that you wouldn't commonly find on a US or European site. Most of these sites (not all) use a form of art/cartoon called anime - this usually indicates simple drawings of girls with giant eyes and tiny mouths. These sites are infamous for displaying the most extreme of extreme fetishes, viewers should be warned that they may run into mutilations, women with enormous erections, tentacle sex, amputations and a lot of other things you really shouldn't see after a good bowl of oatmeal.
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00 Japanese anime site with a few amateur drawings of large breasted videogame girls.
Big Breasts.
13 Wolves Art of mostly wolf based hybrids.
1 Chance Kiyo A Japanese sexdoll that appears to be little more than a modified pillow.
18's Summer Mostly art and photos of nude girls posing - some bondage art.
370 Someone dressed as a cute, blonde anime girl.
Absolute Professional anime art including upskirts, large breasts, spandex, gang bangs, cumshots, martial arts girls, tentacle attacks.
Monster Sex, Big Breasts, Japanese, Latex.
Acid Head Nice anime site with girls exposing enormous breasts, attacked by tentacles or in bondage.
Bondage, Huge Breasts, Monster Sex.
Admiring Curious Costumes Lots of costumes including furries, anime girls, zentai and superheroines.
Furries, Masking, Latex, Superheroines
Agitpunkt 02 Nightmarish Japanese site with mutiliations, bondage, penis monsters and lots of organs laying outside of live, female bodies.
Amputation, Bondage, Monster Sex, Slasher/Snuff.
Agnus CG World Quicker link here. Surreal anime of girls in bondage, in belt/rope crucifixion, in cages, gagged, blindfolded etc.
AH DualismTerrific 'nazi girls get their comeuppance' site! Includes garroting, gutting, stabbing, gas chamber, gun shots.
Asphyx, Bondage, Slasher/Snuff.
Aian Maid Some bondage pics in this small, cleaning-girl fantasy.
Airaku Japanese site. Girls dressed up in masks like anime chicks.
Airily Steps Terrific, full-color anime art including sex with demons, gang bangs, sheer and latex clothing, insertions, forced sex, wolf-sex, bondage.
Forced Sex, Latex, Monster Sex
Akabee Soft Mostly G-Rated artwork of girls and girl-creatures. Lots of uniform content.
Akina Japanese Anime art of women engaged in forced sex.
Forced Sex.
Akmix World Lots of anime bondage art of shemales and maybe regular girls.
Alien Defence Directorate Japanese site with photomanips of girls molested by tentacled aliens. Click on the sentence that starts "The record of..".
Monster Sex
Alisa the Wonderland Some terrific anime art including bondage/discipline, amazons and insertions.
Amazons, Bondage, Fisting.
Alternative Live a live action Kigurumi troop.
Amanoyuzuru Random selection of non-erotic anime sketches with a lot of fairies and angels.
Amazon Jail Anime pics of hot chicks with swords, some bondage and some chicks with impossibly big boobs.
Amazons, Bondage, Inflation-Breasts.
Amie Japanese site with a thoroughly random set of illustrations ranging from scribbles to professional.
Ami-Yumi Anime chicks posing, in bondage or getting raped by tentacles.
Bondage, Monster Sex.
A.N.C. Graphics Anime girls with large breasts, in fetish clothing, in bikinis, hybrids and demon chicks.
Big Breasts, Latex, Transformations, Vampires
Angel Step Japanese anime mostly dealing with enormous breasts - sometimes attached to alien girls.
Angie's Website Anime art of superheroines and others in erotica or peril.
Bondage, Superheroines, Women in Peril.
Animal Office Anime girls and hybrids with huge, enormous, whopping-big breasts.
Big Breasts, Transformation
Anime Comic Pen Non-nude, high-quality art of a variety of subjects like girls with wings, upskirts, maids, nurses, spandex outfits, angels, demons, hybrids etc.
Latex, Medical Fetish, Transformation
Anime Fresh
Paysite: Thousands of the best hentai pictures. Hours and hours of explicit hentai movies never seen before. Explicit XXX anime by the best of today's asian artists.
Anime Koi Some free pics, a free movie and games - Monster Sex and BDSM are common topics.
Bondage, Monster Sex
Anime Movies Paysite: The place to find the best in supernatural horror, science fiction, high-tech mecha-designs, futuristic fantasy, and superior 21st Century Animation, demons and angels raping young human girls, sometimes violation, bondage and fetish fantasies.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Transformation.
Anim Official Page A variety of anime samples including a number of tentacle attacks under yuzuren.
Monster Sex
Ann's Garden Nice illustrations of amazons, space girls, robot chicks, hybrids, insertions, superheroines, giant women, monster sex, bikinis, multiple breasts, surgeries, vicious executions and torture!
Amazons, Bondage, Fisting/Insertions, Execution, Growth/Shrinking, Medical Fetish, Monster Sex, Robots, Superheroines, Transformation
Anya Q Some monstrous creatures molesting young anime chicks.
Monster Sex
Araza Poser animations of fighting girls enduring torture, forced sex and getting molested by monsters.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex.
Arikawa Videogame martial artists in martial arts gear and regular girls in bikinis and spandex.
Amazons, Bikini pics, Latex
Arrester cells A few good anime pics including bondage, forced sex and extreme insertions.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Insertions.
Aruni A variety of good quality anime art including amazons, superheroines, robot girls, LOTS of monster sex and forced sex.
EXTREME: Monster Sex, Amazons, Forced Sex, Japanese, Robots
Ashisu B&W artwork of amazons and angels.
Amazons, Transformation
Ask Ray Tons of tentacle molestation pics and some insertions.
Monster Sex.
Atsuji-Ya Hot anime chicks with guns and swords. Some bondage, monster sex and even a couple killings.
Amazons, Bondage, Girls with Guns, Monster Sex, Slasher/Snuff.
Awatake Some very good anime art - mostly mild and sweet with some monster/girl interaction and some light bondage in the guest illustration area.
Bondage, Monster Sex
AWAWA's Underground RoomViolent Anime bondage. Includes whipping, shocking and bellypunching.
Bondage, Catfighting, Spanking.
Azasuke Wind Very nice anime art including bondage, latex and ravishing.
Bondage, Latex, Forced Sex
AZ Flash Note G-Rated flash movies and illustrations of anime girls with tails, wings and/or animal ears.
Azito Japanese. Mostly 3D art of superheroines or superheroines in peril.
Bondage, Superheroine
Back x Fore Japanese site with photographs of a Love Doll.
Bad Company Tentacles Mostly Paysite: Anime chicks tied up and sometimes attacked by tentacles.
Bondage, Monster Sex
Bang Brave Japanese anime site specializing in hot (non-nude) chicks wielding enormous swords!
Beautiful Actresses in Suspense Japanese site with vidcaps of girls getting killed in TV and Movies.
Slasher/Snuff, Asphyx, Execution, Necrophilia
B-Crystal Japanese site with some bondage instruction and forced sex doujin.
Bondage, Forced Sex
Beelzebub 666 Young anime shemales in bondage sometimes being disciplined.
Beginner's Special Make-Up World A guide on how to make full skull masks.
Binetsu A Japanese site displaying some very beautiful French artwork. There is a recurring stocking, high-heels theme - the art includes dead women, bondage, dominatrixes and hot chicks with guns.Bondage, Femdom, Girls with Guns, Necrophilia.
Black Package Professional artwork - mostly samples - of sometimes enormously endowed anime girls getting ravished, in bondage and/or taking insertions.
Big Breasts, Bondage, Forced Sex, Fisting/Insertions
Biscuits Japanese anime pics - girls wearing armor, wielding weapons and getting impregnated by tentacles.
Monster Sex, Amazons
Black Dog Hybrids and anime girls, sometimes with dicks, sometimes getting molested by monsters.
Monster Sex, Transformation-Hybrids
Blood Sucking Daughters Anime - Hot pics of naked female vampires and a couple surprises.
Blowin' in the Wind Japanese kigurumi site where people dress as anime girls complete with anime girl masks.
Blue & White Good quality anime furry artwork - all nonnude (that I saw).
Blue Cellar Anime chicks in bondage and enduring insertions - you can find some brutal amputation pics under 'secret'.Bondage, Insertions, Amputations.
Bonda.net Tons of 3D Poser pics of girls in bondage, disciplined and in slavery!
Bonus Shop.web Galleries of cute anime girls - most with big tits and some bondage.
Bondage, Inflation-Breasts.
Boob Princess Anime site dealing with skinny girls with ENORMOUS chests!
Book by its Cover Japanese: Anime masks and pics of people wearing them in plays.
Boss A few non-nude, color drawings of very busty girls in tight clothes.
EXTREME: Big Breasts
Brabuster Homepage for a Japanese porno game - includes a gallery of chicks with big (not enormous) breasts posing or getting it on.
Brave-Factory 2nd Pretty anime girls with enormous breasts.
Big Breasts
B-Style Japanese werewolf cartoons.
Cadenza Kigurumi site where people dress up like popular anime girls - especially sailor moon. Also, a blog about hot chicks in resin kits.
Masking, Statues
Cafe Saika People dressed up with big masks to look like anime charcters.
Candygirl Japanese site showing realistic dolls being posed - usually in sexually suggestive ways.
CAO 29280 A variety of cute anime art including bondage, blowjobs and bowel movements.
Poop/Pee, Bondage
Caperoom Japanese cape and sunglasses fetish site. Lots of chicks wearing Dracula capes.
Caramel Japanese 8-12' tall giantess site including some enormous breasts and bellies. The comic giantess is a shemale.
Big Belly, Big Breasts, Bondage, Growth/Shrinking.
CG Amazon The primary focus of the site is "Girls with Swords" but includes bondage, some monster sex and a violent arrow/sword killing under Flesh & Blood.
Amazons, Bondage, Monster Sex, Slasher/Snuff.
CG-Viking Mostly paysite: Small pics of girls in bondage and getting popped by monsters - larger pics can be purchased.
BDSM, Monster Sex
Chaotic Hentai Toons Pics MSN Group: Tons of cartoon pics - Jetson sex, Pokemon, Bondage, Tentacles, Superheroines.
Bondage, Monster Sex, Superheroines.
Chapio Anime chicks peeing, in bondage and molested by various creatures.
Bondage, Monster Sex.
Chiba Japanese site about scat, big bellies, forced sex, multiple breasts, lactation, hybrids, bondage - some really gross and disturbing stuff!
Big Bellies, Transformation, Forced Sex, Bondage
Chisa's Kigurumi Chisa models costumes with homemade masks.
Chogokin Japanese bondage site including shemales under 'futamari'.
Cloak Love Pics of girls in cloaks including some vampires.
Cocoa Soft Japanese site about women wrapped in plastic, covered in paint, buried under mud etc.
Statue-Stuck, Bondage
The Comic Satellite Cute anime girls and hybrids molested by monsters, in bondage, ravished forcefully or just posing
Asphyx, Bondage
Cosmic Slayer Japanese superheroine site including a little catfighting and bondage.
Bondage, Superheroines, Catfighting.
Cospa A pretty full-featured, Japanese Costume Play site.Masking
CP Miracle Fantasy Japanese: Some art of furry looking werecreatures with hand weapons.
Werewolves, Furry
Cure Maid Cafe Anime girls in maid outfits. Plenty of aprons!
Cut Anime art site with at least one tentacle molestation pic.
Cyclone-D Anime girls in bondage, peeing, masturbating etc.
Bondage, Peeing
D2 Girls Gorgeous anime pics of girls in bondage - especially cheerleaders and majorettes.
dac THE Dark A few very well illustrated anime bondage series.
Daishinkan Mostly bizarre, hybrid girls as well as shemales and women with ENORMOUS breasts!
Transformation-Hybrids, Inflation-Breasts
Damesen Nice anime art of girls enduring bondage and forced sex!
Bondage, Forced Sex
Dead Ash Superdeform (means big heads, tiny bodies) anime girls, sometimes in bondage.
Deep 13/Omega Anime girls with enormous breasts.
Big Breasts.
Deep One Very nice anime art - girls from videogames redrawn with huge knockers - sometimes lactating.
Big Breasts, Superheroines.
Demag Large Japanese site with a variety of subjects. From the main page we are treated to a ton of cosplay photos where real Japanese girls dress as anime characters. Note that this ISN'T kigurumi so there aren't any masks and there's plenty of skin. Subject matter includes amazons, girls with guns, latex and superheroines. The adult section is anime art including bondage, latex and insertions.
Amazons, Bondage, Fisting, Girls with Guns, Latex, Superheroines.
DenDen Hybrids, Schoolgirls and Superheroines usually clothed and many times found in lesbian situations.
Superheroines, Transformation.
Den-En Professional anime art including lots of monster sex and forced sex.
Devilish Soul A couple anime bondage pics and some girls with dicks.
Bondage, She-Males.
DID 3D Graphics, real photos and art of women in distress including bondage and forced sex.
Bondage, Forced Sex
Digital Atelier-Emi Primarily waitress and stewardess pics. The adult section has some BDSM and alien girl pics.
Bondage, Tranformation-Hybrid.
Digital Knockout Anime art depicting BDSM, fisting and insertions.
Bondage, Fisting.
D-Lovers Official website for D-Lovers, an anime comic dealing with ENORMOUS breasted women.
Digiknight Professional quality art of highly muscled, sometimes gay, furries.
Digital Scope 3D and Anime pics of pretty anime chicks, bondage and insertions.
Discharge Human and deer-like hybrids with large dicks.
DOA Girls Bravo Scantily-clad drawings of the girls from the video game "Dead or Alive". Also, some Girls with Guns pics
Bikinis, Girls with Guns
Doller's Station 2000 People dressed up as famous anime characters.
Doll-House Japanese site with pics of girls wearing big masks making them look like dolls or anime characters.
Doll's Bondage Japanese website placing sex dolls in bondage.
Bondage, Statues-dolls.
Dolls XXX Japanese Real Doll information and resource site.
Dolphin Women in underwater cages, drowning or being suffocated in a variety of ways.
DRG Adult Illustrations Adult artwork of pregnant anime girls.
Big Bellies
Duke's Gallery Japanese anime including girls having sex with monsters.
Monster Sex
Dusty Heaven Women hybrids including demons and tigresses. Also robot warriors!
DynaGirl AI Japanese, poser site of a superheroine getting defeated and then molested by monsters.
Monster Sex
Dynamite Pussy Cat Japanese: Color and pencil sketches of anime girls and videogame characters in bondage and getting screwed.
Bondage, Forced Sex.
Earth Color Enormously muscled-out anime girls. Includes amazons, girls with guns, superheroines and hybrids.
Amazons, Big Muscles, Girls with Guns, Superheroines, Transformation
eBox Anime art including hybrids with huge breasts, insertions, monster sex and regular anime chicks with huge knockers in bondage.
Bondage, Fisting, Inflation-Breasts, Transformation.
Ecstacy Allergy Lots of links with a gallery found HERE of women with large breasts, penises, fur, tails etc.
Big Breasts, Transformation, Transformation-TG
EIYU Club Women dressing up as popular anime characters including Sailor Moon. Most if not all wear huge mask heads.
Masking, Superheroines
E-jin's Index A wide variety of art under headings Level 1 through Level 9. Includes BDSM, Insertions, Gang Bangs, Shemales, Hybrids, Monster Sex and even a couple vore pics.
Monster Sex, Bondage, Cannibal, Insertions, Transformation, TG.
Elf Lite Japanese site with art of anime chicks with enormous (beachball to car-sized) breasts.
Big Breasts
Emus Gruesome anime site dealing with amputations, hybrids and a couple beheadings.
Amputation, Slasher/Snuff, Asphyx, Executions.
Endless Blue Digimon type creatures and hybrids having sex with each other and anime girls! Extreme insertions, debreasting, superheroes, cannibalism, robots, pregnancy.
Bondage, Cannibal, Fisting, Inflation, Monster Sex, Robots, Transformation.
Ero High-quality, anime artwork involving cute anime chicks like amazons, latex, fairies, catgirls, martial artist girls, tiny girls.
Amazons, Growth/Shrinking, Latex, Transformation.
Erotic Anime Paysite: Original uncensored galleries of Hentai, hardcore, bizarre, forced sex, alien sex, superheroines, space amazons, femdom and BDSM.
Bondage, Femdom, Forced Sex, Monster Sex, Superheroines

Erotic Fantasy Pics, Flash movies and stories of anime women getting attacked by tentacles.
Erotic Strangulation Japanese site about beautiful asian girls getting strangled.
Erox Japan 7 Cute anime girls and some tentacle sex!
Monster Sex
Escape Narashino Zoe's website of enormous breasted anime girls - mostly scantily clad but sometimes naked.Big Breasts
Eta 2 Drawings of cute anime girls including lots of amazons and girls with guns.
Amazons, Girls with Guns
Eucalyptus Really graphic art of anime chicks getting tentacly molested, giving birth to aliens and even laying eggs.
Monster Sex
Fairy Tale Very high quality anime art including sex, bondage, torture and insertions.
Bondage, Fisting
Faith Very nice anime art. 1 gallery of medieval men and women bearing melee weapons. 1 gallery of tentacle attacks. 1 gallery of armored women ripped apart by monsters. 1 gallery of random (mostly b&w) art including knight sex and monster attacks.
Amazons, Cannibalism, Monster Sex, Slasher/Snuff
Faker's House High quality, anime art of hybrids, bikinis, very large breasts, masturbation.
Big Breasts, Transformation.
Falldown Angel Anime - Violent monster and tentacle sex including bondage, furries and regular forced sex!
Bondage, Monster Sex, Forced Sex, Furries.
Famiten Japanese Anime: A few pics of chicks with dicks.
Fang Japanese werewolf site with a wide variety of resources.
Fantastic Doll Japanese anime doll site - anatomically correct.
Favorite Empress Mostly hot, anime girls with tails and cat ears.
Big Breasts, Bondage, Werewolves, Transformation
First Pain Good 3D anime pics of girls in bondage and attacked by tentacles.
Bondage, Monster Sex
F I T Japanese site featuring overweight men and women in superhero style tights.
Flat Ash Small anime site including some graphic monster sex and a girl laying eggs.
Monster Sex
Flower Crown Very high-quality, non-nude anime art including amazons, catgirls, demonesses, robots, tiny fairy girls, space armor, Sailor Moon, witches, spandex.
Amazons, Growth/Shrinking, Latex, Magic, Superheroines, Transformation-Hybrids
Freedom-Island Japanese: G-Rated; cute furry and anime character illustrations.
Full action Figure Factory Dolls and action figures with a decidedly werewolf/furry look.
Furry, Statue, Werewolves
Fxxtry 69 Vicious anime art including monster sex, forced sex, bondage and hybrids.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex, Transformation.
G3: Girls & Guns Gallery Professional anime artwork of a monkey-tailed, fairy girl wielding guns and hand weapons.
Amazons, Girls with Guns, Transformation
G-Boy's Giantess Site Japanese website featuring the giantess art of G-Boy!
Gaogaiga Anime girls getting molested by spirits and monsters. Includes bondage, humiliation, peeing, scat and upskirt.
Bondage, Monster Sex
Gallery Walhalla Anywhere from mild to extremely violent anime art including mutilations, bondage and more.
Amputation, Bondage, Slasher/Snuff, Transformation
Gamisan Japanese site featuring girls in superheroine type tights, robotic girls, girls on high-tech crosses and Monster Sex.
Execution, Monster Sex, Robots, Superheroines.
Gaogaiga Anime girls getting molested by spirits and monsters. Includes bondage, humiliation, peeing, scat and upskirt.
Bondage, Monster Sex.
Garakuta Anime site dealing with forced sex, bondage and women holding ENORMOUS guns!
Bondage, Forced Sex, Girls with Guns.
Geminass Kigurumi site: People dressing up as anime girls with no skin showing.
Genelabo Girls getting molested by a variety of nasty creatures.
Monster Sex.
GG-Space 3D Graphics of anime-style space heroines in a variety of scenes. Battle-suits, Large breasts, Bondage, Monster/Robot attacks, Insertions, Guns, Lactation.
Monster Sex, Big Breasts, Bondage, Fistings/Insertions, Girls with Guns, Japanese, Latex/Rubber, Robot
Giantess POV Japanese giantess site - lots of pencil sketches.
Girl Hell Some seriously disturbing anime art from mild bondage to women hacked up and sewn back together.
Bondage, Slasher/Snuff.
G-Nose Sailor Moon and others having their noses tugged and squished - sometimes by tentacles.
Bondage, Monster Sex, Superheroines.
Gerokuma Anime chicks engaged in bondage, forced sex and insertions.
Bondage, Fisting, Forced Sex.
G-Fork Japanese giantess site - does she eat those little guys?
Growth/Shrinking, Cannibalism
Gigamel Mostly morbidly obese women with large breasts and visible body hair lactating and sometimes in bondage.
Bondage, Inflation.
Girumoa Mostly human, but some hybrid anime girls in bondage and humiliated in a story format.
Bondage, Transformation-Hybrid
Gore, Gore Masks A Japanese site selling the extremely violent japanese comic "Gore, Gore Masks" - lots of free samples.
Greatest 18 Club This is perhaps the most disturbing anime site I've ever seen. Scat, piss, shemales with enormous erections, pierced-elongated nipples, amputations.
Amputation, Bondage, Slasher/Snuff.
Grospector Some sketches of a pretty, skinny, teenage superheroine who fights and is often molested by monsters.
Monster Sex, Superheroines
Guru Guru Labyrinth Japanese anime site including masking photos and drawings.
Gyona Namamono Mostly pretty soft stuff but if you look hard you can find Torture and even what appears to be a gunshot wound.
Bondage, Slasher/Snuff.
Hachibangai Anime site with a gallery of bdsm and tentacle sex.
Bondage, Monster Sex.
Hagipage What looks like heaven and hell style artwork with plenty of angels and amazons.
Amazons, Transformations-Hybrids
Hall of Anime Pile of anime sorted under Tentacles, Rape, BDSM and more.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex.
Hanaduka Professional anime art including insertions, tentacle molesting, forced sex, bikinis etc.
Monster Sex, Forced Sex, Insertions
Happy Sabrina People dressed as cute, anime girls.
Harashow Professional illustrations of anime girls as amazons, cyberwarriors and gunchicks.Amazons, Big Breasts, Girls with Guns, Robots
Haruki Paysite? - Very nice anime pics of BDSM, Rape and just some simple posing.
Bondage, Forced Sex
Harumido's DID Photos and poser pics of tied-up damsels in distress.
HataHata Factory High-quality anime artwork focused on women with huge breasts lactating, having sex (humans and monsters) or in bondage.
Big Breasts, Bondage, Monster Sex
HBC Slave girls and some light bondage anime.
Heartland Kaede Japanese masking site with people dressed up like anime girls or dolls.
MORPH: Masking.
Heavens Pro Random selection of well-drawn, anime girls - includes some bondage.
Hedgehog Anime labs and art of forced sex, tentacle sex, forced insertion, bondage and hardcore!
Bondage, Fisting, Forced Sex, Monster Sex
Hehhe Anime chicks - usually getting raped by tentacles.
Bondage, Monster Sex
Heita 325 Anime girls with enormous breasts, sometimes dicks and sometimes hairy armpits.
Big Breasts, TG
Heiwa Mannequin Co Ltd Japanese mannequin sale site including pics of all types of mannequins.
Hentai Babes! Paysite: Hentai Comics and Sci-Fi anime with themes like "Nuns who love alien beast cock." and "I LOVE 48 inch alien stiffies!" Women are slavetraded from Space Pirate to Space Pirate or sometimes captured by a space alien to become the unwilling subject of the creature's libido! 300,000+ Pics!!
Hentai Dreams Paysite: Uncensored anime pics, manga comix, downloadable games! Aliens screwing school girls! Tentacle Rape! Hot Japanese girls engaging in wild, sometimes forced sex with every orifice!
Forced Sex, Monster Sex.

Hentai Flash Paysite: Softcore and hardcore monsters, aliens and demons, fetish bizarre, yaoi, lesbians, gay, dick, girls and much more! Supernatural horror, sci-fi, high-tech mecha designs. Demons and angels raping young girls and more!
Monster Sex.
Hentai Source! Paysite: Original hardcore artwork, a sleek design, and one of the coolest flash interfaces available on a hentai site comprise Hentai Source's visible aesthetics. An almost endless provision of explicit games, sultry images, blood rushing movies and tantalizing stories! Hot anime chicks, forced sex, extreme bdsm and enormous ta-tas!
Bondage, Forced Sex, Inflation-Breasts, Monster Sex.

Heppokodou Beautiful art of cute anime girls urinating, naked, violated, in bondage and getting ravished.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Transformation
Higasiyama Honpo Nice anime art including girls in latex, lactation, bondage, huge breasts, peeing, .
Amazons, Bondage, Latex, Magic, Robots, Sleepy.
Higasiyama-Honpo Anime - BDSM and standard, well-drawn anime pics.
Hinata Dolls Japanese Kigurumi website of "Love Hina".
Hinata Tons of anime art - some bondage and hybrid art.
Bondage, Transformation.
Hinemos Momoiro Japanese anime upskirts and monster love! (right click on the door of the 3rd gallery and 'open link').
Monster Sex
Hinemosu Japanese anime with mostly shemales enduring tentacles and bondage!
Bondage, Monster Sex.
H Island Anime pics of girls posing or tied up in light bondage.
Hitmaru High quality anime artwork - one gallery of geisha looking girls usually armed with swords and another gallery of tentacle attacks.
Amazons, Monster Sex
Hone 69 All sorts of vicious anime art including amputations, bondage, conjoined twins, amazons and lots of blood.
Amputations, Bondage, Transformation.
HPL and Bad Taste A variety of anime including bondage, monster sex, impossibly large breasts, superheroines and robots. There is kind of a drippy cumshot theme thoughout.
Bondage, Inflation-Breasts, Monster Sex, Robots, Superheroines.
Human Suit People in anime suits with full head masks.
Hukurou Some pretty nice slasher/snuff anime including belly stabs, dissections, guttings, gunshots.
Hut of the Haze Bondage, torture as well as massive female transformations and deformations including penises for nipples, girls as urinals, pooping, extreme piercings, shemales.
Bondage, TG, Transformation.
Hymn Monster girls having sex including batheads, bee-girls. Cute anime girls taking insertions, tentacle attacks, upskirts.
Monster Sex
Hyper Brand Cute anime girls - sometimes flashing, some cool looking amazons.
Hyperguy.net High quality anime art including devil girls, bondage, a couple girls with guns and some girls wielding swords.
Amazons, Bondage, Girls with Guns, Vampires
Hypnomania Japanese site selling hypnosis fetish videos.
I and I Anime girls with a progressive BDSM scene under 'tales'.
IH Sadat The Raped Fairies Japanese anime site including huge breasted women, elves, hybrids, and plenty of monster rape.
Imoten Women pushing up their noses or getting their noses pulled up forcibly.
BDSM: Japanese
Implacable Naked anime chicks. Shemales, big breasts and a little bondage.
Bondage, Big Breasts, TG
Infinity-Destiny Some nonnude anime pics of catgirls, batwinged girls, girls with weapons and a couple robot girls.
Amazons, Robots, Tranformation
Insanity Side Anime drawings of women who've had the crap kicked out of them in a fight!
Inu Coro Japanese site all about someone who enjoys dressing up like Inu Yasha.
Intl Kichiku Agency A wide variety of Hentai including massive insertions, superheroine, bdsm, pumped-up tits, forced sex and monster sex.
Bondage, Fisting, Forced Sex, Inflation-Breasts, Monster Sex, Superheroines.
Itadaki Japanese transformation site focused mostly on mermaids.
MORPH: Transformation
It's a Wonderful World A japanese masking fetish site where people dress head to foot as anime characters.
Izumi-Plan Beautiful anime chicks in bikinis, having sex, big breasts - there is supposedly a section for adult images but I couldn't get there.
Jagi's Homepage Extremely vicious anime art depicting torture, rape and mutilation. Huge bellies, huge breasts, hybrids, shemales.
Amputation, Big Belly, Big Breasts, Bondage, Forced Sex, Slasher/Snuff, Transformation.
Jamamoto Gekihindou Some anime, werewolf/furry style art.
Furry, Werewolves
Jibunya Anime chicks with enormous hooters - the size of watermelons!
Big Breasts
Jintan A few pics of girls being molested by tentacles.
Monster Sex
Junik Anime art of women sporting enormous muscles.
Big Muscles
Junkie Doodle Big eyed anime girls in bondage, giving blowjobs, getting lesbian and masturbating.
K&M Mask Site Japanese site where Katsumi and Miho pose with huge doll or anime masks.
Kaduki Really vicious anime including monster sex, bondage, torture, crucifixion, slasher/snuff, asphyxiation and huge breasts. Link to CG is found on the second page at the very bottom - click here to get there quick.
Amputations, Asphyx, Bondage, Execution, Monster Sex, Slasher/Snuff
Kakisute Some photos of women in bondage, taking objects and getting tortured.
Bondage, Insertions
Kamiya 3D pics of superheroines and amazons.
Kamo Original anime artwork of girls changed into statues, sometimes melting!
Kamui Cute anime girls - usually getting molested by tentacles.
Monster Sex
Kaneru Japanese site mostly focused on a robotic girl named Remo. Includes some hybrids and bondage. Alternate entry http://kaneru.sakura.ne.jp/
Robots, Bondage, Transformation.
Kaoso's Gallery A Japanese site with pics about animals or werecreatures.
Karasu Humans and hybrids enduring bondage, forced sex and monster sex.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex.
Kasei Rocket Booster About a dozen very well drawn bondage scenes - click next to 'NEW'.
Kasutori Extremely violent anime art including gutting, mutilation, surgery, bondage, forced sex as well as girls pummelling each other into oblivion.
Amputation, Bondage, Catfighting, Forced Sex, Slasher/Snuff, Surgery.
Katamari Cute anime girls with a couple tentacle rapes.
Monster Sex
Katsuo Anime girls in lycra/spandex, taking insertions, drowning - lots underwater, molested by sea creatures, hard bondage, forced sex, enormous hooters, some lactation, some poop, some femdom and tentacle attacks.
Asphyx, Bondage, Fistings/Insertions, Forced Sex, Huge Breasts, Latex, Monster Sex.
Kawauso Bizarre site! Bestiality, pregnancy, belly enlargement, bondage and torture.
Bondage, Inflation-Belly
Kazu 1976 Japanese site. Girls dressed up in masks like anime chicks.
Kei 757 Japanese website dedicated to amputee bondage mostly using mannequins.
Amputations, Bondage, Slasher/Snuff, Statues-Mannequins.
Kei SKR Some good, rope-bondage anime art - includes insertions.
Bondage, Insertions
Kevin's World Of Erotic Anime Peril A >100 pic asphyxia gallery plus two graphic stories where teams of hot babes fight to the death against each other and vicious creatures.
Asphyx, Catfighting.
Khaosan Corpses, surgery and other grossness in Thailand from a Japanese site!
K-Hideo Girls enduring bondage, horrible torture and impaling.
Bondage, Execution
Kiglumin Japanese site about people dressing up in elaborate costumes.
Kigurumi-jp Japanese kigurumi resource site.
Kigurumi.net People dressed up as famous anime characters.
Kijirusi Anime art featuring women with huge, elephantine, open erections. Includes bondage, insertions, sometimes huge tits and a little tentacle sex.
Bondage, Fisting, Inflation-Breasts, Monster Sex
Kikoku Some sketches of girls getting molested by tentacles.
Monster Sex.
Kimuti Anime art including some mild bondage.
Kinbou Sokai Hot anime girls with huge breasts. Some blowjob action.
Big Breasts.
Kinder Murder Despite a scary title, this is just gay and straight anime fetish art.
Kinsyo Japanese anime art of women sporting enormous muscles.
Big Muscles
Kinzanbugyou Extreme anime art of girls getting ravished by people and monsters as well as other subjects.
Forced Sex, Monster Sex
Kirisame Small, random assortment of anime art including shemales, bondage, amputation and insertions.
Amputation, Bondage, Fisting, Transformation-Hybrid
Kio Japanese site dealing with an armored superheroine.
Masking, Superheroines
Kiss in the Dark Some untranslated doujin of alien amazons, monster molestations, bondage, femdom, bad girl villainesses etc.
Amazons, Bondage, Femdom, Monster Sex, Transformation
Kiss Kiss Japanese site about girls in big, anime masks.
Kiyomi's Nightmare RoomBeautiful anime girls doing hardcore, in bondage, in spandex outfits, stabbed, strangled, garroted, hanged, impaled, drowned, dismembered, vivisected and beheaded - pics are even arranged by cause of death! Look for lots of forced sex and Sailor Moon under Doujin.
Asphyx, Bondage, Execution, Forced Sex, Slasher/Snuff, Superheroines
Kiyosato Extremely mild Japanese Anime site with some hybrids.
Knight Japanese anime site - Girls dressed up like knights - with a recurring theme of a monster using a tentacle to lay eggs inside them.
Amazons, Monster Sex
Konekomilk Japanase site featuring anime pics of catwomen and chicks with dicks.
Kone Kone Club Fully clothed anime girls in a variety of clothes including bikinis, kimonos, bunny suits. Also Monster Sex, Bondage, Amazons, Schoolgirls and Upskirts.
Amazons, Bondage, Monster Sex
Koniro Anime pics of young shemales in bondage - sometimes amputees or hybrids.
Amputation, Bondage, TG, Transformation
Koonago Factory Anime site including shrinking, age regression and even a 'dark zone'.
Kosen-S Some nice anime art including some monster sex, gang bangs, bondage and hybrids.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex, Transformation.
Kotoe Near photorealistic Japanese art including tentacle sex, zombie sex and a female half corpse.
Bondage, Monster Sex.
Kousaku Japanese Kigurumi site - people dressed as cute, anime girls.
Koyuki Unison Pics of realistic looking, full-size dolls.
Kuppuku Japanese anime chicks in bondage, molested by monsters, taking insertions, pooping, .
Bondage, Monster Sex, Insertions
L20 Mogue Japanese site - High quality anime art with some pretty mild themes including lycra, large breasts, some superheroine types and even a repeating theme of a weightlifter guy as a variety of creatures.
Big Breasts, Latex, Superheroines, Transformation.
Lilith 13 Cute, casually drawn anime girls with a penchant for amazons.
Lilith-Soft Previews for a tentacle sex paysite.
Monster Sex
Little Clea Cute anime girls - naked, bondage, monster sex, big breasts.
Big Breasts, Bondage, Monster Sex
Little Planet Extreme Japanese anime site including hardcore, pregnancy, amputations, roasting, impalings, torture, medical fetish, beheadings, insertions and scat.
Executions, Cannibalism, Slasher/Snuff, Fisting/Insertions, Medical Fetish, Amputations, Big Bellies.
K-Sakuya Anime girl pics with monster sex, upskirts, large breasts and even multi-breasted monsters.
Big Breasts, Monster Sex, Transformation
KS Gear Japanese: Girls and elves in bondage, getting forced and giving head.
Bondage, Forced Sex.
Love Hole High quality anime art of love dolls, hybrids, schoolgirl upskirts, sheer nighties and a few bondage pics.
Lovely Mini-Skirt Heroines 3D pics, photos and art of Japanese style superheroines in peril, getting molested by tentacles or just posing.
Bondage, Monster Sex, Superheroines.
Love Slave Erotic, japanese anime artwork.
Lowhide Japanese anime site with lots of art all about women with penises the size of garden hoses.
Bondage, TG
Lucretia Hot anime girls including a girls with guns section, amazons, big breasts, latex, monster sex.
Monster Sex, Amazons, Big Breasts, Girls with Guns, Japanese, Latex
Ludwig Japanese bondage, art site (non anime) with bondage, suspension and even some belly inflation.
Bondage, Inflation
Lunatic Dragon Very professional art of dragons, warriors, animals, aliens and hybrids - pretty much G-Rated as far as I could tell.
Lunatic Note Anime girls tied up and forcibly ravaged.
Bondage, Forced Sex.
Mad Artists Some good-quality art of huge breasted anime girls in hardcore action or in bondage.
Bondage, Big Breasts
Mad Brains Pics of anime girls in bondage, peeing, getting whipped, giving blowjobs, taking insertions, doing hardcore, getting spanked etc.
Bondage, Peeing, Spanking
Magic Casket of Sting Japanese magic newsletter by Sting.
Maggot Tiny gallery of anime art including one BDSM pic.
Mahou-Chan Cute Japanese doll/mannequin.
Maiki's House Galleries addressing a wide variety of fetishes including Petrification, Body Painting and Underwater fetish.
Asphyx, Body Painting, Statue
Main Flame Anime art including large breasts, spandex, bondage, lactation, catgirls, space armor, upskirts.
Big Breasts, Bondage, Latex
Makoto Shin People dressed up with big masks to look like anime characters.
Mamoru Anime chicks posing and in bondage - some amputations.
Amputation, Bondage.
Manga Erotica! Paysite: Online Doujishu including hardcore sex, monsters raping human girls, bondage fantasies, famous anime characters including Sailor Moon, shemales and gay manga!
Bondage, Fisting, Forced Sex, Monster Sex.

Mannequin Lover's Japan Fan Another Japanese mannequin fetish website.
Marchen Tons of anime pics - the top gallery is all pee and poop. 2nd gallery is chicks with dicks and a variety at the very bottom including a few bondage pics.
Mariweb Home of a lifelike Japanese sex doll.
Maruke Huge breasted anime girls and hybrids including mutiple breasts.
Inflation-Breasts, Transformation.
Masa 1741 A lot of good anime art of women disciplined and in bondage.
Masahiko Anime art site with a lot of diversity including huge breasts, spandex, short skirts, school girl uniforms, tiny bikinis etc.
Big Breasts, Spandex
Masa-T Anime chicks in bondage.!
Mashiro's Castle Japanese anime about women changing into men and men changing into women.
Mashitaka Anime grils with huge breasts, often in latex or tiny bikinis.
Big Breasts, Spandex
Matrix Hexagon Hard to navigate Japanese site with some vampire/demon cuties HERE.
Meltgirl - E Japanese site about girls melting, being dissolved and getting devoured by creatures.
Cannibal, General Death
Menazort Extremely violent anime art - amputations, mutilations, bondage.
Amputation, Bondage, Slasher/Snuff.
Meron Candy Japanese site about a (girl?) who likes to dress up as a pink, masked, Japanese superheroine.
Masking, Superheroine
Merry San No Hituz! Anime girls with enormous breasts.
Big Breasts
Metamorphosis Japanese site about people masked as anime girls.
Michiko & Mako A couple school girls placed in bondage, slapped around and humiliated.
Midnight Ladies Violent Anime Art - click on 18 then click on the 3rd, 4th & 5th menu items for the galleries.
Amazons, Slasher/Snuff
Midori-D Some pics of anime chicks with enormous breasts.
Mighty Lady Japanese website about live-action superheroines with anime style masks.
Masking, Robots, Superheroines.
Mighty Muscle Explosion Japanese website featuring enormously, hugely, monstrously muscled girls.
Big Muscles
Minnarm Real skinny girls usually in water. Bondage, horned-demon, shemale girls.
Bondage, Transformation
Mind Control Fun Terrific Japanese hypno fetish site with WMVs collected mostly from movies.
Misaki Japanese life-size doll site.
Mitsuki Well drawn anime including lycra/spandex, shemales, huge breasts, extreme insertions, deformations. Warning: Some extreme content.
Bondage, Big Breasts, Insertions, TG, Transformation.
Mizuki Very nice art on this Japanese anime website including amazons, bondage, a knock-out, latex, witches and robot girls.
Amazons, Bondage, Latex, Magic, Robots, Sleepy.
Miyabitsuzuru Professional anime art including spandex, huge breasts, bondage, video game girls, bikinis, animal girls, girls with guns, tentacle attacks, she-males and forced sex.
Latex, Huge Breasts, Girls with Guns, Transformation, Monster Sex, TG, Forced Sex.
Miyanomori Highlands Resort Hotel Extremely vicious anime site including multiple amputations, mutilations, piercings, hangings and even mermaids and angels get hacked up.
Amputations, Bondage, Asphyx, Executions, Slasher/Snuff, Transformation
Mizuyokan A few pics of Sailor Moon types and other superheroines or super villainesses.
MJS Lodge Huge fetish art site including women with enormous breasts, naked chicks in bondage, raped by tentacles, violent-forced sex, a gallery of girls with guns and some surgery fetish.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Girls with Guns, Inflation-Breasts, Monster Sex, Surgery.
Modameja Famous anime girls from cartoons and video games sporting enormous breasts!
Inflation-Breasts, Superheroines
Moesino Pic by pic erotic sequences - usually of a pretty girl stripping down and servicing the viewer.Insertions
Mokuji Japanese site featuring bondage, execution, crucifixion, lethal injection and even a pendulum death.
Execution, Slasher/Snuff, Women in Peril.
Monster and Beauty Anime girls getting slimed, tentacled and mostly devoured by monsters.
Monster Sex, Cannibalism, Stuck
Monster-Girl Anime style artwork including centaur girls, hybrids, melting girls, monster girls, vampiresses, multiple arms, elongation, lamias, girl-milking, huge breasts, mermaids.
Big Breasts, Transformation, Vampires
Momodenpa Small animations and art of lesbian sex, fighting-game girls, battle armor, upskirts, monster sex, spandex, amazons and insertions.
Amazons, Fisting/Insertions, Latex, Monster Sex
Monota Japanese anime site about hot chicks posing with their enormous breasts.
Big Breasts
Monster Lovers Pencil and color art of a variety of monsters including centaurs, werewolves, sphinxs and more.
Monster Sex, Transformations-Hybrids, Transformations-Werewolves
Morality Slave Z Nice Japanese bondage site with girls and some shemales.
Moruru Professional anime art of cute girls and hybrids.
Moti Well drawn anime involving simple bondage and some hybrids.
Bondage, Transformation-Hybrids.
Mummcat Japanese sites with stories and photos of girls in bondage.
Muramasa Random selection of mild Japanese anime including some women with huge tits and bellies.
Inflation - Breasts, Belly.
Muscle Beauty JP Japanese site with videos and other products involving muscle women.
Big Muscles
Mutsukemo Quality, anime-style illustrations of werecreatures and/or hybrids.
Transformation, Werewolves
Nagi02 A quick photo story of a giant doll falling on a city.
Growth/Shrinking, Statue-Doll
Nami Laboratory Kigurumi site where people are costumed up as anime girls.
Naodayo Random assortment of big-eyed anime chicks including bondage, huge breasts, tentacle attacks and superheroines.
Bondage, Monster Sex, Big Breasts, Superheroines.
Naruho Anime girls getting screwed - mostly forced. Usually a clickable pic of a girl that changes into a pic of the same girl getting molested.
Forced Sex
Natane Some cute anime girls with a little bit of bondage and insertion.
Bondage, Insertions.
Navy Road Hard to navigate Japanese website with some pics of women as angels, catgirls and other imaginary creatures.
Netsuki A very large selection of good quality, anime-style furry art.
New Frontier A small assortment of anime chicks with enormous breasts.
Big Breasts
Nidhog Very graphic anime art consisting of girls ravished, impregnated and giving birth to monsters.
Bondage, Inflation-Belly, Monster Sex
Night Marys Anime art mostly of prettty girls getting molested by monsters.
Monster Sex
Nightshift Winn's Midnight Operations. Anime girls and hybrids in lycra, upskirts, sailor outfits, bikinis, uniforms, wielding swords, brandishing guns and in elaborate rope bondage.
Amazons, Bikini Pics, Bondage, Girls with Guns, Latex, Transformation
Nigou Violent Japanese anime including guttings, hangings, beheadings, slashing and forced sex.
Executions, Slasher/Snuff
Nisukom 25 Anime chicks getting assaulted by evil tentacle creatures or just pooping.
Monster Sex
NKJN Furry/Anime style werewolf art on a Japanese site.
NKK 145 Large breasted elves and humans sometimes molested by tentacles.
Monster Sex, Big Breasts.
NMB Very bloody anime site including shootings, stabbings, amputations, girls torn apart, insertions - sometimes into severed body parts, corpse screwing, monster sex.
Amputation, Bondage, Fisting/Insertions, Forced Sex, Monster Sex, Slasher/Snuff.
Nora's Factory Mostly blue and white line drawings of women in bondage.
Not CGP but Something Mostly anime chicks flashing but there are a couple tentacle rape pics.
Monster Sex
Nowsino Cute anime girls. G-Rated? Upskirts, Powered Armor, Amazons, Schoolgirls.
Nurif Anime pics of upskirts, schoolgirls, superheroines.
Nyonko Batake High quality anime artwork including angels, demons, hybrids, amazons, bathing suits and spandex outfits.
Amazons, Transformation-Hybrids
Octopus Trap Japanese anime with bondage, hybrids, tentacle sex, medical stuff, enormous lactating breasts, bondage and shemales!
Big Breasts, Bondage, Medical Fetish, Monster Sex, Tranformation
Okano PC Naked, hardcore pics of anime girls and shemales.
Omututai Gallery 1: Anime girls in skimpy outfits, some nudity. Gallery 2: shemales (1/2 the pics), bondage and various types of hardcore action.
Onoe's Homepage Beautiful anime art - mostly of girls in spandex. Also a gallery of resin statues.
Statue, Superheroine
Ookamininja Japanese werewolf artsite.
Orient Industry Beautiful, very realistic Japanese girl dolls/mannequins.
Orihara Gorgeous asian girl with a shotgun or threatened by a snake.
Bondage, Girls with Guns
Osakana Shin-kai-tei Anime chicks and hybrids tied up and sometimes molested by monstrous tentacles.
Bondage, Monster Sex.
Oshino Erotic stories about Android girls, waitresses, nurses, schoolgirls and ninjas.
Otoya Girls with or without penises in bondage, peeing, cumming, taking insertions etc.
Pee, TG
Otto's Oshita 3D pics of girls (usually superheroines) in bondage (usually cross like).
Bondage, Superheroines
Ouki Mostly anime girls with huge bellies.
Big Belly
Out Fit Anime girls in uniforms and brandishing guns.
Girls with Guns
Oyama A well designed site specializing in Tentacle sex.
Monster Sex
Oyoziza's Gallery A variety of nice anime pics including a rock-paper-scissors game where the object is to electrocute an anime chick until her clothes come off. There is also a sequence of very well done pieces on Lupin's busty sidekick under Guest Gallery - B-88.Big Breasts
The Page of Boobs Anime pics of hot chicks with ridiculously huge breasts - includes superheroines and hybrids.
Inflation-Breasts, Superheroines, Transformation.
Palette-E Well drawn tentacle sex Hentai.
Monster Sex
Pandra Web Adult goods from Japan including a lot of dolls.
Panzer A Japanese site depicting girls with enormous breasts and hips.
Big Breasts
Peach Class Cute anime girls in a high-tech mech world. Girls armed with massive, robotic weaponry. Submarines. Girls with Blasters. Spacechicks in latex! (G-Rated as far as I can tell.)
Girls with Guns, Latex, Robots, Superheroines.
Personas Anime art of G-rated beautiful women - sometimes in spandex and sometimes sporting wings and a tail.
Latex, Transformation
Pinhole Japanese - Bondage fairy website - little anime chicks with fairy wings.
Bondage, Transformation.
Pink Panther 3D anime art including softcore, hardcore and some BDSM.
Playtown Denei Japanese Kuniko site where people dress as anime characters complete with masks.
Playtown Dice Japanese bondage story site with a few illustrations at the martini glass.
Poison Arts Nice anime art - some fetish/latex stuff.
Porix Short animations of enormously endowed women sometimes dressed as superheroines or robots.
Big Breasts, Superheroines, Robots.
Powderskin Girls in a variety of costumes including supeheroine, nurse, swimsuits, stewardess - includes some nudity and sex under XXX.
Production Team Touchable Official Site Anime art of a girl involved in a number of erotic situations including a terrific "monster sex" opening scene.
Monster Sex, Transformation
Protonsaurus Japanese anime sites including lots of girls with guns, superheroines, busty beauties, hybrids, bondage etc.
Girls with Guns, Inflation-Breasts, Transformation-Hybrids, Superheroines
PSH Anime girls in supertight spacesuits in bondage, molested by tentacles, explosive decompression, drowning, alien attacks, insertions, peeing.
Monster Sex, Asphyx, Bondage, Fisting/Insertions, Japanese, Latex, Masking, Slasher/Snuff
Psycho Balance Naked anime girls and furries.
Pukarin Japanese anime site - bee, bug, octopus, snake and snail girls doing guys as well as the usual tentacle molestations.
Monster Sex, Transformation
Pulp Magazine's Black Mask Comedy, BDSM and Execution fetish including beheadings, hari kari, crucifixion, impalings and more.
Bondage, Execution, Slasher/Snuff.
Pump Japanese site with a wide variety of mostly tame artwork - enough girls with guns to make it into this category.
Girls with Guns
Purple Bonus Sweet anime girls with huge, enormous erections. Several girls become little more than tentacle, penis monsters including a long penis with a woman's head.
Monster Sex, Transformation
Qul Japanese anime site focusing on werewolves.
Rabbit Anime site featuring women with huge erections, bondage, tentacle sex, hybrids and preggers.
Bondage, Inflation-Belly, Monster Sex, Transformation.
Radio Hybrids, shemales, ENORMOUS schlongs and lots of poop!
Rall Anime art of schoolgirl upskirts, monster molestations and erotic situations.
Monster Sex
Real Doll Museum Japanese site featuring various artistic pics of "Real Dolls".
Rebis Dungeon Anime girls, aliens and hybrids. Women (almost all are Shemales) with huge tits, muscles and erections, bondage, multiple body parts, mermaids, centaurs and lobster girls.
Bondage, Big Breasts, Transformation.
Red Ribbon Japanese site with a random collection of anime art including tentacle sex, furries and sexy robots!
Monster Sex, Robots, Transformation.
Ricchie Himuro People dressed up as wide-eyed, anime schoolgirls.
Riki.TV Cute, busty, anime girls in a variety of costumes.
Big Breasts.
Rindou Japanese anime pics including a tentacle attack and a couple nurses.
Monster Sex, Medical Fetish
Rin Kou Gen Tou Kan Very well drawn anime - nice girls-with-swords pics under 'fantasy' changing into monster sex under 'adult'.
Amazons, Monster Sex
Roa Schoolgirl anime art including monster/tentacle sex, bondage and lots of posing.
Bondage, Monster Sex
Roba Anime site with humiliation and an entire section on butchering and serving women.
Bondage, Cannibalism, Slasher/Snuff.
Rohimo Wide variety of mild anime art including plenty of hybrid girls.
Roreru Japanese site devoted to anime girls molested and impregnated by monster tentacles.
Monster Sex, Big Bellies
RTK2000 Anime artwork of forced sex and rope bondage.
Bondage, Forced Sex
Ruu Honjyo Japanese catfight and fetish artist - includes some catfight pics and stories.
Bondage, Catfighting.
Ryougen Large cache of art including shemales, huge breasts, superheroines, amazons, hybrids, monster sex and bondage.
Bondage, Monster Sex, Amazons, Superheroines, Transformation.
Sakura Page Anime girls having sex, posing or in bondage.
Saboten Japanese site with lots of tentacle molestation pics!
Monster Sex
Sabou Japanese anime with lots of chicks with dicks and severe bondage.
The Sadistic Alchemy Anime - Sadistic, violent, vicious anime pics.
Bondage, Slasher/Snuff.
Saiun A very CG heavy site with plenty of bondage and tentacle sex.
Bondage, Monster Sex
Sakasama Hiroba Extremely vicious, brutal anime bondage and torture.
Bondage, Slasher/Snuff
Sakura Lemon Archive An archive of anime style fiction involving a wide variety of topics including tentacle rape, bdsm, forced sex, femdom, furry sex, mind control and spanking.
Bondage, Femdom, Forced Sex, Furries, Hypnosis, Monster Sex, Spanking.
Salon de Margarite A nonanime Japanese site including torture, fisting and gynecological examinations.
Bondage, Fisting, Medical Fetish.
Same-X A few anime girls, usually with penises, sometimes in bondage.
Bondage, Transformation-TG
Samidare Girl Anime girls with big breasts giving blowjobs, getting ganged, forced, giving titty-bangs etc.
Big Breasts, Forced Sex
Sample Japanese site with girls dressed in tiny, fancy tights or little bikinis.
Sandworks Pencil sketches of clothed superheroines, anime girls and videogame girls enhanced with lots of muscles.
Big Muscles, Superheroines
Saotomemakoto Lots of vicious, violent, mutilation and torture art.
Amputation, Bondage, Slasher/Snuff
Sarashin BDSM illustrations and stories - nothing too extreme. You'll find the art at the bottom just above bulletin board.
Bondage, Slasher/Snuff
Second Face Girls wearing huge masks and dressing up in costumes - including superheroines.
Masking, Superheroines
Secret Agent Reika Nice anime pics of secret agent girls posing with weapons, tied-up or facing certain death.
Bondage, Girls With Guns, Women in Peril.
The Seiji Some really beautiful anime art including some forced sex and bondage.
Bondage, Forced Sex.
Sentai S5 A few good pics of girls molested by tentacles!
Monster Sex
Serendipity Girls in maids outfits, heroines, squirting-female orgasms.
Seriaya Girls dressed up and masked to look like anime girls.
Serious Graphics Huge anime site including posing, enormous tits, shemales, catfighting, kung-fu girls, forced sex and some hybrid girls.
Catfighting, Forced Sex, Inflation-Breasts, Transformation
Sessyo Vicious, violent anime torture and bondage. Recurring themes include piercings with pitons, pins, arrows, bullets and poles. Amputations, guttings and suspension.
Amputation, Executions, Slasher/Snuff
Sexual Perversion Japanese anime site mostly focused on cum-splattered shemales with their mouths open before throbbing penises.
TG, Insertions
Shade's Petrification 'n Freezing Movies Japanese site about petrification and freezing movies. Turned her into stone, freeze, gold, mannequin?
Shadowcat Anime girls, hybrids, and amazons - many times in bondage!
Shadowcat High-quality, color, anime art of large breasted girls in erotic action. Includes some elves, bondage, latex, lesbian sex, catgirls and urination.
Big Breasts, Bondage, Latex, Transformation.
Shark Island Small Japanese CG site including some robot girls.
Robots, Superheroines, Girls With Guns.
Shigatake Very, high-quality, (mostly G-rated) anime artwork with subjects including hybrids, fairies, leather, battle suits and elves.
Latex, Transformation
Shinrei Phony pics of ghosts and dead and dismembered women. Also, tutorials on how to create your own corpse pics.
Magic, Necrophilia
Shiroganeya Web A few pics of extremely busty girls mostly in spandex.
Big Breasts, Latex
Shodai World People dressed up like furries or plushies.
Furry, Masking.
Shota's Rest Room Truly extreme anime site including sketches of bondage, big bellies, forced sex, amputation, vivisection, insertions and peeing.
Amputation, Big Bellies, Bondage, Fisting, Peeing, Transformtion.
Siawase Okiba Anime chicks enduring bondage, fisting, monster/animal molestation, shemales, gynecological exams.
Bondage, Fisting, Inflation-Belly, Medical, Monster Sex.
Sink Very large but very random selection of anime art from a large variety of artists.
Sirius Secret Society Shemales, shemales, shemales as superheroines, amazons, demons, hybrids, werewolves, huge breasts and muscles.
Amazons, Superheroines, Transformation-werewolves, hybrids, Big Breasts, Big Muscles.
Siscom Anime girls including forced sex, cum-soaked shemales, winged badgirls and conjoined amputees. There's a pretty disturbing theme of tiny, amputated women used as sex toys.
Amputation, Bondage, Fisting/Insertion, Forced Sex, Growth/Shrinking, TG, Transformation.
SKBGG Enormous breasted girls getting molested by shemales or multiple young men.
Big Breasts, TG
Skonishi Female action figures including superheroines.
Statues-Dolls, Superheroines.
Slime Girl Vidcaps and illustrations of girls as amorphous, shapeshifting blobs.
Superheroine, Transformation
Slungle Anime: Women cut up, mutilated, tied-up, ravished and more - some pretty gruesome stuff.
Amputation, Bondage, Forced Sex, Slasher/Snuff
S-Nipple Some nice anime art with some bondage and insertion.
Bondage, Fisting.
Snkei Japanese anime site specializing in chicks with huge tits.
Soma Nice Japanese anime site including insertions, spandex, forced peeing and bondage.
Bondage, Fisting/Insertions.
Sora 27 Standard anime art including some bondage.
Soul Archive G-Rated Soul Series fansite including quite a # of nice pics of the amazons of Soul Calibur.
Soulfly A few, very nice pics of catgirls and fairies.
Starfish Mild superheroine pics on this Japanese anime site.
SKA "Strange Kigurumi Army" - People dressed up as famous anime girls.
Studio Ishizue Some fairly average looking anime girls with a gallery of peeing and bondage.
Studio T&T Good quality anime art including Enormous (dishwasher sized) breasts, huge breasts and a section of collosal butts.
Big Breasts
Studio Vanguard Better than average anime art including huge breasts, light bondage and babes in costume.
Bondage, Inflation-Breasts, Superheroines.
SuffocationsJapanese - Password. Women in trenchcoats and boots asphyxiated in various ways.
Sugitora Japanese anime site devoted to anime boxer girls.
Summer Torso Pics of a doll with her arms and legs removed, sometimes an eye removed and some doctoring.
Medical Fetish; Statue-Dolls.
Superheroines in Peril Japanese Poser site showing a Superheroine fighting and usually losing to large, tentacle creatures.
Monster Sex, Superheroines
Sushi A couple bondage, torture, peeing pics.
Suzune's Bedroom Anime girls in hardcore action or bondage!
Sword Breeze and Panzer Katze Pretty anime girls with enormous hooters - at least one tentacle sex pic.
Big Breasts, Monster Sex
Syokusu Till Dawn Superheroine looking girl who gets clamped down and molested by monsters.
Bondage, Monster Sex, Superheroines.
Syuji Variety of drawings and styles including Bondage, Insertions, Monster Sex and Amazons.
Monster Sex, Amazons, Fisting/Insertions.
T4 Japanese, lots of anime tentacle rape pics.
Monster Sex
Ta-Bo A Japanese website with pics of real doll type sex dolls dressed in a variety of outfits.
Tagaha Anime art portraying women being eaten or molested by horrifying creatures or women themselves as horrifying creatures.
Cannibal, Monster Sex, Transformation.
Takajin Anime girls! Big breasts, Dominatrixes, Latex, Bondage, Uniforms, Chicks with Dicks.
Big Breasts, Bondage, Femdom, Latex, TG
Takatan High quality anime art of warrior women - women with guns, women with swords and nazi, gestapo bitches.
Amazons, Femdom, Girls with Guns.
Tamer Park People dressed as cute anime girls.
Tamaido Vicious anime! Women hacked-up, skinned, turned into furniture.
Slasher/Snuff, Transformation
Tampopo Anime chicks tied-up, flogged, suspended, injected, hot waxed etc.
Tanimeso Terrific, Non-Nude, anime art of girls in robotic suits, amazons, girls with guns etc.
Taoyan Bizarre, demonic monsters with massive, bumpy and/or multiple sex organs.
Team Shuffle Online Superweird anime art including bbw, shemales, furries and some chicks with swords.
Amazons, Big Bellies, Furries, TG
Tecenonchi Wide variety of Japanese anime including BDSM, girls with tails, urination.
Bondage, Transformation
Tengafub A green-haired, vampiric girl gets tied-up and ravaged. Includes insertions.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Insertions.
Tigene Very high quality anime art: Mostly G-Rated posing but including hybrids, masturbation and upskirts.
Tiger Jumping Art of muscled up tiger-men and wolf-men. Some gay content.Werewolves
T-FKD Cute anime girls including bikinis, nudity and some rope bondage.
Toki Toki Some casual art depicting women with weapons - usually getting tied up and tortured. A lot of attention is paid to pit hair.
Amazons, Bondage, Girls with Guns.
Tomo Anime girls and catgirls in bondage or being tentacle raped.
Bondage, Monster Sex, Transformation.
Tonbidou High quality, G-Rated, fantasy artwork including elves and amazons.
Paysite: Over 1,000 XXX comics! Over 15 GB of Hentai Books! Over 60,000 images! Tons of categories like Bondage, Tentacles, Furries, Dolls, Superheroines, Hardcore, Dick Girls and Lesbians.
Bondage, Japanese, Monster Sex, Amazons, Girls with Guns, Furry, Statue-Dolls, TG, Transformation.
Toon Megaplex Paysite: Extreme Hentai! XXX Flash Movies! Shockwave Porno! Anime domination, bondage, torture and monster sex. Some of the kinkiest stuff created by the Japanese masters!
Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex.
Torou Himuro Japanese masking site where people dress as anime girls complete with anime girl masks.
Touge Anime girls in uniform, schoolgirl outfits. Some shemale and bondage stuff under Doujin .
Bondage, TG
Toy Box Arts High quality anime art of girls in skimpy clothing.
Toyogub's Dark ZoneShrinking women in peril, cut up, stomped on and eaten.
Cannibalism, Growth/Shrinking, Slasher/Snuff.
Tsepesi The Picasso of Japanese anime gore. Guttings, mutilations, amputations and blood galore!
Amputations, Bondage, Slasher/Snuff
TSRZ Otaku Art Gallery Anime girls naked, with guns, with swords, in bikinis and tied-up.
Amazons, Bikini Pics, Bondage, Girls with Guns.
T-time Japanese site photographing anime looking mannequines.
Tuned Anime site sporting women with enormously huge tits.
Tutinoko Kigurumi site. People dressed up as cute asian girls.
Turikich The gallery HERE contains a ton of thumbnails with no big pics hoping you'll buy the pics from them.
Bondage, Insertions
Twin Tail Japanese anime site - Chicks getting screwed by monsters, tied-up and being ravished. Pics are under 'inheritance'.
Forced Sex, Monster Sex.
Ueba Japanese furry, werewolf art. Furry, Werewolves
UME A cute, single pic of a bunny girl with guns.
Girls with Guns.
UG0212 A few erotic pics of girls from videogames.
Ultra Fetishism Japanese Ultrawoman fetish site. Poser pics that usually involve a robotic looking giant woman being deflowered by monsters. Also a couple forced sex scenarios.
Forced Sex, Monster Sex, Inflation-Breasts, Robots.
Ultra Toons
Paysite - Uncensored XXX Hentai! Flash Comics, Rare and Exclusive Bondage Artwork, Alien Intruders, tentacle rapes and MORE!
Bondage, Monster Sex.
Under Giantess Soles A place where little men are tormented and crushed by giant women.
Femdom, Growth/Shrinking.
Undertaker Well drawn anime of (large-breasted) girls in lingerie, bondage and cum-splattered.
Bondage, Big Breasts
Unsigned A few sketches of anime girls including bondage and huge breasts.
Bondage, Big Breasts.
Ura You'll find some vicious anime if you dig including monster sex and torture.
Monster Sex, Bondage.
Ura Vicious torture, amputation and execution pics including an angel having her wings amputated.
Ura-Ent Doll Snuff Japanese site where a realistic sex doll is snuffed by hanging, sword and other methods.
Asphyx, Execution, Slasher/Snuff, Statue-Dolls
Usag Room Japanese site - mostly unfinished sketches but also some pretty extreme insertion pics.
Togetsudo 3D pics and animations of a superheroine style girl getting attacked by tentacles.
Monster Sex, Superheroines
Uchuteio Some cute anime girls enduring bondage and forced sex!
Bondage, Forced Sex.
Unlimited House Japanese G-Rated anime site including lots of furries and a couple werewolves.
Furries, Werewolves
Vampire Princess No Oheya Japanese anime site dedicated to a vampire princess.
Vampyre Japanese site with pics and information on vampires.
Waira Very good pencil artwork of anime girls in skimpy, tight clothing. Mostly road-warrior, muscle-girl looking chicks.
Waita Uziga's Deadly JoyWaita Uziga's anime snuffsite.
Execution, Slasher/Snuff
Walkure High quality 3D anime style graphics of girls changing into stone statues.
WancozoneGorgeous anime art featuring hot chicks with large breasts. Includes monster sex (sometimes underwater), injections, bondage, torture, surgery, insertions, amputations, shemales, forced sex, stitched up hybrids, impaling and a very nice Amazon Flash movie.
Amazons, Amputation, Bondage, Fisting, Forced Sex, Inflation-Breasts, Monster Sex, Slasher/Snuff, Transformation
Wasurena Japanese anime women loving enormous cocks (sometimes their own) includes LOTS of poop, women laying eggs, massively messed up anatomies and bellies (filled with poop!).
Big Bellies, Transformation.
Wazuka A variety of illustrations including women with huge, lactating breasts.
Big Breasts-Art
Web Character Show Pics of people dressed up to look like anime girls.
The White Abyss Anime girls with or without pointed ears getting ravished by humans and monsters. Click on "Lacked Continent" and then on the different cities.
Monster Sex
White Silhouette Lots of anime pics including shemales, tentacle rape, forced sex, bondage and bikinis.
Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex.
Who Am I? Japanese all-over costume site with anime masks.
The Wild Kingdom Anthropomorphs - what appear to be werewolves and weretigers.
Wild Toon!
Perverse, erotic, straight and vicious artwork from a huge variety of artists including Alazar, Bishop, Dolcett, Horacio, Otis Sweat, Sato and more.
Wild, Wild West Hot anime site including bondage, forced sex and insertions.
Bondage, Fisting, Forced Sex.
Witch's NewIllusion Japanese magic illusion site.
Wolf Fang Japanese anime werewolf/weredog website.
Women who Play Victims Japanese website collecting pics of women getting killed in bloody ways - usually from movies.
Bondage, Execution, Slasher/Snuff
World Wet & Messy Association Girls covered with substances including paint - sometimes made to look like statues.
Body Painting, Statues.
X-Beat Japanese martial arts girls peeing, pooping and enjoying insertions.
XXX Truly vicious Hentai including amputees, girls flayed open, tentacle attacks, bondage, insertions, forced sex, torture, belly inflation, bodies reorganized or sculpted and, of course, surgery. One of the most extreme sites I've ever seen.
Monster Sex, Fisting/Insertions, Forced Sex, Japanese, Medical Fetish, Amputation, Transformation, Big Belly
XXXuruseiyatsura A variety of anime pics including Amazons , Tentacle Rape , Superheroines, and BDSM.
Amazons, Bondage, Monster Sex, Superheroines
Yahahai Nice selection of cute anime art Best gallery is the one UNDER CG(18) and what you can find on the messageboard.
Yaiba Naked pics of hot anime chicks with some bondage.
Yami-Iro Wolf Beautiful Anime art including some bondage, women in peril, girls with guns and hybrids.
Bondage, Girls with Guns, Transformation, Women in Peril.
Yappon Cum soaked anime chicks - sometimes in bondage.
YasYas Mostly amazon girls with a variety of weapons, some sailor girl outfits.
Yays Galleries mostly of girls changing into guys or vice versa!
Yellowcake Anime girls with enormous breasts.
Big Breasts.
Yodomi Good goth art with morbid-looking girl and hybrid caricatures in bondage, hacked up, menaced by monsters and wielding swords.
Amazons, Bondage, Cannibalism, Monster Sex, Slasher/Snuff, Transformation
Yohsuke Some random bondage, latex anime artwork.
Yomotuhirasaka Japanese anime site with shemales, poop, pee, bondage and some tentacle rape.
Yomoyama Taro's Treasure House Mostly pics of anime babes posing with some bondage.
Yotsuba A wide variety of styles including anime art, 3D and real-life photos showing pretty girls, bondage and tentacle attacks.
Bondage, Monster Sex.

YouTube Anime Movies:

Yozora Japanese site with pics of anime, vampire shemales.
Yuki People dressed up as anime chicks - Japanese.
Yu-Ki Non-nude, anime artwork including spandex, superheroines, upskirts etc.
Latex, Superheroines
Yuri Ai Very nice anime pics of amazons, superheroines, hybrids (rarely) and regular girls with huge breasts and hips!
Amazons, Inflation-Breasts, Superheroines, Transformation.
Zan 3D Modeler Poser pics of extreme torture, bondage, animal sex and more.
Bondage, Monster Sex.
Zanpan 2 Anime comics and individual pics of forced sex, some mutilation and bondage.
Amputation, Bondage, Forced Sex
Zigzag Company Extremely violent, disturbing anime pics including mutilation, limbing, reconstructing women into other objects.
Amputation, Bondage, Slasher/Snuff.
Zilch Girls and hybrids with enormous breasts posing and sometimes tied-up. (Click on the red balls)
Japanese, Big Breasts
Zukokan Japanese girls posing in giant anime masks.
MORPH: Masking

ANIME: NonFetish
Bakuretu Cute and sometimes busty anime chicks.
Beelzebub Tile Random selection of mild anime art.
Behind Moon Tons of chicks with dicks - all shemales all the time.
Bi-Syojyo Anime schoolgirls and girls in bathing suits.
Cafe de Wal Very professional anime art. Mostly non-nude and drawn for appreciation of the art itself.
Charming Square Garden Cute little anime girls with a penchant for flashing their large breasts.
Come Home With the Milk Lactating anime chicks.
Coral Pine Some cute anime chicks - usually with horns or rabbit ears.
Cry Baby Japanese: some nude, erotic sketches.
Cure Maid Cafe Anime girls in maid outfits. Plenty of aprons!
Death Messenger A few very basic anime pics under 'Presents'.
Dennoukitan Cute anime girls.
Fantasy Sweethearts Anime catgirls, angels, elves, demons and amazons. Some bondage.
F's Factory Anime girls with enormous penises.
FEoC Cute anime girls flashing their girly bits.
Fetish Fairy Anime teens and fairies experimenting, using magic and having sex.
Galerie Soldatin Some anime art of alien girls and female fighter pilots - a couple comics of girls that turn to blue fire after they die.
G-Dash 8 nude, large breasted anime chicks.
Heaven's Door A few young or normal anime chicks usually with penises.
H_K's Homepage Mostly pics of anime girls showing off their panties.
EXTREME: Japanese.
Incise Soul PG rated site with 3D and 2D anime chicks in various uniforms like bikinis, nurses, french maids and schoolgirls.
Kabao Random selection of well-drawn, anime girls under 'Garage'.
Kanna Some anime chicks and shemales doing hardcore.
Kappa Website centering around a sci-fi character with about a dozen illustrations - half nude.
Blue Max Lots of schoolgirl anime pics.
Kotekamnia Lots of chicks with huge dicks.
Kimigabuchi Cute anime girls in a variety of clothing and situations.
Kobabou Mostly anime elf girls.
Mani Mani Lots of chicks with huge dicks.
Manpa Random selection of adult and clothed anime art.
Memori 256 Cute anime chicks posing in f/f play and sometimes with cat or rabbit ears.
Miruku A small gallery of naked and dressed anime chicks plus two hentai comics.
Moesino Mostly anime girls showing off their panties.
Natane S3 Anime lesbians posing and in embrace.
Nekomimi Girlscouts Some cute anime chicks.
Nurie Mostly anime pics of cute Japanese girls wearing short skirts. Lots of upskirt action.
OBQ Small selection of anime girls - plenty of upskirts.
Orange Anime girls doing hardcore.
Orange Channel Tons of nice anime art including gang bangs, rear entry, forced sex, blowjobs and more.
Forced Sex
Oshirukoya HP Mostly anime girls showing off their panties.
Pabu Cute anime girls being naughty.
Perfect Blue Digital girls in a variety of outfits.
Potato Young or busty anime chicks usually with penises.
PPM Prototype Random assortment of mild anime art including witches and schoolgirls.
Punch Drunker A few anime pics - usually pooping.
Puncture Some kind of software demo - I found some pics under itadaki.
Robby Tons of anime chicks sporting large, squirting dicks!
Rui Fully clothed and fully naked anime chicks!
Rusher Random pics of anime girls both naked and clothed.
Sawayaka Random pics of anime girls both naked and clothed.
Serendipity Girls in maids outfits, heroines, squirting-female orgasms.
Sister Harlot Good naked anime artwork.
Ssdzk Tons of young anime chicks with dicks!
Sword Anime girls undressed, getting facials, giving bjs and sometimes hairy.
Takemaru Cute anime chicks on this G-Rated site.
TMC World Mostly anime girls in bathing suits, some topless, some with enormous breasts.
TN Network Some anime, shemale hardcore.
Toranoana Tons of random anime art - mostly G-Rated.
Towns II Random assortment of anime girls.
True Z's Page G-Rated. 3D pics of some cute anime girls - lots of upskirts.
Tsuna Cute, G-Rated anime site.
Valkyrie's Base Anime chicks in uniform, bathing suits and sometimes nude.
Valna A few cute anime girls.
Virgin Egg Pics and Interactive Flash movies with cute anime chicks disrobing.
WDays Some erotic, hardcore, m/f, anime artwork.
Web URC Random selection of cute anime girls.
Wild Adventure A few westernized pics of rocker chicks in cute clothes.
Yamabiko Mostly just anime girls showing off their panties.
Yasuomi Craft Nice anime art - usually girls just posing; some pregnancy and some bondage.
Bondage, Pregnancy
Yuno Poser graphics of anime chicks posing or doing hardcore.
Interracial http://eroticillusions.com/eisites/FleshTones/intro.php